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Hey, guys, we're standing outside of candy haul right now. This is one of our business buildings here on campus, so I just wanted to give you a quick tour. In case you're thinking about going to business school here, our business school is amazing. And our entrepreneurship program, I think, is ranked number five in the country. So if you're looking to come for business, the nearly school's the place to be Here you go. Says he walked up. This is Tandy. Andi. To the left of it, you'll see Smith, which is another business building. And in the middle, you'll see a sinus is building a future here at TCU, The building's change kind of frequently scenes were always innovating. So we're gonna have any buildings. I think by twenty nineteen is the plan. Who's have on business, but thanks Currently, I have two classes in Tandy. Um, one is B. I s, which is business information systems, which I'm going to you right now, actually, um and then another one is an honest persuasion class, so totally unrelated. We just use the classroom, but ten days of awesome place. So these flags kind of show what it's about. Business is worldwide were in a worldwide economy. Right now, you can see that they totally value that. And over here, you can see our mission statement. It's oil and business. It's personal. Eli tries to make business super personal. Um, I don't know if you can see, but this is a board room. So all the air a bit different because they try to model what a business look like. And this one over here, it's Hurley. What a business. And I look like a year working. Great and upstairs. We have some classrooms, and a lot of rumors have computers and Tandy. But this place right over here, they're called the PDC. They're the professional developed at center. Shake them. Yes, Neil. Give some really awesome tools to their students. To be able, Tio have good interviews, though. Reviewing resumes before you send him out and even talk Hey, guys, welcome to C C u. This is called the Commons, which is awesome. This is there. A lot of the students will hang out, as you can see on DH. Then Frog Pond is up there, which is a must. See if you come to TCU. Um, I'm just going to give you a little bit of an overview about our school, and you got You could just get a big view before we go into the specifics. So TCU is a medium sized school. We have about eight thousand undergrads, maybe eight nine thousand. Andi, I love this size because I feel known and I get Teo. No other people. Really? Well, you'll have people in your class is that you recognize from fraud camp orientation, frogs first. So you really get to know this student body even before you're on campus? Um, and on the way to classes and coming back from classes, I always see someone who I know. And if I don't, that's like a very rare occurrence. Maybe it's like, really rainy, snowy people are just having their hoods down. But that does not really happen because we're in Texas and it's sunny like this A lot of the time. Of course it gets cold. Texas's weather is really weird. It'll be cold like early in the morning, and then it'll get really hot, like in the eighties. But that's pretty much the extent that Texas weather is bad. I saw fall for the first time I'm from Arizona, so I really never saw leaves change color but believes you change color here, which is great. And it gets a little chilly in the fall, which is wonderful. But if you're from the East Coast, you'll be like, Where's my fall? I heard a lot of my friends were saying, This is a weird ball, but it's okay. I liked it. I liked seeing trees change color, but then it does get warm and humid in the summer. So we aren't here for the summer, which is great. So you don't have to deal with, like, really hot and sticky weather. So that's good. That's about the weather. And I guess I can tell you a little bit about all the different schools. We have pretty much anything that you could want, and that's something that I was really looking for it, too. At TCU. I wasn't sure if I wanted to be business when I came in here, but I also knew we had an awesome nursing school. There's like arts school. My friend is in the dancing school. There's a bunch of different options here if she sees you, and if you go online, you can see all the different majors they offer, and it just blows my mind. My roommate is a kinesiology major. She helps with the athletic trainers and she helps like football players, so that's really cool. Um, and this is pretty much TCU. Hey, guys, I'm Lauren Rasmussen. I am a freshman here at TCU, otherwise known as Texas Christian University. I am originally from Scottsdale, Arizona, and I am studying a business, specifically entrepreneurial management with a fitness minor. I love TC you so much, and wow, it's in the best school ever. So I'm so excited to take you guys on a tour, but I'll tell you why I chose Teo. I really wasn't sure if I was going to even apply to TCU, but my mentor told me to apply, so, like, okay, I'll apply. But I didn't know how great of a school it was when I was playing because I was from Arizona, didn't it? Wasn't really add advertised very well in Arizona, at least to me at my small school. So I applied on. And then I got invited out and I visited toward the campus and the people here, guys are unrealistic. They're so kind and so loving. They truly care about you and this school They made me feel really known, which was amazing. So they truly care about me. Each of the professor's care about me, and that was evident from the time I stepped on campus. So that's why I chose TCU. And I hope you guys can get a glimpse of the campus life of and what it truly means to be a horned frog here. A TCU love you guys, Hey, guys. So now I'm standing outside of Reese Jones. This building has a lot of our international policies, and unlike politics, those kind of