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Thinking about St John's University-New York and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting St John's University-New York in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet St John's University-New York’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to St John's University-New York, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the St John's University-New York experience. These St John's University-New York video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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brand drop Top Top smoking. No cooking? No. Hey, everyone is Tyler Salone here said. Today I'm back on my channel with a new video. Today's video is going to be my except a student's day experience. Plus why I chose St John's University, basically, just how I knew that this school was for me. So this is a video that I actually get a lot of requests for. It always have people messaging me on YouTube. I had someone message money, instagram. People comment on my video. They want to know a little bit more about St John's. And what except the Students Day was like and being for the fact that it is January accepted students days and like what? April. So we have a few months and I do want you guys to go ahead and lay out your options with colleges. So what that being said, let's go ahead and get into my except the soonest a experience and why I chose Saint John personally seen John's was not my first option, and I'm just gonna come out and say that and be clear, because I have people ask me that a lot with St John's one of my top choices. No, it was not even close to any top choice. It kind of was like a last minute choice for me. I'm not gonna lie. But I knew that I wanted to go there once I went to accepted Students Day, which is why I will never forget that day because that's the day I chose where I was going to spend the next four years of my life. Except a student's day starts pretty early. Like I think it starts around like 10 AM So we got there around like, 9 30 ton. Um, and what we did was we pretty much went into the Carnesecca area and we pretty much went into the actual Carnesecca Arena. We got our little battles with the blanket, a map and more information about St John's how to make your deposit. And it also comes with a campus store coupon for, like, 50% off anything in the campus store. So what? That things that I was like it was lit, but I didn't end up getting anything, which I was mad because I wasted the 15% because the line was crazy. So I didn't get anything I did, but, um yeah, whatever. So that's besides the point Sideways, you go into Carnesecca, you get everything together together physically. Check in because you do have to, Like, I think there's something you do online where you have toe basically confirm you're going to accept the Sooners day, and then when you go there, you have to, like, check in, and that's when you get the bag and all that. So after that, we went ahead and got assigned to a tour group and my tour guy was really nice. I wish I knew her name. I don't remember, but basically what they're gonna do is bring you literally around the whole entire campus. You're gonna stop through St Vincent's, which is the dorm building that houses the ozone. Um, scholars, I don't know how to suit the name. Okay. It's like those in, um, scholars, whatever. They all stay in St Vincent's. So we're going to St Vincent's, and I got to kind of see how it was looking in there. I wasn't really feeling it, but now we went on Sue. I believe we went into to Silva, and when I went into the sofa That's when I knew that I really liked the dorms. They looked like apartment. So I was like, Oh, this is nice. Like I remember Look outside, This is nice. After that, we all went, I believe past like Monty's. We passed like the dining hall options and that we all went to Carnesecca again in Carnesecca. We were able to go over, you know, different fun, fast busing. John's. You know why we should choose St John's? What St John's has to offer with the study abroad program, the different classes, their core education policy. Um, pretty much they were just going over the stats of our class incoming class and just talking about that, like, you know what? Our average s a t woz What? Our average a seat Iwas. And you know pretty much where everyone in the class is from. Not every person, but like they'll be like Oh, like you know, 50% of the students that were accepted this year. We're from eternal Spain or France or some stuff like that, so they would go ahead and, like, get into that like just a cute little fun. Facts about St John's and after a moment. That's kind of when I was just like watching everything going around me, and I kind of pictured myself being in that school when I was sitting in the seat, I was kind of like, Wow, I can see myself here. You don't even like I could see myself walking through this campus. I can see myself, you know, going to class here, loving it, living here most importantly, not just going to school, but living here. So once I did that whole shebang, I was like, Yeah, I really like the school After we did all of that. They start to have the fun activities on the Great Lawn, So there's like a ice cream truck. I think there's like food trucks. There's, you know, music, people having fun, just walking around dancing, talking, mingling, et cetera. And so that's pretty much the gist of it. Set the Students Day. It's nothing crazy. It's pretty average. You get the tour, the school, you get to see where certain buildings are. You get to see the dorms and all that, and I think that's really important. So if you are looking to go to St John's or even any school. Make sure that you really make an effort to go to the except the Sooners Day because that's when you're gonna be able to see the nitty gritty details of the school. You're gonna get to walk to the building you're gonna get. Wait for that sort of feeling where you're kind of like I like the school. I want to go here, you know? I mean, because you can't really tell if you want to go to school online just by looking at pictures just by hearing what people say. It's like you need to go and you need to feel it yourself and vice versa. There's a lot of people who want to St Johns a day, and I went to school with them, and then when they came back to school, they were kind of just like, uh, wasn't really feeling it. And, you know, everybody has a different experience, but they would have never known that they didn't like it. If they didn't go to accept assumes day and kind of get to learn more about the school and basically see what St John hats offer for them personally. And if they didn't like it, then at least they knew. You know what you mean? So I definitely suggest going next part of the video is kind of why it chose Saint John. So I talked about this in my getting into St John's video. But I'm gonna go ahead and go over some of the reasons why I chose this school and I guess kind of added why I'm still at the school because there's a lot of people who transfer out of schools after their first semester. But currently I'm still enrolled. So well, yes, so clearly. I like it a lot and I am going to stay, So I'm gonna talk about a little bit of why I chose it and why I'm staying. St. John's is, I believe, $36,000 for tuition, and then it can go various for housing. So, personally, for me, I got a $19,000 scholarship, including the academic scholarship and the community grant, which I don't know how they do that. So once again, more information on that St John's I'II do you? I got half tuition covered, which is really helpful. State Johnson's very expensive, so you do find that a lot of people do have scholarships who are going to this school just to clear that up. Because someone come sit on my video like, Oh, you think your scholarship big? But $19,000 is kind of common because the school is very expensive and tuition is very high. So I got half tuition covered. I also had received financial aid and that include loans all that. But that's my financial business. I'm not gonna talk about that, but yes. So scholarship wise, I got 19,000 boat. So that's the reason why one I chose St John's because I got a decent amount of money to go there and no other schools really offering me that amazing off a scholarship. So I was just like whatever to was. Like I said, except as soon as saying, I kind of realized I don't really saw myself there. And, you know, I can't really said it wasn't ready to unnecessarily leave New York. I was born and raised in New York, and I feel like my life really revolves around New York. Um, President couldn't see myself really anywhere else, but probably like D. C. But unfortunately I didn't get into the school I wanted to in D. C. I was just kind of like whatever. Like New York is