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What's up? Yeah, I'm Austin's Song and I'm a freshman here at Southern Methodist University, also known as S, um, you in Dallas, Texas. I'm a music therapy major with an emphasis in voice, and I will soon in fall twenty eighteen be pursuing a musical theatre minor with the psychology major. And I can't believe I have the opportunity to show you guys with this campus has to offer. I'll show you guys around what my favorite places are worry. Attend classes and where my favorite places are to eat and I'll show you guys definitely round what campus is all about. So let's begin. Hey, guys. So we're in the South East area of campus, right? There's Paul, which is connected. Teo, done the rec center over Here are some resident Commons right now. We're standing from comments on over there, so I'm just going to take you into Arnold dining commons. Here's this gorgeous little area right here. I took you around floor, which is, uh, took you around lunch. Courtship was it's, like prime time. But right now, I'm gonna take you kind of like, uh, in between times. No, Um, what you're eating options would be kind of more of a snack time. March Madness tournament, So they're starting that night. So there are many people here right now, but there is every reason with glorious usually goes. Over here and here is really useful, curious conversation right now. There's nothing being served with a couple of days, but and then hear their trips in there. Uh, Mrs Sandwich area chance is dead. Some amazing free water before on some delicious, different serves. Is sitting eating area? Obviously there are not that many people here right now. What kind of show? You guys, what it looks like. And that's a really pretty too, Uh, but what? What a dying comments would look like and time. So right now it's like two food so kind of in between lunch and dinner. And right now they section it off. But, uh, during dinner, which is when most from Arnold go upstairs and, you know, they're so very updated area, So at the top of the boulevard, which is right behind me going back, all the tree lined beautiful expands behind me. There is the flag pole, which you can see the bottom of right here, but it goes all the way up. Uh, but if you can see also, there is a Diet Coke, a van at the flagpole because almost every day there's some kind of truck giving out free promotions or free food. Or sometimes there's just food trucks there to sell you some food. But let's go have a look at what the Diet Coke van is provide. Mr. James looks like there's a beautiful little display of Coke. Congrats who's made out of bad. That's a big accomplishment for caution sometimes, but state just obviously came to campus getting before tests and letting talk about their opinions and not Diet Coke. So, um, this is an example of something that happened. Three often on campus trucks will just come and ask Hey, I hear when Anthony and we're about to embark on a time honored as your tradition going to brunch. So we're going to need a couple of our friends. Whoa. Uh, Branch is a huge deal over here, but, uh, anyway, it is rainy and cloudy. He's selling the best brunch. But you know what will make it work? So little work. See? Run. Hey, guys, over here. Having wear at Legacy Food Hall. It's a little bit of a drive from S M u. But, uh, you know, we just wanted Teo, have a little brunch together. We all got some form of crepes of waffles. So big, big breakfast gals. But we're very excited to be here, and it's just drops and drops him. Nam. So this is a pretty regular. Most esteemed kids go to brunch. Probably, I would say once a week. So, yeah, we're enjoying your time, so see you later. So we Oh, hello ridden streets. Uh, we've just been walking around like a sea. Us? It's a pretty gorgeous part of plain I was suburb of Dallas just hanging around. I know it's kind of a cloudy day, but it's still a pretty gorgeous area around here. So thank you so much for joining us. Uh, we had a great time today. Uh, but I'll catch you guys next time. This's just kind of ah, you know, a little sneak peek into what a lazy dare at us and you All right, Have to be quiet in here because there's actually people studying. But this is funding library in the back here is that there's a Starbucks here, so that's servants. But they're about to close. Yeah, I'm about take guys into the library, which I don't know if I should bring food, but they will let me bring food. I just won't open and stuff. But this funny migrate itself on the back. It says Liberty is the heart of the university. That's what it's all about. Look it, it's smack right in the center of us of you. Where? Foster? The books are all okay. Not sure if you can hear me busted. It's it's yours. Your voice. No. More books. Nothing. There's your four. All right. Standing in front of me is the Algar H Meadows School. The arts way have that as a very, very special signature of meadows. Unfortunately, all the buildings are close, so I can only show you the outside of what it looks like Most of the costumes inside I could show you a bit of what's happening in the inside. Meadows is not locked, so I can go inside and show you guys. But the rest of the building's like Hire Hall and Dallas Hart actually locked because it's a weekend and they're not usually open during weekdays. And stuff are they usually open during the wait days, but not on the weekends, because there's nobody in the offices and there they want to create a protective environment for us in you. But this is how, uh, medicine of yours look like all the music classes take place here. All advertising, all arts, anything related. The arts, this taking place here. So you should be glad there's light around this area, because usually if there's no light, you can't see everything. But here is the North quad where everything