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Thinking about The University of Texas at Austin and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting The University of Texas at Austin in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet The University of Texas at Austin’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to The University of Texas at Austin, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the The University of Texas at Austin experience. These The University of Texas at Austin video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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what took you guys. So this week I'm going to tell you how I balanced school were self care, getting my life together, event planning, photography and a social life for the first time. Actually, let's start with getting my life together because we just got back from spring break at my room's a mess. My mind's a mess. My to do list is long. Need pause from reading right now, but one of the downsides of living in student housing is your upstairs papers are so loud that you have to hang on. I think that's for sure. I want to do I want to dress up. Dress will test Well, dress today. Goodbyes, goodbyes. So I just spending some at a copy shop. And now I'm going to page study here, becomes like, I think, 7 33 and I'm just gonna make, like, a little snack. So starting, So I should totally be doing something productive. Wednesdays on my longest days, I'm honest, exhausted right now and to kill some time before I think I forced myself to go grocery shopping. I'm watching Madsen's new YouTube video Pull a girl. Yes, guess Queen in love with my friends make you do videos? Another friend that actually uploaded again today was Audrey. She just went as a fulltime blogger, so should definitely check her out. I'm gonna link both of their videos down below. Shut out to you, girls. I love you guys. I love you so much. I love you, girl Buses. I love you. I actually have a project that is due today, but I'm gonna have submitted it real quick before going grocery shopping. I brought my reusable grocery backs Anyone else, like, forget to bring them sometimes wind down. I'm going to just journal. So basically lost. And I was so tired. My upstairs neighbors are being loud again. However, it sounded like they were doing it. So I went upstairs and I was a livid, and it was, like, 11 p.m. a m plus right now. And I actually told them that the person about my room, I was doing it and they all laughed naturally. Funny. So anyway, I woke up and they left that, like, little apology thing at my door. Pretty explanatory of living in a college apartment. I gotta copyright claim on my five morning long story short I deleted it and we uploaded it so we could help a sister out and get her views back. I will get down below, and now I'm going to make breakfast before I have to go to work. And then after work, we're going esprit san, and the actors spray tan. We're gonna study, and then after we study, we have a deal of checks and meeting. So Okay, so I just got to the warehouse where I work. I work for Red Bull. I am a student marketeer. So, yes, I am one of the people that drives the Mini Cooper here in Austin. Yeah. So it's also during a round up. So today we're probably gonna go sample some lines for roundup bands, which will be going to this weekend. Stay tuned. Let's get this bread. Okay, So I just got off work, and now I'm going to get a spray tan. I haven't got a spray tan and literally over a year, so I forgot how to do this. Hopefully I don't turn out orange. OK, good. Let's do it. Oh, my God. I look so I got it. You can't even tell. So tumbler cool. Fallon and I are doing homework. Kind of. In a way, I'm based in English, and then I have to go to a meeting. Oh, hey, So Okay. Oh, my God. I went to the daily trucks in meeting last night, and then came home made dinner. I didn't wash off my spray tanks, several to wash it off. Today, the sliding makes me look not as orange. This is what I look like right now. My stomach. Okay, so we're going to the shower and hope that I don't look super orange when I get out. Okay, so I wash it all off. And like, honestly, I wouldn't make up and I'm feeling myself Love this Leaney is you don't get spread hands because I don't. But I did, and I'm not getting it at all. So I'm gonna make breakfast and then hop on a phone call with boo hoo about planning myself. Care of it for you, T. I'm really excited. We're working on it. Kind of like all week. So? So I came to a coffee shop and my hair is crazy. Now read my book. And now I am on my way to another daily Texan meeting. Good morning, you guys. So it is Saturday and I am wearing these little collagen aip ashes because a girl has had a crazy week, as you have seen tonight is round up. So if you don't know what roundup is, it's basically just like a huge party for Greek life, right? I don't know. It's like run by Greek life here at u T. But, um, even this year, I still have not gone to a UTI party, so this will be our first. Therefore, we're balancing a social life to my right. So when you coming outfit from Urban Outfitters and I will show you guys, this isn't done getting ready, I'm going to get ready, and then I'm going to spray myself with a girl with payer. So I've already this is that Eva and I see from, like, influenced remarks lying all around, you know? Okay, I'm ready for round up. I'm super excited loving my outfit. And then I also put on these see through vans with fishnet