Smith-pendergraft campus center tour!

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Carol Phan

Tour Guide

Here is one of my favorite spots to hang around when I have a gap in my schedule! The campus center is known to be the gathering area for students, as it provides everything a student would need: Student services on the second floor, a bookstore, STARBUCKS, the box office, Chik-fil-A, Subway, and Oath's Pizza! Whether you want to grab a bite to eat, or simply to hang out, the campus center is the place to gooo. I actually have a nook in the campus center that not many people go to, I like doing my homework there and eating. On the second floor of the building, there is the cashier's office (so if you need to put money on your Lion's ID card, this is the place), the testing center (if you need to have accommodations for your tests), the financial aid office (any questions about the FAFSA process, pro-verify process, aid concerns, loans etc), the admission's office (questions regarding admission status), the record's office (transcripts, getting a new ID card, etc) and the advising offices (not all majors are advised here, check with your department to see where it is located at). The Student Government Association's office is also located in the Campus Center so if you have any concerns about student life, feel free to come in and discuss it with them!