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Thinking about Wartburg College and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Wartburg College in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Wartburg College’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Wartburg College, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Wartburg College experience. These Wartburg College video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Gonna give you some quick facts about work. The average class size is nineteen. Can you believe it? It's only nineteen people. Usually your agents are, like, twenty six. Or maybe a massive thirty. Um, the student faculty ratio is eleven to one. Just not, um The campus is one hundred eighteen acres, which is small if you think you got it. But when you get to campus looks pretty big. Um, would say student body very athletically involved, as there are more than in twenty seventeen to twenty eighteen. There was more than six hundred people involved in athletics and then DEA Active culture is very widespread as there's many clubs and activities. Um, that involved into your major. So, like, I know my major, we have see the talented A vision and keep W A R and trumpet PRS say those are the ones for, uh, become majors. Uh, the popular meters. That way we have a warbird. The number one is Business administration. Uh, the second one is biology, but there is one of the journals of communication and fourth elementary education and finally, music education. Even if your major has made it to the top, it's possibly still in the major list. But if you ever want to look for more information about work with facts, you can always look at the Warburg website at warburg dot e d u. You guys, you're hearing Clinton and where I'm going to show you alone why Clinton looks like from life one can top of the ladder. So we're here. This is step out of area payment. This is redefined. No, They got this table clear. Um, they're buying a new one, I believe. Carry a funeral which has hours eight a. M. Ovie am Friday and Saturday. It happened. You're right. We're here for close by to the theatre is elevated. Yeah. Great. No. And then basically down here is what looks like the girl's storm, which is basically your typical hallway of a girl storm. And this is my heart, and usually all the areas are on the same sort of erm on each floor. But this is what both sides look like. And Clinton side. Yeah, women. This bathroom is also a shower. No. And this year we also killed doors two. Thank you for joining me on the tour of Clinton. Thank you. Thank you. And there. We have my dorm room. So I'm to show you this is your typical Clinton dorm room. And he just shot. No, if I could just closest here. Usually the doors lock like this, or you can unlock him like that. Easier of these lighter, usually motion sensors in Clinton and different dorms. It's usually different. Like when I was living in my freshman year, I would lives of living in the complex, so the lights were a bit different. This's where my remain I paper towel. This is basically her side. Come. I don't keep myself like this. But retired Jek creating a little bit, right? This is how we set up our think This is my side like I have we both have. Our fridge is right here, which I argument bringing a fridge if you want to have drinks or something, What a decorated he here? Well, we're not finished decorating. So this's just what we do have from and visually, dorms. Dowe have the typical long beds settle like my bug bite is down here because I don't want to go on the top bunk. But there's easier ways to take down the bunk beds so you can basically take him down. You don't really have to keep him as a bunk bed, but at the end of the year, they do recommend to put them back up up on top of each other. Then I do have my side of the room with the day. Try to keep it organized. Boy, that's what you get. These air closets. This client, the Clinton norms don't really have doors that I was living in. They do have doors, so you can have two separate sides. Lessons already know my roommate. Poor hand. We don't really care like that. We have to separate sides. So we, like, sort of organized our stuff to both sides. Right now, I'm going to be discussing with you guys on how my daily schedules like so Monday's. I have three classes. I have a graphic design that runs from nine o'Clock two ten to five than my religion class, which is from twelve o'clock two, one of five. And then I have my highest class, which is from six thirty to nine thirty. It's a night class, which, you know, like my glasses, my only night classes for this year. Well, this semester, then Tuesdays I do have my print journalism class, which is from seven forty five to nine twenty five and then basically went, say, and Friday is the same without the Iess class, and then Thursday is the same as Tuesday. So basically I have my print journalism, graphic design, religion, and I s, well, sort of, technically four classes. But I do have an additional class, but we don't really have a classroom and we don't really meet with the professor as much. But if we ask questions, if we need to ask questions, we can ask the professor the email or we can go. Teo, the professor and a person and I could start that whenever, but at least finish it up before the semester ends, as I did sign up for it for this