definitely where I should probably be. Especially being the fact that I'm interested in studying business. I figured that New York City would be the best place to study business because, you know, we have such a large financial district and all that's happened stuff, so I definitely wanted to be in New York. I also remember watching like college logs visiting the website, you know, watching tons of videos and virtual tours and all that kind of realized that St John's is where I needed to be. It felt right for me. And then you know what I want to orientation. That's when it really solidified it for me. And that's when I realized that, you know, I made a wonderful choice. However, the school is extremely expensive and, you know, people have their opinions about that and you know it is my money. So I mean, again of the day, as long as I don't mind spending the money no one else should really watch, but you're spending. So if you're looking to go to St John's that people are trying to de motivate you, tell you that it's too expensive that you know you don't want to leave New York, you know, stuff like that. Then don't listen to them. Because at the end of the day, it's your money. And if you want to spend your money to go there because it makes you happy, you should go. After weighing my pros and cons, I realized that, you know, I made a good choice. So, yeah, now onto why I'm staying at seeing jobs. So I did finish my first semester, and I'm actually very satisfied with my grades. I finished with a 3.54 which is pretty good for my first semester. However, there are a lot of schools that I probably could transfer into that would take my grades, especially the schools that I thought I wanted to go to, um, Prior, like my first choice before I even enrolled in St John's. They probably would take me now because my GP is like pretty high. But, you know, I don't really want to leave. I feel like I've made amazing friends. I feel so comfortable on campus. I just I don't know like In all honesty, I just enjoy the social life of St John's. I enjoy the education. I mean, they can be annoying that you have to take certain core requirements like I'm not gonna lie. It's kind of annoying sometimes because, like they're not necessarily your cup of tea like you might not want to take, you know, a required philosophy course. You might not want to take a required theology course, but I mean, there's good and bad in every situation, so I don't really let it get to me too much. And that theology courses are like not that that bad, like it's not the end of the world. You know what it means. So it's whatever social wise, I love it. I love my friends. I love my sweet maids. I love my roommate. I've made amazing friends, and there's nothing that I really would change about my situation. If anything, I'm just looking forward more too, getting into my major getting started on what I really want to do, and I feel like once I really get into that 100% be satisfied. Right now, I'm like 95% satisfied. But that last 5% is going to be. If I get into my major soon, I will be so satisfied. There's like 1,000,000 and one lounges and clubs and all this type of stuff around St John's that people are always throwing parties and events that so there's always something to do when I tell you always. Every Friday doesn't event every Saturday leasing event, and depending on if we have school on a Monday, there's probably an event on Sunday like there's so much going on. I really do want you guys to like I don't know, Phil more confident about St John's, feel more confident about college in general. This is not a way of me forcing you to go to St John's or giving you reasons why you should go to St John's. But it's kind of just my personal view, my personal opinion, and I'm always gonna keep it real with you guys, and I do want to do a video on the goods and the baths of St John's. I want to do a video on, you know, my first semester reflection. So I have a lot to talk about and a lot of mistakes. I personally made since I've been in school and a lot of good that since I'm a too. So I think that overall, I'm very confident in what I'm telling you guys. And I hope that you guys will feel confident about us for you. And hopefully you guys will attend this ball. So thanks so much for watching if you guys enjoy giving a big thumbs up and stay tuned for the Hey, guys. So we're over here in another academic building called the D'angelo center. But everybody here is saying John called Jack. Let's take a step inside. I'll show you where people come to hang out the classrooms on every floor cast and walk this way. We have a nice, cool lounge over here. People come and hang out. Every Friday there's something called Java johnnies. Or there'll be a live music act. People drink coffee and hang out here, Over here's where people hang out and get work over here. That's it's the student concierges section, so they have deals and all types of baseball games, plays and things like that. So yeah, that's d'angelo Center or DEC, as we Everyone is tired here and today I am back. They bring a video before I start. I just want to shout out the new quality. Hopefully, guys notice. So I have no lighting a new camera and I have way more motivation and just like new ideas for you too. But I'm just really excited to just kind of like, just get into this New year and just really, like, accomplish what I have in mind that I really want to do this year. And, um, a big part of what I want to do is just expand my YouTube channel to the next level. So right now, like my subscriber count has grown a lot, and I'm very satisfied with that. But I want to take myself to the next level and also give you guys a content that you guys want to see. Sidebar. I am a little sick. I hope you guys can hear my voice. I don't know what's going on me like I've been sick. I haven't slept for like, two weeks straight. Before we get started, make sure to subscribe. If you're not subscribe, you will definitely see my videos pop up in your subscription box is totally free. So hit the subscribe butt and make sure you thumbs up this video. If you enjoy it, leave Commons on below. Let's interact if you have any, like video request or ideas or anything dropping below. And if you're not following me on Instagram or Snapchat, all of my handles are always in the description box, and I'm gonna find a way to just put that on the screen as well. Last but not least, turn on the notifications if you don't have them on. Because YouTube has a way of not notifying people when you upload, it's really weird. Title the notifications. If you don't have them on, do it right now before you forget. So now we can jump into the video. So today we're here to talk about my experience at St John's. A lot of you guys have been watching me since I was a freshman life incoming freshmen like summertime freshman, and I just feel like I have just changed and I've grown a lot as a person. I also just feel like a lot of things that I talked about. They just feel like don't apply anymore, or I just don't think it's just something that I just want to like share about my current experience in school. Also know it's getting ready to be like admission season. So this it's a lot going on in terms of college. And if you're considering St John's, this is the perfect medium for you because I'm going to give you guys like my experience. I'm not affiliated with the school in terms of my social media or YouTube. So everything I'm saying is 100% my experience, Ah, 100% how I feel and what I feel like you guys should know. If you don't agree, you don't have to. If you feel a way, you don't have to watch. But this is simply like I said, my experience. Let's get comfortable. So let me first tell you guys a little bit about my major and just like little dumb stuff about me. So I'm a junior here. St John's. I'm a marketing major. I'm currently the vice president of the Entrepreneurs Society on campus. I'm a part of the Public Relations Committee for Student Government, which is called SG Eye on Campus on Guy. Also just take part in different clubs or just attend a lot of different events that go on on campus as well. So I consider myself very involved on campus, which allows me to kind of, like build my experience a lot more and kind of get more to death about just things that I noticed or things that I feel like have helped me or hurt me And just basically, everything I've been through is what I'm gonna share with you guys. I just wanted to start off by just giving you guys a background of like what I study and what I'm involved in. Just so you guys can, like, kind of have a better understanding like who I am and like what I expect out of college. And also I'm in the Tobin in school of business. I'm pretty sure it's kind of obvious doesn't marketing major, but just for anyone who is a little confused. So I came to St