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So I think I've shown you guys most of the things on campus that are important. But obviously there's so much more info on ucf dot edu. You can go on there. There's like an F ake section and there's different, you know, pages about everything about the school, So go there if you want more information, but, well, this has been my tour. My name's Brian Tif. Oh, and, uh, thanks for joining. this family with flock to Santa Cruz right now. Dr. Don't be looking at me, Mama. Papa! Tomas, do more. Five blasted way. Finally got off the damn bus. I'm talking to him and get him walking off these hell, Yeah. I mean, my princesses. That's right. That's right. You better. You better. The room, the room. A lamb. Don't know him. The home pad over here. Ah, but where we're going right now. I don't know. I'm hungry. Got dance? You do it. Pull in North America? Yes. You don't know? Don't cry. I guess I'm going yours again. What you done wasn't here five minutes and they finished it Not on the bomb or General said on this matchbox and somebody was my this shit up last summer. This shit up entire pushes your school. No big school, which is a month away way. Got the gym over there. You know your boy by the workout was gone? Yes, tennis courts right there. Yeah. I mean, what, are you tired? Oh, she almost fell. Uh, minding on. Trustees fight the princesses. Wait, Sam. Sam, get off from the right is not working. The woman. Everything is closed so We gotta come back in the morning. 321 What are you doing way? Beautiful beaches, beaches. You get hell of bitches! All right, Mind understands. Rita, I'm asking. That means three spot. It was a gift store right there. The pain ease. No shit. $5 Here. You're gonna meet red at the turnstile aboutthe no, anything? Nothing. I can't believe you when all you have to put up any of this dump any Yeah. No kidding. I found the pan in the floor for you. Wait. Just like this, Chief, as many. And what you gonna do with it loses. So if a young man looks like your eye level might be ever knows, Young Miss, it looks like you're working together things. I have your check. Carefully exchange who dances free. Did you guys notice a change? Smaller? You know, that means that means a little less candy. Give these two a runabout. Some are has beens. Rodeo. There's nothing magic about it. Now I'm gonna put the board that cabin I want us to think raise your hand If anybody thinks right now, it is pointing up and out Uphill angle. Nobody raise your hand if you think it's pointing down and out of the downhill angle. Nobody. How many people think it's flat level? Even how many people don't raise our handcuffs too early? They're not thinking that bubbles go up four. Maybe that knocked his kind of angle. So as it goes in, it gets tighter, entire and naturally gets course back out. If anybody thinks it's notch, I could rotate the board 180 degrees. Put it back up into the cabin. I give the ball another push. We end up getting the same result. The forces foot. This time it comes out. I am. But I love it. You guys know some people come up here in pose like Rose from the Titanic looking whistling others. If you happen to have the official Superman girl go save the world, I couldn't do it. This'll pencils a 32 ways. We find it easier. What do we get? Fun. Cristie Kerr. Go put your first bumper sticker. Thank you. Yeah. Who Clapper about a client looks critical. Good. Then no more. No, uh, no. Like your way home? I told Paul, Is it time to cry? Are you crying? You're going to. I'm gonna hit them up. Yeah, No shit. Because I am? Yes, you in a month. Then the mom, remember? That's not a month, right? Bye So this is like the bookstore area. I'm standing kind of above it. And, uh, you can see, like during the weekdays, like people like Scent of Little Tense. There's like little shops, and there's also like fraternities and sororities, you know, recruiting people and and his kind. Nice because, like some, like local farmers bring food, and there's also like local merchants. And then these buildings here there's like the Bass Street bookstore, which you could get all your Murch school merch. And also the second level has all like the school supplies you need in, like, you know, books, textbooks. And then there's a cafe down there on the left. It's very good. And, uh, and there's lots of cafes and different like restaurants around campus. And they're not like chains, which most schools have, like like I don't know, like an Einstein Bagels or Sabar oh, classic college chains, but on you see, there, uh, run by the school and like the ingredients that use or a lot more like local and All right, So I'm here on the east side of campus. And on this side is where we have Oprah's, which is the Office of Physical Education and Recreation and sports. And I'll show you Oprah's when I go back that way. This is my friend V card. So we're