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All right, so I'm glad you made it to the last day of the Siri's. Uh, I really hope they weren't that boring and that you've got a decent idea off your bay. Also, a video series is in no way of the biggest factor and decide if the university is for you or not. But I hope you can figure it out through the seas off videos if it leased the university is a decent effort for you. Also, I have tried to give you a good idea of the landscape of the university, at least off the not campus. So I hope that helps too. And also, in my experience, a great way to get to know more about the university is to contact the students there and have a nice shot with them. I think that proves to be really helpful. I mean, ah, if the students are willing to give you honest answers, Andi all said and done you B is an extremely welcoming place on DH. You can meet us the shot that you have an amazing time here. And I do hope to see some of you here so soon. Andi Doo dah doo say hi. If you see me around. Thank you for watching on DH. Goodbye. Also, my roommates have Bean agreed contributors in this series. So they would like to say bye. So right behind me right now. As you can see, they really pretty battling. That's the Davis Hole. I'm showing you this because it's another very important academic building as a lot of computer science classes, engineering classes and just in terms of like officers with their professors. And your tea is going to happen in that berling a lot of group fork also guilty. Oh, based on your engineering classes and computer science class is going to be in the building right there. And are you sure you're not there? Academic language, Scalding Knox oil. Andi, the Nox. Allah is basically another very big. Now our electrical, just like Hennessy on the thing, will not knock. Salas accommodate glasses from a lot of different majors. So again, there are chances that he'll have a class and knocks all computer science. Matt, um on DH. Some of the rooms and Knox are are even bigger than the ones in an A C. So it got really used rooms on DSo right behind me aren't here. This one is Knox oil. And, yeah, these are really important and cardamom links you The campus don't extremely beautiful there's There's nothing like seeing this campus and snow, it's It's amazingly pretty. Ah, thankfully, from the past couple of days that had been sunny, even got a warm all snow was gone. But last night we just got blessed with the snowstorm. So right behind you is all the snow, The lake right there, just frozen on the small buildings you see are the residents complex us and right behind me, Mr Center for the Arts and this leg. Uh, it's like an interconnected lake One lake in the whole campus. It's God, the lake last side. And in the summer, you can usually do kayaking on the just hang garden of the leg. It's really pretty. And, um, yeah, there, the three bolos, you see that? They're like, we're behind where my finger is. That's called a bad point. So let me just walk there and then I'll show So now we're probably my favorite building on campus on DH, where I spent most of my time. It's called Center for the Yards. It's right behind me, as you can see. Uh, this is where most of the place on a sort of media classes, photography classes are classes here. The productions, um, dance losses, dance productions. All of these things takes big place. It's Ah, it's a beautiful building from inside. Uh, media labs are open overnight, so you can hear that the thing work was production work on DH. Yeah, they've got a lot of cool stuff and said there were probably walked through it in a couple minutes. Uh, this night behind me with the big Buffalo board is what it's called. Alumna Raina. It's the sports complex off the university. On its way. It's huge, probably in another video. I'll take you through it to referred from inside, but it's where all the bastard born here stake players. That's whether something fuller is it's it's her most of its. Which other mange? Irma's. It's where it's basically where all the sports A manatees are inside, and this right behind me is just like a very beautiful circle with, like, a buffalo in the middle. Kind of full. It's not today, so I'm not really gonna go above it. And yeah, that's recently that box you see right there. That's actually the public transportation bus. So it was You wanna go down, down or you want to go to Niagara Wass? You can come here, take a bus from here. Probably not. Be direct, but you'll find your way. Oh, my goodness. Today is the first day of college I was on. My first day of college is just like the first day of classes. Um, but I am beyond excited right now, Like excited and yeah, so, you know, I saw this morning so far woke up, went to the gym, By the way, I'm gonna just, like, do white makeup. But what God wants, Jim, um, they weren't open. They opened september 4th, which is a huge inconvenience. But, I