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Thinking about University of Arkansas-Fort Smith and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting University of Arkansas-Fort Smith in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet University of Arkansas-Fort Smith’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to University of Arkansas-Fort Smith, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the University of Arkansas-Fort Smith experience. These University of Arkansas-Fort Smith video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.


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Hello There

welcome to my favorite place on campus The library. Uh, this entire video is going to be a panoramic shot with some close ups on me pondering. But I'LL get to that later. This is the front of the library and this is the back of the library to left area You'LL see your outside sitting area? I've never said that before, but I will once it gets warmer. And this is the back entrance of lottery which is where I go to upon entering the front entrance you'LL see in a right the twenty four hour study zone. Um, all we have to do get in is scan your I D card in this place is open twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. So if you need to get a last minute study, you'll have no problem doing that. They have computer labs and study tables. Here's a little sneak peek of meaning in the bathroom, um, with a snapshot of the mental health services provided and this is the lobby of the library. I don't know why I put it on the second floor, but this is what it looks like on the second floor you'LL see that we have Service is made available for students that Career Services Crew Services provides many services, such as resume building and interview workshops. There are more snapshots that what's available on the second floor. I think these are more for professional events, but students are also gained access on here. A swell. This is a second floor lobby to your right. You'LL see the computer labs in front of you and the shelves of books. They have different study areas, but the first study area I'ma show you is the group study room. In order to get the group study room, we have to place a reservation on the website on the library website. It's really easy. You could take us much time with you want, but you have to make sure to reserve a room before you get in it, because it may be reserved and you'LL be Make it out. But there's a computer lab in there and whiteboard for those who need it. And this is the first floor quiet study area very similar to the second floor, but it's just on the first floor here. We're approaching my favorite sitting spot for a long time and study time. Plenty of books made available. All you have to do is look on the lottery database. For resource is, this is my chosen desk, and soon I will place my items on. There you go. My setup. Oh, this is why I love this spot so much I look pondering, um I don't know why it makes me feel relaxed and I like looking at cars drive outside and like the pretty sun trees Yeah, Here's a clip of me pondering Please try and ponder But yeah, this area is really quiet and you won't be interrupted. There's chargers all around and nobody will the star view from your studies. I think I'm showing how empty it is when I'm back here and it's another day of me pondering But on a rainy day I'll get a close up of my set up But this time there are people around and you could see the set up of the desk and how the books like, give us privacy. Oh, this is also on the second floor. It was right behind Computer Labs Mohr desk for you I am walking towards our rock building, which is Thie Recreational Arts and Wellness Center. Our student government association actually, uh, fundraised money and encouraged the board members ofyou. Fists too. Build a actual wellness center since our gym was outdated. But see that building right there is the ROTC building for people who in ROTC and are interested in that field. Switching to a voiceover. This is our bald or technology center. This is where the electrical and mechanical engineering majors would go, too, as well as all tech related major such as tea and computer science. The Boulder center is located near the line, Stan, but I'll show you a short clip of that. But it is right across the rock building, which I spoke about earlier. Soon I'll show you a close up view of the exterior of the building. Here's the exterior is going to see the glass panels are gorgeous and right across from the Iraq Center is our ROTC, Billy. The road that is in between the rocks and they are to see building was closed off. Based on the Sooner Government Association, they've got every best to close the road off. So that students could cross that more safely in between the Baldur and the Iraq building. I said Rock so many times already. It's ridiculous. Here we are in the rock on the first floor. The first floor has all the equipment you need to work out. I don't really work out, so I don't know half these equipment that treadmills right there. I know that a lot, but for fools we also that's just it. Oh, other foot pills. Christ. But perhaps my most favorite part of the rock building is Thies Uma Class I'Ll soon show you a clip of what it's like in Zuma class. There's my structure and this is a few classmates were all dancing, but yes, we have group classes available for everyone that goes to you. Fist. Hey, guys. So this is the double Double Sweet. First walking into here we have are too long. Twin Vince. Okay, answers over here. Door's over there. The thing with the bends is you can rearrange them any way I'LL show you later. The meds are arranged but even our celebration to directly each other to order here already to this, the way these air splayed they're put together but can also separate them into different areas of the room. A glance to the restroom This is a joint restaurant between the other double sweet and this double sweet. We