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Thinking about Texas Christian University and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Texas Christian University in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Texas Christian University’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Texas Christian University, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Texas Christian University experience. These Texas Christian University video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Hey, guys, welcome to C C u. This is called the Commons, which is awesome. This is there. A lot of the students will hang out, as you can see on DH. Then Frog Pond is up there, which is a must. See if you come to TCU. Um, I'm just going to give you a little bit of an overview about our school, and you got You could just get a big view before we go into the specifics. So TCU is a medium sized school. We have about eight thousand undergrads, maybe eight nine thousand. Andi, I love this size because I feel known and I get Teo. No other people. Really? Well, you'll have people in your class is that you recognize from fraud camp orientation, frogs first. So you really get to know this student body even before you're on campus? Um, and on the way to classes and coming back from classes, I always see someone who I know. And if I don't, that's like a very rare occurrence. Maybe it's like, really rainy, snowy people are just having their hoods down. But that does not really happen because we're in Texas and it's sunny like this A lot of the time. Of course it gets cold. Texas's weather is really weird. It'll be cold like early in the morning, and then it'll get really hot, like in the eighties. But that's pretty much the extent that Texas weather is bad. I saw fall for the first time I'm from Arizona, so I really never saw leaves change color but believes you change color here, which is great. And it gets a little chilly in the fall, which is wonderful. But if you're from the East Coast, you'll be like, Where's my fall? I heard a lot of my friends were saying, This is a weird ball, but it's okay. I liked it. I liked seeing trees change color, but then it does get warm and humid in the summer. So we aren't here for the summer, which is great. So you don't have to deal with, like, really hot and sticky weather. So that's good. That's about the weather. And I guess I can tell you a little bit about all the different schools. We have pretty much anything that you could want, and that's something that I was really looking for it, too. At TCU. I wasn't sure if I wanted to be business when I came in here, but I also knew we had an awesome nursing school. There's like arts school. My friend is in the dancing school. There's a bunch of different options here if she sees you, and if you go online, you can see all the different majors they offer, and it just blows my mind. My roommate is a kinesiology major. She helps with the athletic trainers and she helps like football players, so that's really cool. Um, and this is pretty much TCU. Hey, guys, welcome back to my channel today. I'm going to tell you guys about my application process, schools that I applied to the school. So I got into and then I'm going to tell you guys which school I'm going to say. It's a little revealed video, but first, if you are new here Hello, my name's Theresa. I definitely went down doing more like college related videos, summer videos, blondes and stuff like that. So your new hit us describe, but because you want to know whenever I posted video, Um, And if you re trying to describe her, hello? It's been a while since I've done sit down video. So, yeah, we're just gonna get starting to this video because it's probably gonna be okay, so I'm just gonna go hang It started. So at the beginning of my ninth grade year, I had, like, 13 colleges. I wanted to apply to her that I was looking at tours, and in my junior year I realized that, like, I don't want to go to all the schools in that they just want what I was looking for in a college. So I narrowed it down to three schools. And those three schools are Oklahoma State, Texas, Chris University and the University of Mississippi, which is also known as well, miss. So, um, those are the three schools that I applied Thio. And I'm just gonna kind of give a little background on each school, just in case you're looking into them are just in case you wanna know. So for Oklahoma State, I'm from Houston. So that's like, 78 hours with my house, I believe, which was kind of pushing it, But it's still a really good school. So I was like, Might as well, you know, I still feel like that. So I'm not gonna let the dissidents, like, you know, take that away. Um, So that schools in Stillwater, Oklahoma with? Like I said, it's about eight hours out of my house. And, um, they had sports media, which, if you guys know me, I wanted to major in sports, broadcasting towards media anything along those lines. So I was really excited that a schoolhouse when I want to major in, um and then they had a good Greek life. And like everything else I was looking for in a school, and I can't Remember what acceptance rate. Oklahoma State Waas. I'll put it on the screen somewhere, but I believe it was between, like, 68 like 80. I know that's very like wide, but I can't remember on and then So Texas Christian University is located, and Fort Worth, Texas, and that is about four hours in my house for hours with