mean, you know, we gotta keep living life. I just came back to my room and just worked out here really focused on abs. After the gym, I after the Jenna came back basically in Just showered. I washed my hair because it was disgusting. I'm talking gross after my shower. E went for my breakfast on. So my eggs have five more minutes to cook. Make coffee. I'm gonna have a little beauty. Um, and now I'm checking the bus schedule My fall semester Monday through front of every Monday through funny, very monday through Friday. But see, it gets here. What time s my glasses? And nine. So I need to be a little loop before nine. Since it is the first day, let me just at least try and you don't come. I mean, I don't do make. This isn't Blake thing. You know, I have to do a little some, some when I'm going somewhere. You know, my school makeup is either usually non existent or is just extra light. Like I never do anything crazy. I'm, like, really excited right now. I feel like I've been waiting for the first day of classes for a really long time because I genuinely enjoy school. And I genuinely enjoyed college. So I've been waiting for classes to start in anticipation. Um, you know, that's just kind of meat, like, honestly, I just genuinely enjoy running to me for, like, I genuinely enjoy going to class, getting it from new information and stuff like that. Like I enjoyed that. It's raining. That was not in the plan. But, you know, I knew it was gonna rain, but I didn't think it was raining this early. The weather thing said scattered thunderstorms around not 9 a.m. I'm just using ico Styler argon oil. Just in case, you wonder my other deals here, but for right now just get it a little bit worse. Just this article will be fine. Like, how does he need to be sweet? Stupid? I also don't know what I'm doing. What I'm doing. I just I just, like, try and make them look at these, you know? But I don't actually, you know, I don't know. I know what I'm doing. Let's be honest. Like, I don't actually know for the glasses on these aren't prescription. Just in case you guys, you know, like for wondering I just wear them because I had to With update, planner and stuff. No, I didn't expect to come back. I really wanted to stay in the library. Kind of just get the syllabus in planner stuff out of the way and done. But I had of getting really, really hungry. So I was like, Let me go get me a little snack. So my first class, like I said, was communication with your super business. So it's like two side it on the one side. I like it because I like the topic like, you know, it's communication for business. So I enjoyed that type of thing. However, I don't like it because It's a small class and it requires, you know, it's heavily based off of your in class participation in group work. Like all she kept saying, group work so many times was making me so mad. And I'm like, Oh, no, because I hate group work S O I really like that class is gonna pull me out of my shell a lot. So I mean, maybe it'll be good, whatever, but I just don't think I'm gonna like it because I don't let group work so badly. After that, I went straight to the library, began to do like my planner. So this is definitely a pro tip for you guys out there that maybe I just started college and you don't really know everything that you should be doing Having a student planners definite what you need. This is literally from the dollar store, just a dollar. It's mad, cheap. It's really little. You can buy any kind of plan about you personally that you personally want on a bigger one or one of your colors are like plain, so that's why I got it. But basically, I'm sure you guys basically just go through and take the syllabus that my professor gave me and put every single assignment into my planner to make sure I'm always thing on track. So I've only got two classes gun. Um, and I have a total of seven or eight courses. Well, I have to get all seven in here, and yes, I basically just go through and put all the assignments into the days that there do. Making sure I'm able to stay on top of things. I definitely recommend this. So you don't ever miss an assignment. You never say to yourself. Oh, my goodness. I forgot that was due. Like you always know it's gonna be do because it's in your planner. Wait. Come to the end of my night. I am beyond exhausted. Beyond tired, like me. Honestly, my feet hurts overhead, demonstrably annoyed. So I just went and picked up my mail. I'm annoyed because I was expecting this on the 17th. Today is 27 and so normally, when we get mail, whatever. I'm used to getting an email from the package. I'm saying, Hey, male, you know what I mean? So I figured that that's how it would work. However, when I went down there. The girl is like, Oh, no, we don't notify you for mail. We notify you for, like, big packages. And I'm like, huh? Thanks for letting me know now a man in a senator. But that's what I'm thinking like, I've