socks. So any look super dope. I'm really proud of this outfit that came together last minute. Really excited. This is gonna be my first You tea party slash my first round up. So I'm really excited. I will try to get you guys some footage on my phone, but I don't bring my camera because I have nowhere to put it. It's got some fun. Let's go get some Socialite. Thank you so much for coming along this week. It was so crazy yesterday I just went to be keeping class data photo project worked on daily checks and assignments and today I had a test in one of my classes. And now here's just another week ready to kick my butt. But I will see you guys in the next video. Don't read too light coming in. Subscribe and I will see you all later, Bunny. So I'll start my tour here at the PCL. It's one of the biggest libraries and one closest to my dorm, which also soon. Right now, there's a bunch of different events going on right here to do a trash treasure thing. So everything here's a dollar, which is pretty, pretty dope. Um, I'll take you into PCL later tonight when I know it's going to be busy because one thing you don't know about college, everybody, Martin, some people, those people wait till the last minute to do their stuff, and it's always late at night. So the best time to show you the library is like right here where I am right now is called Speedway. This path takes you all the way down. It's in a museum that way. Keep stretching out. Two, maybe some of the electrical engineering buildings. I don't know. I'm a theater major, so that'll do all that. So one cool thing about Speedway is this is where a lot of the words are table ing, so you'll learn about student or eggs. Some people just be giving out food. Sometimes there's petting zoos. There's petting Zoo is actually a lot. For some reason, I don't understand why right here is my dormitory. And you know, as a first year, you're probably going to be saying here or I mean, as a UTI student, you're going to come here anyway. So this is the Jester West Center. I'll be checking you in here. One thing to know about you T is this place is forty acres long, so you either going to be walking unless you're fortunate enough to have wheels. So big, big, big college thing. Have some sort of transportation before coming here. So whether it's a board, that's better. Whether it's a board, Bye or scooter, I don't know if you want to bring a non motorized scooter like push away the class. Do it because normally the weather is a little bit in today, so the speedway is not completely crowded. But imagine. But like, five hundred people go in the same direction one way and you're trying to get the class. It's gonna be annoying to get through all those people with a bike, but I mean, they see someone on a bike, they're eventually going to move so it's better to have that and just walk. Another cool take about UT is that they have a bike sharing program. So if you're UT student, you're able which you're ut I t to check out these bikes for an hour and bring him back and park him at any of these stations or any stations that looked like this. So that's one thing that I can. I commend you. Tr Thank you really support a students were getting around even like if I wanted to go somewhere where I wanted to go shopping or something like that. I don't have my car on campus. So I take the bus system, used the bus system the way I I am able to get on the bus when I'm paying for it is my duty. I d. So if you lose that thing, you know, since in dollars replacement pick up. So here I am with gestures Starbucks. There's a wind eze down there. Take you that way. Did you get your And in here you'll see some organizations table. Wendy is fun. Fact, this is like the highest grossing what news like ever. But what's extremely ironic about this place is like Walmart. It's just like a WalMart where there's so much, so much going in and on Lee like three people working at a time. But it is the hot spot, you know, I'll bring back around like I want to see. Well, thirty, I bet this place will be back. What is it? You guys will go back to my channel and welcome to another video dedicated to the University of Austin, Texas. Wait, That was not English at the University of Texas at Austin. You clicked on this video. You applied to the University of Texas and you didn't get it so well. A year ago I was in your same shoes. And now I do go to the diversity Texas. So I am able to tell you God is how I was able Thio get n u T after a year of rejection. So I will just give you a quick synopsis in high school by applying for University of Texas at Austin. And I got about a 3.93 in high school. However, I went to a very large school. So basically, even though I had such a high g a, I was in just the top quarter of my class, it was like top 20% at UT. It's on Lee Automatic acceptance top 7% now. It used to be talked to present. I didn't have that. So after I applied, I did not get in and I got capped. And cap is a program where they offer you to go to one of the schools in their program. You work hard, then you may or may not get in. I personally do not choose that route. And I went to Texas Tech University for a year and then after I got a four, you know, I wanted to apply for U. T. My sophomore year of college. So by the time I was done being a sophomore, I had applied to you t and these are the steps that I followed in order to find out that I got in as a junior. So first, you have to have 60 hours at UT in order to get a degree. If you have already completed 