classes and it's right in between the library. So you'll see up here that's actually a walkway where you can go from the library into Reese tunes. So when it's super cold out, which was like thirty degrees here, that's how cold it gets of that. Then you can just go from the library and Therese Tones just super nice. Let's head on it. Peace. Now that we're standing inside of re stones, you can totally tell within this building that it's about international relations and politics. On this wall, you can see a bunch of different languages because all the way up saying knowledge is power because they're here to learn and to change the world over here, you can see there's just a bunch different fax about. I think there's things got like water and energy, so just things that are really in a change our world, including the sustainable energy. I have a friend on DH. He's really engaged in politics, and he takes a lot of classes here. Were having this amazing. So this is the bass, or if you look up, you can see a bunch of people studying. I lovette studying in re stones because always so clean and tidy. And it's really technical. Logically advanced time, Absolutely. So this is Ri Stand there's to study over there and right, I went out and just reserved So one of my favorite parts about re stones is the stallion's that restrains hats. So in addition, Teo Classrooms that are super technology, logically savvy resends has great city rooms. You can see there's writing on these walls on that because a lot of the walls and here are credible. So there's white walls that you on here, too, and you'll see a TV in that study room. Um, it and you can have your computer to the TV to seizing a WiFi code, which is super easy Hey, guys. So now we're walking into the athletics area of TCU. You, Khun, see way just crossed the road over there. So we're going from the residential area into the athletics area, and this is kind of what it all looks like, So much greenery. This is like the bass, not baseball basketball stadium, and then the football stadium, and then baseball is that way a while away. But, um, soccer is that way, awhile way. Um and I know we have a water sports here, so it's kind of hard to keep track of all of them, But this is pretty much where all the athletes hang out. And, yeah, it's really, really cool. We're going to go into the football stadium on DH. This is where a bunch of T C students will hang out. Um, Saturdays. So Saturdays in the fall are pretty much reserved for football, and this is weird. I came from a school where we really didn't have very many sports. Um, so to see at the school spirit here is unrealistic. Saturdays on game days, the lawns will be purple because there are so many people like not just students, but families alumni, teachers and faculty who come to watch the games is so much fun like this one. I kid you not is covered with, like, people tailgating and just taking out before the game on DH. Then students, we get in through these gates on DH, students get free tickets to go to the games. I don't know if I said that before, but we can go, Teo. All the gas for free, which is awesome. So yeah, so here we'll head on into you at the football stadium. Okay, so now we're in the stadium. Welcome that. Teo, the football CEO at TCU. Wow. Our football team is phenomenal. This year we had an awesome year football. At one point we were number four in the country. I thought at that point we were number four in our division. But no, we were number four in the car, Andrea for college football, which was fantastic and like, How cool is it that you get to go to a small school and have teachers know you and students know you really well on being community, But you have a phenomenal, like, huge school football, so right now you can see the stadium. This is how is on and we're on student side right now. So when you come for student air for games, pretty much you will be sitting in the student section and the student section is in the middle on the fifty yard line in these first rose. So my first football game, I was sitting in the second row on the fifty yard line, like, How crazy is that? All you have to do is just get here early and then you get seats. Oh, my gosh. Like fantastic. Um, something at football games is there's so much spirit, which I know I talked about before, but like it is pumping. Everyone loves Tzu We're doing are like fight song. Everyone does the Frogs symbol, so you just do it. He sign and you make angry. And that's the Frogs frogs of And there's children leaders and showgirls. Um, but the field is so much fun. I have a roomie who's an athletic training major, so I get to see her on the field, and that's just so cool. But when it's not football season, you'll see people working out. So I think there's a guy he's running the stairs over there. My roomie and I sometimes will run the stairs for workouts, and anyone can come into the stadium whatever. As long as there's just no football practice going on, which is so great and you truly get to be a part of t u all the time. So this is the football stadium. Our athletes are awesome. Um, pretty much you can come to games and get free shirts. That's pretty standard at TCU games. And, yeah, we love our athletes. We love the athletics here. We just loved Tio. All righty. So now we're headed into the blue, which is where everyone eats. People call it the blue, but technically, it's called market square. Um, we'll just call it the least. That's cool. As a freshman, you get unlimited sites here at the blue, so that's amazing because you couldn't go in and just getting apple if you want, just fill your water bottle. Um, Hang Alice friends, which is really awesome. But every day, the blue has different food, which is amazing. Um, and breakfast is my favorite meal here. It's blue, but is also my favorite meal in general. So oh, sorry about that. Um, let's see. At