going to show you around the one the senator. The one. The center is our gym. Basically, we have treadmills, like basic stuff you have in a gym and so there's two course this jam. So I'm walking to class right now. And, uh, what kind of wanted to talk about, like, the different ways to, like, get around campus. So you can like, either walk, Of course. But since this is kind of like a hilly campus, you've got to do a lot of walking, and it's like it can get tiring. Okay, um, but you can always like, uh what's nice is the school has a bus service that goes around in like, a loop, and you can get on closest here, like college your dorms, and then you can get off. Ah, you know, courses here, classroom or wherever you're going, and you can just just walk the rest of the way. So it's kind nice, the buses. But then there's also the city of Santa Cruz provides buses, and you just show your ID I d. And it's out free. And that can take you into downtown. It can take you like two different areas around the city. And so that's always nice to use. But then, also, people like the bike on campus, which, uh, you know, if you're strong, you can. But since there's a lot of hills, I'm sure it gets tiring. I don't know, because I don't. I don't. Bye. What if you skateboard? Ah, you might want to be worried because censors hills, you know, it's hard for people to stop, you know, quick enough. And you know, those people, pedestrians you gotta mix with, so But you can not Many people do. But, you know, I see people using their skateboards, people who, like, escape so well, but I'm going to continue walking. Um, that's my I like getting the exercise, so on Welcome back to my channel. To another law is the first week of spring quarters was basically moving day. Part three to take you through this week. It's gonna be a busy week by Let's go back to Santa Cruz right now already. So I'm in my apartment now in my dorm. My friends have gone to the beach because they came in yesterday. So I'm alone. Also my sister braid my hair a little wonky here cause my banks, but they'll come out and yeah, that was fun. But I think unpacked a little bit and then shower. Even though I shower this morning, I feel gross couldn't do that. And then we'll go hang out people, because I don't have work of the porter has been started. Maybe I'll prepare for tomorrow. It's literally 5 p.m. So I have time. We'll see. I took a shower. It's been it's been like five hours and judging me. No, I didn't shower for cars. I showered and then I've been hanging out with them so loud and clear causes there tomorrow. I still haven't fully impact, but it's okay. I don't have class till four, so I should be fine. Yeah. Yeah, that's all. See you tomorrow, I guess. Good morning. It is Monday. First day of 1/4. Probably unpack because I didn't have before. And then I also figure out in the bookstore Daniel might be there. I want to meet him. That's all my food. Maybe Michael Froth don't have water. We're in class now. I met. I met with it's definitely a flax and were indiscreet Currently in Isha's room. And I'm bullet journaling so long on every Prius coming to and we're just gonna boardroom and face masks. Mackel works. Yeah, and he's doing that. I should be doing my homework without later problems I are you guys doing for you? I just got out of class and it's raining some kind of my camera lens. I am so scared because that glass was so scary Lost. And we already have homework and sub. Do I have you for other claws and yeah, basically, I'm stressed, That's all. I'm still disaster, but look what I just guys, I swear like this. It was, you see, a seething ever. But they're supposed to be good luck. And this is the first time ever run into one so kind of very, very excited. Okay, first, if you like and have gone here for what? 3/4? Now it's a little spring quarter. Wait. The camera. So much more entertaining. Why look a thin piece of junk when I look in my face way about a class. Now I should be doing homework, but I'm not looking. Box is a little bit you. Later, alligator in a while, crocodile. Something down the Chicken Nile. So in the photos, I honestly still good, though. Class at 41 12. Just let the lighting booth. Vinnie is afraid of heights and there is a height because we're on a bridge and she's holding a camera like this. If I just walk backwards, everything will be better. We're going to class. It hasn't been a long time since I lost because I am a consistent lager and I've loved every five minutes. Right Anyways, I just got a class with elevated to a laboratory on the third floor. Okay, so it's currently 12:32 a.m. Maybe you should just having this very nice emotional talk about like college. Kind of just doubting yourself in your abilities. A lot people. Obviously, people don't look at the age of 17. 