have the shower over here and with your and your double sinks plenty of storage space for your amenities. And over here is your toilet. This is the other double sweet usually are A's will be joined in double sweet with you. But that's not always the case. As you can see, the arrangement of the bunk beds are different. There are arrangements for size and there's a Hey, keep us real people. My name is Carol Fan, and I will be your campus real ambassador from the University of Arkansas Sport Smith. I'm so excited to show you around campus as there are so many things to talk about. And hopefully you get a sense into what the community is like here at the University of Arts in Southport, Smith or Goofus, as I want to call it. From now on, that name is so long something facts to know about me. I was born and raised in Fort Smith, Arkansas. So you Fist has always been known for me since the day I was born two thousand, baby. Another fun fact about me is I'm a marketing major. I've only recently declared that like in the past month and a half, so I haven't been exposed to what the college of business has to offer. Although I'm sure they're wonderful. But before that, in my first semester of college, I'm stole a freshman. I was a general studies major. This major is intended for students who are undecided about What do you want to study? And that was definitely the case for me. As I left high school. I was like, I do not know what I'm passionate about. I don't want to just settle in for a degree that I know I'm not gonna like. So the general studies major allowed me to explore my options while staying on track for the bachelors that I'm seeking. What's my favorite thing about youth is my favorite thing about you. Fez is be small class sizes for me as a person, I love having meaningful relationships with people interact with daily. And having the small class size is really allows me to connect with my professor is like we're a tight like this. Now home. You're allowed to make jokes you can form in a personal bonds with them to get, like visit them outside of class ours, and it's really a set assessable for what the classes are like. You have no problem asking questions in class. You won't feel shy. Everyone's welcome that you feel included, and I like that we have that sense of community within the small class sizes. What's my least favorite thing about you? Fist. My least favorite thing about you face is the lack of food options they have. They do have the line's dead cafeteria for students who are living on campus. But as a commuter I only have a limited variety I could pick from. We have three on it on campus center, Chick fil A Subway and the Audio Pizza Place. Why Love Chick fil A and I would never like complain about having a chicken sandwich. It does get tiring everyday. So now I come home to eat lunch. But that's no problem. There are plenty of restaurants and fastfood areas nearby campus, so you'LL have a problem finding places to eat. It's just a matter of leaving campus for that. What can I tell you about academic life, huh? The academic life here is driving. We have so many student organizations that Khun join. Um, I'm involved in lead student animators organization, Spanish Club and, I believe the Geology Club. Yes, I'm not a geology major, but I'm still in their club and that's not a bad thing. Honestly, I'm just tryingto reach out and see what I can a dabble in, even though a marketing major. Oh, another thing to mention is our Greek Life chapter. Here we have four for attorneys and three sororities. The four fraternities here are the kelp Kappa Alpha Order. Uh, Capital, Alfa Pi Kappa Phi and Sigma Nu. Our three sororities here are Alfa only Crime Gamma Phi Better. And they also Gama. Yes, those things are really hard to pronounce. While I'm not involved in any sororities, I hear that they're great. And if you're looking for a sisterhood, are a brotherhood. Those Greek lives chapters are definitely the best place to seek that. I hope we do it. Or you get a sense of what the student life is like here, as wealthy camp campus organizations made available. And you get a little sneak peek into what I experience as a student here. And if you're interested, stay. Two more videos were coming, but yeah. Welcome to your office. and campus rule people. Today I will be giving you a tour of my room at home. Now let's do it. Welcome to my room tour. Now. My room is very small, so you can see that my bed takes up fifty percent of the space I have, but no worries. Hears an overview. I cleaned up a little bit, but it's still pretty messy. It's a queen size bed right there. I have ah, small desk outside with much of junk them on my dresser over here. Oh, mind sessions and lots of shoes on the ground Early Negatives. Shoe organizer. But well, you see, my bed is my lab tests, which I think is crucial for any student who likes setting on their bed. I don't have space for a desk, as you guys can clearly see. So I invested in this lab tests at a Kia. They cost twelve nine nine. Yeah, and it's super easy, Tio. Pack up and store and as well as assemble, what you do is you push down the the legs and then it should fold over automatically and clip onto this. Same thing is with this side and you clip on if you want, Take it out. All you do is unclip it, pull it out and then push it back in two. So where the The sides are parallel to each other. So why did I choose to live at home? I'Ll give you That's me. I just lived at home because I wanted to save money because my family and also have the freedom to have everything I need without worrying about missing anything very comfortable in my room. So I don't mind driving fifteen minutes to get to class. Although there are great benefits of living on campus is he doesn't tomorrow borrows That's crucial. Every student has empty water bottles. I decided Leave that. They're just really aesthetic effect. But yes, that is my room. And over here you'LL see my closet, which I'm not going to show you because it's so messy.