traffic. Um, and they had sports broadcasting to They had a good Greek life, so pretty much had everything. I was burning college as well. And Theo acceptance rate, I believe, was 38 or 48%. Again, I don't really know. So I'll put it up on the screen somewhere. And then almost, which is in a reason, Mississippi. Their school was like 9 to 10 hours of my house. That was kind of pushing it. Actually, at this point was really pushing it, Um, but their acceptance rate was like 80% I believe so. It was pretty easy my pendant to get into, and then they had journalism. They didn't have sports media or sports broadcasting, so I was like, It's still really good schools. I'm gonna leave it on my list, but they don't necessarily have what I'm looking for in a school. And that's based on my major. They had happened before, but I was like, I'm gonna keep it on here like you never know. Um, so, yeah, that's little background about all the schools. And in July, the application process for Oklahoma State opened up. So I started doing stuff in July, and then an August Ole Miss and Tissues application process opened up, so I started doing suffered that. So pretty much for all the schools. It was, like, kind of stressful for me in a way, for two schools, it wasn't stressful for once. A bowl of soup is Russell because they had so much going on. I'm gonna get to that in a second. Um, but overall, in my application process wasn't that bad. I just like I freaked myself out. Um, so don't do that if you're going through the application process in a year or so whatever. Cause I know this guy he was super late cause I graduate high school tomorrow. Like what? Back. Um, so for Oklahoma State and all miss, pretty much all you had to dio was obviously fill out the application Then you had Thio sending your transcript and then you had to send in your scores and like that's pretty much it. And for Oklahoma State, they have, like an optional part where if you wanted to, like, be looked up for scholarships, you could do to small little essays and then resume. I wanted to see if I would get in first to do that, which I kind of knew I would get it. I just was lazy. Didn't feel like doing it out first, Um, and then for almost, I guess they were just two new scholarships. If you know your transfer, it was good of your grades were good, but for all miss, they, like, never received my transcript, which I don't know why they didn't or Holly didn't because I sent my transcript to TCU, Oklahoma State and almost all the same time. And TCU in Oakland State got my transcript justice fine. So I was kind of confused, but I would say it's no big deal. Like at this point, I was like Oakland's A and T. C. You are my top choices anyways, so I was like, It's finance Okay. Before Thanksgiving, I found out that I got into Islamist A and I was super exciting. But literally that day I actually had a upper respiratory infection, so I was like, feeling horrible. I was sick, but my mom, she was like here we was making feel better is to answer a little, like video or picture of the acceptance letter so you guys can see that. And then December 1st. I remember this day I was working at the day care and I had my apple watch on. And like there is an evil from T C T C u. Saying like, Oh, your missions decision like results are in. And then I like look on my op wash like scroll up and there's like, fireworks and like Oh my God, like I got a cheesy you. Their application process was definitely Maur than Oklahoma State home. It's just because their whole district school, which means that they're looking at much more than your scores, and they want to make sure that you're well, well rounded student. So they're definitely gonna look at, like your resume, your teacher references and stuff like that. So for TCU, I had to obviously a part for the application are failing the application and there's too little like short essays are like not even us A. Just like a paragraph saying like, Why would you be good for TCU or, um, describe your personality? So I filled out those and then I had to write an essay. I did teacher references. I'm sending my transcript sit in my a c t scores. I did a video, and then there was something else that I did, I believe. But either way, um, do you see you have the most things going on with that application, But honestly, it's a hard school to get into, so I completely understand where they're coming from, which, like, makes sense. So there's that. And then for all miss, they like, I, like, checked online like December like my status and and never so they got my transfer, like ever. So I was like, Okay, this is weird because I promise you I sent it in. But at this point, I was like I was already over all missed. So I don't really matter to me because, like at Oklahoma State and teach you to, like, look into, um aside, it really care that much from December to March. Like I didn't check anything on old man. It's like my status, my email or anything that I have locked into anything. And then, literally, the week after spring break, they sent me this thing in the mail. I like uncertain picture of it. And, um, they're like, Oh, my God, Like, congratulations, you accepted. And I'm like, What the heck? So I was like you. Either you're lost my transfer been founded or you misplaced it because I was there. I for sure, like, sit in my transcript. But at this point, it was already too late because I had decided, like, I already put down my deposit