18 you can't I know what you wanna do for the rest your life. If you do, that's amazing. And I go, Ugh. But I feel like most students going and call your so undecided and confused about what they want to do with their life and like, it fuses the call. Just testing you and tell you Oh, you can do this. You can't do this. It's kind of like a cancellation process, but it shouldn't be like that. Doubting yourself what your abilities are because of the classes you're taking, right? Yeah. And also in our society, I feel like self hatred is kind of a trend where people just like, yeah, it on themselves. Yeah, and like like, you might not think of it this way. If you like what you say about yourself sticks in your brain. If you say a lot of hurtful things about yourself, like without realizing it, like become the part of who you are. So if you cut that out, you'll automatically have, like I think that I don't think that I shouldn't like those pictures. Just fun, you know, like that's trendy and, like, just kind of like other would hang themselves fully. Speaking of existence, you truly do existence like you deserve better than that, and you are capable of more than that. I think this is the deepest I've ever gotten to you, to figure like I don't talk about this stuff. It's important, though to dress really is they are to talk to you tomorrow. Currently just got out of class. AM cost because his Webcast, it's always like I'll just watch it when I get back. I mean, back in cheese I'm not happy with Okay? Not apparently, Brazil bowls sold Mac and Cheese. I didn't know this may be a one point, affects my hair. Maybe that's probably game American cheese. Later that same evening, I remember what I said. Maybe I'll fix my hair. She's straight, and I just did my hair because we might be going to a frat party today. And I'm a little scared cause I've never been to a frat party. Watches not go wash them and be like own no, no girls because that's a thing for a party. Do that during rush because it's currently rush week where they only accept girls on that girl from the sororities. And we're not in sororities, so we'll see. But I'm getting ready anyways and we're gonna go downtown if we don't go to the property. And if I go party got scared because of Norman to referee. So basically, it's a lose lose out here, and it's dog eat dog world. Don't don't their basement, right? We're ready. Look, human beings, I mean, we'll come big before, but now we'll come from Basil makeup. You're making fun of me. I don't want her vlog again today because I'm not coming by blocking came with me just in case we do get in. Although apparently they don't places at frat parties. I'm a little sad. Just like getting a broken clock is what I'm here for, but whatever. Maybe I won't go Just for that, we'll see. Morning. It is Friday. And in case you're wondering, I did get into the party last night. Little frat party review. Since that was my first ever property. It was kind of what I expected. How these like in their frat house. And they were, like, flashing, And it kind of felt like a knockoff version. My apartment Was it like 80 people crammed in there like sardines, But it was still pretty cool. Pretty fun, like I would go again. But it is, like off property. Your baby, Like I prefer a kickback with my friends. But that was so cool. He's in the next time you're in the log. You want to hear something funny here Can just go back inside. Nash is in the booth. The viewfinder, bro. Things are hard, but also happening to see how good of a chef I was like, I just look at that. That's a meal. Nobody. All right, What records on it. It's like, also like, but I'm really okay anyway. So, like a typical summer and I forgot about the log. So if you guys like this, you have a big thumbs up. Subscribe? Because I make more venues like this literally. All the time you took My favorite is a film, and I'll see you very serious. I drink tea. Oh, God. You get me. Never. All these lies in the stuff because I see I want to spring too much. All right. Eyelashes, curled face, wet hair, busted. It's a good time reported to like you over. You guys like waking life Amar. Damn it! Cracker or the blowing the nose? The rest only class today is a two border that's in the same room was last night, right? I'm right. My mom. God damn it. Why that That really just walked into a pool already. I'm gonna go to class now. And my battery's washing. So in front of a bullet, we have no outlet. Oh, there's one over there. I don't charge this. Yeah, I came back from class and we're having a long birdie. Wait. This is college Life. College? Yeah. Laundry party. Oh, like I'm not put together, but not not like pulling on the party's still going strong. Um, Rick, you crippled? You said you want to be in the log. U S o. She's crippled. She stupid. And I'm the CEO over General Real. I've only been there. What? Twice I lost a bagel bites, so most likely they're in my lord man. Really? Five minutes. Two hours later, my roommate's asleep, but it is to a studio 1 p.m. I