John's in 2016 and I feel like when I first came to school, I was just expecting something I think totally different and in terms of like social experiences like going out and stuff, I think I've had an amazing time I feel like the social life on campus is really, really good, and that's something I feel like. I've always said in my videos, If I haven't I've always told you guys, if you guys hit me up on social media and like, talk to me about school, I always tell you guys like, Listen, the social life on campus is really, really great. I like there's always events going on. There's just always something to do with your type of person where you're kind of shy or you're just looking to kind of break out of your comfort zone. This is 100% the school for you. I'm not gonna lie because literally, like I was blessed enough to have amazing suitemates who later became some of my closest friends. Like real life, I've been with the same people for the past three years, so we've all become really, really close, and I just feel like they definitely helped me break out of certain habits that I've had like social wise and I'm a very social person. I'm I consider myself a social butterfly. I like. I like to go out. I love to mingle, but I do have a very shy side and like I'm a type of person where I'll sit in my room all day long. Like if I don't have class or something to do, I'll sit in my room all day and I'm kind of just like be to myself and like, it's a good thing to be able to hang out with yourself and just like reflects. But it's also a backing when you're kind of alienating yourself from everything else going on. So I really am glad that I met people who like, brought me out and like more so motivated me to be like, Hey, you know what? Like let's go to campus like there's something going longer, like Let's go on the strip or let's go to Dr in Common our, like there's an event going on. They're giving away free shit like that type of stuff. Ah, 100% like helped me break out of a lot of my like zones that I had for myself and like that's something I really, really, really. Phyllis, though, has helped me not only within my college experience, but it's helped me with in life because now I feel like I'm more sociable. I feel like when I go out, I can talk to people a lot easier. I feel like I can't have an idea of how to, like, communicate with different types of people because I allowed myself to get out of my comfort zone. Um, in terms of party wise. Um, so here's the thing with St John's. There's gonna be kind of a divide in terms of partying with the people who like to go to house parties or Greek life parties. Those parties are typically like house parties and stuff on. And then there's other group of people who like to go out more like surrounding clubs or lounges or restaurants to go party. And I'm that person. I am not much of a House party person. Personally, I find them to be really hot, really, really, really packed. Which gives me a lot of anxiety because I always just think the worst and like, I'll go to them here and there and like my friends, no, like I'm not into it. But you can definitely cashing out like a khokha lounge or like like any type of club. I'm there like I got my hookah. I'm happy, like life is great. So that's kind of a look. If you want to go to a school where everyone's always at the same party because there are schools like that, like bigger universities like state schools or something like that, I find that, like everyone goes to the same parties, you know what I mean? Like, it's sort of like packed out. This school is way more divided, like on a weekend, half of the campus is gonna be doing something else. And then the other half cape was gonna be doing something else kind of thing, like it really just depends on certain groups of people like what they're into. Now let's talk a little bit about, um, education, academics aspect of the school. So I'm gonna let you guys, I have had very good professors, and I have that had very bad professors. I personally feel like I've had more bad professors than I've had more of the good professors. I feel like now that I'm getting warnings to my major. The business school has amazing professors, and every time I've gotten like a professor from my major courses, they've always been really good always have had, like, on head experience in the marketing field or in management were in finance or accounting. They had that experience. So now they're kind of teaching you from more of like a You know, I did this. So let me show you, like, what you really need in the real world. And I love that. But I find that, like you're required classes like your core classes, such as theology, philosophy discovered, New York or whatever. I find that the professors are just not up to par for my personal learning preference. I don't really learn well in an environment like where the teachers were straight talking or just straight teaching and not interacting and not asking you questions or not allowing you to formulate your own understanding of the material. I cannot learn like that. So I definitely struggled, and I've definitely had semesters where I've done really bad. I've had semesters would have done like, amazing. And I feel like that's that's all. College is. You're gonna have some good. You're gonna have some bad. You're gonna have some s. You might have a d. Okay. Not some s, maybe one ever so or d or C or whatever. Some people come into school and they, like, excel for point every semester. And a lot of us don't and like, that's okay. And that's something I also had to teach myself. As I've gotten older, being in college is that you're gonna have some good days. You're gonna have some badges, and sometimes it's not necessarily like academics. That's hard. Why you're not doing good. Sometimes it could literally be something going on in your personal life. It could be your family issues, especially living on campus. It's hard to stay connected with family, you know, like in terms of talking on the phone, that's fine. But like it's just a lot different than you know, like being at home and like being around your family every day and like knowing what's going on and being until what's going on in the family. Once you're away from home, it's kind of hard, you know, Sometimes your parents may not tell you everything because they don't want to distract you, so you're not actually gonna work would have anxiety. You know, there might be times where maybe something in your love life is not going well and now it's affecting your schoolwork. Now you don't want to get up and go to class. Now you're depressed. People have mental health issues. They're just literally, so much can. Happy that something. I feel like a lot of people don't explain to incoming students. And I think that's why a lot of students really struggle. And you guys know I always want to keep it 100 with you guys. If you guys watch my channel from day one to now, you guys know I always just I'm a very honest person. I don't sugar coat. I'm very blood. Some people say I'm an asshole. It is what it is. But truthfully, that's the problem with a lot of YouTubers who come on here and talk about college. They want to, like, make it into some fairy tale and, like, act like it's gonna be like the movies and reality. It's really not. It's not at all. College is simply what you make it. You can have a great time. You have a bad time. You may have go to school and realize like this is not the school for me. Transfer out, Not even lost friends now you're in an unfamiliar location. Now you have to make new friends. And like stuff like that happens, it's not all. Oh, every day I wake up, I go to class. I study, I come home, I'm taking that now. There's gonna be days at your laundry's piled up. There's gonna be days that you're fucking room is a mess. Doesn't every days that you're crying because your boyfriend broke up with you or he did something to you. There's gonna be days that someone in your family might be injured or ill or something's going on. You may realize, you know, as you're in school, you develop a mental health issue. Now you have to go to counseling. Now you need to go to therapy. Things that you never thought could happen can happen in school. And I just feel like people are not given that reality check before they come into school. They're just told, you know, it's gonna be fun, you know, it's what you make people laugh. And yes, it is what you make it 100%. But a lot of times kids are so hard on themselves thinking that oh, I need to get a four point where all I need to do this and get involved in this. But it's like sometimes you may need a semester where you're just focused on your schoolwork. No partying, no involvement on campus. Let me just focus. You know, sometimes you need that. And like sometimes people have to work to pay their tuition, there's