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So this is outside now. We're gonna go inside. Guys, look, you came on. This is it. Oh, this is fun. Yes, we have a photo. And then here's what side's yours, This line one. All the stuff on and all this stuff. So you get you're bad in a mattress, you get chair chair. That's so close. Three drawers, um, desk, the desk like side drawer thing. And then the mirror comes with it covered. But there's only one side of the room gets a mirror. Yeah, and then you get their blood storage, the closet. Underneath the bad. You can get some storage. You guys both have many fridges. Yeah, Bujji, we have that last year. Yeah, you can, like, do a lot. So decorate. I love that. Yeah. Do you like living here? I like it. Honestly. I like interacting with people in the hallway, like every time. It's something different. Yeah, that's cool. Okay. Well, Sweet. Yeah. Look how fun. Oh, yeah, we'll go to the kitchen. For This is the kid. There's a T in a stove. Thank you. Sometimes they do like food, Stuff like that. Lake Hot Cocoa Way. Really? It's just yeah. So this's good interview tips that you're able pose, and then I have one about. So why did you choose to live here rather than other dorms shows Living Jennings just because, like how close it wass. And I knew it was gonna be a social dorm, and I was like, you know, after that, I definitely live in an apartment or something. So for the first year to get that, like, real college experience sharing a bathroom, that I like having a roommate. Yeah. Did you know your roommate before or how did you find? We find each other on Facebook and she's from New York. Okay, so she's, like, four hours north and me. And so I knew I wanted someone who was also out of state is feeling everybody knows each other. And I don't want someone who was still like time. Cool Your hair's ofyou. And here's that bridge that I just was walking on earlier. What? We have the story. Just let you walk. So this is the Jennings Pond, and there's no fish. But it's so pretty. And then you feel like you're crossing like, a magical rainbow, right? Well, maybe not, but this is like Jennings is so close to camp. It's like campuses, literally right there. And you're maybe a five minute walk from the nearest dining hall. Yeah. So Jennings, baby and Rawlings, I would say, our best storms on campus. I'd agree. I'd agree. Most Social Most going on. computer size. If there's a top ten public university there, thousands sitting here and I'm gonna show him out. Hey, guys, Right now I'm just walking around campus. As you can see, our campus is beautiful. It is very inside. Um, over here we have Broward rec center recon play sports such as basketball Valuable. Um, tennis stuff like this will be our Broward pool right now it is close. Like cannot go. Guys. Right now I am walking to a little hug, but on the way, I wanted to show you guys, um, little special corners. Thes voters are running all over campus, but little tables like this in the middle, where there is a lake and in every, like there is gators. Um, those air, the perfect study spots when it is not extremely hot, guys. So right now we are in a little haul. Umm this is where my classes, Um they're four floors and this voting is cut in half. And you will notice if you go to the wrong half that you will not find you. But the reason why this building, which is currently hey, is my favorite is because in the middle of the building, it is very secluded. Um and you will find that there are multiple tables for you to study. And this the perfect fighting about especially, like if your early to a few classes bagua, um, you can go ahead and study. There were also right next to me. Have a pod. Um, where there is Boris Head. Uh, check. Sorry. Um can't see, uh, smoothies. And it is called Little Paul Express. Um, I also want to take you to the Carlton building. Um, I'm pretty sure it's walks for finals, but, um, this haul is great to just study. Especially that most finals are held in this hall. There's not a lot of people on campus, but this is home, and this is a great place study because it is in the shade. And it's just like little tables because you will find out very soon that libraries get very packed and you can really find a seat sometime. You're coming up to Chrysler Hall. This is where you do all your financial aid things. Step back. Uh, next up, we're coming up to live with us, which is one of the twenty four hour libraries to study a lot of people right now taking graduation pictures. Right now, we're in the middle of a library West. You can see a lot of people here taking their graduation pictures. And, uh, basically, library west is one of the library's under twenty four hours. Um, it is a great way to study. And we also have a twenty four hour Starbucks in this life. Once again, here is our camping. Okay, so we have coming up to central Tower right now. Um, like I said, the most population of students wass next to library wasjust because already is taking their graduation pictures. I will show you around. Campus is very beautiful on Century Tower. Just a little bit about it is it is the odors building, I think in Gainesville. Um, and it basically rings every fifteen minutes. Um, it is very historical, and it's very beautiful. So and then behind me, where they do, um, a church called greenhouse. It's very church if you are