literally been wait like, I want you guys staying here. But I just know what it's important and a little girl waiting on it for so long. And it's just annoying because it's been sitting in the mailbox, Whatever, whatever, but just an overview or over cat recap. I don't know, some type of cat class. It was good, very long. I'm tired. I just want to eat whatever little things I have to do for, like, nice Scylla by putting step out that type of stuff and then just get to bed. I have class tomorrow, only two classes tomorrow and then work at night. So tomorrow will be a much lighter day. But I just want to say thank you guys. So much for watching. If you enjoy this video, obviously, like coming, subscribe, and she shared with people definitely turned my channel because I really wanted to college weekly gloves. Get those busted out for you guys. So once again, you guys so much for watching. Make sure saying too for my next video. And until then, please remember to be kind to everyone. All right, so I'm there another landmark Off you be. You guys really need to know if you're coming here on This is called the You be put on its as you enter to the campus. That's love. That's very withdrawn government boss. That's the commons certain union behind me right there. It's just the book on the function of this bullet is the pride of your be on if you're part of a fraternity or you just like a bunch of friends and you have an idea Any point of the date at any one of you. I'm saying this, but with whatever you want and read whatever you want, it's yours. As you can keep being a bull. Buffalo Mary painted would be incentive in Sandra's one drop at a time. Of course, nothing obscene, but it's really open to interpretation. And so, yeah, that's the So I met her. I don't know. And I'm going to show you what I mean. Jim. Looks like university. This select the biggest Jim off the university of Maximum of the people were card its guard every government you can think off. It's about a ten minute walk from the Ellicott complex where all the courts are So where you may end up living by letter by services rather. So. It's not that bad on me. Usually it's opened. Elect an art thief in the night, so you have the time flexibility as well. So let's go check it out. Thank you. It's heavy and you never take this screen and show you or it looks like it's ready. That I do Floors. Got there's stairs? Yep. So I'm here at the basketball practice gym alumna now, where everyone just like anyone from twelve in the night on weekdays on DH even run a particular time faded on weekends. Just play as you want. I've come here to play with manual meds. It's a Sunday evening, and as you can see that three courts it's pretty big, amazing fun you always got. I'd like to show you what the practice gym is All right. So now I'm in this place called the Commons, which is like in the main campus where all your classes are going to happen. It's like an independent run players, aside from the university they're supposed to board for the university for So you can come by food here with their own money. It has a kung fu tea, has accordion place a Chinese place of sub bay, even as an end in place. And then it has stores like CVS. But you can see that ahead of here. Then it has a shop, but as a U. P. S stores where you can send your mayors. And it also has a hair shop. So want to grow my hair, You could come to her. Yeah, that's pretty much it has a couple of for some officers on is just too convenient. Get a quick place to just get some stuff from CBS. Oh, get a haircut. Yeah. So I'm over Alexis off my classmate from last semester on. We're just sitting here in my favorite building, which is the Center for the Arts. Andi, I'm gonna ask her quickly a few questions so she can give her views about your being. So, Alexis, can you introduce yourself and explain why you chose you? B. Come on, Alexis. I'm from Grand Island. I chose you be because it's close to where I live and also because it was financially the most like the best option. You just have no student body, you'd be everyone's really friendly. Like overall. I have really good everyone. So I said, But still major on what would you say is like the academic lime mint in your classes in the major? You enjoy that. Um, so I'm a business major, and most classes are elections right now, because I'm not taking like John and Constance, but I have a lot of smaller classes, too. Um, for the most part, they're not too bad. Okay. Last question. What's your fear it on the chair by the fear me, My favorite part of you B is living in the dorms because it's really close to all my classes and all my friends are there. On my least favorite part. Is Polly trying to get lunch during the day? Because there's so many people like the size of you little bags gets a little crowded. You can only find that's not too, by the way, both the fistic. This class last master was God like Frank's up media bias on DH