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Thinking about University of Arkansas-Fort Smith and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting University of Arkansas-Fort Smith in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet University of Arkansas-Fort Smith’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to University of Arkansas-Fort Smith, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the University of Arkansas-Fort Smith experience. These University of Arkansas-Fort Smith video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.


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Hey, guys. So this is the double Double Sweet. First walking into here we have are too long. Twin Vince. Okay, answers over here. Door's over there. The thing with the bends is you can rearrange them any way I'LL show you later. The meds are arranged but even our celebration to directly each other to order here already to this, the way these air splayed they're put together but can also separate them into different areas of the room. A glance to the restroom This is a joint restaurant between the other double sweet and this double sweet. We have the shower over here and with your and your double sinks plenty of storage space for your amenities. And over here is your toilet. This is the other double sweet usually are A's will be joined in double sweet with you. But that's not always the case. As you can see, the arrangement of the bunk beds are different. There are arrangements for size and there's a Hey, guys, this is Thies Smith Pantagraph Campus Center here. I'm showing you the front entrance of the Kepa Center, But soon I'll show you the side entrance of the Cape a center. Students often go to this area to hang out and relax with their friends as well as E and to grab a coffee drink. This is a side entrance of the campus center. You could go through many entrances, but this is two out of three. Interest is available. The campus center is located right from the breath of auditorium as well as the bell tower. Welcome to the second floor of the campus center Appear. We have the cashier office, the testing center, the financial aid office, the admission office, the records office and the advisory office. If you have any concerns about your student encounter anything, you can go up here and asked for help. There's a information desk up front, so if you don't know where to go, they will be more than happy to help you. Here's the look down to the first floor, which we'LL get to shortly here in the first floor. We have the box office. This is where you can purchase your tickets for games and musical events hosted by you FAS, The first four kippa center is also where the legendary campus fireplace is located. At usually have different organizations having event here as well. A smooth musical performances to the left. You will see the Lines bookstore. This is where you can go to get your books as well as by your school supplies. I'm showing you some different banners of some organizations we have here. We are in the Lines bookstore, the line's books, ourselves, apparel as well as books and your school supplies. I'm just showing you an overview of what they sell their very cute hats over there. Thank you. Catch my eye and they're still a bookstore. Here's the back of the book store where you can go pick up your books. If you ordered any you order online as well as in store. Here's some school supplies, so if you feel like you ever need a Scantron or a pencil, the bookstore's got it for you at a very affordable prices. One thing that the campus center is popular for is our Starbucks. A lot of people, these safety Starbucks, too, kept him up. So it's really nice that we have one on campus. That was a performance. Also a campus center. We have our food court. I'm showing you what it looks like an r three different options. We have checked filet subway in both pizza. Personally, I'm a chick fil a girl, so I always go to Chick fil A. I'm feeling hungry, but sometimes I'll mix it up and just go to the tiny convenience store located in the corner. Another thing we have that's great is thie Beverage bar. We have milkshakes, smoothies and all the pop you may need on Thursdays. We have one dollar pop any size, so get it while you can. I don't know how long they're gonna keep that up. This is Thie Kepa Center Food Court. Plenty of sitting room to mingle and eat. You still have to sit here to eat. But it got kind of quiet, so I went to my nook instead. We've got a clip of that. But I did it so but yes, that is our welcome to one of my favorite spots on campus, and that is the campus green in the campus. Grand. You'LL find a bell tower in the middle of it all. The bell tower is a place we can go to hang with your peers, which is to sit and ponder outside as I like to do across from the bell tower, our fountain areas. There's two. This is the right side, but first I must show you close up the bell tower. It's really beautiful. Oh, and it was recently renovated, too. So the acoustics are much better. Here's another close up of the fountain. It's actually running this time, and I like sitting here. Just tow, get some fresh air and, you know, relax and right by the bell tower. That is the campus center. OK, here. I'm actually in the campus green. This is the in prince of the past of University of Arkansas, Fort Smith. You could see what it used to be called and all that, and here's a close up of the organizations that sponsor you FIS. It's called Line Pride Square Boo. Isn't it gorgeous? I love this robbery detail, especially with the bell tower right in the middle. Super aesthetic to look at. Oh, here's another fun thing I have said to add in, Um, we have thes blue towers all around campus. If you feel like you're in danger or you have a threat, you can find one