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Already. So I just want to tell you guys that with my schedule, I'm involved in the school, what I do in my free time, things like that. So right now I have one costume. When he wants a Friday from nine fifty two eleven a. M on a two classes on Tuesdays, Thursdays starting at nine to ten forty five, then my next costs from three to four forty five. Then I also do one online class, which is truly a blessing. So your schedule great to see you is that you can syringe in almost any way you want, actually, self scheduling. Fisher, your portal. And you, you know, last year I had only Tuesday Thursday classes. New is great, but they're long days. I have friends are Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and you know, they really like it. So it's really whatever fits your schedule. If you're a morning person, seven a M classes and then you know we have classes ago. Things ladies, eight PM So that's really great. But in my free time, I'm actually a student leader on welcome programs. It's a program to get freshman and transfers connected to campus. It's not just a grade opportunity that I get for that. But there's also IRA's. There's life leaders and Ji soo tons of stuff you got on your campus. I like to spend my time volunteering for clubs, you know, getting involved any time with friends, getting food. The area around Jutsu is, you know, it's pretty fun, but sometimes it's not the best to go out at night time. So if you guys ever want to do that, I'd recommend going with friends or, you know, I'm going in the daytime to be completely honest with you guys. But you know, we got tons of sporting events, habits. I haven't touched on this yet. I have X Is a student. Six. You know section at our college on way over to Syrians. A part of it. Just a huge pep rally for every game, especially basketball. We have the arena packed with with two thousand students in the bleachers, on wearing purple. All refugees. Yu Yu know hopes up. They're going hard, Ji soo's went in. It's just there's a great environment for students on campus. That's what I'm about. My schedule on DH, I swear Hey, guys. As I was heading from these videos, I thought about the true purpose of campus riel and that it's trying to give high school students and opportunity to see what a college campuses truly like. And it reminded me of a great down future that Ji Soo has, you know, a great opportunity that they give two high school students, and that's a discovery trip. So once you apply to GC you and if you get accepted, they will actually find you out or drive you out. You know, they pay for your travel and then you stay at you. See you overnight. They pay for your meals and super fun experience. You get a, you know, we get a feel what it's like to be on campus. You talkto current students. You get to maybe go to a sporting event and it's all free. So you know, Ji Soo really offers a great opportunity for those looking at a ten g c U. And like I said, it's completely free. It's super awesome. My senior high school. I actually want to discover Trip. And that's what made me choose G C U over other colleges. Is that I saw the genuine personalities that people had on campus, and it was just such a great experience. And so if you guys were looking to go to Ji soo, the application super simple, you guys, it took me, like, ten minutes. Just apply and, you know, coming. Ji Soo, that were second happen is that you get a free trip to Arizona and Young Gi Seo, so Already. So I'm gonna show you guys with the freshmen. Dorms are quite right now. We're in the grove and were in the building called occasion. So taking is right this way. So right over here, we have a study room. These air all of the floors on every building right up here and show you guys what a typical dorm looks like. So all the dorms, all right? None of them are coed. They are divided by voice floors and girls floors. Typically, the boys are the first two floors, and the girls will have four. Is three, four, five and six. So I'm actually doing my friend Geri's room. Super Nice. Let me use this room. Well, this is what it looks like. Guys coming here. So this is the common room, and you have couches in here for you already. And then you bring things like microwaves. Maybe an espresso machine. If you guys want one of those, you know, trash cans, other furniture you guys want. Those comes little kitchen. Attic stinks and stuff. You you bring some tea, and then I'm sure you guys inside of what actual living room looked like natural sleeping area. For better words. So you see there being a double or triple when you're a freshman, this room is a double. As you guys can see, there's two beds. Tripolis would have three beds, so there's a couple of different setups. We have the bunk beds set up right here with the desk underneath, and then we have the lower bed with desk on the way. So that's just a little bit about the dorm rooms. You guys and then triggers the bathroom. Your bathroom right here, Vince, you see, covered and me have a shot over here. You have to show that shower with every remaining so pick wisely and then just show you guys a little more. Closet for you guys. So closets are actually pretty big, I think. But yes, it was pretty pretty large closet. Just you guys have a perspective on the other side in this room. This is where you have the same exact thing that smeared on the other side with either two more people or friendship. Three more people. So it's nearly a total of four in what area were six in an area, So that's the freshmen dorms, guys short to show you guys. Already. This is no wolf. He's a student body president at campus, and he's gonna tell you a little bit about our student body. Yeah, absolutely. Well, I have loved being a student here. I think the students here are excited to be here for a number of reasons. A lot of it has to do just with how great this campus is a hole. And I think that excitement translates into genuine love. Students here really love people. Well, they care about investing into our personal community on campus and the community around us, which is something that's super awesome. And I've always felt a genuine passion concern investment for myself personally when I'm interacting with students on campus here, which is which is good. Awesome. See you guys some more facts about juicy you She she used mascot is the hello His name's Thunder You super fine. So the phrase that G c u s lopes up you put your two fingers and your thumbs together and you say love. So we say around here, right? Jordan? Yeah, Looks up. Hello. Already. So I'm gonna show you has another classic about you. If your engineering major give any creativity has a U boat for students to use. You know, we have tons of stuff, right? Got some students working on hands hands is Actually, nobody can control the PS to controller printed. Yeah, so it's just another coup aspect of GC offers to their students. Tons of machinery. Anything you need, Chief. Morning. We're the G C student union. This is where most of the food is gonna be on campus. We have nine signs, right place. We got a salad place. Hey! I'm dying. I'm like a traditional calling. We don't have a dining hall. All we have are places to use your dining dollars dining dollars. I work in a specific way where you pay cash and you get dining dollars. So let's say you pay thirteen hundred dollars cash. You get one hundred dining dollars to spend any of these Russians that you want. So that's what you want to have it seven days a week, Not five, but seven days a week. You want a blindside seven days a week? You have Einstein seven days a week. We also own options like Chick play subway and Express. You're in a different location, which I'll show you guys This's G c B C A Super Grand Canyon beverage company. This is one of the best coffee shops on campus. This is the road or location. It's the smallest location that we have on campus. As you can see the Catholic students, that coffee we have our own energy drink called stampedes. Just like a Red Bull for good. I'm gonna show you guys inside. All righty, Sonam. Shown you guys the grove. The grove is comprised of four buildings. All the same. Willow, Keisha, juniper and ironwood. Is this nice little kwan right there. And then we have two fields over here. I'm just for recreation. Find me some flag football, intramural sports, anything. And then we have two parking Rogers over there. So this is where almost all the freshmen are housed. But G. C is a growing campus. They are expanding, so easygoing fills up real quick. But if you guys are looking to stay any buildings during your freshman year, I would definitely recommend any building Team in the white. Second. We're checking out.