semester. In my free time, though, I am basically free as of right now, since it's only the start of the school year. But I'm definitely going to be busy with practice. I am the part of Devi K, which is the hip hop dance team, which I totally recommend you guys doing. Um, I'm going to be part of alliance impossibly student Senate, um, in Cedar Valley today, I'm going to be a part of as I'm going to do that for my practical, and I'm also in dining services and will be it in over my host. So if you guys want to come visit, I could possibly break. He'd be your host for this year, so Like. And ours are right on the door. Really? Great. What courage hooks alone, something else to read besides learning type of books, cool it. He's old and you can always and like, original, old fashioned like I always open the Nile wanna open left? Mints, but that's basically the library, and this's the bottom for been on the other side. And don't get half way from where you were. Who's this side where you can find most of whatever type of books you're looking for, our research. Basically anything. Just open it up. Quantities, um, buttons. It's good, opens it up. And the surge is basically pretty much small space. Hey, pretty much upstairs. They have, uh, where you gonna take out before? Um, as questions this death, just basically in the house you need for, like, books. And then on the third level, they have passed praise and just but basically this is what The library where you really need to look at the most. The third floor, they were probably teach you the pathway center. Um, it's a place to go when you need tutoring and on the second floor and also on the No. So most people wonder, What do you bring to college? Like I don't want to be one of those typical people who bring so much things to God. It didn't look like one of those big bags coming into campus, which I feel like I was one of those people. But I think in the end, if you really didn't see all that self, it's totally worth it. Because then you'll lasted for your four years here on campus. So what? I really suggests bringing if you are going to bring a fridge and you're going to share with the room, mate, that you already know, I would say bring, like, clay door. Just any drinks that you feel like you and your roommate would bring. Um, maybe bring at least one microwave. So make sure you communicate well with your roommate is that you were going to break Mike away for the your other room. It's going to bring a microwave. Uh, bring little snacks. So if you're going to stay up late, you're gonna have something or you want to munch something. Because usually, the month Mensa closes at seven. Seven o'Clock. I believe it as well. Um and the done causes that eleven o'clock. But sometimes they're ours changed during the weekends. But you don't really want to be wasting all your money or points Abadan or the Kate it. So I would rather be keeping all your snacks in your room and any drinks you want to have. And I would also just just bringing cleaning supplies because they definitely want you to keep your room clean. But like at least clean it up every once in a while, I make sure your room is not stinking because definitely at the end, when you have breaks, they do want you to keep your room clean and make sure your garbage. If you do, bring a garbage bag or a garbage can to clean up your mess and throw it away. So that's what I suggest on dorm So right here is a typical classroom you'll probably see It's really small compared to what you see. A university is if you ever like, ever visit a university. This is a typical like size class, usually like if different, like differently ordered and different classrooms. But there isn't that much chairs compared to other classrooms, so including him, lecture halls or laugh. They always put a small amount of chairs because there's usually like the maximum amount of students. It's like thirty. So this is like your typical classroom setting. You'll see Well, mostly all the church will not be fooled. Yeah. This is your typical classroom. And don't worry, you will have better. One on one with the professor's bunch is possible. So office hours, they always put it on this. All of us. Um, if you ever need to talk to them, they're always available. They answer the emails right away as I know that for sure days. Most of the professors I know have their clothes on their phone, so they receive it right away. Or they specifically say before, like, on the first day of class ing, all of you need to send me an email. I will be available during this time. But if you need to see me for class starts or have any more questions, you can always ask me r go to my office. So that's pretty great about professors at this college and that there's not many students in each class. So here's your typical classroom and about And now this is your typical computer lab where I know the left sections because I took a media writing. So basically since I'm Ajay Calm major, I don't really do lab work like my science class for next semester is not going to be any labs is just in class work. So this is one of them. Any computer labs? We are. I know it's used for a few classes. Like my media writing class was in here. Um, for a while because we couldn't use the room in the muck. Elroy Center. So we had to come here, like, every so often. Yeah. This was your typical well, lad.