for the school that I was going to before they sent that acceptance letters so spine and also insert a video of teeth use are like a picture of me getting so to tease you, but yes, so that's like pretty much my whole process. So it was pretty hectic, but at the same time, it really wasn't that bad. It wasn't. That's Russell, but I really don't want to get entered up because this video is already like Nine Minutes song. So you guys want me to do, like, a more in depth. Like why I chose to school that I chose our, um, had choose the right college for you are how to write an essay for Call it stuff like that. They, like, just let me know, because I can do that. I mean, I'm not doing anything else in my life, so I could definitely do that for you guys. Also, I will be doing the graduation log. Thio Morrow casseroles for graduation. But this year's gonna go up today or tomorrow. Hopefully sometime like that. But I'm Yes. So I'm going to announce wish college. I'm going to So are you guys ready? I'm going to teach you. I'm literally so excited to be a horned frog. I'm the class of 2022 which sounds so far yet so close. But I like the most excited person, like, ever for college. Most my friends, like, already know where I'm going. So I think most people on my channel are you know, I'm going, but I felt like I should do video anyways. Yeah, I will be a horned frog at TCU and literally so excited. It's my dream school for a long time and, like, actually didn't tell you guys in the video. But I applied early decision to this school, which means that if I got in like I had to withdraw any of my acceptance. Acceptance is from any other schools. So I like you. I didn't tell you guys that I was bound. It's been to be. But I'm really so excited and I plan on doing like I plan on rushing in college. So I would definitely be doing like rush reviews. And I definitely plan on doing like dorm shopping, dorm hall, dorm room tours like just college videos. Because I feel like in college, I'm really gonna start logging more. Which is that something that I really want to, um But yes, that's the plan. I will be going, Chief, do you? I literally so excited. And if you guys have any questions about, like any of the schools I applied to our TCU in general, definitely let me know because I want Thio. Talk to guys more about it and just be more helpful. So, yeah, I will see you guys soon and Hey, guys, I'm Lauren Rasmussen. I am a freshman here at TCU, otherwise known as Texas Christian University. I am originally from Scottsdale, Arizona, and I am studying a business, specifically entrepreneurial management with a fitness minor. I love TC you so much, and wow, it's in the best school ever. So I'm so excited to take you guys on a tour, but I'll tell you why I chose Teo. I really wasn't sure if I was going to even apply to TCU, but my mentor told me to apply, so, like, okay, I'll apply. But I didn't know how great of a school it was when I was playing because I was from Arizona, didn't it? Wasn't really add advertised very well in Arizona, at least to me at my small school. So I applied on. And then I got invited out and I visited toward the campus and the people here, guys are unrealistic. They're so kind and so loving. They truly care about you and this school They made me feel really known, which was amazing. So they truly care about me. Each of the professor's care about me, and that was evident from the time I stepped on campus. So that's why I chose TCU. And I hope you guys can get a glimpse of the campus life of and what it truly means to be a horned frog here. A TCU love you guys, Hey, guys. So now I'm standing outside of Reese Jones. This building has a lot of our international policies, and unlike politics, those kind of classes and it's right in between the library. So you'll see up here that's actually a walkway where you can go from the library into Reese tunes. So when it's super cold out, which was like thirty degrees here, that's how cold it gets of that. Then you can just go from the library and Therese Tones just super nice. Let's head on it. Peace. Now that we're standing inside of re stones, you can totally tell within this building that it's about international relations and politics. On this wall, you can see a bunch of different languages because all the way up saying knowledge is power because they're here to learn and to change the world over here, you can see there's just a bunch different fax about. I think there's things got like water and energy, so just things that are really in a change our world, including the sustainable energy. I have a friend on DH. He's really engaged in politics, and he takes a lot of classes here. Were having this amazing. So this is the bass, or if you look up, you can see a bunch of people studying. I lovette studying in re stones because always so clean and tidy. And it's really technical. Logically advanced time, Absolutely. So this is Ri Stand there's to study over there and right, I went out and just reserved So one of my favorite parts about re stones is the stallion's that restrains hats. So in addition, Teo Classrooms that are super technology, logically savvy resends has great city rooms. You can see there's writing on these walls on that because a lot of the walls and here are credible. So there's white walls that you on here, too, and you'll see a TV in that study room. Um, it and you can have your computer to the TV to seizing a WiFi code, which is