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What's up, guys? My name is Christian, and I'm here to give you a tour of the University of Texas at Austin. Huckle Hordes, now big A first year student, I could say that hokum horn slogan with so much enthusiasm come next semester problem will be as enthusiastic. Probably like a little look, um, but you know, it's whatever school pride I'm here to answer the questions that I would have had or I did have, actually, as a high school senior looking for colleges, where to eat, where to study. How do I get involved in campus culture? We're gonna actually be people. Where can I meet people that identify with all these questions and more that I hope to capture in the Hi guys. I'm here with Perla, and we're about to take part of one of the big Texas traditions, and that's us supporting our UTI athletes at their, you know, whatever sports not there at. So we're here at the Frank Irwin sinner. Big huge stating them about. You say ten minute walking campus, ten minute walk from campus. Um, so, yeah, have pearly here, and she's gonna help you guys, you know, by answering a few questions on DH. Yeah. So, Pearl, introduce yourself and why are you here? Okay. So us Christian said my name is Perla Vega. I'm Crilly McCombs. I'm studying business. I'm a freshman, so I'm unspecified business, but I'm thinking of majoring in finance. I'll see what I do. All right. Uh, So how do you feel about like, the campus climate? The how? How does UT feel as compared to other schools? Um, first of all, I really like what I like about Austin is that there's a huge diversity, might come from South Texas, and there's usually, like, just all Hispanic. So when I came here, my started meeting and meeting a lot of people at learning about different cultures and races which is something I really like about Austin. All right, So while we're going to be honest with our high school seniors here, watching, what is your favorite thing about college and your least favorite thing so far? That's a tough question. Oh, my. Everything about Austin ISS or college out C is the atmosphere. I love you. I love the people, get along so well and there's always gonna be something for you. There's a bunch of organizations, you name it. There's everything. For instance, we're hearing out. That's why I love basketball. We're right here about to get into the last game and the least thing about college, three things that I like. Continue getting up early. Eighty EMS. That's the least thing that I like had one today. Complains. What's second. Oh, thank you. It's Yeah, no. You coming down? Sure. Thanks. When you go Mags, don't one job. Thank you. Let's go. Wait. Just got free. One of recruits. All right, cool. Thatjust happened. Doesn't think I like about college. Get free food randomly. But yeah. So we just went through security. We're about to go find our seats and get ready for the game. Perla explained, like your classes. How are they? They're great, right? Honestly, when I came here to Austin to UT, I never thought that I was going to take, like, the random since ever. For instance, right now I'm taking one of my favorite classes, which is life and death decisions. I love that class. I never thought I would take it. I'm taking a lot of basics for my business conference in some taking the A one a one. This administration I'm taking M s and yeah. All right, Cool. Well, we're about to sit down in the game. I'll get you guys some good footage of All right. Continuing my tour of Dpc Mel, we're on the second level right now, which is the level you in Toronto. It's like, So here's the thing with the PCO it's I know a really good study spot. There's multiple floors or six floors, so it all depends on what you're studying to decide where your study. So if you're doing like group were collaborative work, you go to the fifth floor. The reason why it's a Saturday nights and probably released. The reason why is that? It's kind of it's literally being noisy, so I can go here and not change my level of voice because everybody's here normally allowed anyway. Let's see. Normally if I came here like three in the morning, they're being crept people in all these rooms, there's also the rooms that you can, you know, runout. Just little looks in crannies, whatever. You could find a place to go. Said you'll do it. That, Yeah, studying. Find people that you know all the time. A bit. Sit up. Thank you. Oh, come on. Studying. This is also I do not come to the fifth floor unless, I mean, if I have something to do, I'll come here. But I mean, if it's a really, really important like unless I tried to, like, find a place for myself. I don't here like hooker, So stay in your rooms. I'm cool thing really cool. If you have, like a group work, they have these little like TV's that you can use so late air media, you type in the code, and whatever you have displayed on the screen, we'll pop up on there and Yeah, you guys should do like group work. Hopefully it's work. We courage does work. There's so many random things that happened on the fifth floor like last semester. There was Library Olympics. Look it up on YouTube, UT Library Olympics. They're going to see some stuff pretty entertaining. None of that was recording. Blonde woman. Okay, so this is my dorm. This is my dorm. You know, that has a little bit of closet space. This is a renovated room. So, you know, kind of all you're going to get. I'm gonna lie you nto a little itty bitty refrigerator TV's not included. Neither is a coffee machine, man. My lady. Tracking what my fingers is on point right now, most rooms have a saying, Let's see going out. One thing people are really concerned about