Fine dining and breathing

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Brittaney Skavla

Tour Guide

Binghamton University has four dining halls, one for each living community (with the exception of C4, which is shared by Newing and Dickinson community). Here, we're taking you through College-in-the-Woods community's dining hall, which we simply call "CIW". This dining hall has many stations, ranging from BBQ, to all-day omelettes, to vegan! Like all the dining halls, there is a sandwich station and a fruit/salad bar. The vegan station is definitely CIW's "special" station. The "special"stations at other dining halls are: the kosher station, halal station, and allergy sensitive station at C4 (Dickinson/Newing Community's dining hall), the pasta station, Mexican station, and allergy sensitive station at Appalachian (Mountainview community's dining hall), and the Asian station at Hinman community's dining hall.