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Jester Center is one of the bigger social areas on campus. It is connected to dorms Jester West and East where most undergrads live! Included in this video is just some big tips that I think are important to know before coming here. FROM THE EDITOR Are you looking to study at University of Texas but not entirely convinced if it's the right place for you? Rest assured as we present University of Texas campus tour videos to answer all of your questions related to University of Texas. Explore and experience the university from the comfort of your home through this University of Texas campus virtual tour made by a REAL UT student – This video series is a complete guide to University of Texas’s campus and life, and we’ll cover hundreds of places, questions and ideas such as the football stadium, student interviews, student reviews, campus life, and more. What’s the University of Texas campus really like? What are the best parts of University of Texas’s campus? How beautiful is the UT campus really? All of these questions, and more, will be answered in these University of Texas virtual tour videos. Every year thousands of students begin their college journeys at this university. Now you can watch them share their stories, showing how it has been for them exclusively in this University of Texas campus tour. Deciding which university to go for can be a challenging decision to make as a lot depends on it. Plus, before you spend a lot of money and time visiting a school, you need to be positive it is worth it. In this UT campus tour, you can find the information that matters most, including the pros and cons of University of Texas and things to do around University of Texas. These are insights on things you cannot find through a normal online website or a printed brochure. The University of Texas campus virtual tour holds information including but not limited to University of Texas campus size and its surrounding views, housing, social life, dining halls, and more. All this information is made accessible to you at all times. University of Texas has a lot to offer to it thousands of enrolled students, including administrative accessibility and other amenities. The University of Texas campus virtual tour provides you with an opportunity to experience what a typical day is like at the university, and also provides additional crucial information to prepare yourself for living and studying at one of the finest institutes in the world. Check out the University of Texas campus virtual tour now and bookmark this page to visit later to watch exciting campus and tour videos. Stay up-to-date with meaningful insights to help yourself make the right choice.

Well, what you guys? Good morning. I've already reached my 1st 11 All my pants are gross. I'm gonna make it in a pot. Today's the first day of school and transfer student here. Uh, University of Texas. I'm freaking out. I don't know what this breakfast is. Given turnout. I'm also using coconut creamer. It's cooking away mushers and ones. All right, 15 minutes before you start walking to class. But go ahead and eat my food and then do some journaling on drink my coffee. Let's do it that way. All right, for this Texas heat is no joke, and I'm walking to class. Plus campus is huge. So pro tip and a water bottle carrying around campus with you walk to class with etcetera because there are stations on campus that you could refill your water bottle. You're gonna be doing a lot of walking, Especially if you're gonna get the hydrated. Not to know. So I didn't walk my classes before the first day, so I'm here, like, 45 minutes early to try and find my clocks. Wish me the best. I don't really know what's about to happen. Way Theo. Maintenance guy was here working on my washer because I'm holding it for the whole time that I've lived here. I'm about to do laundry for the first time, which is really exciting. And then I'm trying to set up my Mac. I got, like, a desktop Mac Thio edit videos on. But I'm telling you, I have had show me technical difficulties within the week of having it. And I'm just now starting to set it up. And it's not even working. I don't know what's gonna happen. So whatever. Screw that. And then you have to online classes. So I'm gonna read over the Silla by. Is that the right way to say that? I don't know. For those classes right down in my planner, the dates of any upcoming assignments, I kind of know what's going on. And then later tonight I have a job interview online. So I really hope that goes, well, job. Other than that, I was only on campus for an hour today, which is lit. And so I'm gonna do some online work right now. Start my laundry. You, for the first time in two weeks in my own place. I hope you guys enjoyed this first day of engineer of college vlog. Okay, but anyway, I will see you guys in my next video. So here, PCs, one of the big, huge libraries here. You hear that? Printers? Computer lab. It's a mixer problem. Dell computers here, but our don't monitors. Practice off computers. Tell us they have a couple