Classroom tour: scoates hall!

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Sheila Mohebpour

Tour Guide

Welcome to Scoates Hall! Allow me to bring you in to my Science Fiction Literature course! This building is very unique in my opinion; the murals, chandelier, and large windows are unlike anything I've seen before! Enjoy a little bit of building history that's been provided by MyAggieNation: "Fredrich Giesecke and Samuel C. P. Vosper designed the Agricultural Engineering Building with its namesake’s input in 1932. Daniels Scoates was head of the department from 1919 to 1939. The building has a two-stored entryway with elaborate cast iron and stone ornamentation. Animal motifs around the building include goat heads and owls. The large lecture hall features a chandelier made from plow parts and a mural. The front steps have inscriptions on them: “The hardy plowman’s tools / we next must know, / which wanting, we can / neither plow nor sow” Vergil (He was an ancient Roman poet who lived from 70 B.C. to 19 B.C. The quote is a translation of lines in the poem Georgics.)" Scoates Hall is located right across from the Liberal Arts Building (LAAH) and a short walk away from Evans Library. If you have time to kill between classes, the East Quad is also right next to this building; read on the lawn, have a mini-picnic, enjoy some fresh air!