don't know what time it is going to pick up mail and study with friends. So also, I made it on time. My class For those who are wondering, I was there just on that. It looks fine. Okay. Opening these bad moods. Yeah. I was so busted. Oh, hell, yeah. Us be splitter because Mac works only have one port. This calendar is bigger than expected. Way cuter than expected with a hat. And I thought, Ok, that's good. Whoa, What happened since I last looked, I went to a library. I went to dinner, I lived my life. We got lost in the bus. Um, not good of logging. Life is very boring. Literally his log just gonna be me leaving the house and entering the house. Yeah, I'm gonna flog my 450 people cost tomorrow because I can't log 25 people once, but people tell them to comment. Comma double O if you know what song Travis Scott mentions mambo in Mambo. What is it, Mom? Mambo. No comment below. If you conflict. You know what's on. Kevin Scott mentioned Obama. No, it's an Astro World pastoral world now fixing eyebrows because they're getting a little too close for comfort itself. Yeah. Yes, I am. Cool face figures. I was only fun. So much money. I can see the floor. I don't even open my own door. Was I start when I was four, blew it off and I got some more through it. Blew it up. E just made me mad and lost. I put up with tapestry. It's kind of like lagging over there, so you can really see it. So I'm going to find a way to put up a little bit better, but looking pretty cute talk to say, this corner is adorable. I love it. I also put up my calendar and, like, fill it out with some stuff. But my thinking up filled out all my classes stuff and I put my little hooks up. So I have my backpack and I have my papers. So basically, finally organized all my stuff. Yep. Still look busted. I have class with time. Who should I have class in, like less than an hour? And I don't know where it is. Like I've never been to, like a discussion. And we have had this question yet. So many breakfast and stress for that probably and change and try to look less ugly. But also no, I don't know. And also, I want I'm going to make it really hurts again. So Yeah. So I just got my discussion. The one that I was like, I thought I couldn't fight. I was released. Find Turner has, like, 10 minutes early, But I was gonna go to the library and studying there, but like I'm alone, that's kind of boring. Study alone. Well, it's not morning feeling like it's boring to go library alone. So I think we're going with the door probability on there and just do some work there. I also took a short cut back, and Lily didn't find it, so I'm going to get stuff done. It, um, have a blanket. I also like tea from this morning that I never got finished because I was running late. It's cold with your uncle. We're going to get stuff done, and I'm gonna do somewhat planning because I haven't used my planner also far so never you don't look like you're taping. Just powder all over your face off Coleman lashes. Whoa! Curling my lashes is an experience. I need four minutes to do it. Okay, Shut out. The Brits see for using her guest pass on me, Not you. Not what it looks like. We're getting good. These are actually really good. That chicken. I like them. They're not really expecting, but they're good. All right, every book, you know? Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Okay. Okay. Again. Walking, destruction and where it is. So that's great. So I'm wearing a sweater because I thought it was gonna be cold, and it turned out to be like a pretty hot, which is really questioning. Look, bring me in my dorm. But, like, turns on the light is actually really nice and warm, so could've worn shorts. Or, like, a future, but no. Honestly, think I might be a little early, but I still don't know what room is, so we'll figure that out. This is probably like the 10th year of scene was the first time I'm filming it. Complete freshman and recording. Every day I see you. So I got out of class and it was Actually, it wasn't mentors. I don't know. By what? Because I thought of mandatory. Whatever. It was cool. Federal action of some friends and classmates. It was online. I didn't know that back in my door. Now they can hear you. I took I unplugged my headphones. What? There's a homeless room in the guy in the dorm? No, in the laundry room. And there's a cop on a bike. Showed up. You couldn't He probably hear him. But I want face time with Sherri. We're just catching up. Living our best life so bad a market to get on the grind after this and studies you won't. I think you guys Wow. This is how you two first feel. That's crazy. So over here, it's so hard not to look at the view. I just over here, we have the living room. This is Judge. She's actually not that challenger short. How do you zoom in again? Oh, have our kitchen. There's a water, a few foreigners. I know that she's pulling streets. Love you Hit that. Subscribe but way and good