just so much that can happen. And I'm only saying on that not to scare you guys, but simply to make you guys just wake up and smell the coffee and just be real with yourself. You gotta know yourself like you got to know, like, Okay, am I gonna be able to handle that? You know what I mean? And if I'm not able to handle that, am I willing to learn how to handle that? Stuff like that is what makes or breaks you as an adult and even in college, you're gonna find a lot out about yourself. You're gonna be going through experiences that you've never thought you would ever seen your life or even meet people you never thought should ever be around or even had to cut people off. I'm gonna do a video on that, by the way, but you're gonna meet so many different people, you're gonna be in so many new environments that it's almost gonna be a hard for you not to grow as a person. And like I said, I don't want to scare you guys because going into schools already kind of scary. But I just want to make sure you guys coming to school and don't think that this is Drumline or don't think that this is fucking I don't know, stop the yard like school is not a movie. It's not like that. How much of school? Open minded, you know, I would just say my experience at St John so far has been very, very, very good. I feel like I've had some backs of Esther's. I've had some little issues here and there. When it comes to communicating with some of the administration respect, I've had issues, you know, with certain professors. Maybe they're teaching style wasn't working with my learning style, and it's difficult, but I feel like I've grown so much as a person, and I would never, like, change anything like I would never say, Oh, I wish I went to another school. I love my school. I love every single person. I've become friends with the year. Everything I've experienced here has truly made me into the person that I am today and I do not regret it. So I just want to say good luck to everyone who's looking into Appliance of St John's. I hope you guys get in. Please let me know if you do Please hit me up. Ask me anything you want. I know a lot of you guys when you guys get in, you gotta share share it with me. But I'm so proud of everyone who has gotten in This is an amazing school. But just keep in mind at every grade school there is gonna be a few things that's not up to par. And I do feel like there are a lot of things at the school that could be worked on. So thank you so much for watching. Don't forget to subscribe. Like turn on your notifications and follow me. Also, if you guys have never checked out my cold in line, please do. It is called tease clothing line and you guys can check up Web site. We have an Instagram Police support. Please check it out. Like purchase some stuff. Everything's 23 days shipping. Everything is true. The size, all of the leg product quality and information about the fabric is always on the website. So you can kind of have an idea of, like, what would fit you What will look good on you. And I'm just all about you know, customer satisfaction. So let me know what you guys think. Check everything out. I don't see you guys in my Oh, guys. Guys, we're back here with another interview with Were in the r A office. That's our Lexi. Right throughout. Here are the office. We're on Judy and I got another interview. What's your name, my man? Introduce yourself and tell me why you came to say John University. My name is Christine Carrier Snap. You speak up a little bit just to be safe. My name is Kirsty Carrier. All right. I work in the same journals. I came to St John's because I came from a pretty modest in this high school down. I came here mostly because of the diversity because I heard things about you and you. Scholarship didn't hurt. Two fairing out. Can you do me a favor? It described the student body here in St John's. Kind of didn't your first answer. You just go into deeper. It's student body's pretty diverse. You know, your currency, people of different religions, sprint races, different ideologies. I mean, awesome. Pretty pretty. The school will come to your shop experience of people's cultures and of the kinds of people I'm free s. So what's your major? And he described the academic climate here in St John's well done, major French and government and politics, and I mind African studies. As for the, it was the academic climbing on them. Climate that's right might find that St John's students tend to take this seriously. Let's be very interested this stunning that's assuming in life Johnson's me work for pretty hard. You know, it's about themselves. Mentally time. Two more questions. One. What's your favorite part of St John's and why? My favorite. Just We got over here way. Got our resident minister die. His favorite part. You know, he's too shy to say, but it's OK. Good job. That's Doctor, as long you're seeing is our resident minutes minister here their whole well, or you saying, uh, my friend Chrissie Joneses. I guess it's just it's just like the different kind of cultures here. This is so many kinds of people ones. It's very it's very diverse. That's really that's really right, you know. I mean, I've met some great people here. May have been very good man and last question. What's your least? Their parts they John, and it's nothing in general. I don't like you. From that, I came here. Yeah, from missing some amazing people. People were hopeful Remain in touch with even after I leave. So it's really nothing. All right, I'LL take it. Thanks so much. everyone is tied here and today I am back on my channel with a brand new video. If you have been enjoying the very consistent, um, upload, I guess you could say please give us a big thumbs up if you found any one of my videos helpful or entertaining. Or maybe you're interested in, like, a certain type of video. Just let me know in the description box or just sums up this video so I know what you guys want to see on what you don't want to see. So today on my channel, I'm going to be doing another Coliseum video. So I'm gonna be talking a little bit about what it's like to be a business major with the discipline and marketing. I know a lot of my viewers are interested in college videos or going to St John, So I wanted to kind of just discuss what my experience has been like. I'm going to tell you guys, you know what classes I've taken just the whole nine about my major. If you're familiar with my channel, I'm currently a junior, so I'm officially in My marketing class is I'm being exposed to like applying for internships, learning what they want, Lenny, what they don't want this is honestly, like my prime of my major, Which is kind of what inspired me to make the video, because I kind of feel like you guys would be interested in this. So I'm gonna be specifically discussing what classes I take at my school, which is St John. So if you are interested in St John's, this will be very helpful for you. I'm pretty sure the major classes for marketing majors will not be much different, just depending on with school Eagle, too. You know, there could be different names, of course, different options of marketing classes or just very fine little changes. But for the most part, I'm going to just kind of, like get into my experience as a marketing major and just some tips advice, some guidance. So that's pretty much what does it is gonna be about? We're gonna go ahead and jump right into the video right now. First parties, you know, we're gonna be kind of disgusting. The classes I've taken courses I've taken and I guess kind of like an overall just evaluation of all my classes. So here is a quick list of the classes that I've taken. I've taken finance the basic marketing like core class I take in management, basic management, accounting, basic accounting, consumer behavior, which is a form of a marketing class. Consumer analytics, another marketing class. Race management and insurance, business law, business writing, economic business statistics, calculus, pre couch and college algebra. So those were the like core classes that I'm taking this semester. I'm also taking moral theology of the marketplace, which kind of just discuss is just different, like ethical things that go on in the in the business world. So I guess that is a business class, but it is a part of our schools, like core requirements. So a lot of guys might not have to ever take something like that. And maybe if you go to another school, that's kind of like my, which is a Catholic school. You might have to take require theology classes, and that may be an option for business majors. With that layer of classes that I just much Mendel was kind of a lot. I kind of feel is, though, that it kind of helped tow like make me very well rounded. So I do have a basic idea of accounting. I feel like I can kind of grow on what I know based on, you know, whatever job I do decide to take