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Hey, So I'm walking outside right now because I'm heading over to the theater building. The theatre really is separate from Tower Hall, which is right behind me. It is our only big fine arms program that we have here in campus. Besides, like, band Acquire. So the theatre building is this building right here. Comical little little cottage it so it's really nice and cute. Um, I'd like it is. It's It's a cool little place in that little nice and comfy. And if you look here the entryway, it looks really cool. So spacious. Grady Shipp program here. I'll show you guys an inside. So here we're inside of the theater building, just both sit on floor up above music. All these posters of previous place that I've been put on over the years and the theater program is naturally credit. We have me. National is over the years. So Pollux So here we are, huh? Collectors actually. Phil and Thank you. Yeah. It's a virtual tour. Aja nobody. So this is stage set up for the show is going on right now. This is show Ella missing. So we put on three shows a year for CSS Fall, winter, spring. So really, really great shows of Silva was every single a personal performance, so really come check it out. Hello. This is Hiidy Johnson from the College of Science. Plastic a library. And this is our beautiful every one of the most beautiful libraries around because it used to be our colleges Chapel. So we still have original stained glass when knows behind. And you actually, Lex. And as most leverage he's have course. We have books, but we also have some people want to read. Actually, yesterday we just catalog twenty new board games every Thursday. We have nerd night, and so some of those board games are checked out and used for that library. The most important thing with our library is that it is where you can get help for all kinds of classes so that you could be successful. And you can have, uh, better papers and better presentations, hopefully with less pain. So that's our number one goal Hey, everyone. My name is Tyler Russell, and I am a freshman here on campus at the College of St Scholastica, located in Duluth, Minnesota. I will be your host, your guide, your educator, but more importantly, your friend for this campus tour, because it's always nice to have a friend who kind of knows their ways in and out. Um, I am currently here at the College of Stan's Classic A, studying biochemistry as a major premed intended with a minor in Spanish s o holy. That all works out. We'LL see s. Oh, I have a lot of things to talk about here in this campus. It is a very, very small campus. The undergrad size is only about like two thousand kids, so it's very, very small. But that's one thing I love about it, and you'll get to see why as you go throughout these videos. So I have a lot to talk about and I want ton of videos and places to show you, so Hey, So I am here in the BBC. The bet burns wellness comments here at C s s. This is our activity center are recreational center we have here in campus. As you see behind me, the athletics department behind me is actually where all the coaches, offices and athletics team directors are located. I should write their your finger right there. That's a little like Wall of fame for all of our athletes were going to be coming in here into the main gym area. So actually, right behind me is our group exercise room. That's we have costs of, like, yoga, and we actually have a classical buttons and guns for all those who wanna exercise. That includes a core way have always lovely people using the machines. I see them working out, getting some fitness in, um, which is actually really amazing. I'm proud of them. That's not me. But you can see here we have ton machines available for you to use. It's always free for students. All of our services and sort of amenities are free to use. And then right here, this lovely desk, we always have people here helping out with everyone. Whatever needs you need out here is our main track in recreational facility. So we have four for Jim course available to use and bring down the Nets. There's my buddy Sean running past, working out. So we have upper level and the lower level track that you can use for jogging and running. And you always use the courts for activities such as setting with volleyball games. AM tennis court. You could do a lot of opportunities to use those. It's nice to have the Nets down so the ball doesn't fly round everywhere. But my personal favor of this location is actually are infamous. Walk. It's our rock wall, This tall, gigantic thing right here. You'll see this as soon as you come into the front door's this can be used at any time. This facility is open. Um, actually, I think you might have some people using it right now. Yes, So you can use it any time this facility's open. I've actually just a couple times. It's really, really nice. Only actually put on a couple events throughout the year called Cosmic Climate. We're really late at night. We'll set up these walls and shut off all the lights and we'll make into like a Neon Blacklight area. It's a super super cool activity. Actually, I think the last cosmic climber who said it was like a Pac Man theme. So is it really fun? Had a lot of fun dance music to it. So coming here any time using services, get a good workout. If your athletic I'm not. But I come in here often. Our school for the athletics department has over twenty two collegiate