religious. Um, but that is where they hold their services, and other different events are housed in the university auditorium And how I will show Century Tower, which is a very, very big Um, another thing I want to say about campus is that, um there are many, many, many best stops. So you do not need a car necessarily to get places. It is helpful to have a car, in my opinion. But it is not. I need it again. Cheers Century. So here's Ellie. Um, she was a previous staffers. So like when you go through orientation, she helps you guide during the those, like, two days what you should do and how to get your ass inside. So I wanted to ask her, What's one piece of advice you would give to an incoming freshman These devices on you until law freshen over Summer was really push your boundaries and get out of your comfort zone. So I think different ways and the easiest way is really just saying Find people that you don't know starting those friendships changes that you have no idea about. Like, that's the way that I started meeting a friend. My old experience and just like things were going with something hard student getting. But I think it's helping a lot helped me grow. So I always encourage them to do that, but then also join different clubs, organizations that they have heard about before and really just like find what they like them. I don't like everything that they can just stick with the applied a different day and figure out what they like. Thanks. Good luck on your math test. Welcome to the mat. Guys, this is our baseball stadium, right on campus. Like I said, Uh, it's home of the number one nationally ranked Florida Gators. We actually won the national championship last year. So litigators, we're actually playing a game right now. Playing Jacksonville University. Jackson was visiting us, but I know right now we're off to a pretty good start. Kicking butt. Gators are killing at the season. Go gated. There have been two basement I have, actually. How is it? It's a wonderful atmosphere. It's nice. The weather's nice in the spring. Wait all year for this? Nothing. Quite a. Not just that kind of atmosphere here. Teams that were right that way. You know, football games, they're fun. But when we're not killing it, come to the baseball What's up, guys? I'm here with my friend Aidan. We just got out of class, and I just want to ask you a couple things, and so what's What's you major in finance? Me. Finance Major. Okay. Where you from? Asheville, North Carolina. North Carolina. And we're here in Florida, so it's quite a bit. So why'd you choose Florida? I was originally from Miami, and Florida is a pretty big school, super fun business. School is really good. And I'm a finance major, So I saw that I was like, All right, all gold star side. Awesome. Awesome. Uh, what's one thing you're involved outside of academic year? What do you want? The money. What's your name? What's your name? Cliff, This is Cliff. Cliff. What do you do here? Visit our science. Digital arts, digital arts? Yeah. It's primo. Premed. Cool. How'd you get into the digital arts? It's kind of naturally. That's just something that's just something you always been attracted to. Someone like your eyes. Cool. Where you from? Charlotte, North Carolina. We got two guys in North Carolina here. How cool is that? Yeah, I got one like that. Cliff. What eyes? Something you're involved in outside of academics here that I could. You got black student union memorial basketball for flag football. I think I got a schedule so pretty. Very cool. Very cool. Well, you need to talk to us. Take Look at that. We have a real tour going on. Yeah, Yeah. It's a real tour for your virtual tours. Here's a real tour. So if you ever come So here I'm currently in the middle of what we call Turlington Plaza. This is a plaza that we say gets more foot traffic every day than the gates of Disney World. If you can believe that behind me here we have a class building which has lecture halls. I have couple my classes there. It's called Darlington Hall Class is named after it. Here we have what's called Marston Library, and it's a science building and library and four floors arraigned you from the loud on the bottom to the quiet on the So we just came out of new alcohol. It's really nice. It's got like tons of outlets, really cool places to sit and study. It's as you can see. It was really quiet. Yeah, it becomes more of like a group study place because there's a lot of couches and whiteboards and soft, But during the day it's pretty quiet. And then over here is a Bob saying about power. Is that not quite sure how to say it here twenty four seven as well, and they have like the world's got Mac and cheese, so definitely check in a good place to eat on campus. So right now they're walking into my science way. Just got free, kind horns out internally. What? Is there something studies? So there's computer labs on the first floor, bottom floor, and upstairs is a lot of thirty. And then as you go higher in Marson is like the quiet levels. So right now we're in the basement, social group group work in their study roots and stuff like that, Yeah. So that was like the Let's talk about how classes work. So for most of the big general classes, you'll have a lecture with one professor and about two, three hundred students two to three times a week. And then once week, you'll break out into what's called discussion