takes place That is our famous flock whole in which different people like chain smokers and not gay Jared and Africa. Who else came here, too? But a lot of famous people have actually came to us from you, and they're famous. Landmark is the flagpole. They always stop here. The flag pole. Um, a lot of different associations of different. A lot of different organizations take place here to promote their club and whatnot. You can see in the back that's dolls hole over there. The one the one. I can't really show you because that's locked. But this entire place is the North Claude. And basically this much is gold up. Most places we take a class photo. They're beginning of fear. We also do to stuff we're not, you know, it's just really stuff. The North quad is where everything takes place. I can also show you guys what's inside of one of our libraries and why the library so important to us. A sneeze juice in back of me. This building is higher hall. As I mentioned, I can't go inside because all the doors are locked and I can't have access to them and let's have a I D. Card and I do have it, but it still won't work. So I tried this numerous times that it just doesn't work. But here, on the back of my camera or the back of my screen is higher hall. This is where all the psychology, caustic places, including a very various amount of like math, language departments, all are located in this building over here, some of them all the tick, poison funded science. But that barely even happens because there's not enough space for a lot of the Fondren science people, anything in science department to be inside funded science hall what? Which is why some of these classes have been moved to Hire Hall because of various reasons. It's very, very good environment. It's really It's actually right next to the library that I'm about to show you guys. The library, also called the Fund and Library is really, really beautiful. Has been. It actually has been renewed since twenty fifteen before I came here on DH. They just recently installed a Starbucks coffee in Fondren of twenty sixteen, so Yeah. Okay. Oh, she dies of what's He also we are at the Dallas City Performance Hall, also known as the Moody Performance Hall. I am taking guys out on a little excursion. This is what it's all about. This's the moody performance, all right, in the heart of downtown Dallas, this is were just located. This is this part is located five miles south of S M U and most s O MEU ensembles actually perform here. Um, and so I thought I share a bit of history. Most people do stuff like this and in fact, says it. Gee, one of our percussion ensembles and meadows are actually performing hearing next Friday instead of this friend. I'm not too sure about it, but I think it's this Friday, but they're performing. And yeah, but this is how moody Performance Hall looks like. I'll show you guys the inside later, but thie outside of Moody Performance Hall and you think you got Hey, guys. Welcome to the South. Quad of SM You also known as the Doak Walker Walker Plaza. This is where everything takes place. We have five, three or former residential commons there, and then we have a very, very big plaza, Ronnie right here. Where? My compass pointing to that's Diamond Recreation center, which I'll take you in later. But this is the basis of the entire school. The clot itself. This is the southernmost part of us. Um, you on DH. There's actually things that take place here, but not as often as you would or investigated, too. Uh, yeah. I'm actually gonna take you guys on a to one of the most prestigious and best places to go to in terms of attraction. Right next to me, we have the most famous player who played for us. Um, you Doak Walker. He actually passed away in nineteen ninety eight. There is unknown reasons why he did, but he just passed away, probably through natural causes and natural reasons. On DH. It was just a huge amount of time where it's just no, his a significant amount of up what he contributed us. Amu was for that. And that's why they commemorated Dog Walker as one of the most prestigious football football players for Southern Methodist University and still remember today as part of SM E history. And right next to me is the SM You Moody Coliseum in which all of Rs Amu basketball games take place. Wade just ended our final game with Wichita State yesterday, which was Saturday night. But this is the basis of how the Coliseum outside the coal seam, looks like. I wish I had pictures from inside, but they won't let me take any pictures and stuff. So unfortunately, I don't have finished for that. Hey, guys, this is my typical morning routine. Everything is on right now as we speak. I do not have a class until eleven today. My piano class got canceled today. So show you guys as he walked to and from psychology class of how everything goes. But basically, this is my morning routine. On a typical day, typical days started. Am um But today started it later. I do not have piano class as invention, so I start classes at eleven instead of ten. Um, which coming? Actually, a lot more sleep. And yeah, right now I'm actually getting ready. I just changed. I'm about to go to one of the library's to go study because I have a lot to do today. I do have a performance right after three o'clock with choir. So I head straight to downtown Dallas Will show you guys what it told that and Hello, everyone. My name is Brent on the software here at s M U. A Southern Methods University pony up. I'm studying. Is the education with my prime management being the tuba? Yes, very big and very small. Oh, well, I'm so glad you guys control me on this year's journey. I definitely like to travel and explorers will come along with me not only on campus to class, but also things near campus to do and things that does area to do also. So I can't wait to post two more videos and