of, like, Media Lab. So purely an accident. So you can work on editing video. Actually, I see someone everything video right now. 6 a.m. But I'm ready because I'm really excited about it. A little to do list for today. I'm not gonna lie. My my dress is pretty uncomfortable, so it's kind of hard to wake up this early. Wow. Look at those bags. You know, Lex screams sophistication. Also where you brought today. Wait, that girl, while important today and I didn't know what to say. So you know what? I want to not say anything, So get again. I have not walked my classes, so I came a little bit early just to find my confidence. I'm really not a morning person. I am already don't even know. Yeah. Okay. So, actually stupid. I got asked to pick up an assignment for the daily Texan, and I need to go home and get my camera in, which I did. But I forgot my camera using my phone. Wow. I just got home from uploading my assignment for the daily Texan, and I am tired. It is only two PM right now, but since I've been up since 6 a.m. I am literally zonked. So I'm going to make some lunch and then spend the rest of my day doing everything on my to do list. So I will see you guys in the next video. Don't forget to get this video able like Oh, my gosh. It's focused on my feet over here. Hi. And subscribe for more content. Don't forget to smash a little bell button if you actually want to see what I upload because you to muzzle burn algorithm. But we knew that. So, yeah, I hope you all have a great first day of school. And if you're taking a J. M's like I am, I'm sorry. So one question I would ask myself as a you know, theater kids. What the heck does your classes are like? Um, so so class is here. Mine is a good size. It's like he's getting twelve people in their defense. What day? It is very quiet because I don't know. All right, there's no class is going on here. All right, Sometimes you might have class in here. Odd space, right? It's not. You're normal. All right, so these doors, this's gonna be in a culture because you're gonna have to figure out Thank you. No push. We'll take you, Teo. A classroom I had last semester, but there seems to be a class in there. There's so many theatre people in there looks like theater history. Don't take it. So this is not only the theater building, this is also theater and dance building. So if you're interested in coming dancing here the door. Yours. Yeah. So dance room, dad. Spaces of the dance of danger. You'll be spending a lot of time Even if you just practicing, you're able to check out the rooms and come and dance and work. Do it. Another dance studio on another day, it studio. I'm now on the second floor, by the way, about the Winship Theater and dance. It's building. Ooh, costume shop or not even the costume shop where they make the costumes and materials. I'm on. Another classroom. Yeah. Beautiful teacher crush on. She's paying, Teo. Presage. All right, So that Bill costumes here, custom made for people. They make art for it. First sketch it out. Then they decided to go through this hole being it's so cool. Like what they do here. All the rapture suits, uh, in Iran is one hundred percent. So yeah, this a lot. No different people in costume. Oh, so there is a lab theater? No. Resection. Miss it. There's a class in here first. Okay, So my first semester had a class in here, and so we would sit here, and then we come out and do scenes of this area here. Our teacher would sit there and, you know Loki judges because that's his job. While this lighting is amazing, not gonna lie, that's a whole picture. Okay, That's creepy. Is Hey, two, right, Get seen shop. You know, they have all the six your crab platforms, things that you may need throughout the show cooking. But this building host a lot of student shows. So if you're here as an acting major, you got to show you wanna put out, talk to somebody. Put it out, Write it. You know, they'll help you get to your goal. So I'm here in the Pain Theatre. Now, This isn't just dance for teens. Interesting. All right, so I don't know what showed will to go on here. All I know is that I'm setting it up and it's a crapped on work. So what I've done so far in here, this is where my classes? Because I'm working media crew. So that means I hang projectors, Like I said, set up the computers. So the not exactly lighting, but the media stuff of it. Yes. Keep saying media like you're supposed to know what that means. Okay, So days there's projectors hanging up there. So I can, like, project crap onto these toe, help the show that makes any sense. So this dip wasn't here. Some would be very careful. And walking through here, um, there is where, you know the booth where you can see everything actually take You guys look into the catwalks. You're about to witness me, not go up in a harness and the cat walks because It's an ordeal I'm probably gonna have to put one on later. Well, see, I try to avoid it as much as I humanly can. No, no, no. Yeah. All right. Well, did you know there's a lot of walking ut like I said and a lot of frickin just stairs. Especially when you're Dina