morning, guys. I'm gonna take a shower and that I'm gonna get some grind done, which is really boring to watch, but I only have one class today. I had a discussion in the morning and 9 20 but I really woke up nine. I looked at my television to see if we had discussion. I saw no EMS and I was like, You know what? We're going back to sleep, But I just right back to sleep. So hopefully actually was cancelled. I don't know. And then after class, I think I'm going home. I can't even see it. Right. Way station in Santa Cruz. I don't even know what I love. Probably this morning went to class hair drop pictures of names and teacher teacher did not accept the air drops or Professor. Actually sorry, I forgot. It's calling. And now we're going home. So talk about weight. You were literally live middle of that way. Didn't feel more orange Me because our game it's okay. We'll just we'll just move along at PJ's. But gone You arrived and she took something. You heard it here. Okay. James Charles just deleted my channel. He just went, had opened up YouTube. Click the little thing. He quit the other thing me and was like, delete this person channels, copyright strikes, everything. It's been done. What was I gonna say? I forgot. Now I'm at home. I can't make a video called College Week of my Life and be at home. That's like against the law. You have to be in your dorm for at least 95% of the video, so I don't know what I'm saying, but in this block Now in front of Social Sciences one, and this is one of one out of the two buildings that are social sciences Departments run out of our social sciences department, offer eight doctoral programs to master's programs and twelve bachelor's degrees. Four out of five of our most popular major's run out of this office, which are psychology. Go ahead. Yeah, which are psychology, business management, economics, politics and sociology. A lot of really cool professors teach in these departments, one of them being Craig Haney, who worked in the Stanford prison experiment. So you're familiar with that? He teaches here, and he's really awesome. I haven't taken a class with him, but I hope to in the future because I am a psych major and he kind of teaches in there. Everyone says he's awesome. So, yeah, this is social sciences one, and then just like down the way with their social sciences, too. But they're mostly both academic buildings. And what when I say academic buildings, it means that there's classrooms in here. So if you have smaller sections of discussion groups, they usually me in here and and pretty much all the T A s. And professors have their offices in these buildings as well. And they do research out of you, which is pretty cool. And yet this is social sciences one. I'm here in Merrill College with both. So no. Can you introduce yourself? My name's Bo Deng. I'm from L. A. And my major is in biology. Okay, that's cool. Um, can you tell us what you're least and most favorite part of the schools? Um, my most favorite part of the school is how diversities and how opened the community is to whatever you're interesting for. And I guess I don't really have a least favorite, but I guess for a lot of people, it's the amount of walking that we have to do in this campus. But that's final. I like walking, but I don't too much one, um, can you give, like, a description of, like, the student body? Uh, the student body is very diverse that we have, uh, communities everywhere around this campus in every college. But usually I see a lot of, um, right recruitment around the bay tree bookstore and a lot of sport life by Oprah's field. Uh, yeah, yeah, it's nice, because there's like a lot of different groups of people. And, you know, everyone's welcoming you conjoined. All these things and everything seems like come from different backgrounds. That's nice like the mix. Right now in front of I'm in front of the humanities academic building, which is where most pretty much all of humanity's meats are. Humanity's division offers more than twelve different majors, ranging from like being like linguistics, feminist studies, history and a ton of other related majors. And I do know that our linguistics program is consistently ranked as one of the top programs in the country. So this is humanity's. This is mostly well, you have your classes in this lecture hall, but there's a class in there, so I can't show you in there. But if you're taking any humanities classes, they will be in there, and all the man in these offices are Excuse me. You help me? I'm lost. I think I really need a tour of this campus. Yeah, sure. Let's do it. Well, let's start with a few things. My name is saw Jia. I'm a second year student here at U. C S. C. Um, I'm from the Bay Area Concord, to be specific. And yeah, I would love to give you a tour, but before we start, let's let me tell you a few disclaimers because we've got a lot going on here. You see, a sea. A school of about nineteen