teams. Wei have over thirty plus intramural sports. That's where I come in. I do intramurals like lawn games, but there's a ton of opportunities to be part of it. So don't don't worry about this being a D three schools. Trust me as a D through school. We could, but with all of our sports teams way do so well with our athletics department and we have a lot of great programmes related to academics such as exercise, physiology, athletic training, occupational therapy, physical therapy and so much more to come check it out. Hey, guys. So just woke up a while ago on my way up to an early lecture from my dorm. I'm heading to the science building, which is just go right through the tunnels because we have three tunnel systems here on campus because it gets super super cold up here in Duluth. So right now it's like negative five degrees outside right now. And I'm here in T shirt, in a shirt and jeans because I put the word about going outside s so it's super super nice to use the tunnels that connect all the buildings on campus. It's super nice, and it's one really fun thing. Toe have is throughout the tunnels to have something different to each one. And on these tunnels, you have all these photos. The's photos were here. I should take him from a mission ship two years ago to Tanzania and every single year since Glasscock. She puts up a few mission trips, and ton of study brought options for every single student. I actually have a few friends right now who are in Ireland for the entire spring semester, and they're loving it. I had some friends go over winter break to Mexico, Venezuela, Korea, Hong Kong. A ton of options. Oh, right here. This is our slogan for CSS B to be bold and Benedict team andan right here you'll see a little direction. So down there, summers, hall, every government some, and then we're going to head over to the science building. So if for some reason you have no clue where you're going, there signs and arrows everywhere to figure out where we're going, it is a very small campus, so it's very easy to get around the longest it takes for me to get to class. Like, if I'm really running. Lee is probably about five minutes. So if you wake a billion nine o'clock ing of a nine ten lecture, you're still fine. Um, but it's really, really nice. You just head up here and just head down the tunnels. Um, one thing that if you're a freshman, you got to use the tunnels more upperclassmen. So you know, if if someone is a freshman, if they come to class in shorts and a T shirt because you'll see all the juniors and seniors coming class like large, Parker's and everything. So it's a really, really comedic, but here we are in science building, and I'll show you guys around in the next few videos. Hey, someone into the main entry Towers Hall right now and Towers called because it is old. Spilling here in campus has a lot of history. Hey, and so in this building or in this main four year, you see this great artwork, great architecture to it. They see this old wooden chairs. And if you see really closely, I should. Don't you see little scruff marks. So because states Kaskey has been all girl school, any time the guys would come in and have to pick up their dates, they'd have to wait for the nuns to kind of give them the OK. They make little scratch marks that collect the nervous on the right here section. Very, very important art. So this depiction shows Thie meeting of St Benedict and since Classico as their final meeting before they headed on to depart. And so this just shows the finding of the history. And the amount of it is well being in so much information has come in stress from this one picture. Just talking about the foundations of the school. And my favorite thing about this location, too is that if you England just right in this room God, you're the best lighting. So any time I want to take some great photos, do it in here. Student. One of the seats? Yes, a good time. Hey, guys. So I am here. Walk around in the science building going into the second half of science building. First things first. Right here we have a large mural. We have a really great arts program here at CSS, and often times these are smokers were put on large murals are art shows are extravaganzas to kind of see what works they d'oh and that's one of them. And you'll see a ton of these males are on campus, and they're so, so cool another thing. So CSS is a very, very old school, and one things that I like to say is I have a lot of character to it. For example, we have a telephone booth. Actually, there's like two or three of them on campus. And yes, this telephone booth actually works, and you just sit in here and use the phone with which no one does. But it's really cool to take some Instagram photos with them. Don't some of these hallways? We have different closets and different rooms available for like nursing classrooms and anatomy physiology classrooms. We are headed into the hymn department. The hymn departments, which stands for health information management, is one of the majors, or there is a study even go into to, like go into health sciences. But you don't want to work with blood or anything, so it's really, really nice is if it's a cool option to get into. Ah, a lot of them friends recommend it down here past the hymn department, we have the social work program. Social work is a huge program. Here in campus is very, very popular. So if you have any, any sort of occupation or job that has anything