is, you know, safety especially nowadays with everything is current. Safety is a really big thing with schools and for parents to worry about, too. Help laundry. What? You access that? What? Your key, like same room. Like the room key that they give you is the same one for logic. Quoting like ut hundreds free So close one's open You can hop in larger whoever you want to their study rooms on each floor everywhere every corner work beauty plate locked on it so or The only way you can get in each floor is if you have your ID. So I can't stress enough. Keep up with your beauty. I'd That is your duty to everything. Library checks, outs getting into your door, getting in past midnight, getting past the big Chester West doors past midnight. You need your i d. To verify that you are a student. So right here is just a west center where I live in resign. Same thing about you is how to get past every door. You need to have your beauty. Phyllis is during the day. You go to get everywhere. So right here, there's some other places. Where Or do you think that's a warning? That's something for off campus living anyway. So throughout these holes you'll see posters and banners. Not this is where you'll go to sea. Like what's going on campus takes the lives of This is music festivals. That happened mostly last year. It doesn't bye trials. Play is tutoring. Everything is mostly on bulletin boards, random events you might Okay, That's creepy. Is Hey, two, right, Get seen shop. You know, they have all the six your crab platforms, things that you may need throughout the show cooking. But this building host a lot of student shows. So if you're here as an acting major, you got to show you wanna put out, talk to somebody. Put it out, Write it. You know, they'll help you get to your goal. So I'm here in the Pain Theatre. Now, This isn't just dance for teens. Interesting. All right, so I don't know what showed will to go on here. All I know is that I'm setting it up and it's a crapped on work. So what I've done so far in here, this is where my classes? Because I'm working media crew. So that means I hang projectors, Like I said, set up the computers. So the not exactly lighting, but the media stuff of it. Yes. Keep saying media like you're supposed to know what that means. Okay, So days there's projectors hanging up there. So I can, like, project crap onto these toe, help the show that makes any sense. So this dip wasn't here. Some would be very careful. And walking through here, um, there is where, you know the booth where you can see everything actually take You guys look into the catwalks. You're about to witness me, not go up in a harness and the cat walks because It's an ordeal I'm probably gonna have to put one on later. Well, see, I try to avoid it as much as I humanly can. No, no, no. Yeah. All right. Well, did you know there's a lot of walking ut like I said and a lot of frickin just stairs. Especially when you're Dina Ranger still up here. Give me another bird's eye view of the pain. Kimble. Cool. All right, we're up here in the booth. This is normally where sound and media would be in some land and people. No. So, yeah, that's what we were, uh would be my set up. What I really need is a monitor computer interface on a stuff. This is where sound goes sound of media Okay. Also located in gesture west sinner is figure learning center. Now, this is a place for well, if you need to during created have subjects or things like that, they offer it here. So Ugo and request itude here for whatever you need. I don't know what it is particularly for you if it's free or not. I'm not entirely sure, but I know there are some places that offer free tutoring on campus. So like I said, watch out for those bulletin boards and, you know, join organizations org's will let you know, like what's free, what you like, What's free, what's not, you know, even if it you know, does cause I'm pretty sure it's like, really reasonable. We're here to help you succeed and you know, becomes So I'll start my tour here at the PCL. It's one of the biggest libraries and one closest to my dorm, which also soon. Right now, there's a bunch of different events going on right here to do a trash treasure thing. So everything here's a dollar, which is pretty, pretty dope. Um, I'll take you into PCL later tonight when I know it's going to be busy because one thing you don't know about college, everybody, Martin, some people, those people wait till the last minute to do their stuff, and it's always late at night. So the best time to show you the library is like right here where I am right now is called Speedway. This path takes you all the way down. It's in a museum that way. Keep stretching out. Two, maybe some of the electrical engineering buildings. I don't know. I'm a theater major, so that'll do all that. So one cool thing about Speedway is this is where a lot of the words are table ing, so you'll learn about student or eggs. Some people just be giving out food. Sometimes there's petting zoos. There's petting Zoo is actually a lot. For some reason, I don't understand why right here is my dormitory. And you know, as a first year, you're probably going to be saying here or I mean, as a UTI student, you're going to come here anyway. So this is the Jester West Center. I'll be checking you in here. One thing to know about you T is this place is forty acres long, so you either going to be walking unless you're fortunate enough to have wheels. So big, big, big college thing. Have some sort of transportation before coming here. So whether it's a board, that's better. Whether it's a board, Bye or scooter, I don't know if you want to bring a non motorized scooter like