Double-Double Suite Tour!

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Carol Phan

Tour Guide

Here I give you a quick tour of the Lion's Den double-double suite. The Lion's Den is a suite-style residential hall primarily lived in by first-year students. These double-double rooms include 2 long twin beds, movable wardrobes, desks, and drawers as well as task desk chairs. 4-5 students will share a bathroom in a suite, depending if it's a double-double room, double-triple, or a single-single-double room. I did not film a tour of the double-triple room or the single-single-double room, but I will link the tour of those rooms from the UAFS website here: . I've been told that the double-triple room is the low cost option out of all three dorm styles available. Lion's Den is a 460 bed facility and each suite is located in a wing community with ~30 same gender students. They do have a co-ed wing (with same gender suites) and they're primarily for upper-class students.