60 hours and you're technically a junior, when you're watching this, you don't think it is feasible or a smart idea. Thio still apply to you t and just know maybe this isn't for you, But if it does scare you that you will still need 60 hours of you teeth. Thank you for watching the number one figure out. If you want to go to UT for your specific major or if it's more important to you to just get an dut and change your major. So for me, I was in the business school, but I knew it was less likely for me to get into your teeth for business. So I thought that it would be more up my alley and change my major toe advertising, which is in the communication school of beauty in order to get and rather than get rejected from becomes do your research on each school within you team because some of them are easier to get in the other. You have a higher chance of getting into the communication school. Then you do the business school. You have a higher chance of getting into the liberal arts school. Then you do the communications research. What, You're okay with changing your major, too, or just see what your major falls into. After you've done that, you make sure you're taking classes that can transfer to you. T. There's no need having credits that are not benefiting you in the hopes you do get into UT. So not saying only take classes that don't benefit your degree out where you're currently at. Just gonna do TV saying Take credits for your current major at your current school that still transferred through some credit. You t you can do this by going to the 80. You search engine totally go global. But what it does is it pops up engine where you can type in your course number in the name of your course. It will translate that into what it transfers to at U T. Or if it does at all. Some causes do not transfer. Next. You need to be completely committed when I say committed. I mean, it is on the top of your motivation list every single day at your current college. For me, everything I did at Texas Tech was with the intention that I was going to UT. It seems like a lot more work to do study for 12 hours a day and miss out on parties and social life. It was all worth it to me, because in the end, I wanted all the possibility that I was going to get in the U. T. And don't be attack anyway, which worked out for me. So and you set your mind to that and you work as hard as you really possibly can. You can get it. This is not a We're tight as you can, but it actually means half ass it because that's not gonna work. This is a very competitive school to get into. Acceptance rate is a very small compared to other universities on if you want to have a degree from U T. That is worth the value is that you have to put in work whatever school you're at, whether it's community college or university or state school. You need a 4.0, I should not have anything less than the 3.8. You can also see the statistics on what you pay percentages get end and then you need to be taking 15 hours, obviously nothing less than 12 hours. Because then you're a wonderful time college student. 15 hours shows them that you can handle a lot. Personally, I took 16 and 15 hours at Texas Tech and I thought it was a lot. I take 12 hours at u T. And it feels like the same amount, of course work, if not more. That just kind of puts in perspective to you that this college is a lot more difficult and they want to know that you busted your butt where you are. And then you could handle what they have to offer next union building up the extended resume. So, Mike So the resume goes back from the freshman year of high school all the way till today. And it has every single volunteer activity, every single extracurricular, every single honors, every single award, everything documented descriptive on that resume. It needs to be as long as you possibly can make it. And I know that this is the only time that I will ever tell you to make your restroom a really, really long. I'm talking. Sometimes I had 10 bullet points just to describe what I did as a hostess at a restaurant. Nick, it sounds prestige is you can don't over word it just for fun. But if you could make anything that you did seem a lot more difficult slash honorary, then do it to your advantage. On that resume, you need to be included in as many clubs on your college campus as possible. So they do care way more about your college, where than your high school history. The high school is just kind of like a bomb on a truck and get involved in as many clubs and organizations. You. I was a part of fashion shows, marketing competition, and I started interviewing volleyball team. All these things just show them that I can spread my time among a lot of opportunity. I also make sure that all of these activities were relevant in some way to the major. I was lying, and that's definitely a key. As the more relatability you have to your major, the stronger your case is for them wanting you to come in. So if you are an advertising student, but you seem to have just a lot of cooking. Experience doesn't make as much sense as marketing experience or photography or things that align with satin major. My next step is to kiss all of your teachers, but I sit in the front row. I go to their office hours. I talked to them every single day. I am a disaster, and it benefits me because of the end of the semester. If I need a 0.5 bump in order to get an A for my four point home, at least they like me and they usually do it or not. You want rec letters that are going to stand out. So you