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Okay. So now I'm on my way to my English class, which is Shakespeare's for non English majors. And I'm gonna take you guys with me so we could go down soon. One hundred goto. I'm just now, but and in the elevator. Later on Tonight I'm gonna show you guys a little bit. Uh, ten west. Hey, guys. No. And lobbying. You're going home. Stuff it. It's like brain. Really notes that were like and Maryland We like in the middle of a state emergency because a hurricane is coming on its way. So some people are nervous and people are not like at work. When I was working at the mall today, it was really slow because not a lot of people were coming in to buy stuff because the state is in a state of emergency and like every day around like three o'clock two o'Clock what gets really busy on this bridge, Think there, so many cars out here. Try to sleep. Questions I can answer so far. As take the long way. It's I don't want you guys to see that camp. It's a little bit. So this what? I'm coming up to you right now. It is freshman housing, pretty good haul and this one doesn't have air conditioning. And I feel so bad free the freshmen that lives in here because they complain about it all the time. Well, my perspective. Yeah, really nice in Kansas City, right here, it's pretty. It's just it doesn't have any sea. And then these are the books that I was talking about. That like you can rent one of these bikes and a dollar and take you to your destination or whatever, and then they lock up. Say it. That. And then here is one of the dining hall. This is New Orleans. New. Yeah, new. Well, Dad, Tiny problem. I don't know much about that, but it's one of the places that people come to eat like and the deafening calls here. They're like all you can eat, silly. You know, they have, like, different options that you, Khun Truth from, too. So you're a vegan. You could get the vegan option and they have Deegan. You stay out of kosher for people who are musicians. No, there is a different options. Get her the dining options that Nelson and I would say that the food that they have here is pretty good. Whenever I go in there because I have, like, a block meal plan, you can get a different deal. Plans to You don't have to get eighteen being the fourteen weeks Camille plan like you can get a bloc needle planet and that which is what I have, which is just like a recent master. You get a certain amount of slight and then just come in here like whenever it works out for me, because I live in an apartment. I don't always go eat at the dud Paul. And Plus, like, I don't know, the dining hall outers. So I would be. It will really work out four. Yeah, so right now I'm getting ready to leave. My apartment is is my outfit. Is there any day? Um, I have statistics, so this is my last class of the day, and I'm going to drive my car to the class. It's at the York building, so I don't want to walk over there because that's kind of foreign. And plus, I get out at night. So I'm just taking my car there, which I do like almost every week so far when I had the class, so Oh, I have normally just leave like a couple of lights on when I come home. I don't have to turn the lights back on. Yeah, so unbelieving him. Right, So check it first. Hey, guys. What? And back they is? The first day of the Springs of Meister is 9 16 right now, and I'm gonna try and do what make up really quickly, so I don't look disgusting. My class starts at 10. This morning, so I'm gonna try and leave that like line dirty. So I have time, like, walk over there, find the class and all that stuff. So wait, it is currently, like, 9 35 yet. So I'm thinking over now and about to head out. So if it's not makeup, uh, Krusty, this is my outfit. For the first day, I'm just wearing this. I'm just wearing this like black and gray marble Lee kind of slaughter from express. And it's, like oversized. And then I have these genes from Poland. Bear got these when I was in Europe And speed, let's have my eyes on. And I wanna wear mine, Michael course jacket cause it's cold outside and former watch like I always do. And that's the tea. Not gonna go class. So it is like 11. 15 right now and I'm done with my first class. First class I had was like after one on one. So it's a theater class and I have so many friends, like classic. I know Ah, lot of people in that class. So that was really nice. Um well, yeah. So I actually email this morning that I have my 12 o'clock class is canceled today. So now I'm just chilling in my room taking theater, Stott, my macroeconomics, This education class like education and urban schools and then my seminar class that all freshmen have to take some. I'm meeting up with Mariah at 12. I think we're gonna get lunch together at my favorite place on campus. And I have chicken nuggets from chile and fries. But the longest line is I don't know what way but the bombs. Are you thinking about transferring here? These d'oh! So it is now four or six. I'm doing all my classes. I'm so happy I don't have a night class like evening class of semester because that killed me. Last master. Yeah, I'm done. I went to our bookstore and I got all my books. You can tell Like over there on that big pile. It's all of my textbooks There. There's Pio and you were just right. Okay, I'm supposed to be at the gym, right? I got this yogurt granola thing was really good. I know it is, like, 10 o'clock at night, like, 10. 