Liam's walkthrough of Stav Hall, the Cage, and other unique things about Buntrock Commons

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Liam Edgar

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And now for one of my favorite parts: The food! St Olaf continually ranks near the top in terms of best campus food.They come up with something new and interesting nearly every meal for the home line "special," whereas the southwest line routinely has some of the best tacos I have ever tasted–and this is only a tiny portion of the options they have to choose from! And right downstairs is our coffee/sandwich shop, The Cage, which has some incredibly good cookies and paninis. In addition, St Olaf has mailboxes without locks, showcasing just how much trust and respect students have for each other! Every Friday, a florist sets up shop by the mailboxes, and students will give a "Friday Flower" to their friends to say how much they appreciate them, prank them by saying its from a person they like, treat their significant other, etc.