to do with health sciences, We had that here for you. Oh, we also have our new studio here currently not open at the moment. But we do have our new station, and they have a lot of a lot of shows and stuff that they put on way have, ah, few guys that usually host it, and they have a lot of jokes, and they put on some tips and tricks from around the campus. So the storms storms, radio is really cool radio. Listen to you'll find it anywhere on campus and this Hi. My name is the name More. I met you near psychology Major with minors and biology and women and gender studies. And I also work at the school center. Freak will access as an access assistant. I love CSS and I stayed here because of the great community, especially from the center for just living that Hey, so i have a very, very special treat for you guys. I brought you out here to the trails behind the css campus because we live in the duluth area, there's a lot of nature, um, areas that you can go out and explore. And because we live on the top of kind of the one the uppermost hails a bluth. I'm guessing really, really great views. It is very cold outside right now. That's why i have the face mask on. But i'm willing to endure for you guys. So one secret that i like to share to you and not many people know about this. I actually didn't know about this till a few weeks ago. Is at css. We have a place called the valley of silence and the name really to speak for itself. So on a very beautiful day, usually when it's not too cold out side doing like the late spring or early fall, especially like fall time when it's so beautiful with colors of the leaves, i would come out here and just relax and to see the beauty of it. But, yeah, the name of it is called the valley of silence kind of show you guys what it looks like. It's as he here. It is a very, very quiet place. You come out here, relax, get a kind of, um, clear, clear peace of mind and just head out here and just relax because it is such a beautiful area, especially on this beautiful day. And if you just let your mind just kind of subtle and get rid of the distractions of school of life and all the stuff that's happening around you, this is probably one the best. The most relaxing place you have here in campus and actually behind me are a ton of trails that we have at the css campus. There are over, i think, about five to ten miles with the trails on our campus and not in the surrounding area. But you can do so much around here, and that's one thing i love about css in duluth area is you have this amazing school that i could be a part of this amazing tradition. And it's a good bounce between city life because that is the fourth largest city in minnesota. And you also get the bounce between the nature areas because i like to be a part of nature. I always love agriculture. And so this is just an air for me to go out, relax, hang out with friends or just be by myself so i could get rid of all the distractions. But, yeah, it is probably the most beautiful place that i can show you guys here on css campus. Then honestly, the views. I'm seeing it right now, and it's it's astonishing. Honestly, the camera does not do it justice. So if you really want to see some amazing views, tower hall is great. Says campus is great. The duluth area's great, but this is by far my Hello, everyone. My name is Jason Chavez, and I am the student body president here at the colleges. Hates classical. Welcome to the Senate office. I'm currently triple majoring with social psychology and organizational behavior. As Latino student myself, I was actually very nervous coming to see SS, a small and Catholic college here in Duluth. However, after noticing the campus climbing here at the college, all that changed I was I felt very welcomed here at C jail, which stands for the Center for Just Living, which houses thirteen social justice clubs here. With that, I found a family that made me feel very special, and because of that, I am still here. So our science building actually has three levels to it. Each level in the science building contains two different stamp programs. So the first level has to do with anything math, social work. H. I am basically anything that's super sized. But the second flow, however, has a lot of chemistry and nursing. Like I said, the nursing program is our biggest program here in campus because we are a health science school. The entire one one half of the science building is just nursing. We have a really big science building. So as he worked on this hallway, you will see a ton of classrooms available. These air just runners in classrooms, all these classrooms like, for example. Here's what a general class and will look like. Classes are very, very small here in campus, unless you're taking like a general chemistry or in anatomy and physiology. The larger class sizes Polly about like twenty five students, so you get a lot of one on one attention with your with the professor. I actually know all my Professor's Bonnie first first name basis, so it's actually really nice. But, you know, class, it's really nice. It's you get that easy one. I want attention. It's very simple just to get to know your friends get to know he's in classes. If you don't like about large lecture halls or if you get lost in classes, that doesn't happen here. So if you weren't about that, don't Well, actually walking down here into the nursing department. Like I said, nursing department is one the biggest ones