20 at night. And, um, I did, uh, went to the dining hall, had dinner with my friends. I'm really close to get Well, I'm probably gonna start editing this of long a little bit and maybe do some reading for my like, some in our class. And I have to Do I feel like we're, like, 50 pages by Thursday and I'm like, You're dripping but whatever. So you got so much to do and then good, bad. It is really late in the day. Now it is like 1 50 in the afternoon to Snow Day today. So campuses closed. Classes were canceled about actually, like update, my planner. And like all my calendars and stuff like my calendar that I have right there and put stuff on it, my planner need to put stuff, Ellen, am I, like calendar on my computer and then maybe get started on homework over like, if you look outside, you can see that it's it's not even it's It's not even snowing. It's just like raining and really cold. But it's like you see later. I'm not complaining. I don't have to go to class. So Good morning. So today is a Wednesday, January 30th. And, um, it's like 9 15 right now and have class in, like, 45 minutes. Yes, well, we have a delayed opening this morning, so classes don't start until 10. Like, the game isn't over until time, but my class starts. That said anyway, so that doesn't really matter for me. So that's great. Yes, it is exciting because it's Wednesday. So that means T lt tonight's we have RTL team meetings on Wednesdays, if you don't let see. Lt is it's the lunch of block show. It's a word that I'm in on campus. You follow us on instagram at TLC block show. Mmm. Shameless plug right there, But yeah. So that meeting's tonight at seven. It's like an interest meeting. So, like, um, hope to see some, like new fees is people that are trying to join the TV and all that. And I could see, like all my friends I haven't seen since, like before breaks. Oh, I'm excited once. Things are always exciting. for me because of steel T. That's the only reason Violence. He said exciting, honestly, but yes. Oh, I was so later today, body on. We're at our field team meeting. That's cure Sting. So it's like a interest meeting. So, like, we're trying to meet you, people wanna join the work. So yes, already plugged it earlier, but, you know, you just follow that. She Oh, yeah. So you know what? I'm going to come after this. Yeah, my people. Yeah, we're ready. Start our 1st 1st meeting, and there's a new face. Hey, guys, what's up? So it is 10. 17 right now. I can't see you. And some 17. I just got back from the gym, like, right after my meeting, I went to the gym and I had a good workout. I did cardio united abs and arms. I was gonna film while I was in the gym. But like everybody on the campus was on the gym like it was really busy, so I didn't really know anything in there, but Yes, go back to my room. I'm eating my dinner. This little, uh, was it's like frozen dinner. That's what's called a frozen dinner. This is like Chinese who like chicken and right since those that's e somebody, either. I just like got. Mike's schedule has been crazy. Like I've been, like, switching classes, all that stuff. But I'm about to get a text order textbook for this one class I just got into. So yet that's that. It's crazy, but whatever. Um, so you're probably gonna eat shower and then go to bed and yeah, yeah, And my friends are here. Well, my friend, just one friend that's stealing. Okay. And then there's you guys. Good morning. So what? You talk White spent 90 line right now class and dirty. So our hats hood had out, but I just had them on Mika. Poet ever really video master. But it is so freaking cool. It is literally like 68 degrees. Or now it's freezing is eight degrees, but it feels like negative six outside. So it's really cold. So healthy. Like what? I'm wearing this blues letter that my mom got me for Christmas from Pakistan. I just have a bar, a lot like little black product from Urban Outfitters, black jeans from Jackson and then my boots in the hall of its backside. Hey, guys, what's up? So it is currently 2 37? Yeah, I'm double classes for the day. I finish at 1 45 which is super nice to finish pretty like early. And you a b p on. So I got So I got this, like soup. Like chicken something soup? I don't know. It sounds like paprika. Like it sounds. And then I got a chicken avocado sandwich, like chicken, avocado, and I added mozzarella. It comes like basil pesto, like tomatoes. I literally have not eaten since I left this morning. Like since I have breakfast. I like cock smart. I'm a little angry right now. You guys have been requesting a workout routine, so I will try and do that for you guys soon. My ears are right. Oh, my gosh. Like it is so cold outside. Hurry, He gets up. So I'm about to head to the gym. But it's your packages downstairs to pick up someone you like. A little mini hole for you guys, So Yeah, open that. Hopefully. Oh, I know this is so this is for my class, the actual food. And it was like close like hundreds of dollars. I got it for 15. So hopefully, like this actually works. And I didn't get stand. Yeah, I needed this code for my economics class, right. And it was, like, $150 I was like, No, I paid 100 $50. So undeniable searches on, um, Amazon and like Google, searching like forever. And then I found this code for $15. It was the last one in stock, and I was scared, and I was like, It's 100 like $50. Like, I'm scared that this is like gonna be fake and stock on work, But it is a thrill in the packaging, but that's not the exciting stuff. I got something for sure. A secret. So for this bad boy, Whoa, It's the first thing that I got were these wet pants and they were healthy. It was like having a semi annual sale like everything's like hella cheap was like extra point for some offer clearing. So I got these, like, try actually might wear these to the gym tonight. There's hella cute. They're like track flood pants in there, grey. And they just look like this. Oh, I got a black to talk because basics, uh, essentials for this warm weather. So, yeah, I just got this plane, but to you top. And it's like a bandeau kind of job. Oh, God, She's black. Simple. I think that was, like, $4. And then I got this, like, bro let thing, and it's like cage shut the bottle, if you could see. But it looks like that and yeah, super huge. I can't wait to aware this is like a denim jacket over it and might go to parties and stuff like that when it gets warm out, Theo. At house and we have a ton of shuttles that'll take you everywhere on campus. And pretty much every were off campus from uptown, which will be going to later. I will take you to the mall, target any off campus apartment. I'll take you to the airport train station, and he call it around here as well. So we do have a ton of shuttles. I am currently on my way to a shuttle right now to class. I could walk to class early for, but I just don't feel like walking. You know, I'm gonna get on a shuttle. And now we're here at the College of Liberal Arts.