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Thinking about Drake University and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Drake University in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Drake University’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Drake University, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Drake University experience. These Drake University video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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So I'm standing right in front of Meredith Hall. As you can see, Meredith Hall is home to drink School of Journalism and mass communication, which I am proudly apart off. You can see the building and that little bulldog right there. It's beautiful, modern. We love it here. So you enter into Meredith Hall and you can see all the hallways, buildings, classrooms. Here's one of the many lectures that are located in Meredith Hall. They have that classic college vibe and those classic college chalkboards, Am I right? I've had many classes in these, and I really like him because they really give that authentic college field. This is what most of the classrooms look like in Meredith, just a classic college classroom projector. I really like having classes in here because I just feel like I can really focus on what's being taught and what I need to learn. One of the great things about Mayor that Paul is it's not just home to drink School of journalism and mass communication. They also offer other classes in politics and general classes as well. They're all in this building. There's also an entire upper level. Meredith Hall also has an atrium, which is perfect for studying, not necessarily in this cold, but when the sun is out and the snow is gone. I love to study in the atrium drink School of Journalism and mass communication create several publications such as the Drake Political Review and The Drake Meg, which I am The Quad Creek Cafe is a place to use meal swipes and just grab a bite with friends. There are a lot of stations to grab some food with friends, and there's just all different kinds of food here. They make it toe order, so it's not right. You have to order it, and then it's like your own personal food, which I really enjoy. So let's go take a look. Welcome to the Quad Freak Cafe straits. Other dining Senator on campus Another Quad Creek Cafe is very different from Hubble because it's made to order food. You can pick what station you want and then order your food there. There's the grill, a Mediterranean station, a sandwich station and an Asian station and also a chef's corner. I really liked the quad because I think what I want and it's not precept. I really enjoyed this dining center, and it's one of my favorite places to eat on drinks campus. There's also a lot of beverages to choose from, which I really enjoy. This has been the Quad Creek Cafe, one of the dining centres on drinks campus. It's my personal favorite dining center, and if you come to drink. It might be yours too. So this is the re lax ation room, a spot for meditation, prayer or anything else that you need to do to relax. Let's head in. In my opinion, this is one of the main gems of Drake University. I just have had stressful days where I need to come in here and color or work off some steam, and it's just really useful. And I'm really glad that Drake has this. There's a nice view right outside to see that pretty Winter's Day. There are yoga mats. Some religious books if you need to borrow on, was also sand lakes. I find this relaxing. Some texture therapy, Silly putty, different materials. Please touch. Could really relax you more books. And then colored pencils and markers to some coloring to really relax. That's my personal favorite part of the room. There's also these couches which we stand a good relax ation couch. The moral of the story is colleges stressful? So come to the relax a Shin ra metric university to relax, blow off some steam and take a moment to chill on a busy day. So the next spot that we're going to be touring is Drake West Village. This's spot were upperclassmen live, and there's also some restaurants and spots in it. So let's go check it out. So here is one of three drink West Village buildings, tall and great rooms inside that we're not allowed to enter because I don't live here. First restaurant here is haiku. Which sushi place? Who was a little more about scale fancy. And if you want to take a date here on a outing, I'd recommend it. It's a rape by campus and located in the West Village, So I love it. And there is a subway here. Subway is subway, a classic. Meet a sandwich, need a bite, stop by and snatch it up and then go to your class. It's really handy. There's an eight degrees ice cream and Boba eight degrees. Bubble tea and ice cream is so good, and they have bubble tea, rolled ice cream, a nice desserts with Eve. It's kind of cold out right now, but I Here we are at the Bell Centre. This is one of the fitness centers on campus, and it's really cool because they have a group fitness classes, David, Jim, and they also have a dance studio where you could just kind of do random kinds of exercises. Down? No. And personally, this is my They have a record ball courts and or and so you can equipment. I said, it's all yours. Also played wishes the Super Friends numbers and this is one of the main parts of the world. Fitness from here, a bunch of different action work out. Over here. We have the chip. They host things like volleyball tournament, Other fun things in here. And this is all sorted just to hang out with friends. They also host the intramural sports here. So we'll come if you're involved in this. One of my favorite events that they host in here during the school year is during Drake Relays, which is they host this big volleyball tournament where it's a six on six. Their food and pizza and prizes is a super fun time, and this is the fitness studio. This is also my favorite rooms because it has a nice for one day, and also you can