sections and you'll meet with a T. A, which is a teaching assistant. That class would be about fifteen to twenty five, maybe thirty students. And you basically, they go over that week's lecture material s, so it's very different from high school classes, meeting with same teacher all the time all week That you're you you might not know your professor from the lectures, but you'll definitely know your ta tas. One cool thing that all the professors have tohave his office hours in office hours are where the teacher, the professor's hold, like, these times in their office where you can come and meet them and just meet wth. Um, talk about whatever you need to talk about about their lectures. If you need help with problems, anything like that. So office hours are great thing to utilize. And you should definitely use the presses office hours and so I'm honestly pretty late to class right now, but I thought I would show you guys, um general iconic places of you off. So here, the marsten fries or french fries. You're probably going to be meeting your friends up here a lot when you're like deciding on a location to meet up, hang out. We'LL post hate our pre hangout. Yeah, here and right there is the central tower. Century Tower essentially tells you when you're late to class. It's great. Great diviner of your stress. I guess so, Yeah. I'm also going to show you Okay, so right now we're in just twenty four seven So we just came from the rights union, which is behind me. And it's a big student union where you can print your complaint and you you can get career advise and help with that. You could be at subway, chick away, all the places that we need toward through really quick. Like the bookstore is there, so there's a lot you could do in the student union. It's always packed, always crowded, but there's also a good places to sit around and study. There's outlets that most of the locations where there's chairs and stuff, so definitely cool places. So here I am at the top of the Ben How Griffin Stadium? Not on game day. It's a very different scene here, but the gates are always open. Well, not always. From police. Sunrise to sunset on people come in, they work out. Let's go over here running stadiums. I'm about to run stadium's dead with this video. So people are always in here working out, doing all sorts of things. There's actually a class made by the health club, uh, called stadium conditioning, where instructor will lead you through workouts within this one. So pretty cool. Uh, football is the only sport that you need to pay tickets for. So everything else is free with your student ID. Um, in our athletics are really amazing here. Like energy. There's a guy looking hard. The energy here is really amazing. Are our baseball team just won a national championship last spring? Basketball is doing really well right now. Uh, football has high expectations for next year. Speaking of which, with our new coach, I didn't see that. But Dan Mullen is our new coach, so everyone's pretty excited for that. Being afforded Gator is pretty amazing When the SEC so a lot of competition down here. But football sports like it's a big deal. It's one of one of the main reasons I chose to come to Florida. I wanted a big school, high energy with sports, and you'll always have your armor Mater Hey, guys, we're on our way to our eight thirty down. Ready. Doing it anyway right now. So I'm kind of in the center of campus right now. There's library West ahead of me, turning to the left of me. Right here through the treatments are this century tower er and like on campus, you could always tell what time it is because the bells always hard to tell because it's such a China move away from this, but it such a big structure and it's one of the main. Nine bucks on campus. So you're the library. Always keep track of time bells. Go off. You think it's for, like, fifteen minutes, and there's different times for different times as well. So it hits like the thirty market stuff. Okay, so right now I'm with my friend Janet. So can you tell me why you chose to come to us? Um, I was actually choosing between Georgia and fear, and I'm from in state, and it just made more sense for me because I'm an only child, and I want to be closer to my mom. Like I go home on the weekends a lot. Uh, once I came to this campus like I never visited it. And then once I visited it, like felt um well, I just realized the lighting here is very bad. So I'm going to apologize in events. So this video is going to be very, very fast just because one to stay on track or needs to court this video to I have an exam at seven o'Clock in the morning tomorrow. Final exam. Um, So what this is gonna be about is sporting events. I was debating to do this video just because I have not personally been here in the fall. So I cannot give you any experience with fall football games. But being here on campus, I have been to basketball games, gymnastics, baseball, and the orange and blue scrimmage game. I feel like the based one was the orange and blue scrimmage game. Just because everybody comes out, it is an entire day event. Streets are closed, so do not drive. Um uh, there are a bunch of tailgates. There were water slides. It was a very hot day. So please don't be like me. And where jeans, especially with the rips, because now I haven't uneven tan. It's all good. Uh, one thing I will say for games you