or different interest of something. And it kind of was really helpful that my school require that you take accounting, no matter if you are in accounting. Major or not, I'm not sure every single school does that, But I'm pretty sure a lot of business schools do do that because it is important, actually great that I did that because this past summer I had an internship that I was actually responsible for doing payroll and accounting for the job I was working for. And so that was really helpful because I kind of had an idea of how to understand. You know, the layout of, like, the sheets or just had a work Certain things in Excel, how to calculate certain things I knew because of accounting. Right now, my current job, I'm actually working on accounting as we speak. So I'm working on income statements, you know, private law stuff. So a lot of stuff that I learned in accounting definitely benefited me and I'm glad that I took it. And I'm glad my school required that we take it because no matter what you do, especially with a major like marketing, which I'm gonna get into it a little bit. This major is so broad. And so a lot of times as a marketing major, you may get a job and yeah, you're working on the cool part of marketing, which is, like, you know, digital marketing analytics surveys, you know, designing. That's the fun part of marketing. But however, there's gonna be times that as a marketer you're gonna be expected to know how to do other things. And I believe accounting is actually really important, Especially if you're like me, where I plan to run my own like big business one day. I need to know how to do my own books or just know how to do accounting in general, all of my classes that I took, including the course code. So, for example, finance could be financed 23 10. All that, like specifics, will be in a description box. So if you're interested in going more in depth about the classes, you guys Congemi message me e mail me, I don't care. I will answer every single question. So not moving on into kind of like what it means to be a marketing major and why I chose that major so personally for me. I was kind of between administration, management and marketing. I kind of struggled with those three tipping and both sides for a while, and I changed my major about. I think at this point I changed my major either to work three times, and I'm finally solidified as a marketing major. But, um, I will say that for me, marketing is more than just, you know, designing a post that we're taking a survey, which a lot of people think is just like the Corps. Basic marketing and a lot of us do marketing every day and don't necessarily go to school. For example, promoting a party on Instagram that is marketing if you work for a job where you have to sell a product that is marketing if you're going outside and you're taking surveys because I don't know if you guys ever been the mall. But sometimes people in the mall will, like, come up to ask you Hey, do you mind taking a survey that's marketing. So a lot of people who don't understand what really goes into marketing, and that's what kind of drawing my interest to it. And right now, like kind of on the fence. I do want to like, kind of I at first wanted to minor in finance because I felt like finances a very fundamental and important part of business. However, right now, I'm kind of leaning towards adding a minor and management instead because I feel as though I still have an interest in managing. I still have the interest in taking an administrative position, especially because I plan to run my own business one day and I want to be able to have the qualifications that's meet it and to just take certain classes to just brought in my knowledge what interested me mainly in marketing, which made me kind of want to do it at my major. It's simply because I just always had an interest in working on what someone wanted, what the customer wanted, what I wanted in a product, and that's what really drawn my interest. At first I was very like, you know, I went on my own business, and I wasn't really sure like what that meant to me. But I decided that it was important for me to have a specialty in one thing because they allowed me to still have specialty and something but still be able to do everything if you don't, I mean, and I felt like marketing was perfect for me. Marketing is one of the fastest growing majors at this moment, amongst other ones as well. But marketing, especially at my school, is very popular because it's it's constantly changing, constantly growing, and people are also starting to realize marketing is actually really cool like you could do, um, more of the visual part of marketing you can now, especially with this day and age. You could do a lot of digital marketing. You could do a lot of social media stuff. This is crazy, and not when I've kind of learned Since I've been taking my consumer analytics class, I've kind of been learning that I'm interested more in the analytics part of marketing, which is more statistical work, a lot of like computer work out because I've never heard of. I believe it's called P. S P P allows you to formulate, calculate and just review a lot of statistical data about consumers. What people want, what people are doing. It could be something as simple as how many times someone a locked their phone and do they check, you know, instagram first? Or do they check going apple music first so that you can kind of formulate? Okay, well, I'm gonna run my ad on instagram because on Instagram, I know a lot of people are more engaged. I know a lot of people click instagram before they go on Pandora. So why would I put him out on Pandora? It's all types of crazy stuff like that. And that's what kind of, like really took my interest. I really didn't like statistics At first I felt like it was very challenging for me. I made it through and now my modern statistics to which is also known as Business Analytics. So I'm in the second round of statistics and I do find it is getting a little bit easier. You know, you do a lot of things by hand, and so naturally it's gonna be a little more challenging. However, I feel like with using the programs I'm learning, which is like P s P P is what I use in class that honestly have made me a little more interested because I feel like a lot of the work is done by the computer. It's just a matter of inputting the data correctly and reviewing the data correctly. And if you could do that, you can already increase the starting salary. When you come out of college so much higher because you have that special team it in my analytics class, we kind of went around the room and just kind of discussed a little bit. Why? We chose the class. And a lot of students actually mentioned that they went to jobs, went on interviews, had an amazing interview, had all the qualifications, but they weren't familiar with how to do business analytics. And they didn't know how to use P S, P, P or those other forms of it, which is like SP s s, I believe. Guys, I'm sorry. I hope I'm not saying it wrong, I hope. But you guys get the white so they didn't know how to do business analytics and that actually cause them to not get the job so that kind of made me realize how important it is and how fast growing the marketing industry is there now require you have a lot more specifications and abilities because so many people are marketing majors and a lot more girls into it. So the economy, the brains of the marketer. So you gotta know how to do statistics. You gotta know how to do analytics in general and understand the data that you work out. You're not going to get into a little bit more of like my advice to anyone interested in marketing. What I'll say to you is, do your research. I've always been interested in marketing, like I mentioned, because I do want to primarily focus my career in the entertainment cosmetic, which is the beauty industry or fashion industry three industries that I'm most interested in. However, I'm very open, especially coming out of college, to try any type of industry just to come and get experience and gain knowledge before I do decide to actually work in the field. 