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Thinking about The College of Saint Scholastica and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting The College of Saint Scholastica in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet The College of Saint Scholastica’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to The College of Saint Scholastica, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the The College of Saint Scholastica experience. These The College of Saint Scholastica video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Hey, guys. So here I am, walking down another one of the tunnels here at C S s. And you kind of see it's like like a maintenance. Thomas is a very, very old building, but it's really, really cool because it's very warm tunnel. So when it's really cold out, a lot of kids would just come down here and to stay warm down these halls. You will see all these little areas where signatures of kid's name season from previous grad years. So you have twenty, fourteen, twenty, thirteen and all the don'ts as we come down toward the tunnel. We're coming to Tower Hall here. Well, I think they have some sort of fair going. Let's go check it out, Jen. So first things first. We're going to stop into the mailroom here. This male mailbox area Where have all the mailboxes for students here at C. S s. As you see, we have a ton of them for every single student. Once you are a student here at C. S s, you will always have a mailbox for you. And there are dire. Locke said not to worry about losing a key or anything, which is super. Super nice down here is are better left. And Ben alive is only twenty four hours that we have on campus. We'll see kids. We use it all the time here. It's very nice of you to come into especially, like two in the morning when you have to do a paper. All right. So let's go check out some of this stuff. So hey, got Megan came by the club. Monica and Meg representing student senate. Got something? Anything to say? So here we have your association, your men club cable down here. Then you have a ton of clubs down here. See how everyone? So this is where have all our student Tootie's and clubs Organizations will be done here. So it's realized Heir to come down and just get Teo, get a feel of what club you have here on campus. We have a ton of organizations. We have over sixty five of them, so there's always something for everybody. Hey, here we got Yemi representing which club? Awesome. Thank you. So if you have any questions about anything, when clubs on campus we have a ton of right of you to be a part of I don't part of actually, I think six of them right now. Asian Asian student union, black student union, Latino student union students today, leaders forever and a few other ones that I don't remember. But I'm part of so many s o Come check it out. It's a really nice opportunity, and we'll go check out some more stuff here a little bit. Hey, guys. So I got a special treat tonight here at C s s. We have a special opportunity for you to see Wei have the women's basketball playing. Saint's eyes are massing name. So tonight it was best all saying it's the University of Michigan on We have a great gun game grand right now. Right now stands awaiting thirty nine twenty two. Awesome. One thing I like guys know about the same is that we are a deep you school. So all of our sports of the three. But that doesn't matter because all of our sports months, which is so you see the game. Yeah, that's the Rif Jim, that it is a main gym here in campus for all sports activities. So we have our volleyball, basketball, soccer games around here when it's like, cold out, you know, very, very popular place to come into. And it's often very cottage. Just tonight's a lot of night for studying, so it's not too crowded. But I'm happy the same. So winning. Let's go get him. So right now I'm heading up the main steps up to Tower Hall. As you can see, the name of our home really speaks for itself because this is amazing. Amazingly beautiful building and over to the right. Here, this is somersault. This the first year residents building this building right here is our science building. We're all over. Stem programs and nursing programs are located and down there's. Actually, we have a nursing home here in campus. If you want to be a part of I'm going to nursing or going into any sort of medical field and you want some experience, you can always have that on campus. And so it's easy to get to. And that building out there that is our temple. So you saw the video where? I'm sure you guys were the trouble Look like that's what that building is. Honestly, the Selfie is up here. I love this building so much. So I'm walking down here and one of the many nursing department wings of our science facility. There are multiple wings of the nursing department because it is our largest major here on campus. About seventy percent of all students who come to this college of science cost applied to be in nursing because we are a national credit of school and we have a very great programs for it. So you get a lot of on has experience in all four years. You can go from being a basic CNN to becoming are in no time flat behind me is actually one of many costumes that we have here and the nursing department. They can kind of see what the hours are and what it shows for lap times. These labs are simulation labs, so it's kind of a half costume, half simulation in these labs. What you'll do is you'll go in here. It's coming close right now, but it'll be half possum. So you'd learn about different nursing techniques and different skills that you can learn using wiring into being in different ways to use a needle and such. And then we have a simulation that where we have mannequins and prosthetics that you can do on hand experience with. And these Americans that have heart rhythm's have breathing have eyes are open. They have certain diseases. We actually recently just got a mannequin that gives live birth, live birth like these Americans that do all these different skills that you can learn so much from. And one thing I like to point out is behind me. This is the wall of all the graduating class of our nursing program. And we have a very, very great program. I can't stress this enough. Nursing biology, health, sciences and athletics. All of our pre professional programmes related to health sciences are so popular here in campus. But nursing is our number one, so really come check Hi. My name is here, and I'm a freshman here at C s s. Alright, so I live in the suite. So more sweet. And this is a little different from the dorms. We have four people and two bedrooms appeared. We also have our own bathroom too. So this is a little storage place where we put our shoes or act doubles or whatever we kind of need to do. We also have recycling here, but I just look that up. Just really nice closet for storage. Over here. We have two things of our very own. So Christ, what's my room? We've done. We also have four drawers. You can put things in fun, stuff, whatever you want to get in there. It's good storage. Yeah, And then you have some underneath things which I need to take. Stuff where you can also start a lot of stuff. We have a lot of starts here. Um, And then here's the bathroom. Where were simple? I mean, it's not that special, but it's a bathroom. And here's the shower area. Small make do with the little shelf because you have your own private bathroom. Yeah, so it's It's really nice You, doc, to go through the hallway? Yeah, with your towel on. We have