must have had to do to get her Trump. They do. I'll show you that preview. But if you're like me, I I kind of forgot, but I got here, but, um, I made sure to know before I went to any games because they will look at you a little bit if you don't know. So I'm just gonna teach it really quick. It is literally just your right hand over your left. You must have your doubles straight out. No bending on DH. You literally just Chuck, um, if you knew that and you're like, Well, this pointless I'm sorry, but I thought you guys should know I will post videos of the scrimmage game just because I did not have a stabiliser show. The videos are a bit shaky on, and I didn't want the entire video to be like that. So I will insert videos of the game of the stands. How it looked. It is a big thing here. Football is a huge thing. Basketball is kind of biggest. Well, but nothing is like football here. They will go all out. It's a big thing, and it is Honestly, a lot of fun is very hot, So, um, please stay hydrated. Um, but yes, this video. Sorry. Couldn't actually have video ofthe game happening in person again in these finals week, so there's no games going on. But a few days ago, we did have the orange and blue scrimmage game. So I have a recent video for you guys on that. Hope you guys enjoy Have a great day, but yeah. Okay, guys. So this will be a farewell. Um, I hope you enjoyed the views, and I hope there are at least a little bit of help. I know for me, I didn't have really that many people from my school that we're coming here, so it was kind of hard, and I was very scared, Um, that I want to have made friends, but I actually have and it's only been the first semester. It's honestly been great. I love U F. On. The reason I wanted to do campus real was simply just because I really thought by doing some of the videos, maybe you would find out a few more things through, um, somebody who actually goes on campus. Then you what? Their preview. They do show you a lot of things to preview, but, um, they don't really tell you a lot of, like, detailed information about, like, classes and stuff like that. So hopefully this helps and, um, hope you guys have a great day. so I don't go out very often on their actual Trojans at rough. But I'm just gonna stop by this one just because it fits my schedule better. Student, right? It's actually on campus. So here's a basketball court, and if we're going to the upper floors party and here's a coat and here is an activity room, this is where fitness costs happened. So I am outside of the infamous heaven er, football complex and stadium. And I'm out of breath because I ran here. So there's the bull Gator fund back. I took my first picture you have there. WeII made it to the top. I apologize if I'm breathless. Retired, Okay, Interview will happen after this, but yeah, it's pretty nice up here. So here's my friend, huh? And, yeah, he wanted to climb to the top to get a special view for you guys, so probably didn't move closer to him. So we can talk more about game day culture at U F. Okay, So for the purposes of this video, since we're in the stadium, we're just gonna talk about football game day culture, which I think is the main game day. Anyway, I'm not very well versed in sports at school. Yeah, but I mean you have is a really big sports culture. We have a lot of good sports teams like our gymnastics team is really great. The swim team is really great. Our basketball team is pretty great, I think. And then baseball team, I think we're pretty great. I read somewhere in the news that our tennis team won some championship. So sports in general is really big at U of. I also know that we've had quite a few Olympians come to you. All right. Yeah. So look, yeah. So you have has pretty strong game day call Tried. Say so I've been the one football game. I'll talk. How many football games have you been to One? Yeah, we've only been to one football game. So to total So excuse us if nothing is really accurate that we talk about but we'LL try our best to get in the game to Culture is mostly outside the field like you took a full day off this party, right? So, like drinking and one tailgates and yeah, it's very like it's almost like nationalistic, in a sense, like their loyalties to their schools. Like who you have plays against, like so many elements. Ellen. Nice show up. Like parents of students. It just gets really crowded on campus. Yeah, So, basically, yeah, I just a lot of people will show up for the games. Usually the whole stadium is packed or nearly packed. Um, it's all over social media and legal. Toph said the Greek life. They're very into celebrating game day, I guess. If you want to call it that. Not only Greek life, like almost all fans. Yeah, on set up their tents. Although there's, like, a lot of these on campus. Yeah, so it's a pretty big deal. And, um, yeah, when we win, we celebrate hard here when we lose way Still celebrate. So game days that you have are pretty intense, I'd say, Just like uplift your gato spirit. Yeah. Even my mom. She's this past. You have alumni. Wait, a women I write. So she came to you up for a master's degree and even she still remembers her game days here. So, yeah, those days are where you build your best memories. Possibly. I mean first memories because you tend to remember most of the things if you tailgate. Hi. Pretty fun. Yeah. I mean, personally for me, I'm not