SUNY College at Potsdam Campus

What you're looking at right now is our primary academic quad. It's identifiable by the joy Enormous clock tower right in the center Thiss building was built in eighteen. Sixteen were actually the oldest school in Sunni. The building of the clock tower is called set Early hall, and a lot of what you'LL find throughout There is primarily Janet classes and different things like that. On either side of it. You'LL find Flagpole and Brenner Hall. These buildings also contained primarily Jenna classes and lectures and things like that. Where I'm standing currently is underneath the Crumb library. On the right side of me is where admissions offices are and more things like that. There are some great eateries over there as well. On the left side of me is done hall, where a lot of the other education classes air held like health classes and wilderness education and things of that nature on DH toward that direction is also a student union. On the other side of me is the back of Crumb Library, where you will see one of our other primary academic wads. In that direction, you'LL find Flag Hall, which is a lecture hall and marriage hall, which is also a Sunni card office where you can go get things of that nature sorted out. If you walk through flag call, you will find yourself at the Crane School of Music. The graceful music is basically a four part building. If you look at this overview of the Crane School of Music, you will see that it is a four part building. Two parts of it are concert halls, and the other two parts of it are what your classes will be. There is also this little thing that's kind of sticking out of it. Right here is actually the Performing Arts center, where you'LL see a lot of productions and different things like that. And there's also a really awesome cafe right there. It's a little Starbucks, and yes, it is on your meal plan, and that's pretty much Hey, guys. So forthis video, I'm going to be giving you a quick one minute breakdown tour of our student union. Our student union is fairly small compared to other school, so I figured I would kind of make this video quick. Basically, what's in there is a dining hall, a few event rooms where there will be a lot of different events held throughout your time here to stores and the mail room are pretty much the primary aspects of the student union. Currently, you are seeing the college store, which holds all your needs from textbooks to merchandise. You'd be actually probably surprised how many things you confined. That's a SUNY potsdam on it. It's kind of funny. So, yeah, this is a really great store for that kind of stuff. Any kind of classroom needs in that. On this, you're needing things more like groceries or toiletries and things like that. Those air found in the union market and yeah, so that's pretty much it for the student union. And though this video was really short and kind of quick, I hope that it was a helpful hi, guys. So for this video, I'm going to be giving you a quick one minute tour off our library. Our primary library on campuses. Crumb Library. We also have a library and crane where we confined all of our music that we may need. But this is the one that most students will be using during their time here. It's a pretty big building. As you can see, it is right in the center of everything, and it is two floors tall and actually contains a lot of useful information and different things. As you can see, the bottom floor is the group study area, and the top floor is this silent study area for just you. It's really great to have an option between the two of those floors and pending on what you need to dio. And it's also really useful information to know that every single place on our campus that has computers bruns both Windows and Mac so you can kind of choose what you need. And there are a whole slew of program's installed for your needed use, and it's really great. So as you can see, there are books, there's some classrooms appear and, um, pretty much that's Crumb. So I hope that you guys enjoyed my mini tour of Crumb. And if you have any other questions, please reach out to me. Thanks so much. hi guys. So this video is going to be a quick tour of Kelis Hall, and I will be showing you an example of a classroom that you might be in. I know coming out of high school is a little interesting to just have to transition to a lecture hall, but I promise you it's really not that scary there. Most firms on our campus are just like any other classroom. Some of them are a little bigger, as you can see here, a lecture hall is kind of big, and it's a little intimidating at first. But at the same time, there really aren't that many students in it, not much more than what would be in your high school class. This is my math class. So this is a basic Jenna. This is kind of the way most Kelis rooms look, and this is probably of room you're going to be in at some point at your time. Here. Crane rooms often look a lot different. The piano rooms are like Phil, but just keyboards. And we all have practice rooms, which you have probably seen in one of my other videos. So, yeah, that was just a mini tour of Kelis.