Ranger still up here. Give me another bird's eye view of the pain. Kimble. Cool. All right, we're up here in the booth. This is normally where sound and media would be in some land and people. No. So, yeah, that's what we were, uh would be my set up. What I really need is a monitor computer interface on a stuff. This is where sound goes sound of media Okay. Also located in gesture west sinner is figure learning center. Now, this is a place for well, if you need to during created have subjects or things like that, they offer it here. So Ugo and request itude here for whatever you need. I don't know what it is particularly for you if it's free or not. I'm not entirely sure, but I know there are some places that offer free tutoring on campus. So like I said, watch out for those bulletin boards and, you know, join organizations org's will let you know, like what's free, what you like, What's free, what's not, you know, even if it you know, does cause I'm pretty sure it's like, really reasonable. We're here to help you succeed and you know, becomes Hey, guys, I'm here on one of the smaller classrooms. I showed you one of the bigger auditoriums that holds three hundred Versace. About fifteen, twenty, twenty five, thirty, thirty kids are students. So you can have classrooms like this where it's just, you know, all of you and a teacher you can, like, interact directly or, you know, you can have an online class to where you know, you could make comments and a message discussion board and talk to a teacher that way. Or you can have one of those big, huge lecture halls. And I was in earlier in the week. If you have one of those big discussion classes, you need to talk to someone like a professor or ta. One thing I would really suggest is goingto office hours. So that's listed on your cell abi and flight. You'll get a Silla by beginning beginning of every semester. So listening, everything. Let's do everything you have to do and you know where to go for office Hours, office All right, guys. So here I am, walking again. No space to write fossil right now, so we're gonna take this trip foot. Not a cool thing about Austin. While I'm here, I'm walking. There's a lot of food trucks. A lot of food trucks are battered Night they switch out like every other day. Then there's different things that swarm there's, you know, being an options, there's out on barbecue like so places are. They're a little bit pricey, but, you know, sometimes they're good. I've never, like, gotten anything from a food truck, but, you know, that's me. All right, so right here's just Obie. It's a big, technically off campus dorm. I just watch off campus like five minutes away from Gesture East. I'm heading to pluggers right now. Fuckers is ah, wing bar. So you want to get there also, why I'm eating there first off, but a cool place and why I'm not on the board yet. Like rolling the puckers. It's because I'm getting ready to go to a strip called Gwahd. So what? A looping for the drag is where? A lot of the shops, uh, stores and food places. Right here there's a target. So is a little corner target for your like, you know, a immediate means and stuff like that. Personally, I go to H E B, which is a little bit of a bus ride. Around away from campus. But, you know, you got the money target. It's a place to go. Uh, who? The thing about Austin. They banned plastic bags. So when you go to the stores, make sure you have, like, a recyclable a bag or something like that, so, you know. You can get your stuff, you cycle, That's motorized. That's pretty cool. All right, So here's wide is heading down that way which I'm about the head. But see down that way is my nose go, chains. Papa John's. Um, there's a chick fillet down there, too. That Taco Bell. I think it's open twenty four hours. So that's always pretty nice to go to across the street about the head that way towards, uh, hi. How are you? Are Ty? How are you? Tease? A couple of barbershops, horizon and more stuff when I had So the next place will take my tour is the Malcolm X Lounge. This is a lounge here is that a lot of African Americans go to study, but it's open to everyone. So you can see there's some people studying here now. Um, I have a class online coming up very soon. So this is where a lot of people go to weigh do that class together. It's African American studies. So we normally come here study for long as we can before everyone comes in here and started turning up. It's having a good time. Uh, let's see how many people are in here now, which is surprising, but anyway, let's see here house tonight. Now back here in classes started. You're going to see actively avoid getting into Arness and yeah. There's protector. It sort of proposed to being king on stage for the people that don't want to deal with. For my acting skills to work. And show you guys my way of getting around is not a bike. These people I have my longboard fossa pretty live out. Oh, yeah. So like I said before, there's a lot of table stuff. It's. No, no. There. Yeah. Thanks. Yours tents and motorcycles. So so. One of the cool things about living on