100% want to be in, I hope, out of school. I get exactly what I want, but I'm open like I said, However, I've had a lot of research. I learned a lot about what beauty marketing is. What, um, fashion marketing is what the entertainment industry requires for marketers of what you're expected to do, how you're expected to do it, what you need to know. I researched everything, and I definitely met with my advisor, both in high school, when I was in high school and in college. Bolt about my major. I talked to my dean all the time about you know what opportunities are available. You know how my major is going to do in the real world, because we have to keep that in mind as well. So my biggest tip is to do your research. Make sure this is something you want to do. Don't just pick marketing because it sounds cool. And you think it's all digital and social media because it's not. It's a lot of stuff that you actually need to know, like how the price of a high price of products, what market to cater to dedicated to these people everything. How to promote your product was just a lot of stuff, and my first year that I took a marketing class I kind of was like This is so much like definition like fundamental stuff. I want to get really creative and I want to start doing stuff that really just kind of get me going and not a junior, and I'm taking like my actual major courses like higher level marketing classes is actually becoming very interesting to me. And I'm glad that I made this choice because I personally don't see myself doing anything else. And I like that. My major is kind of specific because sometimes having a too broad of a major can be hard to find a job because it kind of seems like your a jack of all trades. But a master of none. Also try to meet up with different marketing majors on campus and kind of talk about their experience as well. And then I would say, Just take your time. And like your 1st 2 years of college, you can you know me to be declared. I would say, probably by your and of your fall semester, early spring semester of your sophomore year. You might want to start getting closer to declaring her major just because a lot of your courses are going to be geared towards what you want to do. So I know me. I didn't solidify my major until I believe freshman year, spring semester. I hadn't made it what I wanted to do. So when I went into sophomore year, I automatically just started off with my business classes, and I was just, like, set on. Then Junior year, which was junior year. Fall 28 team. I started my marketing classes, so just try to, like, decide when you feel like your school kind of pushes that you need to know what you want to do because they need to create your schedule. So take your time but also don't like, take too much time and then end up having to take summer classes or winter classes or graduate late because you also don't want to do that. But if you need to do that to figure out what you want to do, then by all means take your time because college is not a race. I've seen a lot of people that people kind of called super seniors, and they're still here, but they're working towards the same goal, and there's no rush in school because as long as you get your degree, that's all that matters, right? And the last part of me that I'm gonna kind of talk about, you know, different ways to spruce yourself up game knowledge and you're in the marketing feel what you know, resource is to take advantage of as a marketing major. And then we'll pretty much we done. I feel like I that's a lot First, I'm going to talk about what extracurriculars I feel is important to be involved in as a marketing major. So me, personally, I am the vice president of Entrepreneurs Society. I am in the Public Relations Committee for Student Government, and I'm also ah, part of the marketing club on campus. Before he became the vice president for the Entrepreneur Society, I actually was the social media person, and that allowed me to kind of work on my public relations skills in terms of promotion and also just like media in general. So I was making flyers I was promoting. I was, you know, engaging with different followers and doing stuff like that, and that kind of allowed me to get a little bit more experience but still having that under resume and still, you know, at least being involved when you can, because it can be really hard to let go to class, go to clubs, do this, do that. You kind of have to bounce your time and also decide. You know what is important to you? What do you feel like you need to do and can you do it? You know, you need to be honest with yourself. However, I just highly recommend that if you are a marketing major or any major, you need to show that your participation on campus focuses a lot with what you want to do. Because in different ways, like I said, you can learn so many different things that you're gonna need in your career simply from doing a club at school. You gain networking connections, you gain, you could get internship. You just have so many abilities. Once you start getting involved, you want to start marketing yourself for future jobs. So you want to get involved with websites like handshake indeed linked, and you want to take advantage of your career. Service is on your campus that you have one you wanna also Word of mouth started making connections you like. If you know anyone who graduated that has a job at a place that you would like to work at, hit them up like sending your resume, like make a meeting with, um, set up some sort of appointment like a phone interview. Just talk to them and, like, See if you can really put yourself out there because jobs want to see that you applied yourself and I personally have always had an internship every single summer. So my freshman year, summer all the way till this summer, I'm most likely gonna have an internship as well. Because, truthfully, I've marketed myself to start connections I've made since since high school family connections. Anything I could to get my experience in business or marketing in general. I took it and I read with Learn how to talk to people. Me personally. I sit in front of this camera and I talked and talking for me is very easy, but it's not like that for everyone. So you know that you struggle with that, trying to make, you know, timeto meet with someone who may be older than you, and kind of like a mock interview because it will really help you. A lot of times people don't get jobs because they simply do not know how to communicate with the interviewer. They're not keeping eye contact or not selling themselves properly. They're not talking. And when I say song yourself, I'm talking about in terms of listing the things you've done telling that person why you're great for the job. That's what I mean, nothing else for all your nasty little people out there. And I would say if you have all of those things together, you follow everything I said the video you take the time of your research watch videos and also something I just learned. So I'm gonna share with you guys. There's actually like off course you can do online. It's called Marketing Edge, and it's actually really great. Supposedly, when you do it, you're basically going in debt on like business analytics, and you're going in depth a lot about different things. You need to know the mercury that you might not be taught in school. See him? I want to do that. I don't know what the website is, but I would just say Google it because I'm actually gonna go ahead and take the course. It's like a six hour course, and I think it's important because what to do it? You can actually list that under your qualifications when you do the resume that you are marketing edge certified. I think this one's for watching guys. I really and truly hope I helped you. All I hope is veal wasn't boring or too long. But if you were able to stay through till the end, I generally hope you got a lot out of it. And if you did, don't forget. So, like this video subscribe to my channel for way more videos. I'm kind of right now between lifestyle blogging and also like themed sit down videos, because I actually do enjoy talking or forget to follow me on my social media platforms. And if you don't know, I do have a clothing line. So if you're able to check it out and you'd like to make a purchase, all of my stuff shift within 2 to 3 business days, and everything is like pretty much affordable and cute. So check it out. It's tea's cold in line dot com, and I'm coming out with some new stuff very soon, so just stay, too, and thanks for watching Bye everyone is Tyler Simone here? So today on my channel, I wanted to do a video all about St John's because I was so man when I realized that no one does videos about St John's, like where the same John YouTubers at? Because I know I'm right here. So I guess I got a pull up real quick. Oh, for me, for Saint John should not be difficult. I didn't mind through common at common. App was really easy because all my information was already saved on it. So I just sent that over to St John's and I applied for early action to which the deadline is November 15th. I believe, Well, that's that's what it was for us. I don't know. It might be different now if you're wondering, I'm gonna put all of St John's quick stats wishes like acceptance rate. Average GP average s a T Down belong description box. You guys could just take a look at that because I don't want to waste time talking about the boring stuff. I wouldn't get into the fun stuff that St John's has to offer, So I chose St John's because it made me feel comfortable when I went