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Hey, guys. I'm here with my friend. I owe me. She's gonna be my second interview person here. So introduce yourself, Naomi, and tell us why you came to Albany. I came to Albany because they're very many different opportunities here. I can take advantage of it. The student body is very diverse. There's people from different areas. My major is psychology in the future. I want to be a child psychologist, work with children. Um, the academic climate on campus, that climate, there's many different clothes and many different, and that's going on so you could meet different people and have a lot of different resources to use to your advantage to use for your future. Okay. And what would be your favorite least favorite part about you opening my favorite parts of all money is that everyone comes together, you eventually and I'm talking to everyone. Even that's a big campus. Everyone kind of like comes together, and one of my least favorite things about this camp is it's really hard. Think I have Major. Think about this. All right. Hey, you guys have one of my friends here? Kendra and I'm going to use her is one of my interview subjects. All right, Kinder. Introduce yourself to us and explain why you chose Albany. It's all right, Miss Kendra. Refreshment you Albany and I chose this school because first of all, it was asserting school and I come from a big family, so it was really affordable for me. And it had a lot of opportunities, and it also had my major. So that was definitely the biggest reason Joseph's school. Can you describe the student body here? Nobody. For us, it's really diverse theirs over twenty thousand kids on this campus when you combine undergrads and the grads. So there's a lot of people. It's just a really, really different people. What is your major? And can you describe what you think the academic climate is here? My vater is fine arts and secondary education. I'm planning on double majoring in them so that I can be an art teacher when I leave college. I don't see the academic climate here. You Albany is just really like, open and fun. There's a lot of different things to do and tons and tons of different teachers who all teach in different ways. And there's a lot of internship opportunities and stuff like that. So and what would be your favorite and least favorite part of the campus? My least favorite part of the campus is probably just when it's cold. How about the windows? Because of campus was designed. My favorite part of this campus is probably how many clubs there are joint. For example, the theater club, a telegram which is really fun. And there's tons and tons of other very safe. You can think of a club you open. Probably has it. All right. the guy's S o. Tell him to come to you a little bit about how I met my roommate my freshman year, freshman year I lived on state quality, which is close is quiet to Colin Circle. Um and I lived to the tower Eastman Tower coming in to you all, but I really didn't personally know a lot of people who were accepted. I knew a few people from my high school who got in, but we weren't close personal friends. We had a high and by a type of relationship. And plus, I want to meet new people, and I wanted to broaden my horizons person. So when you get accepted, you get told about this group Facebook Page three year and your incoming here. So for me, it was class of twenty twenty, uh, Facebook page and a lot of people through that would kind of advertise themselves and be like, Hi, my name is this. I like this looking for a roommate for this quad in this facility on. That's how a lot of people would connect and meet talk to each other or things like that. And that's not what people found their roommate. I personally found my roommate freshman year to room service, which is a website that helps students find remains, obviously. But when you get accepted to the university to get a little code, and if you input that code on room service, it filters out on ly people in your university. So you're not getting a match with people who need a roommate from stony broke at you .'il be doesn't work like that. Yeah, and it kind of it kind of works like match dot com where tender But for a roommate, in the sense that you can, you have little bio and a picture and your lives, and they give you a little questionnaire to take about how your living style is like if you prefer to clean every few days, or if you prefer to take out the trash every day or stuff like that, that's hardly kind of see who would be compatible with. And then they give you matches based off for that. My match we met, we talked for, I think, the majority of the summer from the moment we were both accepted and methe rooms and all the way up until we met each and we don't live together now, But we still maintain a friendship. And, yeah, that's all the Hi guys. I'm Robert. I'm here at the university, Albany, Sunni and Open in New York. I'm Robert, obviously from the very top of New York, about an hour from Canada called Star like New York, very small community of around. Maybe five hundred people graduated with, like, fifteen people. So coming to Albany was adjustment, but also not an adjustment. Very great community, very easy to adjust on. DSO. What? My major will be a freshman right now, but when my major will be will be business administration with a specialty in marketing and I won't be able to get into the business school to junior year fun. Fact, because I was not a direct admin, so I did not get in freshman year. I don't know what the requirements are, but they're very, very high, I think, because I had a very good grades in high school, so it's very difficult to be direct admin, and you have to apply early. But otherwise you get in junior year. So I'm taking a lot of prerequisite classes right now. So for business, that's what I will be doing. And I'm excited to be touring. You guys were on campus the next couple of days and I hope you guys are excited. Hello? Yes. Who are you? Yeah. Thank you. Twelve. Hey there, guys. Me coming back from the gym that you can see. Um, it was good. Workout. Liberty is a pretty intimate Jim, as you can tell, Um, so small it work out older, more condensed. However, we do have some cute, Which is which is the biggest Jim we have here? My campus. That's what a lot of RD one athletes like to utilize for their workouts. But just about every living quarter here on campus, with the exception of state Dutch having attach their little don't worry about sand fit here, you Albany. over here, we have the gazebo. You often has come out. Chill out for a nice like Zebo plague in good time. Now we're here. We're loaded up on Indians on Tower Bridge right through there. And I got, like, cool right by all the field. So you get to see little teams are practicing you. Here's a musing on game days and give people talked here. We're coming up on our pond. I'm just over it. You could see liberty Terrorists right through there is entering. We have, like, a little docks for safe. There's one on both sides, so you can just sit down and relax taking the night whether nature and, well, the usual system. Hey, guys, we're now in the U opening university library, A very big place, A very good resource study into all kinds of academic stuff. I'm standing in one of the isles right now. I'm gonna take you on a little tour. A few of the floors on the library split up in different sections. Quiet sections, silent sections, group sections. So you can come here and do work with the group. You can come and talk with your friends and get homework done, or you can come to read a book in a very silent section. Now I'm going to take you and we're going to walk through some of the life. So there is a great resource is from the library is many good resource is meaning. It spots study, it said. The best is the's death. There's each of these go all in on this section of the library. They give you a spot to put your computer and do your work? Well, also being this is the quiet zone. Now that we're on, Come on. Great. The elevator's come this way and it gives you many different spots of library to study. Hey, guys, I'm gonna show you my favorite spot to relax, chill and study on campus. And I will be here in this room. The second floor study room tower one. On this floor, assuming the other towers is same. But this room is my favorite because it's very relaxing. It's quiet. There's not many people. Usually usually it's just me and a few other people sometimes, so it's really nice. It's really nice spot to study. You have quiet time. There's a white Ford. If you need to write off some math problems like I did for Statistics TV so I could plug my computer would watch, watch a game or movie to relax and study on either side of these rooms. There's betting machines, so if you need a snack or drink while you're studying relaxing, that's great. Too good spot around and just get some good work done. And that is why it's my favorite spot on Hey, guys, back here with you again this morning. And now I'm going to give you a tour of the dining hall quickly. So I'm gonna walk out of these doors and give you Cem Cem points here where's things are in the Indian flawed dining home. To the left Here. I'm with station slash Stir fry station. Got breakfast? Is omelets there? Lunch and dinner. They do stir fry to your liking with vegetables. Everything you need here is a sandwich station. They do subtype sandwiches, small sandwiches, all different types of breads on. Obviously, they're seating behind me everywhere. Holmes, over here. This way. Turn in your dishes when you finish eating, help them out from not having the collector dishes. On. Great workers behind me is where most of the food is. That is where you would get your burgers, fries, all those types of things. Come on. Behind me now is where you could get bagels, All those types of things. The great ice cream machines, all these types of different things in the dining hall, so there is many different