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Thinking about Texas Southern University and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Texas Southern University in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Texas Southern University’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Texas Southern University, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Texas Southern University experience. These Texas Southern University video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Hey, cool cats. Welcome back. It's Jin A. Today. This video I'm talking about Texas Southern University on campus. Student housing. Yes, we have five different living arrangements for the students enrolled to Texas Southern. Incoming freshmen are recommended to stay in the freshman towers. That way, they can experience a living experience like no other and get appointed Texas Southern University and how we Roll University Courtyard in tear. Wester Oaks are the go to housing for students on campus. Urban Academic Village is the latest living arrangement to Texas Southern University. No. This is over. To keep us surviving for a little bit, grace. I call it a moment of every excellence and you shall see. Go all these different decorum. A couple either like pictures of myself and just some quote that say, There's some quotes that other people have said My mom made it for you. Is all of my pictures of my family and my friends, so I do my homework. I know why I'm here when I'm doing this for Got a couple of sticky nose over here, just quotes and is my my room is steamed black feminism and in my bathroom is women's march. So I have like this rug here from the women's march. There's more of this dick or more quotes, more fabulous photos. Um, I have this painting that my God, through my God with me, Turtle one is also made for them, too. Cross it. Well, actually, I was different. Remain, But for financial aid kind of guy. So very Yes. Yeah, You like? No. Morning. Hello. Campus drilling A hole in it. And the last. A lot of things happening today. Yeah, I'm going to take you with me. So, Tiger expert. Campus. Really? It's been a back again today. I'm in front of the peat, A building. This is where I had my first class on Monday when they prize, I want to take you to the classrooms today. And then I want to give you an insight of what are her labs love. You see, the study rooms that we have to offer here at the one of my favorite buildings could be in very calming and relaxing and is very motivating because and I'm happy because phenomenal Barbara Jordan Mac Leland studied here, walked here, graduated here and it is inspiring to me to know that somebody like me I can do the same. So I want to take you on this journey and come with me. Let's go. Great. No. That floor at a being building. This is where your classrooms are held. Like to show you some areas that you can study it. It's a quiet time. My place is to stay have through session here on campus with school hours that building there. Yeah, P A B building holds classes like history, psychology, forensic science in other liberal arts type classes. Wait, you come out of the booth. It's. People know. You think getting try and pretend you didn't get out with it by the terrible twins adopted on any situation. Watch out of shell. Blend from flexible in a stubborn generation while being the ever growing intellectual capacity that watch it. Extend the details of the great story once upon a time, in the end, every time. And I didn't know that you should be with the most high. Grab the Valley father like eighty dollars dinner and a movie like eighty dollars. Put a conversation with him and I see a price. Hey, viewers, we're back with another video. This first day of school is all about tips and tricks for incoming freshmen and returning students. First tip of the day If you want a good parking spot, always go to class early or just a forty dollar parking ticket to avoid paying three dollars every time the park Hey, campus real And viewers I am located inside. My first class just ended, but I don't know why I'm still talking like still have a class. But I'm really waiting to sign the Roshi. I say tip number one Always get the class Earliest sign the Roche eat. However somebody actually took, so don't throw shit That's really considered cheating. But you need to be in class and come to class in that. There's a middle class started, so we're gonna get out of here. Welcome to the library. Hey, who gets here? Very. Take it down. Second floor, second. Take that. We can get school welcome to the second for having Spiegel stairs. Mother. Culture. Our history. How you got a bottle? Ah. Yeah. No. Here to eat, loves the campus, everything on It's Jen Ai here again on the beginning, walk tired. What MLK building, which is the Martin Luther King building that is blue and communications department will reside and most of their classes. That's what you will do. All your English classes, your speech classes and some computer quests. So just tell me so here we have a pretty basic look of what a typical classroom in the okay building would look like. Most classrooms have computers or not, but there just the same size and, if not bigger, just a little bit smaller. I super duper love my classes, and I am okay. Every single one. The classes I've had since last year has led me to a pathway of success. So I'm excited to see what this year has to bring for me, more excited for the first day of school to see my professors of my classmates see what's going to happen from this season. And so I'm definitely excited to see that and have you come with me and say it. Oi, it's live, You know, it's just you, your glasses that's on campus. Oops, Karan T s U You will use a computer almost every single day. So logging into a computer could be a little hassle, especially for new students. When you enroll into school, you're assigned a team number. That team number is stuck with you into the day you graduate. It's best to remember as the last four numbers of your team member, because you're going to use them a lot. With that day coming to an end, I can actually give myself a recap of everything that has happened. This water in this week. It's only Tuesday, but it seems like so much has happened in just two days back to school. I'm excited for this year, and I'm excited to see what's to come. I'm excited to bring you with me. Let's have some fun. So this is the second floor of the building. All the clashes again looked like how they were placed with computers before, and some classrooms are placed with no computer. Although most of the passions of him OK look like this Implicate also offers writing workshops for those people who want to enhance their writing for hit some type riding. Take it okay for students like me who live off campus. One thing I like about the issues that they offer, eh? But it is not a typical every day, but this. This is free and you will pay for with your I'd be and it comes out your tuition. But at the same time, it's good for students who live off campus or close enough to the campus where they can't walk in a good amount of time to still make it on time. So the fact that they have a bus route that gives you to class on time is wonderful. But that is it for now. And I thank you so much for watching this video stay for more because you don't want to miss what's Really? It's today. I'm back with the video. I am in front of Sterling Student Center today at four o'Clock. We have a back to school necessities. Supply drive to come out before that. Here, check us out again. That's wealthy because we have our first ever Pepe rally of the season. So come with me. Come check it out at the ocean. So family have CSU cheerleaders way gotta lot B J. So you have a lot to me. Come with me here doing interviews today. Get started. Is denying great. Radio, television. I'm sorry. More. I knew from the triple with Dallas House. A lot of things. Well, at first I wanted to be a music major, but I need changing out of nowhere to communications. So I want to go to a B C. For sure. I wanted to be in Texas not too far, but not too close. So all that checked out. And when I visited me and my mom two three day trip to the city and this is my first tour. I love immediately connected from my everybody dress here. Right? And I just love all the black just black test black with a side of black with a sprinkle of more black. That's what I'm here for. I'm here for Is that working? I'm here for the location. Amazing. Well, I have my own campus organization that started last semester Formulation. Shit. So I really want that to be big movement here, not only on campus, just in like Ariel. So I think that be cool to watch that just for you P s you to be a b E. I feel like I have a good time with so many creative talent. Instagram. I am Mommy's little L I l militant And I l I t on Twitter. I am South Saudi. What south do smell like sound? Um, relationship is takes t X s dot relationship on instagram just relationship. Oh, and shout out to my mom. Spend on that coin in my room and just wait.