there, you know, the campus environment was very welcoming. I loved everything that St John's had to offer for me and for the career that I'm looking to dio, if you're wondering, I'm currently undecided, but I do know what I want. D'oh! I'm gonna be his perspective business to me next semester. So I'm excited for that. And if you're wondering, I'm in the College of Professional Studies and basically St John's has a great pharmacy program. That's what they're really well known for because they actually have some sort of connection with the pharmacy. So when you actually graduate, you get yourself a job like right away, and you have great internship opportunities as well. If you're interested in the business school, you can't go to business school in any better place but New York City. So if you are looking to be a business major, you cannot go wrong with going to St John's because it's right in your city. You're gonna get a good internship opportunities here in York City. So you're going to have that five. No, I mean where you can take the train on Wall Street and see what it feels like to be in the business world. I'm personally from New York, so it's kind of like a home away from home for me. I'm not close to St John's, but I do live in a your ex. I am in state right now. If you're wondering if I'm receiving scholarships, I am receiving half tuition, which is 19,000. If you live in New York, I was F take advantage of going to St John's because not only do you get that away for school type feeling, but you also get more money like guys. If you qualify for tap fast little anymore. There's no reason why you shouldn't be going to school in New York and get more money for staying like you could still be hours away and still get tapped. It's great, so I would definitely say St John's is a good choice for me or for any New York student because you get more money. Duh. I was safer interested in going to St John's. I would take, you know, extra quickly is very seriously. I would take, you know, be very up front in your resume. Basically, you being like boat. This is what I've done. I think that was a reason of one of the reasons why I got into St John's. Other than academic wise, I would say it was definitely my resume and extracurricular activities. One thing that's important, though, for St John's, because the St John's mission includes, you know, giving back. And I think a big thing that they really installed in us at orientation was that, you know, we have to give back. So they have, like, days of service and stuff. So if you do a lot of community service, that looks really good for Saint John. So I would definitely recommend, you know, participating in a lot of community service activities. If you have a really, really topic in your life that you can run a lot about, that's what I would go for for my essay. I wouldn't go for something that sounds cliche. I would go for something that's real to me because someone in admissions will read your essay and someone will be able to sympathize with you, and they'll be like, You know what? This student is gonna do great here, like I feel them. You want to make sure that Whatever you write about, your essay is gonna show you are as a person. So don't write something that someone else wrote. Or don't take someone else's idea or make something up right? Well, some yes, real to you, even though if it might not sound serious to you like it could really touched the one also for St John's. I would definitely say your essay is also a big deal, and that's for any school as well. So if you're worried about paying for St John's, if you are interested in going, I would say still apply because although tuition is extremely expensive, it's 38,000 and room and board included with tuition is 57,000. St. John's offers a lot of loan opportunities and a lot of grids, and they give you scholarship money, so don't worry about it. But I definitely recommend, you know, applying to a lot of outside scholarships. I would apply in tow like 100 honestly write essays till your hands fall off, because I applied to 18 scholarships and I didn't get one. All they got was a scholarship from Saint Jobs, which was a blessing, but I could have got so much money, if I would have wrote more essay, so definitely do as many scholarship opportunities as you can because you won't regret one thing that I really loved about St John's I think is like why I chose a job. They have so many cool things that other schools don't give you, which is like they make studying abroad so easy for their students. Like If you don't know St John's has campuses in Europe, I'm going to put them here, so I don't sound stupid because I don't remember all of them. But they have, Kevin says overseas that your credits were actually transferred to. And you can still get the same education as someone here in America's Don't worry about your credit's not transferring. And you could still get like, a way better experience overseas and travel while you're still in school. So it's honestly amazing. So that's one thing I liked about it. Also, I love how they offered a shadow day. I personally didn't get the opportunity to do it because of things that I have to do here at home. But you know, Shadow Day was, I heard so fun. My roommates did it and they loved it. And that's how they decided to go to St John. So definitely take advantage of all the opportunity St John's offers, like they literally give you so many opportunities. And if you don't take advantage of them, you stupid, because you could save a lot of money doing all this in college. And then when you graduate, you already have so much experience and so many different things that people who haven't studied abroad would never understand. You know, Naomi, and so definitely take advantage of the opportunity going into my freshman year. And I'm definitely gonna get involved, because one thing like I said, they installing you at orientation is getting involved being, you know, the best. You networking for yourself and also making yourself a brand that creating a brand for yourself like you in college are independent. You have to focus on what you need to do. They, like, really tell you like you have to come here to build your future, so you have to be here and make sure that whatever you're doing here is better yourself in your career and your life for your future. So that's one thing. I definitely loved a lot of us jobs. I don't want to keep saying that. Everything I say John's perfect, But I do want to just, like, talk about some things that I really wasn't feeling a lot with St John's. One thing was definitely the campus size. Now, campus eyes is really big, But I didn't like the hills and every like the hills, and walking was crazy, like students who go there told us like, Listen, don't worry about freshman 15 because you won't get it here. You do so much. Walking just against the dorms is so much walking. It's honestly so sad. I don't understand. I'm just lazy like we were sweating at orientation like busting calories men. If you don't like big campuses, then I don't think St Giles would be good for you. I don't want to, like, discourage you. Maybe you might love it, but if you're one of those people who, you know, I'm just not comfortable in the big campus, I would definitely go for a smaller school. Now I want to talk a little bit more about orientation and the different things we had to do at orientation, so orientation for me was July 6th of July 7. So it was just last week for me, and I loved it. But I do want to let you know that they're gonna be a lot of parts of orientation, that you're gonna be fall asleep like it's honestly so boring because of all the seminars and sessions that you have to do and, you know, fire safety. And, like, why St John's makes you take liberal arts courses? You know, what course would you have to take? You know how St John has built the history of the museum? It's like, so tiring. Maybe Was just so boring because we were so tired at such a long day was like 100 degrees. We're walking. It was very, very tired, so I'm not gonna lie to you like it was really boring. But then it's like the little breaks that you get in between makes it fun, and your orientation leaders are honestly going to make it a good experience for you. I was an orientation grew 21. We were whoever you have fewer intentionally there is gonna be fun. They're gonna help you, like and yourself up and Also, when you go to, like, eat for lunch and dinner like you're goingto have that break for, like, an hour or so, and you're gonna be able to, like, loosen up and you're not going to be shot. Like at first I was kind of really reserved and shy because I didn't know anyone. But after a while, you just like, warm yourself up and it's really fine. You start often to people who started meeting people like me and one of my suitemates, honestly, like