all. If you're going to have to choose like, apart, of course. Seven our coats in your first semester. And that's one option. Andi, I would highly recommend you to choose it because you get off. No way. What's up, you guys? Today is Wednesday, August 28th. It's current 7 55 so I'm doing really, really great time as you have. So I just made a little breakfast. So I'm just having my maple syrup boat meal, a little Q t and then my coffee, and also to just so you guys know I don't have a security or anything. I just make like, regular cop by the folders and then put cream in it. That's my breakfast. And so today I'm actually really excited because I only have two classes. I have my jail 105 Web at 9 a.m. And then I have my deal. One afford lecture at 11 to the right. Expect another good thing that they're both on l. A cop today, so I don't have to go to the academic spine, which makes me really happy. Um, after class today, I think I'm gonna come back to my room instead of a library, just like unlike really, make sure I'm keeping up with my stuff, getting everything done. I want to finish my planner doing all of my soul by and putting the dates into my planner. I do have some homework to start for tomorrow, so I want to make sure you get that done. I also have to go to the bookstore because I need to pick up my access code for one of my classes on. I also have work tonight from 4 to 9. So I'm kind of kind of a busy day, but less than what was yesterday. So that makes me happy. I also want to try my best to get, like, 30 minutes in, like, an hour nap in before work tonight. Only because I know if I don't get a nap, I'm just gonna be exhausted. It's not gonna be good, So yeah, that's what my day is looking like. But I also wanted to just show you guys, I guess like what I do first thing in the morning. So I like to check three things. I checked my school email reports to see if there's any messages from mind professors or just university in general. Then I checked my student hub to see once again anything was posted. And then lastly, check My bubi learns which is through blackboard to see if any courses posted anything anytime for the assignments that I have to get done. So that's what I like to do in the morning. Just to make sure I'm organized before my day actually starts, right? So basically just made myself some lunch. I have a tuna sandwich. I toasted the bread a little bit. She's stick a few light, lightly salted lays and then 1/4 cup of TRO mix. This is like the fruit blend like a dried fruitland, whatever with nuts and then just water is well. I began the first chapter of my accounting homework. This is what it's looking like, but honestly, was not that bad. I still have a little bit more to go, but it is currently 3 30 I have to go to work out for and so I'm basically just are getting ready. But this is what I have So far, I do get off at nine, so it won't be too difficult to just come back and finish up the rest of the chapter after work. It is due tomorrow or what does not necessarily do, but she's gonna go over the left, your four chapter one starting tomorrow. That's what I want to make sure I have it done before the night. It's currently 8 27 Bus comes in, like, nine minutes, But right now, because I don't wanna miss it. And I'm not sure I'll walk today when things are my busiest days. I don't know how much you just because we're going, going, but yeah, So I just want to show you guys my outfit for today on one saves me dress business professionals. Rocky Mountain Road today. Got my glasses. Fine. This necklace, the necklace is from forever 21. Got in a really long time ago. This dress is from Rome. We, um the loafers, not my conditioner. These rovers are from a shoe department. I'm pretty sure. Oh, my God. A long time ago and then just wearing this bracelet, I think from I think I honestly got it from Rainbow. I don't know. I don't remember. And then just a few rings from my ring sound wrongly as well. So I decided to grab some lunch, not helping us ever butt to bed. Come for me if you want to. Slices of pet Brisk. Some big cities chips. So just getting off work looking dusty Oh, I don't even know if I'm tired. That's how tired I am. I don't even know it's almost 1 31 28 Um, I'm making myself a bacon, egg and cheese right now, which is mad, awkward and random, but they only eat, so Okay, so I decided to go ahead and make my breakfast sandwich since I'm hungry. So just regular white bread toasted than over Hard A Colby and Monterey Jack cheese and bacon. I even rely make off. You got a whole breakfast here. But now, obviously, it's past midnight. So today is Thursday, obvious. 