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So here Sky Hall. They host a lot of different things on campus, such as the Academic Resource Center, which is for students who need tutoring and any subject. And we can get for free here. I come here a lot right before midterms season. Just brush up on some stuff, and we have student tutors who come and help us out, which is awesome. And above here we have a lot of different departments, and one of them I'm about to go to is the study Abroad department. I'll pardon you go to Paris this summer, so I go up there, talk to them and see where everything works out, my financial aid and everything. And they're awesome, awesome people who could help me out. So this is one of definitely one of the biggest buildings that have been going to since my freshman Guys, we're here at U. C Riverside, and here we have the hub. Ah, hub is one of our biggest squads where everyone comes and eats and the information and do the thing. So here, the hub it's has for Highlander union building. Uh, which has on the first floor as all your dining foods on the second floor, has a lot of conference rooms for people who have organizations to come out and do their meetings there and have recruitment events. And on the third floor, we have big, large carpets, rooms where everyone you come and have a different type of shows out there. Such a sneaker con professional events expose what? Not so yeah, So here's the hub and it's pretty cool. Come here, eat all the time. So the stigma about Riverside is that it's in the middle of nowhere in a desert, and they usually doesn't rain, and there's usually hot. But today's an exception. It's kind of raining today, but, yeah, yeah, every. Besides, there's no real city to go Teo and like experience like a nightlife for any big malls you can go to or any really, any place is that there's a really big place you can go and have fun in the city of Riverside. And to be honest, the area right around the school is pretty. Sketch is not a homeless people and a lot of kind of crime activity going around. So to place right next around camp is that we call UV University Village, where we get all our food's. There's a movie theater and a couple no place to hang out. Chill. So here we have, Ah, a lot of different restaurants, ice cream places, a lot of Asian food options. And, um, your typical place soon as usually hang out here. But the one thing that we do have here is the theatre and the theater. It's, uh, Regency theater. Uh, so you want your latest movies on a Sunday matinee for about three dollars. This movie theater also acts as a classroom. Yes, I said a classroom. So in here we take this about three or five different movie theaters that act as a costume. And I think I've had a classroom in here almost every quarter of into Riverside. So you utilize this a lot, especially in the business I think one unique thing about suicide is our student recreation center. This was just about four years ago and it's fairly new and it's really big, has a lot of different equipment, is a lot different things you can do in here and let's take a quick tour of it. Of his gym comes with so many options forming different things to do. Aziz, you see here is a full indoor track, expands about a quarter of a mile within the building. Uh, this is not cool use out here. We also have a fully service rock climbing wall, which have been on a couple times. It's pretty hard, but my friends do it. It's pretty fun for them, but it has all the different equipment you wanted haven to running and jogging. There's a whole entire wrote that where you can actually see, like a view of Riverside from where you're running. So it's a really neat little thing where you can go in and just we're going. Just run in and enjoy yourself. There's a lot of there's also a lot of different pockets where they have a lot of different weight. So is about twenty thousand students here. So, yeah, the company for all those students. There's about three four different basketball courts. Don't jim around the south side, so there's about one court here and then on the basketball stadium is about three. So I usually spend a lot of my time playing basketball, and that's where you'll find me, but here's everything and anything you need a lot of students to go and play best. Uh, a lot of students come and go to the gym is almost of a staple at Riverside. At least with amongst my friends. We always fine time, couple times a week to come here, either work out and utilizes beautiful Jim. That is also a pool where there is a fool lane's for pool, and there is also a Jacuzzi, which we use most in this winter. You mostly in the spring because it's kind of reining Hey, guys, What's up? Bonzo here. And let me show you around my room. My house. I actually live in a city next over beside called Marina Valley and the house. A lot of different housing options. I live in the house like I said. Like I said, I live in the house next to Riverside, and my commute to school every day is around ten to fifteen minutes. Ten fifteen minute drive. It's not too bad, but the reason why I live in a house is because so is obviously really cheap. I spend around four hundred four fifty per month for this house compared to houses near campus, which is around six hundred seven hundred, sometimes a thousand and on campus housing is a lot more expensive. So I have Ah, nice. The room and the house is actually pretty big. So we do. Hosting parties here are part of super pie. So we wholesome events here and there's a nice place is a little bit far, but I kind of like it. Uh, when I was a freshman, I am currently a third year. So when I was a freshman, I lived in Pent Lin wishes, eh? Regular storming room for freshman's on campus, and that was pretty nice had a good experience. Their most freshmen either live in three of the main dormitories on campus, either Pentland Lothian or A I, which has the most of the freshman I lived in Pentland. See, I lived in Pentland C, which was a, uh, building just for business students. So all my hall mates, everyone in the building over a business student. So we took, like, most of our costs together and like we're kind associated with in the same group. So that was that was pretty. Final is pretty easy. After your first year, you usually either have two options. Either you can live in a house near campus, which I think majority of suitors do. Some, I think, like a a quarter of a students commute from their homes and or you can live like on campus housing, which is like Glenmore or Banik Birthstone Haven, which is a little bit more expensive. But it's also close to captain. So yeah, not much Seema room. I do a lot of production, so I have, ah, a little set up here have on board, and I have a huge bed here and from Thailand, if you Now we're approaching the school, library or box. This is one of two libraries on campus. Every use and during finals week is open twenty four hours. This is the bigger of the two libraries, and it encompasses a lot of section where people can study and also not that many books, though, but many lounges for a students to study in. Here we have our second floor. It is quiet. People are dead. Another important building that is really a use for this campus is the career center right next to the hub Adi Christian er. You get to talk with professionals, students who could work in your resumes and help you really define a career path for you. I was transitioning from business major to media, culture, media, culture, studies major. This place really helped me out and defining the right internships, the right people to talk to and just guiding away Tio have a clear career path.