want teachers that swoon over you and you also want really good connections, whether it be a principal or Dean or someone used to work for. I had the head of an advertising agency that I worked for Ryder rec letter for me and I also had my communications teacher write a letter for me and it matched eight aligned with my major. So rec letters are very important. And you want to the max amount, which I think is to three when they say optional is not optional, fill every single being on the application for the actual UT application and the Applied Texas application you have. Essays in those essays are the only way that the people reading it can see you as a person and not just a resume. So your resident will have all your Lydia and your high school experience and tell them how smart you are and you have your transcripts out four point out. Use your it's to your advantage and talk about some trauma that happened to you. If you talk about the hardships you've injured and talk about why you want a former no student in high school. You weren't. Now just give them a sob story about how you report. I mean, you weren't able to focus on school. You have to work into school with a high priority. But it wasn't one. That's why, you know, in high school, you make them cry. The more you have their emotions, the more likely they are to accept you. They don't want anything boring, and they also don't want a lot of big words that make you sound smart. They want a story, and they want a story about you that tells them they're letting the right person and make sure that you apply before the deadline. It's just not worth it. They're not gonna chase after you to make sure your transcripts and it's just not a thing, and you want time to make sure everything goes smoothly. If you want the application and early to make sure your transcripts going ahead, would you also be sending them? And you need to be calling both schools to be calling your current school when you make you tea until both ends of the phone are telling you that they receive your transcript. No one is going to give you a free pass. Oh, no. I have a friend that applied and he well deserved to go here at u T. But he did not get in, really did not receive his transcripts in time. And, like I was saying, on applying Texas that application, fill out every single box. Even if it's optional, fill it out. And even if you only have a couple of community service things that you can remember the need to go to more community service and put that on that next. If you want this work widow and actually want to get into U T and you, I don't like the school you're at right now or it's just a non injury in school like you t as follow every single thing I understand in this watch my other U team videos down below. Remember, Sometimes you have to sacrifice, so you might not be able to go to all the parties. You might not be able to be with your friends every day. I have to live the library for 12 hours a day, and that's okay because I did it and it's so work, then the next thing is, I want you to visualize yourself a beauty. How you you're going to feel when you're walking around campus? What you gonna do in onstage rig floor? You're gonna feel like get in. And how excited are you to start your education here with all those practices of visualizing yourself in those situations, you will get closer to being inside situation. I definitely use visualization and manifestation in order to get into your TV so I can also don't blow a law of attraction video if that is something you care about because it really helped me get here to my dream school on It is so I will also like down below all of my blog's you to use. You can see inside the life of what it's like a student here, which is amazing, and I'm sure you've heard that they're doing the free tuition. I will also link down below my thoughts and opinions on the free tuition if you care about that. But that is all I have for you today. If you have any tips on how to get into your TV, definitely leaving no lo, you have any questions? Come then. Ready Message on instagram at the end of the jewels and like this video, and it was helpful. Don't subscribe on I was next. You can go on over to the a manageable dot com to check out my website, and I also just launched my new blawg. So if you want, check that out. Just go to the link in the description or type in the amanda jul dot com and you can read through my newest flog BOS. I'm gonna have it every morning. I'm running down three things I'm grateful for. When I wake up, I've noticed that if it makes my day better because I start my day with positive thoughts in the morning, I also like to look at my to do list for the day, whether I wrote something the night before that I need to get accomplished today or things that I need to write down to remind me to do on top of right anyone journal. I also have a gratitude wall that I put sticky notes of things that I'm thankful for on here. Since I'm trying to grow out my hair, I'm gonna take some hair, skin and nail vitamins. After all of that. Let's go to class. Okay, so I'm currently walking to class and I don't know, like every day that I'm walking to class, I'm gonna have to pinch myself because I wanted to live here my whole life. And now that it's actually happening and I go to my dream school, I'm like, What is This is cool. It's pretty dope. I passed the state Capitol walking to one of my classes, and I'm just like Hello. Hello, world. I think I have a quiz today, so I'm getting to cause a