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Thinking about St Olaf College and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting St Olaf College in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet St Olaf College’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to St Olaf College, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the St Olaf College experience. These St Olaf College video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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All right, Let's go see Jack. Hey, you. What do you mind if I showed the people of campus Really Your, um All right, so he is. But he used to be about He took it down just for a little rearrange you, Khun c got cool flag decorations on the walls and the nice TV set up. And then his roommate, Carl's got the bedbug. And overall, a pretty nice from Jack. Are these rooms normally triples? Or how's that work for the front of these air triples? But we're j. C. So we have two in a room start. Could you explain what J. C is for us? Jaycee's a junior accounts are basically just in All right, but we only deal with freshmen, so Okay, fun job, freshman specialized are. And these guys help you move in and they make sure your transitional life itself is really nice Simon Bunraku. Cons. It's our main building on campus, and you could see students studying, and we've got two million places to eat that stop haul It gave the calf on downstairs. We got coffee shop called the cage. So this is a cafeteria or the caf for short, and we've got all sorts of lines with breakfast. Food got biscuits, and over here is fruit, yogurt and then different parts of the day. We'll have a grill line of pasta line bullseye on, which is typically I'm some sort of Chinese or Japanese cuisine and then a really rocking salad bar into that, as well as all the bread you could wish for in your life. So the dining hall kind of rocks. So this is the cage, and that's a coffee shop on campus and the favorite spot to grab, you know, cup of coffee, a sandwich, a wrap, something like that. And they've got the best cookies. There are for, like, a dollar and ten cents, and it's amazing. And I love this place. And the life hack would be to get all day coffee for, like, two dollars and forty cents. You get as many refills as you want. So I'm back in Ballarat Commons, and here you can see all the mailboxes. One. The fantastic things about Salem is this community of trust that we've got here. So as you can see, none of them actually have locks. And we always never. I've incidences of students stealing from each other because there's this atmosphere, warm trust to respect for each other. Aw, so you can see we've got loads of campus events going on all the time. All I stuff to do and we've got the study space called Fireside is going to see another big fireplace really cozy spot in winter time. With all these windows, you get a great people watching Some of the studio for campus radio right now. My friends, I got a show going on about till walking and check it out, see how they do it. What we've got. Henry and Jack and Carl. This is Indurain. Burrows is what they call it. We got a nice salt lamp assed attic right there behind Henry. All right, So Henry and Jack, how long have you guys been doing this show? Well, we start at the end of October last year. Okay, so you're coming up for a couple of months. Here are veterans of a store, radio stuff. What made you to have this idea where they do it? Well, I have a deep love and appreciation for music, and that's what I'm passionate about. And I want to share that with other people. And I love Henry. So there you go. So right now, I'm outside Holland Hall, one of my favorite buildings on campus, and it houses a lot of different departments from economics to history. Teo, I think our English department as well, and it's big, beautiful and it just got written. Renovated over the past two years, the inside is one. Let's take a look inside. Everything is pretty fresh and clean. It's you got all these studies spaces, lots and lots and lots of windows. And then off to the side are the professor's offices. So there is the little hallway to go down. Lots of bathrooms on every floor and study rooms. I remember for finals last year. Spent a lot of time in that study room. And on the fifth floor they've got another really cool study area. But I'm gonna take you up to. So it turns out I was lying. Apparently, it's on the same floor. I forgot there. That may floors in this building. Let's go. Technically called the Learning Loft, this place is one of my favorites as well. I got a lot of favorites, like cute spots to study or even just hang out. She'll read charging chords. It's really well set up a natural light from the sky. Perfect. Too many stairs. Something about taking into a close from here. Definitely one of the bigger ones. I'd say this is fifty or sixty kids. They're cross averages, maybe twenty twenty five. Especially as you start getting into your major, you'll have increasingly smaller and