30 years. Today I have a super like their classes going to classes. So, yeah, it's going to be easy for me. And I do not work tonight so that I did it because, um, I'm tired. Are you guys? I have no idea how I ended up actually waking up on time, but I did so yet on my class anyway, though after the day decided to little space whatever you wanna call him, just so I can see T shirt or dress shirt. It's not a dress, but I wear a dress because it if it's just whatever and then once again between one necklace in just my white converts. So I just first day first craft was my MG Q. Which statistics? Recitation for those who don't know a recitation is basically kind of like a supplemental to your lecture on, and it's really important that I go. I mean, it's optional to go, but it's important that I go because my lecture for statistics is online. So I need going to the recitations. I get help if I need it. Oh, today was a rough morning. I didn't make my bid like my room was a mess right now, Um, like I said last night, I worked until 1 a.m. So, honey, I'm doing good to even be up in, like, dressed and ready for life. Right now. It is 8 51 My next class is at 12 but the good thing is that it's fine. L a cop, so I don't have to go to the economic spine that classic Geo 104 I did not do my homework, so that's what I like to do right now. I was kind of thinking about coming back to take a nap, but they never lived. There was literally no point in doing that. Maximize Mari time right now and then I'll just go to bed early tonight. You like eight or nine to get my sleep back? Originally told myself I would never study in here because I just feel like it's just grody. And no one ever cleans in here. But I don't like going to a library. And I definitely don't feel going downstairs, so I'm just gonna study in here today. Got a nice little I don't have a nicer you. Never mind, Eunice. So I just got it from the crazy snap. Ever. But I was not expecting to really have It's 5 23 So it's almost 5 30 And I went to taking that that one. And my plan was to wake up at 2 30 because I had class at 3 30 That never happened. Um, so I just slip for what, like four and 1/2 hours? I mean, considering the fact that I did work last night from 8 p.m. To one end, it makes sense because I lost a lot of sleep, like last night only got maybe three or four hours of sleep. So it does make sense that I just prose long as I did. Um, but that still wasn't the plan. This class, it was the first day, and it was career connections. One I'm not really supposed to be giving our groups or whatever, like, because we are wearing groups for that glass. And so the first class I read on the service was meeting in our group's getting to know everyone. I'm going over what we needed to go over. And then someone in the group waas supposed to be like the group leader, whatever. So I missed that, and that kind of kind of annoys me because, I mean, it's just off to a bad start, and I don't like that, but I can't get back time for how it works. So, yeah, I'm a C, though, if I if our groups are listed in, like the blackboard like he learns, um, and if they are against the email, my group and just let them know I'm still coming or whatever. Oh, um, so right now, So it's 5 30 Most of my work, honestly for the rest of the week is doing So is Thursday all my homework is done for today. I have, like, a little bit of work to do for tomorrow's class is little stuff. And then and then a Saturday. And we do have a long weekend. Obviously get his labor Day. So long, Labor Day. I'm not going home. I don't I mean, I never do anything for labor days. I guess Now I'm about to just get up and do something with my life. Huh? Uh, okay. Yes. Guys made. It's a Friday, and I'm happy with some. It's Friday. Today I have to clap two classes, two glasses this and then work it for and yeah, I thought today's gonna be a chill day is gonna be a day after that kind of had a mental breakdown, Just about life in general. Um, because I'm just so busy I have a lot going on, but it's gonna be okay. It's gonna be good. And it's Friday. So we're happy. I'm just about to eat some breakfast. I may eat, Um, probably really discussing. But just two slices of toast, butter and jelly and a little beauty in my coffee s. So yes, something. What has it been like to dis acquit o t. But you guys have a glass is on this. Denham. Jackie. What? J. C. Penney, J C. Penney's this New York sweatshirt Got it from Rome. We this gold watch that does not fit properly from target. This bracelet from a rainbow eyes necklace from, like, a beauty supply where stores some like that, um, summer ghetto and then just a black skirt, probably from Rambo and then my blackheads out covers. Okay, so right after. So on my way back to my dorm from class, I was listening to Jonathan MacDonald Saw make room. I see it. Yeah, whatever. Well, his song make room and I was like, You know what? I really want to cover that song. So I decided to set my stuff up Thio film a cover. And just so you guys can kind of see, like what I d'oh? Unfortunately, I don't have a place yet in my room. Thio set up my music equipment tohave it up all the time. I think that I'm gonna put it against this wall, get some