Historic district: room tour!

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Sheila Mohebpour

Tour Guide

The Historic District (also known as the Southside) has been around for a long time! Some houses date back to as early as the 1880's. These well-kept homes are prime examples of what make Texas A&M and the city of College Station so unique. Although the homes make look old on the outside, the insides are actually quite new. My room is where I spend most of my time, and if I'm not there I'm playing board games with my roommates, coloring in the kitchen, or having coffee on the porch. There are two parks within walking distance and I bike to all of my classes. It's a 1.2 mile bike from my front door to the doors of the Psychology building. The weather is great (a lot less humid than Houston) and it's even fun to bike in the run sometimes. It's fun living in the neighborhood because you see people jogging, walking their dogs, or even rollerblading with their roommates. The neighborhood is definitely active and it's awesome to be apart of if you're planning on moving to College Station with a group of friends!