a little pantry area right here for I'm dishes that we share my garbage. Um, it's really nice. Like shelves like in our first room. We have this's my roommates through. There is two dressers, just like in every room in two desks. Too bad is the last storage underneath. There's TV outlets, there's outlets birdbrain extension cord. His last origin. Yes, A lot of shelving. Nice open space to step. Play. Open them here. The streets don't do come with two couches for a couch are in a chair, whatever they give you and two tables again. Why they give you? You don't have to worry about that. Weave off bridges for herself in the microwave, but you can rent them U CSS and we also about this bookshop on TV are asleep. Then I coughing up here with my nice decorations and poor so we don't have welcome to college. Years from the photos of grace. But you have to We have to dress You're here and two different closet space. So you're different Is more length The plaza? Where s other One has more with of a closet. All right, give me spice. And then we each get our own desk. Vesely. And they have drawers. And in a chair that's given to you, come back here is you put photos in kins Well, tick tock. You know, this light works there, they can do stuff on. So it's good to do your homework or put your makeup on and your girl fuck. There's also outlet. Yeah, into the light. And I just kind first it's iced out lights and stuff. The place. So So what's your favorite thing about living in the streets? I'm having that. That's it. Not having to go down the call in a tower. On from the sweets were kind of beauty yet parking. So this is facing the direction of Lake Superior around the first horse. You can't see as much, but it's a pretty good view. Yeah, You can definitely see the lake from the second floor suite. Better have a nice feel. Hey, So I'm walking into GDR. GVR stands for Greenview dining room. This is our main dining facility here in campus sausages. You walk in here, you signing with the registry and the time and options available as soon as you walk in Over here, probably on my favorite stations is the dessert station. So here you get your awesome sauce of ice cream with vanilla mixed and chocolate. Got tons. Dessert options available with cookies. Brownies? You have a sort of mini muffins here. A lot of cameras. Peach muffins for the passing of desserts. I've seen them. Self, and then we get over here. We have the Mediterranean section here, a lot of the grill, and then home foods and everything. You see foods as always listed on the front, and I'll say vegetarian has nuts and has all these different labeling. You make sure they have any dietary needs. It says that clearly are so here we have a ton of options. You some extremes and passed us delicious Swedish meatballs, food obviously over here, where we got some more home food. Just a little time. So much pride and course, my favorite. Making your own little make their own section. And then all your stuff and all your drinks. Everything will be over Houston options. Available sodas and drinks, juices and then also here. This is our main salad and make your own kind of area so we can make toast sandwiches. Fruits. He's a little pressed for communities. Here's the soup. Delicious, Super here and over here is our salad section. So here we have a different brother salads and toppings you could add to make your salads kind of justice available. And right here, using the morning can make your own waffles, which are super delicious. They come with their own CSS logo, and it could make an omelet station just so delicious. And so GDR is a big open facility. See a ton of kids here during dinner time and usually get very busy tonight. Not as busy, but it's very, very popular Over here. We got friends. Hey, guys. So I'll be over here gathered friends dinner. Hope the naked into too much trouble. So as you can see a big open area can't with friends, get some great food. And over here is our little breakfast cereal stations. We got a ton of options with cinnamon toast crunch, which is my ultimate favorite Cocoa puffs and a ton more. And then again, more drinks and juices and then apple juice. So GDR is the place to be for All right. So I'm gonna be real person with you guys and show you my room. Looks like first things first with the renovated rooms to come on the key access lock. So you just use your I need to get in. And it might be a little bit messy excusing me from our brains, but this is what a renovated room looks like. Now, I have a lot of decor and stuff available, but let's start here. So here we have basic closet space, along with all the shelving which you can see my room. And I would love to stockpile food on down here every single room in the campus and right there it's a renovated or not run of it who always come to the sink. You can bring on microwave. You can bring your own coffee maker on Dun. He we have extra storage and everything. Room also comes with two desks, two beds and two dressers. And you, Khun, basically move around the room however you want. Teo. So this is my desk area. It is a bit messy, little that crowded, but I have a lot of essentials for what I'm studying. You can bring on TV, You can bring on fridge aerator, but it's really nice. Open space. You don't have a lot of claustrophobic areas because of shelving or anything. This is a really large open space. I mean, I could bring my food Tom and asked the help enough space to just walk around freely, so it's really, really nice place to come in here. I have a lot of a lot of stuff that I brought here, which I mean, is a good idea to bring about the same time. You gotta worry about space but me. My roommate made it worked. We bunked our beds, we bunked our dressers. Um, but it's a nice open space, which I love about the renovated dorms. It looks really nice, has a lot of open space. The only downside to, in my opinion, it's just storage wise because I loved having storage, having little pockets I can put stuff into, kind of kind of hide it away, but you can do whatever you want without dorms and has so much opportunity to it. Hey, guys, I just want to say thank you for taking the time to look through all the videos and have me kind of short, Iran wrote. CSS has to offer, as you can see, even though it's a very, very small campus, there are a lot of resource is a lot of programs, a lot of activities that'll happen here on our campus, and we offer a huge variety of opportunities to develop as a college student. But whatever you guys decide to do doing in college, search, whatever college or university decide to choose, go for it. Only I asked you to do is just do that kind of like gut check, see what works best for you and definitely the time to actually go and visit the school if you can. A virtual tour can only do so much, but you definitely got to see the inside experience. And so I hope you guys have a great time looking for schools. I know it can be kind of nerve racking, and you get very anxious about like, Am I making the right decision or not? Changes are gonna happen. You're going to have different developments in your life. And so if you can find that great first school your first try, great for you. That is amazing. That's what I feel I've done but doesn't go search for some schools. Find what works best for you. But if you want more information regarding what CSS has to offer, doesn't come check out in person. I worked as a campus rap as a tour guide, so hit me up again. My name is Tyler Russell, but have fun in college search, and I hope it