just do random stuff so here it is. Why there's so many people in here. Well, we'll talk about it outside because it's kind of why I'm here in the fitness studio. They host group classes. They have things like ballet bar and hip hop and God and fun, things like. Couple. Dining hall is one of the on ly dining spots on campus, so let's take a look inside my time there. Hi, guys. We're here at Hubble Dining Hall, which is the main dining center on campus on. We're here at brunch time, and this is my friend Natalie. Natalie, How are you doing? Good. How are you? I'm good. It's a busy day, so the line's kind of out the door, you know what I mean? No. So let's go on a little tour. Here is the simple serving section, which is a section of the dining hall that's a little bit healthier. It is crunch time, so the food isn't like it is right now. For once your dinner, you have a soda milk ice cream machine for all of your beverage needs. Over here, you can get pizza or pasta at the Italian station. Then over here we have cereals, and we also have, like, a shot dish, a daily dish. There's usually two of those stations. One right here and then over there is the chefs. Here's a little pastry section and grab an apple while you're at it. Why not? This has been Hubble dining hall. Thanks for letting me show you around. It's time to talk about another gem of Drake, which is helmet comments. So it's a winter right now. But this is the reflection pond. If you can believe it over there, it's usually a pond and a waterfall, which just makes for the perfect summer study Spot overhears the Agora, perfect for a photo shoot, taking headshots. Any other event in college doing homework is obviously really important, and the Agora is kind of the perfect setting for that. I personally tried to go there as much as I can. When the sun is out and there's a little bit less snow to get in some study time and to really relax, it's really important to manage your time in college in the Agora, scheduling a little agora time and you'll be relaxed. Am prepared Helmet. Commons also has lots of trees, perfect for ham, mocking once the weather is not this cold, am I right? But for real, I love to hammock out here, read my book. Even just listen to music and hang out with friends is super fun. And then here is the helmet Commons field, which is really great for doing, having a picnic doing from studying. A lot of sports teams will play like Frisbee there or something. I really enjoy it. And when it's not all covered in snow, it's a really great place to relax on campus. So what have we learned? How Mitt Commons, a gem. Check it out at Drake. It's honestly the perfect study spot, and what more could So I'm currently on the ground floor of my dorm. I live in Ross residents. Halt. I have been Ross, which is one of the sophomore dorm, because I am a sophomore. So this is my room. That's my name, Bailey and my roommate's name is Aidan is not here right now. He's home this weekend. But so we have this lounging area. They provided us with couches and we kind of fill it up a little kitchen area over there. We decorated the walls with all of our posters, which we love. And we do have a little TV with channels provided heading deeper into the room with two closets. I love cause I need a lot of storage way. Do have our own bathroom and shower. You can see that here, here is the bedroom. So I have my closet. I have my desk area. There is my bad not made yet today, hoops. And then here is a sign he has his. But it's well, as I said, he's not here this weekend. Then we do have a view out the window So I'm gonna take you guys through my morning routine. I've already done my makeup, so I'm done with that. So usually will do is I like to keep breakfast foods in my room. Yeah, when I'm on the go, just because sometimes I don't have time to run the Hubble. So I like to keep cereal in my room, but most of time for breakfast, fresh. But we have a great apple. I'm well liked to keep juices. And here be it with almond milk and other fun things. Coffee creamer. I would really recommend if you are a coffee drinker to get a cure for your room, nothing fancy or anything like that, but it's really nice, and it saves you a lot of money. If you could just make coffee for yourself in the morning. So after I eat breakfast, I like to make sure that I have all my books for the day and that I'm gonna be ready. So I'll just go through my backpack and drive all my books. Um, and also, I like to double check my planner and make sure I've all my homework done, because not great when you show up to a college class, and you don't have your homework done after that. Um, I pretty much just head to class since the campuses. So compact. I really only have to leave, like, five or ten minutes before class starts because I'm not super far. So that's my morning routine. Nothing super fancy, but I just thought you guys might As a digital production major. I spent a lot of time in the basement of Meredith, so let's go take a look out that TV studio. Here's one of the several computer labs down here in the basement, perfect for using Adobe Photoshopped or and design and learning all about these softwares in here's drinks Radio station ninety four point one. The Dog. Several radio shows are in here throughout the day, and there's also this cool lounge area. Drink recently remodeled and opened up this cool podcasting room. So we have several of these rooms. So these podcasting rooms air perfect. If you need to record some audio or just want to start up a podcast of your own, we also have these cool chairs and lights for a nice little study space. So here is Drakes Television Production studio. You would have a class in here in a lab typesetting such as I am in Internet video production. So in here we do our class, and it's also just furnished and lit television studio, so you can use it for any project that you want even outside of school. This has been definitely one of the hubs of student life and activity. Thanks for checking it out.