like table, get a table here to put my music stuff here. But this is basically a setup. So I have a matchbook here. I'm gonna open a garage band in the second, then the USB linked over here to my audio interface. Um, this is it here and then this first input is my microphone. The second input is my keyboard. And then this here is the ox leading to my own amplifier. This is because I'm not doing like, a How can I put it me like an in ear cover. So you're gonna hear the sound through my speaker as I play it out instead of me, Like putting it into the camera, and you can hear it. That what if that makes any sense? I don't know, but yes. Oh, that's the speaker. And that's everything there on keyboard. And then here's my microphone. Um, yeah, I'm not gonna, um I put the boom on it. I don't I don't know, but this is the set up here, and I'm about to record. Hey, Tonto, I just want to be here for the rest of the day. I just have one more class, and then I have work from for tonight, so pretty basic. But I just want to say thank you guys. so much for watching. Especially staying till the end of the video. That's dope. If you enjoyed it, make sure you give it like comment and subscribe to my channel. I'm gonna be posting ah, lot of college related in just lifestyle life style videos in general to make sure you're saying to to the channel I make you guys a tomb for my very next video. Until then, please remember to be kind to everyone. Everyone I wanna show you my usual. Come here school from on campus Eyes. As you can see, this is what the bust of slaves. Let's see your toe like from the inside. Okay, so it usually takes about five minutes to teach from one capital from on campus. Housing. The actual campus or other houses are Andi. I'm only talking about not part of the university. All my classes and man dispenses on the North campus. No, the bus is relatively empty today because Visa's harder snowstorm last night. So the glasses have bean got it off on So not many people are going to be commuting. Otherwise, usually they're back. Why I reach campus. I just give you some information about the university on its location. So you'll be is a relatively large annoyed to be about the Bard. Thirty thousand students, including undergrad, dried and phD, huh? We are spread out over an area often on five thousand acres, which is really big, so that makes it having unique location because it's not really close to the city of Buffalo, meaning it's not integrated with the city, but at the same time, it's not really far. So if you're lucky enough to have a card, you can reach the city and probably like, twenty twenty five minutes, tops. Or if you take the public transport, uh, can pick apart from a few minutes, especially when hearing the victor seasons when the buses are running slow. But it's not that bad. And plus, there's just so much to do on campus that you won't find yourself going to the city very you guys and welcome back to another video. Oh, my gosh. Little bit like 10 years since the last time I recorded, like was RG. So a couple of things are in order first and foremost. You guys like my little intro? I hope you didn't, like, help you buy with it. Number two is if you guys haven't watched voters from Hong Kong studying abroad there, then make sure you guys will live. So's honestly, if you haven't seen them yet. What are you doing with your life? Go by ourselves right now. Um, I wanted to be a little bit more consistent with uploading while I was in China. However, two things. One. My program schedule was so busy when I got there and I just didn't have time. And number two is that once we got some mainland China, there's no social media. There's no social media, no Google, no nothing, no YouTube. So I wasn't able to upload anyway, So that is the reason why I only got three videos up, But the videos that I did get, I think, really do capture what I was doing. Basically, while I was there. So makes you go large. Those in number three, My favorite, bro. It is the first day of the semester. And I am so excited. Honestly, last muster, I was going to drop out of school and not even gonna say here and lie. Probably make a video on that. Yeah, I was honestly, gonna drop out. Just done with school over it and going to trying to literally changed my life. Um, you know, that's dramatic, but it really did. And he gave me my motivation back. So I am so ready to basically just go hard this semester, like I'm really, really excited. So basically, that's what this video is the first day of the semester. First day of classes showing you guys were gonna be doing throughout the day. I do have quite a busy schedule. Um, but I like I have a busy schedule. Keeps me occupied, you know? 00 my goodness. Like if you're a real o g. Do you notice something different? Uh, uh huh. If your religion and you've been watching my videos for a while, then you know that my room was much different last semester. I decided to switch it around literally because I needed something different last night. I got in so late from church. I ended up going to bed into, like, three this morning. But I just knew that I had to switch around my room and I absolutely love it. It's better. Nice. Anyway, see you right now. It's like 9 15 My first class starts at 10. So I definitely have some time to kind of like children Relax before I need to go. So I have accounting from 10 to 10. 