super easy Hey, guys. Welcome, Thio my software here. We've been vlog. Um So, like I said before, I don't actually move in until at the 12 which is Monday. But my sister moved in today. Something felt, um, to her house. So that's where we're leaving. We're leaving for work, leaving Houston to get there right now. It's about a 21 and we can't leave like nine. But nothing ever happens as planned. So we packed up our cars last night, so I'm driving my car. My sister and my sister is driving her car with my mom, and my dad's just gonna follow us because my sister are both doing their cars down there. Um, I'm actually really excited. I'm kind of nervous for the drive just because I've never driven um, like, four hours going to teach you, like, ever in my life. So I'm kind of nervous a little bit, but I'm really excited at my sister's gonna be with me, even though I kind of want to ride alone. Um, but yeah, we packed up the car last night, so I'm just going thio pop up my like, um, trunk secrets and see what is in the back. But I am so excited. Nothing. Okay, so this is all the stuff that's in my car right now. I put the seats down just so we can have more room to get everything. So, having curing my blender, my hangar is just some snacks, matches, chopper shelves. Um, just all this kind of stuff in here. And then my sister's gonna sit up there, and I'm obviously gonna be driving. And then a lot of stuff is going into my dad's truck just because it was going to my dad's truck Just because he has a bigger truck. It's a truck behind me. And, um, yeah, we need extra room. This lighting is awesome. Okay, I just want to show you guys a car. Um, yeah. And then I'll show you guys when I think about my dogs, which is totally gonna be so sad. Andi probably obviously won't block on the right there. But I will definitely talk when I get there, but I'm gonna try to save a lot of the footage for Monday, since that's actually moving. Yeah. Can I just want to take a morning it up to you guys, please? So I missed you so much. Don't worry. We're getting a dog hotel and you guys be able to go. I love you crazy. Thanks. Gonna miss you poo poo by Bagi my brakes. He literally doesn't even care how sad. I love you, Rex. I love you. Who print, right? All right, bigot. So Okay. I miss you so much, please. You throw my hands just washed, then you're getting them all dirty. I love you, lazy. Do you love me, too? In my car with all my crap. And it's literally 10 01 especially that nine. Love that, Um But we are on the way right now. Um, honestly, don't forget stopping at breakfast. All I had today was a CI sharing, but I'm about to open this just like Celsius drink. Um, who are gonna get a little nervous while driving there, But I know it's gonna be okay. Um but I will let you guys know when I get there. Media Johnson's house way Just made at Justin's house. It's so nice. And we're gonna start unpacking some stuff. Yeah, we're gonna be oh, so and we decided to come to the pool, but the water's too cold for me. So I'm sticking my feet in. But I don't really bought today just because we didn't know what we did a lot. But it wasn't anything that you wanted to see. And I wanted to just say footage for my moving day tomorrow. And I'm really excited for my movie tomorrow. I have so much subsidy already because we have a pool party at seven. Just until I'm tired. I don't feel the best, but we're gonna push through tomorrow, so Hey, guys. So today's my official I honestly don't feel my best. My head is pounding. It's been like this for the past three days. Um, but we're just gonna push through, but it's currently I don't know currently. 7 57 Thanks. And, um, my need to be at the arena at 8 45 So we're gonna get ready to check out. Uh, but yeah, I promise you, I'm more excited than I sound. I just can't really get hype right now, but yeah, having moving day moving time is at 9 30 I wanted to leave by 8 15 It's currently a 31. Who wanted to be there 8 45 Just not gonna happen, but hopefully, um, hopefully we can get it together and hopefully will be standing in line for long because I'm just not about it. But I'm about to drink my energy drink so I can kind of get more pepped up and hopefully that work. So just in her room, and it's super small. Not really trying to move some stuff around to make my room, like, bigger. We're gonna move my bed around right now. Well, I'm currently taking a break right now because my back hurts, but don't. But my room is slowly getting together. I stopped to buy a lot of decor from my wall, but I'll probably buy that, like, in a few weeks there soon. Whatever we have to buy, like, suffer the living room. You, Reese, is our opening on that wall. That would make more sense. I would, but I can't reach it. Well, you can reach him more than the other wall. No, I can't anyways, so yeah, my parents on the way back with the drill so I can put more stuff up about these floating shelves from Kiev. But I'm kind of just taking a break right Now the room is slowly coming together, but a lot of stuff in there, I actually don't have enough. That's a problem. Way started setting up in my room. It's kind of junkie right now, but we're getting it together waiting for my parents to get back with the drill so we can start putting stuff on the walls and stuff like that. But then after that, we should be pretty much time. And then I just have to, like, organized up. So I say We just got back home from the pool party. My