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Carol Phan

Tour Guide

Since I don't live on campus, I decided to give you a tour of my room! It's very small, so my bed takes up 50% of the space hahaha. I have darkening curtains to help block out sunlight during the day if I feel like napping. 100% would recommend, curtains are really important for maintaining that sleep/awake schedule. Besides my bed, I have a drawer with all of my essentials on it. With no space for a desk, I show you my lap desk that I bought from Ikea. Lap desks have been my savior since I've begun college. I used to place my laptop on my pillow for support, but it didn't provide enough elevation and ended up with me in back pain from bending over. With the lap desk, I get the comfortableness of my bed with the ease of typing and writing. I chose to live at home because I wanted to save money, be close to family, and to not worry about missing any items. I love my room and I wouldn't trade it for a dorm!