50. I have work from noon to four. I have a music and arts society, A class something class like that from 5 to 6. And then I have a floor meeting here in my dorm at, like, not in an adjuster signed papers. So yeah, that's basically my daily Let's get started. But next week, right on Monday, we're gonna start chapter one. So, for example Mmm. Okay. So let's talk. How in the world did I leave? 50 minutes early for class, but still ended up 30 minutes late? All right, let me explain what happened. So as you got saw, I left extremely early simply because that person was watching me across the way in their room. But I left extremely early because I wanted to be on time and get it Could see in my class. Um, but for some reason, once I got to like the meat, the academics buying, whatever, I forgot where the room was. Here's the part that makes it so bad is I've had classes in that room before. So what happened? I know where the classes that. So what happened? I don't know, dude, but I forgot where the class was. That took me like my long to find it. And here's the worst part. Once I've found it, he was already talking, obviously, because the class was going on. It was like 10 or five. So he was already talking. So I figured, Oh, no, I'm walking in on another class. Let me just sit down and wait for our classes start. And I sat there for another 25 minutes thinking that it was a different class. And then finally I realized that the class started at 10. Not 10. 30. It's okay, friends. I'm finally off work. It is much later than I had anticipated. It's like 4 36 right now. Um, honestly, it's because, well, first of all, the person who was supposed to be, like, letting me off my ship, like leaving me came in a little late. So that's that. And then I ordered my food, and then that took a long time. So these people I'm saying is that I'm rushing kind of to get to my next class or my last class the day Rather, which is that music class was talking about, which is from 5 to 6. So it's just an hour. We've got food, and I really wanted to eat it right now. But if I sit down and eat, I'm definitely gonna be late. So I guess I'm just gonna have to bring it with me, which isn't a ling, but it is what it is. So, yeah, it's going the last class, the day guys. I'm so tired, but let's finish the day strong. I forgot to show you what I've got, but it's just a salad. This is virus the chicken, onion, black olives. Two times when it comes out like a little bread Time in this way there, I'm going to show you are probably the most important building in any college, just student union, which is basically where you find most number of students, especially in the daytime, just hanging out, getting food. It has numerous and more food places. It's we're over all the maximum number of opponents get their food, and this letter head, which you can see is the student union on Great Officer is exactly the Commons on You can see us as you can see this the Starbucks had there and just have fun that Starbucks actually holds the record for the most number of movement. Largest energy. It's huge. Uh, so we're just going to get Can you get Yeah. Every on this shop here. Andi, I'm going out to you from the university at Buffalo to give you a glimpse ofthe what the university is like. Um, a little about me. I'm a freshman on Diamond International student from Mumbai in India. Andi, I'm an undecided major in the College of Arts and Sciences. Currently exploring media studies, geology and theater. Fine. Hopefully blind across them down to do by the end of the semester. Uh, I hope you got a good idea of what you know. I'm Eric. I don't know you and I right now. And as you can see behind me, this distress buoy, like not toward him. Off you be on it's It's widely known all around the U. S. Especially for the water treatment plant. Your B s installed for the seven points. It literally has really clean water on a lot of fancy air force and second division games, I think. Get happened here? Ideal bees, not toward him. All right, So I'm here in the natural sciences complex right now. One of the most, probably the most important card in McMurdo links. And you'll be with one of the largest classrooms with capacities going upto fifty four hundred people. Andi, I've come here from my last class of the day, which is a geology lecture on Isn't one off probably the biggest lecture halls, and you'll be Come on. So I'm gonna give you a cookie off. What? And now she looks like Carmen said