room is a complete mess right now, like there's crap all over the floor. But it's my watch is on that. It's 9 23 and we have to be up at seven. And like honesty, that's not pretty early for me, like it's not early early, but I'm just, like, really tired and I'm losing my voice because I'm sick and I'm stupidly didn't biting. That's when I went to Target today, so I'm just gonna kind of to suffer through it or kind of go get some I don't really know, but, um, yeah, I'm very excited for tomorrow, A little bit nervous and I'm, like, a little bit stressed out just because my room looks like trash. And I had, like, a vision in my head. But I know that I'll probably, like, end up rearranging it like, two or three times before it's actually, like, settled and stuff, and I don't I'm start school for another two weeks. I'll definitely have it done by then. Um, yeah, I kind of started up to you guys on the night and just thio, um, say thank you guys for falling along with this journey. I don't We'll do dorm room tour once I get everything set up. Probably like mid September. Um, but yeah. So I'm gonna give you guys a quick little overview before I in this log, So thanks, guys. Like from the door. The door's right here. Please excuse my boys. I'm really gonna lose it before it even starts. Um, this I'm just gonna do a quick trigger. You're not really gonna savor things from just because I do want to do dorm tour, but this is just kind of what it looks like. I definitely have more to court. I need to hang up, and I need to buy and some things. I'm gonna move around and still the crap you need to go through. But that woman looks like, and then I'll show you guys my closet. Honestly, that was kind of small, and I'm not really a fan of it. Everything's gonna buy, like also to just put in here somehow, Maybe have lights under here like little push light so you can just push or something I don't really know. And I made put command hooks here's, like, hang stuff. And then I also need to get a few more things. I need to get command hooks so I could hang up this mirror. That's pretty dirty. Just everything. Initiating that. But I'm just really tired. Um, so that's gonna be it for this. Do you think you're so much for watching and describe wait Chasing a million things out. Wait a minute. Is full of getting pumped up for Okay, so I use these, like, little, like likes of things to come here and kind of work. So I just need to flip this perfect way to it. But I'm wearing this talk for me, uh, spores from Victoria's Secret. And then good morning. I'm so excited. Um, so right now I'm in the kitchen and I have, like, all of my stuff everywhere, but I'm not to upload this up into mom's bins. It's not a smart idea, because I don't think everything is gonna get in her car. That's what we're buying most of the stuff in Fort Worth. But where you want to try. Um, but it's only dumbbell over the comments of you. Like my hair like this. Trust me. Different, so kind of feeling it. So Okay, bye. So excited. Um, what, what's like four hours away? So we're going to be driving for four hours, and then it's currently, like, kind of raining outside from hoping when we, like, leave in another hour that it won't be raining, But I'm gonna start loading this stuff in the car because my parents are getting ready, and I just like one of the all time so yeah, I will talk to you guys in a little bit. The car. He's very cramped. Guys, that girl is gonna close. We are cramped. And that's not even all of my stuff. So sitting situation, so yeah, I hope nothing falls on me. Issues that I'm wearing. He's got like Steve Miner One's so cute. Good bye Room. Bye. Believes you crazy? I love you, baby. I'll see you. October's No. 12. No, don't lick my hand. Maybe they love you so much. You understand what's going on these last time? Yeah. I'm trying to steal her, not to cry. I love you. You try to block as much as I can, but no guarantees because it's raining outside. And I'm just trying to get through everything because your girl is hungry. So there's that be loving me. Mom, I am hungry. I need anything all day. 1 45 Thank you. Father is cute. I have all my stuff. Okay. Which way? Hey, they need a lot more than that back at the hotel. And, well, my parents hotel. We just got back from getting food records, and now we're gonna go back to my room, so I can set it up. And then I have a mandatory sword your meeting tonight at and talk to a woman, so Yeah, but I'm just gonna go ahead in the block here, so thank you guys. So much for watching this one. So weird. You guys so much for watching. Um, I'm doing a story recruitment blog's So I will let you guys know how that goes. And so we die in little repealed. I see a duck, Lissy, tune by. I got so far my room, But I'm gonna give you guys a storm towards I don't shit too much. Hey, guys. So now we're walking into the athletics area of TCU. You, Khun, see way just crossed the road over there. So we're going from the residential area into the athletics area, and this is kind of what it all looks like, So much greenery. This is like the bass, not baseball basketball stadium, and then the football stadium, and then baseball is that way a while away. But, um, soccer is that way, awhile way. Um and I know we have a water sports here, so it's kind of hard to keep track of all of them, But this is pretty much where all the athletes hang out. And, yeah, it's really, really cool. We're going to go into the football