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Southside and the | Campus Tour 2019

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This Texas A & M University-College Station Campus Tour was taken at Texas A & M University-College Station.

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In this video I show part of the south side of campus and talk briefly about the corps of cadets and the school's history. Texas A&M University was founded in 1876 as Texas Agricultural and Mechanical college after the Morill Act of 1866. From to beginning of the school until 1965, Texas A&M was an all male, military school. After 1964, women were allowed to attend and in 1965, membership in the Corps of Cadets was voluntary. Now, the Corps is one of our many traditions and are considered "the guardians of tradition" at A&M. This is a brief history of this part of the school and of the corps of cadets. On the South side of campus, there is the Commons and several other dorms, Heldenfels Hall where math, chemistry, and biology lab classes are held, the University Center Garage, South Side Garage, and the golf course.