thousand students. That's about eighteen undergraduate, about one thousand graduate students. So we're pretty big school. We're over two thousand acres of land, and so there's a lot to cover in this tour. But I hope you have your walking shoes on. Let's get to it. Yeah. So right now we were at East Field house, where there's lots of facilities here. As you can see behind me, there's like tennis, his basketball, all these and right here, there's like a wellness center, which, you know, they have gym stuff, which I don't use very often being a computer science major. Bye, it's here, and if you're Hey, guys. My name's Brian T. Foe and I'll be giving your tour around U C Santa Cruz. I'm a freshman computer science major, so I do a lot of programming, but I also do some photography on the side. Um, I'm actually from Illinois, so coming to California was a pretty big change for me. But I can happily say it was a great one, so I think that's enough about me. So let's talk about this school, that's Gil. Well, I'm Leah Crace. I'm a second year here at U. C a. C. I lived in a mountain view pretty much all my life, which is about an hour from Santa Cruz, just really like UC Santa Cruz because it has such a beautiful campus. Everywhere you go, you're going to see all different kinds of nature, whether it's the redwood trees or deer or even support dogs like, I don't know, um, I think we just have a really good set of students and faculty and a lot of people that are willing to help you. Right now, we're like sitting by quarter study comets, which is a really nice place that I like to go. Teo use a quiet place to study. Oh, on the other side of me is quite fun, which I find really relaxing. It's a great element of quarter college, which is the college I'm affiliated. I It's your favorite and least favorite part of U. C. A. C. And why, Oh, favorite part of you see, A is the diversity that we have here. Everywhere I go, I'm gonna see someone different. And it just reminds me that we come from all different sectors of life. And it's just a really great way to meet new people that you may not have met from your hometown. Um, one things that what fies for people to go to here is if they have any disability, that it's them or gives them a harder time. Walking are moving around because this campus is very hard to get around, even as bait fully able bodied person. If you could give one piece of advice to those applying to U. C. S C or incoming freshman, what would it be? I b deal a lot of different things and put yourself different cubs or organizations that you may not have thought of so much of in the past because you'll realize after coming here that you could have way more interest than you thought you did. And just giving yourself a head start to be in certain clubs that even remotely interest you could give you a really great head start here. So right now I'm saying in front of Oprah's field, hopers stands for Office of Physical Education and Recreation and Sports on that kind of maintain this field and the wellness center that will go take a look in. But we don't really have a main quad and U C Santa Cruz because kind of weird in that we have ten sub colleges and they're all kind of broken up in different areas. So this is kind of the biggest grass area where people come and do lots for intramural sports. You, Khun, run around the track? Um, and for sports were also a D three school. Um, but it's it's really great because you can't. You got the Monterey Bay in the background and looks beautiful. You got beach volleyball, um, and also a little fun fact about this school. Completely off topic. But, uh, u c Santa Cruz is actually one of the only schools where you can find the mascot on campus. The banana slug. It's a little weird, but if you come here and look, there's one right here. Let's go. Oh, that's just a banana peel. But trust me, you can find banana slugs on campus and all the schools you can't, so it's pretty cool. Right now, I'm standing in the John Baskin School of Engineering. There's two buildings, and this one is newer. So, you know, state of the art facilities, right? Ah, and you have like your upper level engineering courses and labs here. So there's a lot of smart people in these buildings must see. And what's nice about most, like buildings like this one is there's always like a cafe or something inside. So you can just either like, hang out and study with, like fellow classmates. Or you can, like, grab a coffee on your way into class if it's early or something, you know, so I mean, I'm standing here in front of one of my favourite pieces of art here on on the campus. This little buddy was created by a man named by the name of Kenny Farrell in nineteen. Seventy four. So fine a while ago on. And if you're wondering how it's still here, I don't know the answer to that. But I do know that a lot of people make rumors that this is a replica. Um, and the real one