stadium on DH. This is where a bunch of T C students will hang out. Um, Saturdays. So Saturdays in the fall are pretty much reserved for football, and this is weird. I came from a school where we really didn't have very many sports. Um, so to see at the school spirit here is unrealistic. Saturdays on game days, the lawns will be purple because there are so many people like not just students, but families alumni, teachers and faculty who come to watch the games is so much fun like this one. I kid you not is covered with, like, people tailgating and just taking out before the game on DH. Then students, we get in through these gates on DH, students get free tickets to go to the games. I don't know if I said that before, but we can go, Teo. All the gas for free, which is awesome. So yeah, so here we'll head on into you at the football stadium. Okay, so now we're in the stadium. Welcome that. Teo, the football CEO at TCU. Wow. Our football team is phenomenal. This year we had an awesome year football. At one point we were number four in the country. I thought at that point we were number four in our division. But no, we were number four in the car, Andrea for college football, which was fantastic and like, How cool is it that you get to go to a small school and have teachers know you and students know you really well on being community, But you have a phenomenal, like, huge school football, so right now you can see the stadium. This is how is on and we're on student side right now. So when you come for student air for games, pretty much you will be sitting in the student section and the student section is in the middle on the fifty yard line in these first rose. So my first football game, I was sitting in the second row on the fifty yard line, like, How crazy is that? All you have to do is just get here early and then you get seats. Oh, my gosh. Like fantastic. Um, something at football games is there's so much spirit, which I know I talked about before, but like it is pumping. Everyone loves Tzu We're doing are like fight song. Everyone does the Frogs symbol, so you just do it. He sign and you make angry. And that's the Frogs frogs of And there's children leaders and showgirls. Um, but the field is so much fun. I have a roomie who's an athletic training major, so I get to see her on the field, and that's just so cool. But when it's not football season, you'll see people working out. So I think there's a guy he's running the stairs over there. My roomie and I sometimes will run the stairs for workouts, and anyone can come into the stadium whatever. As long as there's just no football practice going on, which is so great and you truly get to be a part of t u all the time. So this is the football stadium. Our athletes are awesome. Um, pretty much you can come to games and get free shirts. That's pretty standard at TCU games. And, yeah, we love our athletes. We love the athletics here. We just loved Tio. All righty. So now we're headed into the blue, which is where everyone eats. People call it the blue, but technically, it's called market square. Um, we'll just call it the least. That's cool. As a freshman, you get unlimited sites here at the blue, so that's amazing because you couldn't go in and just getting apple if you want, just fill your water bottle. Um, Hang Alice friends, which is really awesome. But every day, the blue has different food, which is amazing. Um, and breakfast is my favorite meal here. It's blue, but is also my favorite meal in general. So oh, sorry about that. Um, let's see. At the blue, there's a bunch of different food. I think there's like eight different stations and also you, each of them that there's also a healthy station, which is my personal favorite because they cook with US oil and less salt. Am It just gives you a healthier option. Like sometimes we'll have fish or kale. They have a bunch like brown rice. It really varies every day, but some of my favorite meals include taco salad, salmon. When they have asparagus, that's really yummy as well. What else they have a lot of good food. They also have a cereal bar, um, and like a sandwich making station, which is awesome. Um oh, and something that's really yummy is there's a flatbread bar right now, which is just so good cause you could make your own pizza. It's kind of like Blaze pizza if you have that where you're from. Andi, this is just one of the dining options here. T. C We also have a Chick fil A, which is in the Commons, um, and there's also this area over by the Greek, which is called Blue two or King family comments. And there they have an eating area that is free of seven of the major allergens, which is awesome. And we have allergies on DH. Then there's also a place called Kellyanne today, which is just like a spotlight. That's one of my favorite places to eat on campus is well, so we're going to go ahead and head on in on the Louis set up, kind of like Cafeteria Saul. So you guys around and this is very here Is the station that light? So you'll find, like, good, healthy options. Right now, there's a party, Frank and this area. House shuffles over there. I have, and others have eggs and bacon, really? And over here. What that means, but drink over there? Yes. What? Blake, We're like You're fried. It's good if you like. Like chicken. Hundreds of price. The area. For Young. This is gonna be like your cereal bar. No. Cereal. Great. Put your dishes back over there and then I mean, which is for breakfast.