smaller clauses. Andi, I think the biggest event had. It was my interests, I cloths. But you've got people from all sorts of majors coming together there. As you can see, beautiful light, really nice desks, a huge white board as well as two different projectors. The whole cost can really see what's going on. So as you can see, we've got a really nice technology system here, and it's really made to facilitate smooth learning thing functions really well. And these classrooms are. Oh, but, um, and I think so. We've come in here before and log in the computer and turn on a movie just lying in Netflix and on Friday or Saturday night, just coming in here with a bunch of friends. Jinai thriller, Nothing better. That's why I'm here with my friend Ian. And he's gonna talk about how he enjoyed his life, too. So where you from? From? Denver. Colorado. Okay. All the way from Colorado. So why did you say that? Well, I think the opportunities that presented and sent off bin better than any score Institutional could've chosen. Just in terms of I am able to perform music. I'm able to spit in athletics, and I'm able to pursue my chemistry major here. So it's everything I love to do. And it's everything I want to do and everything I want out of my college experience. Love it. All right. So how do you sky the student body here? Uh, let's say very quirky. No one person is like No, you, Khun, have a conversation. Any one person, It's never gonna be the same. They're all very nice and incredibly gifted. Smart town to people. No, it's a great student body. Awesome how you describe the academic climate in your class itself. I'm so far has been rigorous. I'd say that as opposed to what I've heard from Possum. Other friends want to see you in everything. I think that we have a little bit more application with what we do in terms of just kind of building values and our crosses and terms of expanding our knowledge beyond just with basic curriculum that you might find elsewhere. But I think it's definitely very rigorous and definitely teaches you a lot about hard work, dedication and everything that you do. Person cannot agree. So coming off that, what's your favorite meal? Least everything about Sam who? My favorite thing, I think, is the diversity of people that come here. We go here and my ability to perform music dearly. I love to do that. I have the opportunity to do elsewhere. At least everything is probably what's inside. Sometimes it does get Teo just in terms of location. Tio. Bye. That's not really a big gets No one, really well. I mean, you can always get out. You're not too far from the cities for doesn't say who don't know san off his Norfield, which has the motto of cows, colleges, contentment. And I think that says a lot about town. But it is only about half an hour away from Minneapolis and the Twin Cities, and there you've got Everything you could want to do is sew it to me. It's almost a nice balance between like a rural, but you've also got access to the city. Features lots of great access to transportation to the buses running to the airport every week, every weekend. Somewhere absolutely always gets to sit in. If you want to. Thank you so much for your So we're here in front of Regents Hall of Natural Sciences. Can't read the sign because the background. But if you can props to you and you can see just big, beautiful, building all those windows. If you look behind me, you can see Old Maid, the oldest building on campus. And that's where a lot of our religion department is housed, some on the fourth floor of Regents Hall. As you can see, there is a wicked view out this window. This is one of my favorite spots to study that's also get easy to get distracted by all the people walking by the class and that just a killer view right there. So I basically end up living in regions in between classes for most of the day because there's somebody get study spots and because, as a biology major in premed is doing, I take somebody classes here. And if we walked to the other side, we've got this other massive study space and Kevin and across from me you can see our greenhouse and a lot of archaeology and botany glosses. Do some work in there and just a very good place to think we'll head in there. So we're here in the greenhouse, and it is toasty. All these tropical, Frantz. And it's just beautiful. Uh, I would definitely come study here. I think I just get distract because there's so much cool stuff. We go in, explore a little bit more. His other sections get plants from all over the world. Manana trees, cack die all sorts of stuff. Sustain off is relatively small at thirty, four hundred kids. But I personally really like it that way because it's big enough. They sell me new people at the same time you're going no someone, almost wherever you go on. When you walked to the lunch, our dinner breakfast, your odds are you know someone there. So you all stars at someone to sit with you if you don't that and go sit by someone new. I'm outside Beau Chapel, which is another just gorgeous building, man. I love that, and