campus for me is about five minutes for my classes. Three on the board Speedway kind of extends down pretty far, even though there's normally a large amount of people on, I can move pretty quickly and it's not too bad today. So we're gonna head through here where you'll see me dodge a massive people. Here, all right? Pretty cool, huh? Here. Peter. Man. All right, So here I am, the wind ship building for theater and dance. This is where I take most of my classes. There's an acting major. Wait. Good. No. So there's a two stages in here. The school Gee, Brockett and the pain since I am a theater major theater studies. Specifically I No, we're garden multiple aspects of theater, so I want to be working with the tactical logical sort of theater. Directing lights, Media, all that jazz. So right now we just finished or I was working on so called Enron, which just now had an all female cast. This is, like the back part of it. Stage area. So place is called the atrium. Hell for theater and IDs. I would take you inside a rocket. Maybe later. We're definitely going inside the pain because that's what I'm working today. My class. Um, yes, down here. So free media geeks out there. So for what? I do know what I'm doing today. Predictors, Peter. I think we're having some of the computers too, and have them talk to each other. I'm being honest. I don't know what we're doing today. There's a lot of stuff, okay? I don't know if you could see this. This whole area right here is a huge costume like shop, so it's dark now. I'll bring you back to later, but you can have, like, costumes from there's a large amount of costumes in here from time periods. Well, yeah, for multiple time, period, you can have, like, a power a pirate outfit get out of like, Oh, it's like a goodwill for actors being honest. It's really nice. You just can't check things out for Halloween. The kind of sucks all right? My class. See here and where we call where there's a lot of technology lying around here pleasing monitors, projectors, VJs, devi. I's middies hd wise. Think about the stuff that you like in your Xbox was. Computers. My teacher Elliot earlier and yeah. It's one of the really big traditions is the eyes of Texas. Later, every game, every Sarah voting ever, everyone holds their hordes of like this see the school song. What's up, guys? It is currently ten. Fifty five and I'm heading towards Gregory Jett. This is about two minute walk from my dorm. Um, walking in. This is open from C six to ten most days. Yeah, you get into the boat. Of course, with your beauty, they have a little shake protein shake spot. You know, that's normally opening during, like a fortune of that. The U. S C u is the University credit union are Federal Credit Union, so most students will have that card excuse. There is an island. So here's a menace. Pottery can, like make deposits, withdrawals whenever you need. So they're calling what you did. They have an Amazon center, so as a student get it was on prime for free Discover Price one of either way. It's really cheap. You just signed up as a student and then you got pride. So it's pretty live on DH. Yeah, so let's go in. Oh, sometimes I get, like one day shipping, so it's all pretty cool. You Thank you with your UT The idea. You can check out basketballs while evolves from the front desk. Let's see, there's climbing wall. There's a couple of dates studios in here if you're interested in dancing. Volleyball court. Meet me upstairs, Racquetball summer. Separately. There is the racquetball courts. You could see some people playing now pretty cool. Get that workout. Britney, get that workout, girl. Here on the way, but at school school Gotta support your friends when I handed you. So they have classes in here. So exercise classes. I don't know what to do. Yoga. Other stuff that I don't do zoom, but maybe. So wait room. I know for you, Jackson. Lady jocks out there. You will see with this. So Duke? Yes. Yeah, much await dishes, dumbbells, all types of stuff. Yeah. This is not why I'm here to play basketball. Hey. So all that's on the second floor, it's Yeah. I don't know what's happened. All right, So one of Jim's here best. James. It's open. Teo Pickup basketball games score Sometimes this middle court is open. It is now open to basketball. It's open. Port down here, Fred Decide is also This is like the alternate side. Like if you were to come for a volleyball game, this is where you would come. James ended my hop on. Everybody here looks trashed. On the other side. That's where you mostly have you. I am like basketball games. I personally don't plates on Sunday, so you will be able to Great what? Two. Boys, I am game. Jerseys. That was incredibly nosy. Hey, wait! Quick tip if you want to work, they paid ten dollars an hour for being right First I am game trouble. Let's go, Ethel, putting that work. Hey! Teo play on the other side. No, he didn't make it for the cameras. Cancel. All right, So that's regular gym. I'll be here till about I am when it closes, so I'll see you after and I'll be sweaty and ugly, but it is your choice of Washington.