into it because, um, the sun is very big in Florida, and as you can see in our stadium, it's open roof. So I personally, I'm not into it just because it's very hot and sweaty and uncomfortable. So, yeah, it's not really my thing, but just because it's not my anything doesn't mean it's not your thing. Yeah, I guess that's all we're gonna talk about about game day culture. That's because that's pretty much all we know anyway. But I hope that was some insight for you. Thanks for watching. I hope you appreciate our efforts to climb to the top of the stadium for you. I'm sitting right now in the game room. It's one of Chile's spots to hang out on campus. They have study booths and they have a pool and a desk. You can rinse board games, you see, Here's my friend. Dog were in the game room like I said, and he's just playing some pool. I don't know any cool pool lingo terms to use on this. What are you playing? Yeah, what he just did. Dom is my c s friend. We're in a class together, and Yeah. So, Dom, what do you like about the game room? Well, since I'm part people hear us, I could play free full time. Pretty much so. Yeah. It's also a good study space, as you can see. I mean, sometimes there's people here, but other times, right? Sometimes quite a good place for relax if you need to know why I like it. Yeah. So, yeah. Come to you up and join the full club. You get free, pool yourself, show and sign in and get free pool for the rest of the week. Right? I think. Yeah, I think so. Okay. And hey, here's some pulling close up shots for you guys to see our bowling lanes and just decide. No, If you come to get her nights on Friday, you could get three bowling just checking in and showing up with their student ID. So, yeah, keep that in mind. Here's University Auditorium. A lot of people like to come to the center to hang out. I believe there's a bunch of ventures here, if you can tell, and it gives you a nice view of the applause of America's over there. I'm gonna show you guys that in a different clip, because one of my friends really likes to be there. And, yeah, so this is the Plaza of America's. It's one of the chill spots at you off. I think you see there is literally a guy sleeping on, ahem, IG. There's a guy doing homework on his picnic blanket, and currently it's graduation season. So a lot of people are taking their grad pics. Here's the Kem building, its yet its repose in America is located. And then, yeah, I'll just walk you really through it really quick, so I don't know if you hear of a century Tower is kind of going off in the background because it goes off based on class periods here. And like I was saying, she'LL plot show Plaza Showplace Two people are chilling on emigrate now. I remember when I first came to us, I thought this building was super pretty and it still is. I think it's the University Auditorium. So yeah, here's pause. America's actually these paved are these new pavements the red, big pregnant pavement? Sorry, those air brand new. They only installed that this semester, I believe so. It's made it a lot easier to walk through the plaza, and they still managed to maintain a lot of natural trees here and also this area over here, where the camera's differently, doctor, that they have this thing called Krishna lunch. And it's typically where a lot of students could get vegetarian friendly meals. It's a food truck kind of thing. So, yeah, it's it's really economic, too. I think it's maybe three or five dollars and meal, depending on what kind of plan you get. So, yeah, that's part of America's very chilled very awesome. One of the nicer spot. This's library West, by the way, when the nice spots on campus to hang out All right. What's up, guys? I'm out here with my friend Devin. We're right in front of the football stadium here, also known as Swamp. Something's going on. Talk to them in a little bit. Uh, Devon, what's your major? I'm a business management major. Tampa, Florida. Tampa, Florida. Represent Exactly. Yeah. I'm not from Tampa. That's alright. Eso what's it like? The academic climbing here? I could have a climate here is pretty rigorous, but that's what I like about it. It's hard, difficult, fast. But you meet great people long as you work together with people, you get right through it easily. That's right. What do you involved in? Outside of academics? Outside of academics, right now I'm involved in Actually got me and Gator rugby and arrived me that's saying My first formal things. And I'm also volunteering at a physical therapy office, and I'm looking to go into Sister Owns one day. Wow. And those are the actual campus tour guide. Your actual onsite campus tour guides that if you actually come to campus there, few shuttle you around and taking all these cool places that will be taking you two today. That's right. All right. Thanks, Devin. And are you ready to go to the football stadium? I'm ready. Let's do it. So now we're at Jennings residence Hall. Um, here's the outside and with Kristen. OK, Ok, So we're gonna show you inside what it's like. This is where I lived last year when you say it's pretty, like, community oriented. Yeah, that's pretty. So there's like couches then in machines. The power just went out, okay. So I hope that they're my logs. You're able to see a little bit about why the Risen Lord is such an amazing school. And I hope to see you on campus one day. How's it