Sbisa (on-campus) dining hall!

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Sheila Mohebpour

Tour Guide

The SBISA Dining Hall is the go-to on-campus dining spot for most Freshman and Sophomore students here at Texas A&M University with on-campus meal plans! This modern food facility is opens at 7AM-2PM and closes until reopening from 5PM-8PM. The service is buffet-styled and you simply swipe in or pay to enter to indulge in the options! SBISA is located on West Campus where a large majority of students have classes so you can stop by before or between classes to grab a bite. What's great about on-campus dining is that if you're planning on living at White Creek there will soon be another dining facility opening up next to the on-campus apartments! You'll be able to walk across the street in your pajamas and access endless food options. The SBISA dining hall is perfect for students who live in the on-campus dorms!