little bit early to study and also to get front row spot. you guys welcome back to my channel if you're ready Here. Hi. My name is Amanda. Jule and I make videos about college. Specifically, you probably clicked on this video to know my thoughts on transferring universities, maybe even specifically about the University of Texas at Austin. I made a video how I got into my dream school, a University of Texas at Austin. So if you are curious about that type of stuff I willing back down below I don't want to make this too much of a video. Why I transferred. I will stay out to Texas Tech University for my freshman and sophomore year of college, and it waas a really good experience. I will not deny that. And it was perfect for that part of my life. It was definitely a stepping stone and where I needed to be. Ultimately, I had always had the dream of coming to the University of Texas at Austin, and I always strived to be very intelligent. I cared a lot about academics and also cared a lot about what my family thought of me and how smart I appeared to my family because my brother came here like 20 years ago, and then his wife as well came here. So it was just a president that I really wanted to live up to. I also was always just in awe of how selective UT Woz and I wanted to fit their standards. So getting in here was really important to me on checking boxes of things that I wanted to fulfill in my own life. Regardless, I was actually happy at Texas Tuck and I didn't like being five hours away from my family. It also was very far away from a lot of things. Therefore, I felt personally trapped. Once I started to really dive into creative pursuits and wanting to pursue things that were in creative rooms, I felt very limited. I made the best of my situation as I was there, but I knew I didn't want to be there longer than I had to. I worked really hard. Thio maintain a 4.0, in order to transfer to you t. When I finally got the acceptance letter to u T. I was going through a really hard time last summer. I honestly did it really know what UT had to offer, but I was just glad that I didn't have to go back to Texas. Tak, I need Thio, say, like Mike Trent, Texas Tak was very unique and I will always love that place. It will always hold a certain place in my heart. However, my experience is not the same as everyone else is. Just because I wasn't happy does not mean that they're not 30,000 kids that go there right now that are content there. And that does not mean that you wouldn't like it. But these air my stories. So here we are. When I got into UT obviously moved to Austin. Austin was one of my dream cities to live in, So I was really excited to finally get to live that dream over. I did have a issue with a student that goes to you, t and it reached the links of where I had to seek help from authorities. And all I want to say is that regardless of how my body reacted to the situation, I have to commend you t on the way they handle that because ever since the dean of students slash student conduct got involved, I have had so many last issues, and I have been able to genuinely enjoy my experience here. So I'm really thankful to you t for being protective off students lives slash their experiences. So that's just something that's really important to me as university to just zero tolerance for things like what I went through. And then once that was kind of handled, I began to get to really experience what you've had to offer. I started my classes. And what's so amazing about my experience so far is all of the professors I've had are badass one. They're an amazing connection. So definitely it's awesome that I got to network with my professors who have established their career and have made a lot of successes in their lifetime. It's just so valuable toe learn from these people, not only academics, but life experiences, and getting to network with them is really cool. The coursework. I will say it's a lot harder. So I took 15 to 16 hours at Texas Tech University and yet do not get me wrong. That was super hard, like I pulled many all nighters. But at UT, it is such a rigorous course load that I personally have only taken 12 hours a semester, which is pretty normal here. But it was definitely kind of a culture shock for me and going from taking 16 hours to taking 12 hours and still being as equally stressed. And I almost had to work harder for My grades were just taking 12 hours than taking 16 hours and able to make a four point out. Also, something that is very different. That I wasn't used to is at UT. The G P a skill is a lot different. Ah, 4.0 cuts off a 94. However, at my old college, it cut off at 90. Like any A was a 4.0 UT. It's like 94 is a four point No. 91 is like a 3.67 and it just goes down from there like B minus B B plus. It's almost frustrating at U T. Because you can feel like a four point on student. But just because you have all A's doesn't mean you're before point. Oh, you have to have all a pluses. So that's been something that I've had to kind of adjust to and realize my g p a doesn't define me. Yeah, and also the cost is this I don't think has to do with really UTI versus another university. However, the time that I came into u T I just so happened to take classes that all are interesting. They're all things I care about, like photography advertising. Like I learned about influencers. I learned about YouTube like, That's insane to me and I know that that's probably just because I'm finally in a major that suits me. I did transfer into the advertising