push away the class. Do it because normally the weather is a little bit in today, so the speedway is not completely crowded. But imagine. But like, five hundred people go in the same direction one way and you're trying to get the class. It's gonna be annoying to get through all those people with a bike, but I mean, they see someone on a bike, they're eventually going to move so it's better to have that and just walk. Another cool take about UT is that they have a bike sharing program. So if you're UT student, you're able which you're ut I t to check out these bikes for an hour and bring him back and park him at any of these stations or any stations that looked like this. So that's one thing that I can. I commend you. Tr Thank you really support a students were getting around even like if I wanted to go somewhere where I wanted to go shopping or something like that. I don't have my car on campus. So I take the bus system, used the bus system the way I I am able to get on the bus when I'm paying for it is my duty. I d. So if you lose that thing, you know, since in dollars replacement pick up. So here I am with gestures Starbucks. There's a wind eze down there. Take you that way. Did you get your And in here you'll see some organizations table. Wendy is fun. Fact, this is like the highest grossing what news like ever. But what's extremely ironic about this place is like Walmart. It's just like a WalMart where there's so much, so much going in and on Lee like three people working at a time. But it is the hot spot, you know, I'll bring back around like I want to see. Well, thirty, I bet this place will be back. All right, guys. So here I am, walking again. No space to write fossil right now, so we're gonna take this trip foot. Not a cool thing about Austin. While I'm here, I'm walking. There's a lot of food trucks. A lot of food trucks are battered Night they switch out like every other day. Then there's different things that swarm there's, you know, being an options, there's out on barbecue like so places are. They're a little bit pricey, but, you know, sometimes they're good. I've never, like, gotten anything from a food truck, but, you know, that's me. All right, so right here's just Obie. It's a big, technically off campus dorm. I just watch off campus like five minutes away from Gesture East. I'm heading to pluggers right now. Fuckers is ah, wing bar. So you want to get there also, why I'm eating there first off, but a cool place and why I'm not on the board yet. Like rolling the puckers. It's because I'm getting ready to go to a strip called Gwahd. So what? A looping for the drag is where? A lot of the shops, uh, stores and food places. Right here there's a target. So is a little corner target for your like, you know, a immediate means and stuff like that. Personally, I go to H E B, which is a little bit of a bus ride. Around away from campus. But, you know, you got the money target. It's a place to go. Uh, who? The thing about Austin. They banned plastic bags. So when you go to the stores, make sure you have, like, a recyclable a bag or something like that, so, you know. You can get your stuff, you cycle, That's motorized. That's pretty cool. All right, So here's wide is heading down that way which I'm about the head. But see down that way is my nose go, chains. Papa John's. Um, there's a chick fillet down there, too. That Taco Bell. I think it's open twenty four hours. So that's always pretty nice to go to across the street about the head that way towards, uh, hi. How are you? Are Ty? How are you? Tease? A couple of barbershops, horizon and more stuff when I had All right. I just left Gregory Jim headed back to just a west center. You see, a super sweaty, but Gil work up to that. So it's cool. But Greg, open toe when one You could check a basketball volleyballs, crack it, balls, whatever else you need. There's plenty of vending machines, you know, so you could get something to drink. Yeah, let's see. So also, another thing about your teeth is late at night. They have it. They called Sure ride. So those hearts right there, you signed up for the program. And if you live, like further, like like West campus somewhere. So what? Haven't you walk by yourself? You'll get rides from Jester Centre and they'll take you to where you live. It's a little bit of a wait. So another option is sure Lift uses the lift app. And ifyou're ut student, they'll take you wherever you need to go after eleven. So if you're here late at night, so times you will be you can just have them pick you up on campus and they'll take you home for free. Oh, all right. I'm almost Beckett here. Justice Center. It's about like, twelve. Forty five. So, like I said, the hot spot late at night to get some food. What? You're not late studying crap. It's Wendy's, even though you're gonna get tired of it eventually. With These is always a spy. He gets up to the because they're open till four a. M. So this twelve forty four, they're still crap. People will want these. I guess that highest grossing Windies in America. We're like, Let's count how many people are working right now? One. Two three four for like. Forty students in here. But, you know, it's whatever it's not a full scale with, so I can't really get on their butts, right? All right, now that it is twelve. Forty, I'm back here Jester, West Center. And in order to get past the big metal doors, I'm gonna have to use my stupid idea. Like I said, it's your keys, Tio. Everything cool, You get to pull that out. That's cool. You can use this. Little keep outta here. They're my things about wallet here, so later. You too. So I disrupted your sobriety. I can really see it because water in my hands.