the blue, there's a bunch of different food. I think there's like eight different stations and also you, each of them that there's also a healthy station, which is my personal favorite because they cook with US oil and less salt. Am It just gives you a healthier option. Like sometimes we'll have fish or kale. They have a bunch like brown rice. It really varies every day, but some of my favorite meals include taco salad, salmon. When they have asparagus, that's really yummy as well. What else they have a lot of good food. They also have a cereal bar, um, and like a sandwich making station, which is awesome. Um oh, and something that's really yummy is there's a flatbread bar right now, which is just so good cause you could make your own pizza. It's kind of like Blaze pizza if you have that where you're from. Andi, this is just one of the dining options here. T. C We also have a Chick fil A, which is in the Commons, um, and there's also this area over by the Greek, which is called Blue two or King family comments. And there they have an eating area that is free of seven of the major allergens, which is awesome. And we have allergies on DH. Then there's also a place called Kellyanne today, which is just like a spotlight. That's one of my favorite places to eat on campus is well, so we're going to go ahead and head on in on the Louis set up, kind of like Cafeteria Saul. So you guys around and this is very here Is the station that light? So you'll find, like, good, healthy options. Right now, there's a party, Frank and this area. House shuffles over there. I have, and others have eggs and bacon, really? And over here. What that means, but drink over there? Yes. What? Blake, We're like You're fried. It's good if you like. Like chicken. Hundreds of price. The area. For Young. This is gonna be like your cereal bar. No. Cereal. Great. Put your dishes back over there and then I mean, which is for breakfast. Hey, guys, soon. Now we're going to talk a little bit about T c's traditions. So you'll see, right now I'm standing in front of frog Frog Fountain is one of those things that we see where you just walk by and you feel so good because each of the little lily pad stands for something different. So the top one represents the seniors, and all their knowledge trickles down to the junior sophomores and fresh, which is just so true at TCU because you have people of all different ages in your classrooms and all their knowledge truly does trickle down. And everyone wants to help each other here, which is just so amazing and so evident in the types of people who come to Teo there so caring and loving and everyone really just don't have a good time. A TCO. So some other traditions that we have to see you are the Christmas tree lighting. And this is the comments. This is where a lot of the students will hang out when it's a little bit right here outside. But, um, there's a Christmas tree lighting that happens down there. We bring in a huge tree. I think this year we brought it in from Minnesota. Um, and we light it before Christmas break and there's cookies and hot chocolate and a bunch of different, um, alumni come in and they bring their kids and it so much Fine. And this year we had Johnny Slim come and perform at the Christmas tree lighting. The Serie also had yes again game day on this one, which was amazing on DSO. Everyone stayed up all night, pretty mention tented out in the Commons, which was great. Um, and then another tradition that we have is pre match is going to football games on Saturdays. Everyone and the loves to go to football games and tailgates for the school even hosts a tailgate. So you don't have to worry about not having a tailgate get. Teo can go to whichever one you want with your friends. And here you see, there's always something going on. There's also always concerts going on. So in the spring, I know we have a concert coming up. I think chord Overstreet is coming. But in the fall we had been Rector. Come, that was amazing. I've been started freshman year. Um, and then We also had DNC come this past year, which was amazing. So cool. People come to TCU and there's a bunch of traditions that we hope you'll come join us. Right, but so light we know. Hey, guys. So now we're going to talk a little bit about housing at TCU. TCU has a bunch of different options, and all freshmen and sophomores are actually required to live on campus here, TCU. But everyone wants to because campus is the heart of TCU. And you want to see all your friends every single day, which is amazing. So, applying as a freshman, you get Teo pretty much just choose if you want coed dorms or in all girls dormitory. And by doing that, you just apply You select what? How you live pretty much like what type of music you listen, tio. What type? Uh, like cleanliness. You have a bunch of that stuff. Hey, on DH. Then they can either randomly put you with a roommate or you can find a roommate online. Using Ze me are your Facebook group. And both of those ways we're not really well. I had a random roommate, and we are the best of friends. We actually just ran a half marathon yesterday together, which was amazing. So, for example, I'm going to say you won dorm Millan, Daniel, honor Storm, and you guys can kind of get a feel of what campus life is like living here, Tio. This is one of the main areas. This is like the entrance you'd call it scenario set and how you'll find fleeing here. Where's the thing out on a weekend days? Even how? TV over here. We're students like you got it? Okay, so you just, like, passed a study hall area. This is a study room about to the dorms. Have study rooms so students can study and just enjoy their time here. And he see you. This is awesome. Because even just walk out of your room and study in some place that isn't Miriam. Can I have a study environment? Our eyes left to decorate our doors with me. Name tags just really fine.