school instead of staying in finance and marketing like it was in my old university, so that could have a lot to do with it. But it's just been a very, very good experience to be learning about things I care about. I also personally love my time UT because it's in Austin. I know that I've already said that. But Austin has always been a city that I've dreamt of being in, and it's really cool to be in a hub that people that aren't in college want to come to us in any way. So it's cool to intermix city life and school. That's an awesome and not there's just so much to do in Austin outside of you too. I also love the people. So at my old school I felt like I was more time than not surrounded by people that just didn't have the same vision as me. They weren't interested in creative pursuits and they weren't always the most open minded people. However, at UT there are a larger population of liberal people, a lot of artistic individuals and just people being more open minded. I feel like blogging around U. T is a lot easier for you, and it's also been nice because I've had a lot of beauty students come up to me and say, like Hey, like I see you two videos, it did it up. It's also if you're watching this high. I also say that at UT, I've been a lot more involved with the school beside like student conduct, I joined Gamma Beta FIA Honor Society. Also, I joined the daily Texan as a photo journalist. That was a really big dream of mine because I really wanted to be able to pick up the daily Texan from the newsstands that scattered throughout the university but also throughout different business establishments. in Austin and to see my name. And it was a really cool, full circle moment. I have, like a whole wall and a bunch of copies of publications that have my working it. It was nice to be in a journalistic environment, especially one that is widely recognized. A daily Texan is like one of a few university publications that still print five days a week on there, a lot of pull surprise of winners that come from the daily Texan. Trinity has also been awesome because there is just such a huge network of people that have gone to you. T so some downsides of transferring universities as a lot of people make their friends their freshman year of universities. When you transfer in as technically a junior, it's harder to find your friends. I particularly honestly, was just going through a really hard time last year that when I did finally get to you, t I had to try to juggle a new school like losing a lot of friends, and I didn't want to make new friends. Yeah, and I've been lucky to have friends like Madison who goes here and would try to actively get me to go out or to meet her friends. And I just would always kind of Rick loose because if I wasn't working on school, I would want to use any of my free time on YouTube or photography. I've gotten better, but now So I have started to actually, like, let people into my little bubble. But nothing that I would also say is since I transferred in, I came in with, like, over 70 hours. However, you need 60 hours on UT campus in order to get a degree. Therefore, when you're only taking 12 hours a semester and you don't want to do summer school, I'm gonna be here for an extra year. Also, because I changed my major. So my major at Texas Tech was financed and marketing. When I transferred to u. T. I went into advertising, which is like a taste of business, but mainly and taste of creative. So I extended my time here, basically, but I'm still monitoring in business at McComb's, so it works out because all those credits from Texas Tech will help me finish my minor here at U. T. And I was sitting here right now thinking I only had a year left of college. I would not really like that. I'm honestly glad that I have two more years left because I feel like I didn't get enough time at UT. It's really cool because I used to get really sad thinking about going back to my other university just because it was so far. Like a lot of other factors. It's been so refreshing to know that I get to come back to Austin and that I get to go to UT and it's just completely spiked my motivation. I will the live. It's a really cool feeling Thio be where I love and to get to do what I love and to get to study where I've always loved. Like I would say that if you are watching this and you are at any school that you don't feel right at, that's okay, like it clearly happens, okay. And there are plenty of other people here on this platform and in real life that they just didn't get it right the first time. Don't give up, apply. It doesn't matter how old you are. Do what's in your best interests. If you're watching this and you go to Texas tag? Don't think I'm like talking crap about the school. Like I said, this is my experience. I have the right to that. If you're watching this and you're thinking about going to u T do it, do it, Do it, do it. I am so happy and blessed and grateful to get to go to this school. If you have any other questions about U. T. Or my transfer experience, definitely one check out the video down below how I got into my dream school. But to message me on instagram at B A manageable I will help you out. I will reply, Softens. I can't thank you guys so much for watching. Don't forget to, like come and subscribe. And if you're curious about my life here at UT, I have a whole playlist. Dedicated it to the University of Texas until next time I will see you all all right, What does every guys welcome back to my channel? My name is manageable, and