is kind of like out in the world somewhere. But we dont know s o This is called the Porter squiggle. People call it the wave squiggle, um, flying at you, t But you didn't hear that from me. That was a rhyme. So yeah, this is the porter squiggle. It's a really awesome place. If you wantto hang out between classes, people like to take naps on here is well and also take really awesome pictures. If you google you see a supporter Squiggle, You will see this on there this squiggle, and it does also look like a wave, which is pretty cool. I just really love this piece. I think it's a very unique part of U. C. A C M. Porter, which is the college that is currently situated at, and it just like shows. You are creativity and our outgoing nous and like our quirkiness. So this is the porter squiggle. Not so much a hidden jam, but definitely one of my favorite spots to hang out. Yes, say eyes. You can see it's like people climb on it. And like It's kind of sad because all the pain is starting to wear off. But it's such a fun place. People come here to nap, paying out between classes, or just literally stay here and watch the sunset because it's So class just got out in classroom unit to which is the large selection hall on campus. It seats around four hundred seventy kids on. Then there's three other smaller lecture halls and casts a lot of like your freshman year like intro courses we'll most likely be here. Like, for example, had my internal programming class here. And calculus, because calculus is a lot is like, required for a lot of majors. So both of those classes were like in here. But as you get older, the class sizes get smaller, which is nice. But, uh, I gotta get to my I'm back here in the Cory and last time when I went through here, I didn't really give you guys an introduction of what the Cory is about. So the Cory's basically central to campus. It's where everything kind of comes together on what I mean by that. We have the bookstore here. We have the graduate student comments. We have an express store, and then we also have, like our resource center over here. And basically all of these resource centers offer study spaces, any kind of help. You could really need the name of a few of the resource centers. We have the career center, the Ethnic Resource center, such as like African American Resource Center in a Native American Resource Center and the Chicano Latino Resource Center. So a lot of places, if you really need help or support on campus, this is your place to go. She over here we have the student union, and what the student union does is basically all the colleges have their own government system, and they all come together here. And the student all union also oversees club organization. So if you want to join a club or make your own club, it's three plus me and that you can follow. Your passions do there and this is over here. Other things you'll find in the quarry or the bookstore. We also have a cafe. You can hang out, do homework at, and also people will do like table in here in the quarry. Andi like self stuff, but they want to do so. For example, we have tapestries and stuff going on right here. And another thing that we also have in the quarry is the bike go up and basically you can rent out a bike for a quarter. You are into that, but you don't want to, like buy one, and they also fix bikes and offer advice on like how to maintain your bike that night. So that's the story. We have a lot going on, but it's mostly just a place to bring. Students together kind of interactive each other. Okay, so I'm standing on signs. Who? And they call it that because there's all these different like science buildings that you saw. And you know, they got, like, biology, chemistry, geology, physics. You know, everything OK, lots of different sciences here, excited. And, you know, a lot of classes are done here, so you'll probably be crossing through this area, But also behind me is the science and engineering library. It's the one of two libraries on campus and as pretty large. Okay, you know, they still have books there, but they have cleared out like a couple of a levels and just replace it with desk. So you can, like, study. Uh, so it's a good place to studies air condition, too. So that's that's important. It's nice tip. So right now I'm standing in the upper Corrie Amphitheater or Corey for short. Lots of like plays, concerts and shows and different events going here on. It's really cool because it was renovated in twenty seventeen. So it's it's got a really new look and acoustics are great. And what's nice is organizations and students can rent or, well, Tio, take up the space and you can put on your own thing here, so it's open to the campus, so it's pretty cool, so let me go run down there and give you a little acoustics test. Yeah. I'm sorry. I'm running. I'm running quick as I can. Can you hear me? I'm not gonna mike on, but can you hear me? Okay. Next