it's called in to see the natural sense complex. And I want to show you what my geology class looks like. Which is the big guest last. So here's an ISI. Chances are you just Yeah. All right, So we're almost here. That the bad kind. You can see somebody's on main. They're always hanging on around this area, especially in the winters. Yeah, it's garden. Really? You Indians in away on all this snow, you see, actually, is a resident of this one night of snowing leg. Literally yesterday at the same time, right now, it was barren. There was no snow and no is. This is a least a feet of snow everywhere, a foot of snow. Yeah, I'm not see. Yeah. But the bed point As you can see, the cheap below is right behind me on DH. I'm just gonna walk there. Go sure the beautiful view from there. In the meantime, to still give you an idea of how long over in those last. Usually it starts snowing by the end of November. That's my experience. And from what I've looked at, the average on it goes up. You're getting Yeah. I mean, I like it. I like the snow. Like the winters you learned a missing them mean, like the main brutal winters. Because the winter breaks off, You'll be. I didn't average much longer than for the universities, So that's a relief. But yeah. So right here now, the bed point that I'd have me on those little complexes you see out there with the fingers hearts covered, it's No, those are other on campus housing options. Not very on campus, but they're much corrected. And dumb self, the conjecture and infrastructure. They usually for upperclassmen and are much, much more expensive. Yeah, you pay for what you get. Just gonna claim of here had the bad point. This viewer off the whole university behind me off the naughty campus. Precisely on that hood on that point. Yeah, You made that. Let's go up there with you. You get the goods. Six more tougher than you, We'll make it. And you claim that, right? You then I live Do is start building in the back. That's a half. And that's what I took the bus from and came here behind me. Yeah, it's Big John and me on this little frame where many people take the test. Amazing, really off lake off campus residence just from this So I've got a big center right now, just like a study here. It's connected to all the gods. It's you go on. It's very convenient. Anything just come on, study in space which is separate from if you study if you want to start like, doesn't night Anytime That I separate films is that you can study with your friends some private today. It's supposed to be like a very silent studies, but if you want to study under, it works a lot of people, you just the o. R. So extender. I'm here. He's like a four man off man. Man. I'm just going to ask him a few quick questions about you being so he can give you time, ladies. Miller, that's you. So you want introduce yourself and explain to everyone what you choose? You'll be. No, I'm from Rochester, New York. And I chose you because it wass far enough from home to be a way, but close enough that I can signal back like I'm going this weekend for someone like, shoe that's or even just someone in New York City, that's nowhere near an option. So I think that's the biggest reason I chose you party. But you're talking in the bar with your major. And what's the academy climate? Like a bee? My major is business administration with concentration financial houses. I think the academic climate, I'd say it's I get serious. Oh, I see. I mean, this place is pretty filled up right now. I mean, forty nine, one nail. Everyone's probably tired by now, but I just most people that I speak with a very serious about their studies, so in brief. Could you sort of describe the student body? And he'll be, like, What? The soil conscious stuff and stuff? I found soon body to be very just divers. I think that's the only word that could truly explain the divers. Not only cultures, but personalities as well. You make different kinds of people here in college. I mean, I think that's pretty. I think, like at least a population of international. Soon, especially something is said to be apart, because in my hometown there are a few schools and it was nothing like this. I I have friends from all over the world B and I probably many other places. Yeah, last question. What's your favorite part If you be on watch at least very fun if you'll be my wife. Think my least favorite part of you is that I have to actually work. College would be great if it wasn't, you know, the actual school part of Academic Park and sometimes being down there, I just think, my favorite, nothing about you. But I mean, maybe this is just about being in college is there's always something to do. There are always other people. My floor that are awake, go your home. It's three in the morning. You're just kind of stuck in the room. But there's always something to do, no matter what it is just something that you want to be, that someone that's Thanks. No, please.