if you renew here, hello, I make college videos and I go to the University of Texas Austin. You could say that this weekend. It was a really big surprise about what the university Texas is doing. Starting in the fall of 2020 years, T Austin will cover tuition for students whose families earn up to $65,000 a year. This is a historic moment for the University of Texas at Austin. You haven't already heard University of Texas Austin decided Thio my free tuition for students whose families make less than $65,000 a year and to provide additional assistance to families that make up to $125,000 a year. This is crazy. As a student at the University of Texas Austin, I did not see this coming. There was nothing going on around campus that lead anyone to have a hint that they were working on this. However, over the weekend we did learn that they came up with $160 million endowment, which does come from royalties of gasoline and okay, now what is incredible about what you're doing is is acknowledging the fact that the University of Texas has a very sought after degree now. It also is recognizing that financial needs sometimes is the barrier between them receiving such talent. And Texas is that students cannot afford to go to University of Texas. Not only is tuition up to $11,000 a year, but that is on top of your living expenses. As someone goes to u T. I am very aware that it is so expensive to live in Austin. My rent for one room in a four bedroom is $1100 a month, and that is before any other living expenses. That's a lot of money, especially for families that are poverty or are just less fortunate. So a lot of students to survive scholarships, grants and loans. The efforts of this is to create a more accessible, higher education and forced against that already. This is something that I believe a lot of schools will now start wanting to implement. It is a great way to break the circle of poverty if they are able to get into UT, which is a job on itself. They deserve to be here. So by allowing these students to still come to you, T without having to worry about tuition can help break this circle because they will then carry on their education and get a degree from UT. They will have a very high chance of getting a job straight out of college, which could totally change their life. If you're talking about not going to college first days getting your degree, especially from the University of Texas, this is a big deal. Also, because there are over 44 million borrowers that have been taken out student loans in America alone, there is a collective $15 trillion of student debt in US alone. Shouldn't that is the second highest, eh? It's really awesome that you t is going to be one of the first schools to kind of break this barrier. So my question about all of this is is going to effect the grants that these students are receiving? If the school is giving you free tuition, are they still gonna be giving you all of these grants that they are giving you facts up? If they're paying for the tuition itself, which is one of my biggest concerns because as a student receives grants and loans, all of that money seems school first before any leftover money hits my account. So even though tuition would be free, does it just equal out because you're not getting the same amount of grants? Therefore, you're still receiving the same amount of money because you weren't seeing those grants loans anyway, as we were paying for your tuition. I'm really curious about this. So if you have any idea or and you have a comment on that comic tableau, I really want to know, Do you think this is gonna have that grants that are being awarded to the students? I don't know. Your opinion on this is going to push for other schools. Start doing this. I am so surprised that my school UT Austin is the 1st 1st school to do this. I think this is amazing. I, um, really excited to see how it all plays out and what this means for the future of education and for the future at UT. I also really want to know. Is this going to outrage the families that are paying more upperclassmen and more milk Osman. I also believe this is going to have an effect on elections. Coming up in 2020 2016 of Bernie Sanders was advocate for free, too, for your college education and a lot of people. But that was insane. They thought it was a socialist. And now we see what's happening. So this could affect who people are voting for in elections. If people are wanting more colleges to do this, maybe a little factory runs for office. But that's all just my speculation. So let me know down below. What all do you think you team giving free tuition is going to effect? Are you happy about it? Are you mad about it? Let me know this video like And if you want more, you see really content. Make sure to check out my videos like down below. I also have a playlist dedicated to videos. I mean, t raging from how I got in my thoughts and University of Texas and a lot of logs you see inside the scope of what it's like to attend to you t on. I'm excited. So this does not go into effect until fall 20 twenties. We do have a year for things to kind of boil down and figure out what it means exactly. And it also is not eligible for graduate students. So it's very interesting that we may find out more restrictions or terms and conditions. Thank you all so much for watching. Don't let me know what you think I'm below and like this video, subscribe to on your phone notification, and I will see you all in the next video. You can go on over to thea manageable dot