Transportation talk: ride to campus with me!

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Sheila Mohebpour

Tour Guide

If you don't want to pay for a parking pass and you're too far to walk to campus, you can join the biking party with me! I live approximately 1.3 miles away from my first class in the Psychology building this semester and it was a simple 5-8 minute bike ride depending on if you get stuck waiting for the cross walk light to turn. At first, biking was challenging and I found myself getting out of breath very quickly but I quickly began building endurance throughout the semester. After the first week of biking, it was a breeze! Put on your helmet, stick one ear phone in your ear and jam out (I specify one because you still want to be able to hear cars coming), and peddle your way to campus. It's good for your health and great for your budget at the same time. Now, if you're too far to bike, then God Bless our bus system here at Texas A&M! We've got one of the best on-campus and off-campus bus systems I've ever seen to be honest. There is a live update on the Texas A&M App that shows you where buses are, and you don't ever have to wait longer than fifteen to twenty minutes. Again, this is a really quick and inexpensive option if you're not a fan of paying for a parking pass or don't have a vehicle here in town. Parking garages here at Texas A&M are amazing as well! We've got so many to choose from, my personal favorite it The University Center Garage (UCG) also known as Koldus! On days that are raining and I don't feel like getting soaked, I simply drive to the UCG and take a ticket. You have the option to pay for parking if you don't have a garage pass! It's a fantastic option if you ever need to get on campus but don't have time or if the weather doesn't allow it. You can check the Texas A&M App for live updates on how many available spots are in each garage so you don't pull into a garage that's already full. All transportation information here at Texas A&M University is one simple click away for you!