Science [i/ii/iii/iv/library] !

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Virtual Tours by Students


Brittaney Skavla

Tour Guide

We're walking around the Science buildings! Science I houses the department of Geological Sciences and Environmental Studies, the department of Anthropology, and the Public Archaeology Facility (where Doug works!). Science II is where the Chemistry department and the Physics department are. Science III is Biological sciences, and lastly, Science IV is the Psychology department. If you are taking classes from any of these departments, you will likely find your discussion class here, as the classrooms here are smaller, traditional style classrooms perfect for >20 person classes. Additionally, connected to Science II, is the Science Library! This special library, which is in addition to our main library (Glenn G. Bartle), houses science books in the fields of astronomy, biology, chemistry, engineering/technology, environmental sciences, geology, nursing, psychology and physics.