com to check out my website, and I also just launched my new blawg. So if you want, check that out. Just go to the link in the description or type in the amanda jul dot com and you can None of that was recording. Blonde woman. Okay, so this is my dorm. This is my dorm. You know, that has a little bit of closet space. This is a renovated room. So, you know, kind of all you're going to get. I'm gonna lie you nto a little itty bitty refrigerator TV's not included. Neither is a coffee machine, man. My lady. Tracking what my fingers is on point right now, most rooms have a saying, Let's see going out. One thing people are really concerned about is, you know, safety especially nowadays with everything is current. Safety is a really big thing with schools and for parents to worry about, too. Help laundry. What? You access that? What? Your key, like same room. Like the room key that they give you is the same one for logic. Quoting like ut hundreds free So close one's open You can hop in larger whoever you want to their study rooms on each floor everywhere every corner work beauty plate locked on it so or The only way you can get in each floor is if you have your ID. So I can't stress enough. Keep up with your beauty. I'd That is your duty to everything. Library checks, outs getting into your door, getting in past midnight, getting past the big Chester West doors past midnight. You need your i d. To verify that you are a student. Okay now? Shouldn't be taking my sweet time. See. Apple. So. Passing a church of Scientology. I would hope that, you know, that's something you're interested in to each his own. There's a coffee shop here, CBS. Yes. Po play Coop is where you get some art supplies. University bank. If he needs money, the cough is where you get something of textbooks. Ut year. I mean, whatever you make me for this semester. Going further down. There's more like stores restaurant, but I'm a ticket this way. This court are here always some coke here, positive, always. Everywhere picture of the tower, which I guess I could take you to want to say. All right. Almost pluggers. It hasn't been that long. Has been like Clive. But I'm gonna legally cross the street, not jaywalk. It's no Yeah. So these are some of the off campus places like this building. Right here is the Castillion. So, you know, those are closer Lick off campus right here is considered West campus. So West campus is, uh, any living that's here is not controlled directly by UT. So probably not gonna be our a's these air. So where's the juniors and sophomores go. You know what they're tired of? Living and Mike Jester are Hade campus on campus here, get an apartment, Get some roommates that life. Almost. Two. This is a better building. No, I never lived here are been here. Twenty two upto my thumb. What's up, guys? My name is Christian, and I'm here to give you a tour of the University of Texas at Austin. Huckle Hordes, now big A first year student, I could say that hokum horn slogan with so much enthusiasm come next semester problem will be as enthusiastic. Probably like a little look, um, but you know, it's whatever school pride I'm here to answer the questions that I would have had or I did have, actually, as a high school senior looking for colleges, where to eat, where to study. How do I get involved in campus culture? We're gonna actually be people. Where can I meet people that identify with all these questions and more that I hope to capture in the All right. I just left Gregory Jim headed back to just a west center. You see, a super sweaty, but Gil work up to that. So it's cool. But Greg, open toe when one You could check a basketball volleyballs, crack it, balls, whatever else you need. There's plenty of vending machines, you know, so you could get something to drink. Yeah, let's see. So also, another thing about your teeth is late at night. They have it. They called Sure ride. So those hearts right there, you signed up for the program. And if you live, like further, like like West campus somewhere. So what? Haven't you walk by yourself? You'll get rides from Jester Centre and they'll take you to where you live. It's a little bit of a wait. So another option is sure Lift uses the lift app. And ifyou're ut student, they'll take you wherever you need to go after eleven. So if you're here late at night, so times you will be you can just have them pick you up on campus and they'll take you home for free. Oh, all right. I'm almost Beckett here. Justice Center. It's about like, twelve. Forty five. So, like I said, the hot spot late at night to get some food. What? You're not late studying crap. It's Wendy's, even though you're gonna get tired of it eventually. With These is always a spy. He gets up to the because they're open till four a. M. So this twelve forty four, they're still crap. People will want these. I guess that highest grossing Windies in America. We're like, Let's count how many people are working right now? One. Two three four for like. Forty students in here. But, you know, it's whatever it's not a full scale with, so I can't really get on their butts, right? All right, now that it is twelve. Forty, I'm back here Jester, West Center. And in order to get past the big metal doors, I'm gonna have to use my stupid idea. Like I said, it's your keys, Tio. Everything cool, You get to pull that out. That's cool. You can use this. Little keep outta here. They're my things about wallet here, so later. You too. So I disrupted your sobriety. I can really see it because water in my hands.