we're going to take a peep inside real quick. So I'm hearing about chapel AIDS, beautiful looking, all those flags, one for every student they've got a country from, and at the end of their they've got this massacre and piano, and you can come in and play when choirs on rehearsing and as this gentleman is at the moment, and not every Sunday morning, they've got a service at ten thirty. Sound off is a Lutheran. Affiliated schools is a Lutheran service, then thie. Different choirs love services or just kind of concerts. A lot of different times throughout the week, and there's really cool musical events, Todo weatherwise. Winter does get cold. This is a pretty warm day around about thirty for February. That's like real nice. But for the most part time, it's kind of freezing. In the month of December through February ish, we do get a lot of snow. Kids will grab trays from the cafeteria and go sledding. But then in the kind of September, October and then towards April and make it's really nice. Uh, come out the tail in there summer. It's often like seventies eighties. Beautiful would be outside, but So I found my friend Nathan studying and the great Spot the library, by the way, killer view that football field and the snow. So, Nathan, explain to me why you Josie, You know, there's a lot of reasons I chose saint off. But first and foremost, I think looking ahead to being pre health. Okay, so your bio made here bio major, right? So standoff has great sciences overall, but especially for students looking to go in a pre health. And then also what? That I was involved in all of sports and music in high school. So the opportunity to, like, continue rowing here on any plane. Child here. Really cool, too. Another kind of upside of that. Small schools. You can really get involved for sure. It's definitely busy, but it's definitely worth it. And you can continue to be involved in everything. Awesome on DH, that how you describe the academic climate here? Okay, so the academic climate can be a little bit intense sometimes. But it completely depends on you was a person and what courses you're in for me, I'm kind of a perfectionist, so I like doing well. Liam does too, so we grind away a lot, but I mean, it's not unhealthy. I don't think it's a good competitive atmosphere sometimes, but it really depends on the person get that makes sense. Then what's your favorite thing? And least everything about Sam's favorite thing about Sandy? Let's see, Lee's favorite thing right now has to be organic, cam. Great. But, you know, that's okay. It's a thing that happens also, you know, the winter, it can be a little bit little bit chilly here. Hell, so it's not great sometimes walking to class. It am favorite thing, though. It's gotta be the people like I have so many friends from so many different walks of life in so many different circles. And like all of them, like, I know are going to be in it for the long haul like life long friends, which is really, really cool. And I think it's kind of unique about this place. So how do you describe the student body? Um, you know, I think before where we are in the country geographically, it's relatively divers. But you know, we are in the Midwest for in Minnesota, so it's like, still, like a very white campus. What? Not student body over, although very, very open minded, hardworking country. Just people who want to be involved in everything they can. Which had not every more. Yeah, Yeah. Wonderful. Thank you so much. What's up, guys? My name is Liam Edgar, and I'm a sophomore here at St Olaf College from Green Bay, Wisconsin, and I'm a biology and physics major. So I'm here in my room, which is a triple, which is fairly common to get troubles and doubles and get some quads. Give me a lot harder to get a single. The here. We got my desk. Been working on that young organic chemistry and then robots desk in my other roommates desk got Bhutan, and none of us are like two big into just watching TV or our game, so we don't actually have a TV. That's a really common, too, for students to have like a TV game system. And I'm going into my morning coffee. So I got my copy station in the South African flags. When parents are immigrants and my line Lord Melbourne say aye, this is it. I can't make him way with one hand. And then I'm really into tennis and lifting. So here's my boy, Arnold is he inspired me from the corner. Sent off is a very residential campus. We're in your field, Minnesota, which is about twenty thousand people there, all the many opportunities for living off campus to begin with. And I live in Mel B. Hall, which is the oldest around campus, and it's big and beautiful, and we have windows on. Not one not, too, but three sides. So a big fan of all that natural light. So all the buildings on canvass all the dorms, at least have, uh, washers and dryers for free in them. So here we've got five dryers. Just on the other side of that wall are five washers, and they work really well. So far, I haven't got any problems, and I could just pop down here and do my laundry anytime.