thing. Morning, everybody. So today I'm going to be taking you through my morning routine. Um, it's currently eight a. M. Excuse me if I I don't know how to make where it's but anyway So today's my first day of classes after spring break. It is right now walking to class and as you can see literally in the middle of the forest and I'm out of breath. Once I get there, I can show you guys. Like what? Typical lecture hall exam. So we're live here at the Koi Pond Importer College. The the koi pond is just like a mini quad within the college, and it's mostly just for students to come hang out, do homework, a place for you like meditation, literally. Just a chill spot. And I personally think it's a head in gem because a lot of people just walked by and don't really know about it. We got let's go check it out. We just went to the advising office and they gave us fish food, So we're going to feed the fish So I'm standing in front of, like, a grassy open area by the humanities and social science buildings. Um, also by a Lake Cowal and Stevenson College. Um, but as you can see, I wanted to show you like we have, like, lots of redwood trees all over the campus. It's very, very pretty, Jarvis. And they can get up to, like, three hundred sixty feet tall, which is pretty tall. And it's nice because this campus is kind of like nature. Um, but like, if you don't like that, you can avoid it, too. So it's kind of nice. You can, you know, you know, get your nature signing and still, you know, not feel like there's bugs everywhere, like Swat. Okay, so it's kind of nice. So one really awesome thing is like that nature that's kind of involved with the campus. Ah, I showed you the redwood trees, but you can like, if you really want to, you can just get off the path and take like, just a little stroll through, you know, like the Woody Redwood area. And there's already these, like, kind of men made paths that you can follow. No, you know, it's really cool to come out here, especially with, like friends. And you could also just there's always places to sit down usually, and you could just kind of like, collect yourself and just brief. It's really nice. I just showed you around the wellness Center and around the gym. And so part of that wind is going off right now. And so another thing that I want to show you is our east field. And this I want to say is one of our biggest sporting fields on campus. I just don't think it's gonna do it once we host a large amount of events on the East field. Like, for example, next week, we're gonna have holy festival on the field. And so you guys will get to see that you just have like, concerts, any kind of being third party people who want to rent out the space can also do that. So, yeah, I want to say, like, soccer games across all intramural sports will practice here, play their games here. And, yeah, this is called the East Field. Mrs. East Field It's a pretty big and there's a track that goes around the whole thing. So if you want to, just like run on a track, would be outside and not in the gym is a pretty great way. Also, have a like Sam Pit where you can play volleyball. No. So right now, I'm in Carmel College. It's ah, one of the ten colleges, and they're all like many colleges. And it's kind of nice because it breaks up the bigger school himto like a community, and they all different themes. And you get to pick where you live. So you're kind of surrounded by people with, like, the same likes and dislikes. No. So like, for example, college cowl college, the one we're in right now. Its motto is The pursuit of Truth in the Company of Friends. It's a little, but it represents it's twin commitments to academic endeavor and supportive community. So I guess. But it's not super serious like the theme of it. It's not like you just have to take a couple of core classes, and every college has core classes, and they're kind of centered around that like value or theme. But it's it's good because everyone around you, like, likes things and you can connect to people easier and find All right, So right now I'm at a bus stop because you see a C. It's such a big campus like I mentioned were like two thousand acres, and there's a lot of trees in between Everything. There's a bus system that runs through campus called System on. The name speaks for itself. It just goes in a giant loop around campus. And then we also have the metro system, which starts in downtown Santa Cruz and then runs through campus. And you can use your student I d to get on that bus. Um, and then we also have a core buses and night owl buses, which usually run on weekends and during the night. The loop is really convenient because if you don't want to walk super far, you can take a loop, too, like the closer destination and then Walker short distance. So we're about to get We're about to get on a loop, and now we're about to get on the metro bus. Here we go. Sixteen. You see, Earl? Get on.