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Some guys, So behind me is rebels Fountain. Now, this is one of one of the special things about Bill, uh, for me personally, Because remember when I came here for my orientation, a bunch of us just gathered up one night. I think that the night of our overnight stay here at UCSD and we played never have I ever just me with a bunch of random people I've never met before, but we're all friendly, and it kind of just gets provides a good memory for me to say that, you know, when I when I come into rebel, this is my home. This is where I found my best friends so far here. And you experience that with any college you get, it's just you've got to make the effort and go hang out with people. That's the number one thing here in college. You've got to make the effort to meet people get to know people, keep up with your relationships and also keep up with your schoolwork. So as you guys know, I'm a commuter, which means I don't have a home really on campus. But rebels nice enough to put homes for communities hence the communal loans. It's a place I like to go to just hang out and study, and you wanna take a quick look inside? All right, so right now we're in the sixty four degrees dining hall. To my left, there is a salad bar. Gotta love that sound. And then to my left still. But on this side, it's the bowl station. You see, it's more popular salads, you know, because who cares about just kidding? Everybody does. Your place is killing people still in here. Eating, studying whatever they want is a nice little area. The people on campus. Just like so sixty four degrees. It's kind of like a cafeteria, but, like, cool because there's a fireplace here. Very unique. This is my favorite station here, I think. Four degrees. The burger station. I love burgers. I'm a meat eater. One hundred percent shakes a bomb as picked, too number here. Another station where you can get more. Like American home cooks. Style meals. We call it Rebel was the on today's menu. There's home style like roast beef. Yeah, really? No. Having some you're give you a little sneak. All right, guys, right now we're in here. Let me just stop. Here. Yeah. No, we just ate dinner. We have to go to the market to get snacks for tonight. So right here was like pasta. So what do you hold in your holding chips? So many chips were tonight. Cake in a cup. Yeah, there's like a lot of, you know, easy food, like if you're undergo, just warm something up and then if you have time to bake, you could bake right there. See what else there is like a freezer aisle for like ice cream and frozen foods like And, oh, these air, the more expensive items like, if you want to get some pans and skillets, you know, actually cook for yourself in college. Oh, here they are. They're getting some fresh produce, Um, fruit on this side and then the vegetables on this side. There are other places in U. C s D to get your produce also, so they might not have it at the market. You could go toe like mirror or you could get all your water bottles here on a microwave if you get your Myka waivable. This. I know this is where I get my soap sometimes, but this is pretty expensive. So I do go off campus to get my products like this, more snacks. And then if you you just go, right? Hey, with your dining right there. Order dreams is a drink menu up there and then a small bakery right there. So you just play with your dining dollars and swipe it, and then you're good What's up, guys? So we're here. Jonah, this is actually the place I work at. We're about to take a little tour inside, um, and introduce you to some people. I work with someone. So you've never been a John Produce. You know, it's the best place to be best placed with healthy smoothies. Behind me is the number one employee, Blaine. Everybody loves him. Blane. What? Do you make it right now? Caribbean passion. Do it again. Lauren. Here. Lord, No. Bye. Over. What? Yeah, we always have a party here.