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Over here is the football baby stadium. So I'm gonna just lay it on, too. Buys TJ's d three, The offer varsity sports as well as club sports. So it's not really a big sport environment. You know, we don't really have the whole, like, big football games and tailgates and rallies. So if that's what you're looking for in a college to Seon Jae is not really the one for you. But we do offer many other great programs. Like, Over here we have the arse and multimedia building. So if you're into photography, culture are you know, this would be more of a school for you right now. The girls lacrosse team is packed saying so we do offer sports, you know, if you still want to play, but just, you know, just for fun, you could still join any team. Any team is very accepting. We have rugby. The thing that you feel like, you know, feel hungry. Yes, and the thing with their swimming rowing way have growing and we do have football. Don't get me wrong. We have football, but it's just not It's not. It's not countries if t c N. Welcome. We're now in stud. Short for embarrassing center. So this is one of the most popular building on campus. Pretty much everyone has been started. So over here, you have, like, a little sport place center. Cool tables, people there's with big bean bags. Uh, those are really freaking cool. There's like playstations and X boxes. So this is a fun place to hang out. You know, it's free. You don't have to pay down here. This is a place popular eat for lunch. This is where you could use a meal exchange for sushi, Rahm and sobs, Pizza, different types. So you come here between the hours of twelve and two O'Clock from the change. This is also on the second floor is where all the Cubs offices are located. So if you're joining the club, this is Chainsaw. We're going to meet its where some events are held by certain clubs. So really, it's a popular building. Have traditions over there. Don't you see it tradition's over here is is a new restaurant on campus. Go sit down there. Chicken finger salads. So, so long. Yeah, that's like the only like on campus Russia on You could use your point there, you real quick there. So it's a great place to go meet friends, sit down, grab so much. Okay, So now I'm standing outside the spiritual center on campus, which is where you'll come if you want to pray or you wanna have discussions about religion or spirituality. Anyone is open any religion, so you don't have to feel you have to conform to any type of lifestyle On this campus is a liberal learning college. So all religions, all lifestyles are accepted down here we have the decker residents hole. So this is where one of the upperclassmen options is also where social events are held. So we're having any dances or gallows. That's where they'll be held, as well as line forums, which our oak open conversations where the students and staff members will come together to discuss any problems we're having Your seating area today. So this line just placed here way R T J Lions. So this is to represent? Here. They down on something. Hang up, friends. Maybe what I've done here. So this is one of Now I'm sending out of the rec center, So inside here we have indoor basketball court and the indoor track. So you know when it's cold outside and you are a runner, come front or practice in here, sometimes when it gets to pull the varsity, sports will come in here. I'm across the way. We have the time of sports, so we have a great kind of team. Two days on. The tennis team is always talking about how much she loves it here. This building is Packer Hole. This is where, um, like sports offices are and as well as the swim team, that swimming pool is there. So everything that has to do with sports is in pretty much close relation, so you don't really have to go out of the way. As you could see, the towers are literally right behind us Song. If there's one thing you could get from this video is that T. C. And Jay's campus is small but not too small. Everything is located in close proximity, but when you're actually walking around, you don't feel like you're confined. So over here is an important building. It's possible, but, uh, Roscoe Hall West. So that's where career services the tutoring center in the Center for Streets of Success. That's where those off offices are located. So you're gonna go there if you've got a job, felt some paperwork. You need help with riding or you have an exam coming up. Go to the tutoring, censor. All those services are free. So I would definitely take advantage of the fact that we have that here as well. In fact, that this school so small, so the staff isn't really bombarded with paperwork or they have hardly any time. So you really And you could get take advantage of it as much as you can. Compared to a big school over here, we have Kenzo Hall. So this is where Peter is. So we have plays and musicals. So if you're into the feeder, we have a program here. There are shows, and they're really great. You know, on the weekends, you need something to do. Okay, so now we're sitting in campus town. This is like a new, new, um, buildings that they constructed, like, two years ago. So there's places to eat around here. So it's Panera on. There's a sushi restaurant, pliable Sze Mexican mariachi grill, Red Berry. There's a new restaurant down there's like American food. We have a Barnes and Noble down there. That's the bookstore. That's what you go pick up textbooks and to get any college gear. So yeah, there's a hair salon as well. Hair salon and now song to get your nails done. There's a yoga studio. So there's a couple stores in here that you could come get food. Um, unfortunately, there's no shopping in this little complex. They definitely should out of booty. Oh, um, so, yeah, this is campus town up here. There is also apartments that you could live in that are you? That's brand new. They just started that, like, Okay, so right now we're outside Norsworthy Hole. This is one of one of the upperclassmen door Ming options. So this is a great location, because right in the back, there's one of the two weeks we have on campus. Um, I think this one is Lake Sylvia. So these lakes considering T C N j such a small campus. These lakes, I think, are really big. Part of like, what makes the campus so beautiful? There's Okay. Wait. All these people here, you man of warm weather. So okay, so, Jay, thank you. When it starts to get warm, people definitely come out of hiding. They liketo sit outside, go for jobs. So that's definitely like a part of C. C J. That I love the environment during those spring Okay, so currently we're standing outside of the two freshmen towers, Travers and Wolf. This is where a majority of the freshman live. You can be put another housing such a cent for if you're in honors or Abe. But this is two buildings, ten floors each. So chances are you are going to be living here. It's really a great place to live your freshman year being surrounded by all your peers. It's a great way to make friends. You know, You could just go walk up and down floors. Chances all you bump into someone in the middle, There's a lounge. So traversable it. So you go in there, have a tradition here in summer when it's hot before surely we don't have a condition with no sound nice. But you know what? Break some fans. It's just a couple you have to pull through. Um, so, yeah, this is where I live. I love it. I love my roommate. Love the friends I've made. So this is definitely a Now we're in campus town. This is where the T C N. J. Jim is located, so it's right there. Um, so it's free for all students. They have a bunch of different types of machines. Chai males, elliptical stairs. They have weight, squat bars, open space where you could do out workouts and cardio. So yeah, that's the gym. It's really popular. It's pretty much always busy, but we'll go take a The ice right now. Stunned building. This is one of the newer buildings on campus. So completely like renovating. Oh, gee, I don't know people. So, um yeah, how small I could see in here. Really? Just a handful of people, maybe no more than twenty. They're looking at me. Keep away. No. Their problems, like, you know, they're probably functional halls and they're really, like, Extracted the future site of sorry, no. This is good. One of the coolest parts of our school up, I think. Also, they have a little