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Okay. We got these nice, long colored always here. Just makes us feel artsy. A womb switched to blue. A bomb. This militant board students post events. If you're interested in any of those things, then over this way. This right here is a rad, nice little quiet area. Hey, it's the library and gas. Okay, so this is the new school's cafeteria. This is one of the eating spaces. You can see there's always a ton of people here, okay? Short. All right, So this is our cafeteria. Very nicely. Then here. Over this way. They give us free water, Waste a shoot. All this tuition. Okay, so there it is. This is my home right here. All right. So this is the lane building. There's this nice cut through here that these weird as benches. More weird as benches. I think it's supposed to be like a thimble. Then we have an outside court right in between these two buildings. It's pretty nice. And then there's an additional cafeteria and there for students that just chill, hang its food, stuff like that. Then there's an additional library down this way, I'm sure you guys the tenth floor of the Parson's building. It's really good for a laugh. There's also some pretty cool printers. Okay, So this is the tenth floor. Well, what? Wait. Okay, So in the back, we have feet. Jet printers. The's printers are really cool because you put your own paper into and you can print on different types of material or different types of textured paper. So this is the school's live. It's pretty fricking huge. See. There's these individual that you can. And additionally, there's why root quiets that he Then after the side, there's just open computers. Sorry. And then there's. And that's where their scanners Yeah, Okay. In addition to the workshop, we had these three D printers. This awesome student here working on his project were really nice. So with thirty printer, do you like Is it paid with printing points? How does a thirty printer work? Yeah, like you can. Just, like, send your stuff here. And it prints. Or is it like it takes printing points to like all the regular princes do, Just like you. You come, We make a quotation on line and come here with your name on the lease check machine. Okay. So you do. Yeah, yeah. Okay, So this is part of the lobby of the Parson's building. We have these nice little couch is here. They move their Rowley pretty nice sit people. Watch. As I said, homework. Real nice and conveniently placed next to other elevators. There's two elevators here. Okay, then Walking down this way. Hi. The other half. No, the parson's building got a good old security. More additional elevators. And then over here are more elevated. It's But more often than not, you'll probably find yourself taking the stairs because although there the elevators, they're always in session, so students often just walk up the steps. Okay. And this is the fourth floor booth where color printers are upstairs in the library. They only print in black and white. But here you just swipe your little card thing here like quick note about the printers are pretty cool. Like you can send something toe print under your name, and we have these little chaos everywhere. Well, not everywhere where printers are. And then you just swipe it. And the thank you printed is connected to that. And you could print it then from any picture. And so the fourth floor has pro color printers. Um, print really high definition. We have glossy paper, and then there's seating area. Yeah, that's the fourth floor printers. Okay, so this is your typical Parsons building classroom. We have these countertops that is durable for all types of materials. Stool chairs, whiteboard. This is a typical setting of a classroom. If it's a class with modelling, sessions often way have windows that'll be like, blurred off so he can't see inside and we'll have a modeling stand for the model to stand on. So multiple classrooms also include that for the models that we have otherwise, this is typically what Parsons classrooms look For students that live in the Carrie Hall. This is THIE Carrie Hall, student office. Come here just to consult with and he needs you have. Okay, an additional in addition to the Carrie Hall storms. Their studio of space. So here's like a studio area for students late at night to come work on their assignments. This here is the student lounge area. Gasol is here is the fitness center. For students. Nice workout center. Then they have these private music rooms for you to practice. Okay, so this is one of the classrooms. Go inside that you get seen here. It's nice and open. There's pretty much no privacy with these kind of classrooms as students walked by, especially cause this classroom is like with cafeteria is also so like these sort of classrooms. It's pretty open, going to get a lot of looks inside, but you just got to carry on. Keep on moving. But this is one of the class rooms this would be considered. I guess, like a core classroom, such as, like seminar classes or discussion classes. As you can see, the table is in a circle, so that's the use of one Okay, so this is a little behind the scenes. This hallway here, I can get you into a number of auditorium. So this is one of the largest auditoriums that we have. This's in the building. This's where, like, orientation takes place. As you can see right now, there's band practice. There's a nice big screen that comes from the ceiling there, but just a little side note. This auditorium is also taken a lot of times, and they play like this nice, cool jazz music, and he turned the lights down. So, like in between any of your classes, you happen to catch this place empty old boy, you're going to have the soul of your life. Don't come to the school. It's too much money. Sixty thousand dollars is out of control in these seventy. I don't. It's crazy, and I don't even have no money. OK, I'm broke as a joke. You're broke, eh? But okay, truthfully, how do you like this? You know, they have very nice resource is, you know, through every famous a shit. Every time they say every time I say the name, you know, it's right. You got a person who you know, it's very at his quo. It's cute, but like paying for it, telling the truth. That is a true for you. Okay, so this is one of the computer labs. When it's empty, students are welcome to just come in and use them. Otherwise this's where classes would be conducted. Such as this. Whoa! Awesome stuff going on in there. I got to mention our little water fountains. Nice building water. Another nice resource. Here are the shooting things. I forget the name, but you get the picture. You put your thing there and you shoot it. Like it, Jack box or jump. I don't remember. It's called, but, yeah, reverses. We have these nice little cubbies here with light boxes. It's for our nice art students, Todd. Okay. This is the fifth floor of the Parson's Building. Um, your freshman year, you'll take a class called Space of Materiality. It's basically a jumbo of a bunch of different topics. You don't really dive into your elective until sophomore year. It's a lot of integrated and integrated classes. Okay, so this is the bottom basement level of the you see building. There's always some kind of events going on. Truthfully, I don't really know what's going on here, but there's usually gatherings here of different departments, and they often have, like, as you can see, these little parties. Yeah. So down here in the basement level is where a good handful of your actual lectures will take place. Just because it's a nice, like, uh, inconspicuous space. Like it looks small on the outside. But, boy, let me show you. Okay, So these are the auditory owns a while The lights are off. Hold on. Well, there we G o some light in here. All right, So this is one of the lecture halls. This here is where predominantly most of the the lectures take place way have something called university lectures, which is a required credit classes such as philosophy I took, like immigration class. Just simple liberal arts topics. This is nice big lecture hall, not as big as the auditorium, but you'd be surprised by how many students can actually fit in this Okay, So this is the new school you see building. This is the common building amongst all of the different schools here. Okay, so this is the uses lobby. Those are the termed howls to get in. It's always something going on over there. I knew a long time. OK, then down this way is the new schools shot. Get some cool rad gear there. Then there's our good old elevators.