bonded so much it felt like we knew each other for long that first you're going to be shy. But then you're gonna loosen up. That's all I want to say regarding orientation, because I don't want to give away all the fun stuff you d'oh! But you're gonna love it. And I really love St John's, and I honestly haven't even started class yet. I really hope that this helps if you wanted to know a little bit of stuff about St John's or what the campus life it's like I'm gonna be having you guys follow me through my whole college experience with different cause, blocks and constant videos and Dorn tours and meet my roommate tags and stuff like that. So you guys will definitely get the feel of St John's. But thanks for watching guys. Good luck with the cause process, because you're gonna need it. Don't forget two tons of this video subscribe for all my notifications whenever I post a video and found We're no magic way, everyone. And welcome back to my channel today is video number two for the sophomore Siri's video. And I'm going to be showing you guys my dorm tour. So welcome to my room. And let's get right into the store with one of I think the most amazing parts of this room, which is the big ass window self. So basically, this window is actually on my side of the room. I think, God, cause I freaking love it, but right here on the window, So I just have some roses that I just got hand sanitizer tissue, some photo frames, obviously, and some air freshener. I just have a small little post it which just keeps my monthly expenses on there That way, I just always keep track of just pretty much how much money I'm spending, how much I need to save and stuff like that. So right over to the right of those two sheets on the wall. I just have my every day toiletries, so I just have my coconut oil, my hair products. If I want to use heat styling, I have all of my heat tools, right? They're moving a little bit over types of medicine, obviously lotion and deodorant and stuff like that right over here. As you guys probably remember from last year, I just had my school supplies above that. Just keep two light bulbs and a stapler because those are things that you always need. Colleges hits you with surprises every day. So I just like to be prepared. So I have to have my light bulbs and I have to have a stapler. I bi lo that. I just have pretty much my makeup and my jewelry area kind of in this drawing, I just keep all of my jewelry, But right here, this drawing, I just keep the stuff that kind of like stationery items like a lightbulb, command strips, you know, extra phone case and stuff like that, right? I just keep all of my sunglasses, Um, and then right over here, I keep all of my makeup. Right now, I'm kind of in the transitioning phase off, like, kind of getting rid of old makeup and kind of trying to just, like, step up my makeup game stuff of my collection. So please don't mind how messy it is, and it's just like, so disgusting. Right now, I have to clean my brushes. I have to get new makeup. So please excuse that. But I still wanted to get this video up for you guys. When you go down a little bit more, I just have these three draws on the side, and they're not gonna go in depth, But pretty much I just keep spare, like, body wash. This stuff like that just have, like, makeup lifes and, like, baby wives. And so, um, garbage bags and just the extra makeup bag. And also, like, some flags because I go to a lot of parties. So sometimes they're themed parties. I like to just keep my cultural flags and stuff like that over here. Obviously. Just have my laundry basket. As you guys remember, from my dorm hall over here, I just have be fooling here, which is such a necessity because I love to just look at my outfit before I leave. Obviously, I'm a bug. The hooks right here. I just have this painting just as count your rambles, Not your thunderstorms. And beneath that, just have some shower caps and towels right on the floor. I just keep a extra stepping stole some extra, like WalMart bags underneath that we just keep our mini fridge, which comes in clutch because we can start our snacks on top, but also just still have easy access to things that we use, like in middle of night. If we don't feel like leaving my room, we have water, we have milk, we have yogurt. And stuff like that over here is kind of like our little I don't know. It's kind of cute. It looks like a dressing room to me. I don't know why, but we just have another mirror. Extra little vacuum. Also keep a garbage bin. We have a stand for our shower caddies, purses and then just a couple hopes for some of, you know, stuff and then moving along. Over here is my bed, where no magic. It happens right above my bed. I just have these pink string lights from T. J. Maxx. They were like, $12 right next to that, I just have a little tea. I personally didn't paint that moving over. I just have another painting. It says jetsam, and right next to that, I just have a couple photo stripes right beneath it. I have my hunter boots, my daily book bag, and I have a three drawer organizer thing that I keep my clothing in. Moving along to the window sill is where neighbor gonna keep our extra snacks. We have the printer of the paper, the forks and pretty much everything underneath my bed. I kind of just still have the same draws from last year. But last year it only had two draws. Now I have four. So right above those draws, I'll just give you guys a sneak peek. I just keep some sneakers and stuff stored above nine times out of 10. This is exactly the setup of my room. But thank you so much for watching guys. And here's just a short overview of the room before we end this video. If you guys enjoyed it and want more videos, please give this a big thumbs up. If you guys haven't seen last year's doing tour, go check it out. So I'll talk to you guys later. Thanks for watching. I cannot leave. My house is without down. Missed a lot of pieces Fry everything up for you right there. But today, you see, you could make your own. Maria. Nice. Over here. You got quite the crowd. Look. Well, stuff a salad bar. Very nice. This was the grill station that mark is talking about. You get a turkey burger, something that nation get cheese on. It's grilled chicken things that amen. All right, guys, I hope you can hear me. We're here. Maryland cafeteria. More food options. That's South place oppressions. We got Burger King over in the corner There. We got subways as we make our way. This way. You got a little printer right there. Mobile printer station. We got an Italian place, gets a pasta pizza. We've got a Mexican place. You want a burrito? And over here, we have a Greek place. You could get some chat, Ziggy. A gyro. Good stuff, man. Merrill Act man. Good place. I'll show you the class rooms upstairs. All right, guys, we out here in another interview. We are here in Maryland Cafeteria. I'll show you guys the food we've got here, but over here, introduce yourself Warming my man. How's it going, man? My name is Kendal Pierre from Lafayette, Louisiana. And, you know, I chose danger just to get away from home. I was tired of seeing the same people every day of my life, and I just wanted to do something new. Why not come in New York City, this city a date. Are you described the student body? One word can really describe the student body at St John's. That's worse. There's a lot of different cultures and ethnicities all around campus. And I love meeting people think all over this great experience, you know, learning about what they like from what I like differences. And, you know, we have some of the same stuff in common. That's always nice. And, uh, so what's your major? My major is finding cool. Can you do what you described the academic cult? Uh, academic climate? That's a tough question. Probably overall academic climate and Johns. It depends on who you are. You make it what you want to be. If you're slacking, you know, you're not gonna have much fun because you know time doing your work all the time. But if you know, take care of your business, you get the job done. Then you'll have a hell of a time here. I mean, it all depends on what you mean. I'm a man. I'll believe you. All right. Now we're getting juicy stuff. Tell me your favorite part about St John's. And why my favorite part about St John's? Be completely one hundred percent honest with you all the different times female. Completely harmless. I don't get to see all this back home, you know, is either, you know, using light, what was either a blank and they got everything. That's a gift. I appreciate the honesty, man. All right. Now, now, let me hear your least favorite part about St John's. And why these favorite part of St John's? It's cool. You're not using the cool weather down here in the south. What? Yeah, that's that's body. I love school, my man club Cool beans. Alright. Thanks. Candle. Appreciate it. Take it.