of these. This is like a help phone call button where the cape is. Police will come to the nearest loop hole once you pressed a button, so you will never have to worry about the safety of the Hey, keep us real people. My name is Carol Fan, and I will be your campus real ambassador from the University of Arkansas Sport Smith. I'm so excited to show you around campus as there are so many things to talk about. And hopefully you get a sense into what the community is like here at the University of Arts in Southport, Smith or Goofus, as I want to call it. From now on, that name is so long something facts to know about me. I was born and raised in Fort Smith, Arkansas. So you Fist has always been known for me since the day I was born two thousand, baby. Another fun fact about me is I'm a marketing major. I've only recently declared that like in the past month and a half, so I haven't been exposed to what the college of business has to offer. Although I'm sure they're wonderful. But before that, in my first semester of college, I'm stole a freshman. I was a general studies major. This major is intended for students who are undecided about What do you want to study? And that was definitely the case for me. As I left high school. I was like, I do not know what I'm passionate about. I don't want to just settle in for a degree that I know I'm not gonna like. So the general studies major allowed me to explore my options while staying on track for the bachelors that I'm seeking. What's my favorite thing about youth is my favorite thing about you. Fez is be small class sizes for me as a person, I love having meaningful relationships with people interact with daily. And having the small class size is really allows me to connect with my professor is like we're a tight like this. Now home. You're allowed to make jokes you can form in a personal bonds with them to get, like visit them outside of class ours, and it's really a set assessable for what the classes are like. You have no problem asking questions in class. You won't feel shy. Everyone's welcome that you feel included, and I like that we have that sense of community within the small class sizes. What's my least favorite thing about you? Fist. My least favorite thing about you face is the lack of food options they have. They do have the line's dead cafeteria for students who are living on campus. But as a commuter I only have a limited variety I could pick from. We have three on it on campus center, Chick fil A Subway and the Audio Pizza Place. Why Love Chick fil A and I would never like complain about having a chicken sandwich. It does get tiring everyday. So now I come home to eat lunch. But that's no problem. There are plenty of restaurants and fastfood areas nearby campus, so you'LL have a problem finding places to eat. It's just a matter of leaving campus for that. What can I tell you about academic life, huh? The academic life here is driving. We have so many student organizations that Khun join. Um, I'm involved in lead student animators organization, Spanish Club and, I believe the Geology Club. Yes, I'm not a geology major, but I'm still in their club and that's not a bad thing. Honestly, I'm just tryingto reach out and see what I can a dabble in, even though a marketing major. Oh, another thing to mention is our Greek Life chapter. Here we have four for attorneys and three sororities. The four fraternities here are the kelp Kappa Alpha Order. Uh, Capital, Alfa Pi Kappa Phi and Sigma Nu. Our three sororities here are Alfa only Crime Gamma Phi Better. And they also Gama. Yes, those things are really hard to pronounce. While I'm not involved in any sororities, I hear that they're great. And if you're looking for a sisterhood, are a brotherhood. Those Greek lives chapters are definitely the best place to seek that. I hope we do it. Or you get a sense of what the student life is like here, as wealthy camp campus organizations made available. And you get a little sneak peek into what I experience as a student here. And if you're interested, stay. Two more videos were coming, but yeah. Welcome to your office. and campus rule people. Today I will be giving you a tour of my room at home. Now let's do it. Welcome to my room tour. Now. My room is very small, so you can see that my bed takes up fifty percent of the space I have, but no worries. Hears an overview. I cleaned up a little bit, but it's still pretty messy. It's a queen size bed right there. I have ah, small desk outside with much of junk them on my dresser over here. Oh, mind sessions and lots of shoes on the ground Early Negatives. Shoe organizer. But well, you see, my bed is my lab tests, which I think is crucial for any student who likes setting on their bed. I don't have space for a desk, as you guys can clearly see. So I invested in this lab tests at a Kia. They cost twelve nine nine. Yeah, and it's super easy, Tio. Pack up and store and as well as assemble, what you do is you push down the the legs and then it should fold over automatically and clip onto this. Same thing is with this side and you clip on if you want, Take it out. All you do is unclip it, pull it out and then push it back in two. So where the The sides are parallel to each other. So why did I choose to live at home? I'Ll give you That's me. I just lived at home because I wanted to save money because my family and also have the freedom to have everything I need without worrying about missing anything very comfortable in my room. So I don't mind driving fifteen minutes to get to class. Although there are great benefits of living on campus is he doesn't tomorrow borrows That's crucial. Every student has empty water bottles. I decided Leave that. They're just really aesthetic effect. But yes, that is my room. And over here you'LL see my closet, which I'm not going to show you because it's so messy.