going, everybody? My name is Conner Murray, and I'm gonna be showing you around University of Florida today. Thanks to come along for the ride. I'm from Brigantine, New Jersey, and I'm studying mechanical engineering. Well, guys, I think that wraps up my comprehensive tour by yours truly. Connor Murray. Thank you very much for joining me today. And I hope you enjoyed yourselves. I really do hope to see you guys around campus sometime. Thank you so much for your time and have a wonderful day. Remember, it's great to be a Florida So right with Janne. Hello. And we're walking through Turlington Hall. So here's an empty what? Hello. So this is like a typical, like, discussion class classroom. We have our human. What is it? Sexual. Human sexuality class right now. But like my classes will be in here. English classes will be in here. So, like, smaller group setting classes will be in Turlington. Paul. And there's no windows because it used to be a bomb shelter. Yeah, I thought it was to not distract kids. Used to be a free speech zone now entering Tipaza. Okay, well, that's true. I think now is the perfect time to talk about the gator one eyed. So this right here is tthe e ID card that you get when you first come for orientation in the summer before your freshman year. The gator, one eyed, is kind of you're like all Access Pass, kind of like Disney World. So basically, beginner one serves as you are. I'd first of all you need for all your tests. It serves as your your meal plan. You can use it for vending machines on campus, and there's even a way you can hook it up to the Wells Fargo Bank. So Wells Fargo is thie campus sponsored bank, and you can open a bank with Wells Fargo, open a bank account and then put it right into your get one idea, and then it could be used as a debit cards. You can get money out from the campus, a teams and stuff, so that's what A good question a lot of people have is How do we get around campus? Well, I obviously used a skateboard, but a lot of people walk. Walking is very accessible to everything. Everything you can. You can walk to everything. Ah, lot of people use mo peds, but the mo pens are more for when you live off campus and trying to get to campus. See what all the mopeds, normally your moped head will be used for getting to campus, like I said, and then you'll park it and walk to class. From there. I plan on using escape board all the time for the next four years because it's just so easy to carry around, especially anymore what I have. And so, yeah, I think skateboards the way to go. But plenty of people ride bikes as well. Bikes A. Greats get in between classes. Make sure you across the street here. And, uh, we're actually go check out the pool and And right across the street from Turlington Plaza. Here we have what's called Century tower tapeworm. Ah, Sentry Tower was built on the hundredth anniversary of the University of Florida here and is a very historic landmark. As you can see, it's very tall. It's pretty cool to see, and there's even a chance. So right now it's passing your major. Pull it's, um it's like between you and this is probably the busiest spot on campus. This's Newell Hall to your right in the Hub where there's Chick fil A Starbuck no longer. This is actually one of my favorite spot on campus. It's like a little being down there in this little bridge and I just love it. It's so pretty and there's trees and everything, and I just love it's like peaceful here, like a three minute walk that you walk across the bridge. Right now that Norman Tunnel it connects Norman Hall lecture hall. He falls over thirteenth Street. It's a big the people stop that. Opinions on stuff like that soon Norman in their Cyprus resident, which is like one of them. It is the newest our campus, and it's sergeant like the big rooms. Sweet style, really. Well, guys, welcome to the swamp. This is it. One of the coolest things I think about the inverse of Florida is that the football stadium here is open every day, all day from six AM until ten p. M. That means you can come in here and work out and run. Laps would produce stairs like so many people in the background doing, which is unlike a lot of schools, because a lot of schools keep their stadiums close, actually, and only open him on game day. We have the luxury of actually coming here anytime you want it getting some killer workouts. Yet, whether it's the workouts or you want to come take some great pictures or there's even people doing grad photos over there right now. Great place for that. I think one of the coolest things is game day. What do you think about game they tell us about getting him? Date is an experience unlike any other I've ever had. Ninety thousand people packed to the brim here. One side is completely orange. One side is completely blue when you have the chant going on both sides, blue and artistically fibroids the entire state. If you can hear it and feel it from anywhere. I can't. That's right. Game day is one of a kind, and if you can come, check it out. No. Put up guys. Ninety flights later. We made it. Hope you can see this view. One heck of a view for us up there. No kidding. Let's check it out. As you can see, although against the wall here, section thirty seven. But let's show you a panorama of what this place really looks like. Now that is the Ben Hill Griffin Stadium dropping back, stepping up, running amok, looking,