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You guys. So I'm actually at Joe Frank, which is another dining hall. It's on the campus behind me. There's a smoothie bar right there, Mom, which is really nice. They have different smoothies every day of the week and then different areas that deli back there. You can order a Philly cheese steak if you won't right now. I'm actually unlike the balcony level, there's one run. So this is actually Village Summit. It's right. It's referred to in so many different words, so it's easy to get confused. But Joe Frank for me, as I mentioned before, it's like a health kind of bar. So there's smoothies on different types of Tagi foods, but they have, like, healthy twist to them. So that means that taste can gets a little out of the norm for me. Personally, I don't come here for breakfast. Uh, breakfast cereal night is not good to Snelling to me, which is my favorite for that. Yeah, I feel like for them, their best in the evening, you know, daytime food. Even though it's healthy, they have the best fried chicken in campus as faras chicken wings go and they serves a small serving pizza that I kind of like I appreciate. And today the plaster. It's very nice. There's different types of positive every at every dining, really. But for me today, this is where it's at. Joe Frank is near the Ramsey, which is the athletic center, so that's kind of live that things are healthy named because most people come here before or after they work out. So it's kind of, you know, if you get him in the house, but it's cool is not my favorite, but it's not my face. I guess it is. No, no, no, it's not my least favorite. Oh, how's is my least favorite. But this is also right by the School of Music, so it's pretty convenient after rehearsals in ensembles. Yes, I come here and I killed a little bit, It's Charlotte again. Okay, so now we're in like a dining hall. It's one of the ones closest to my dorm. This dining hall is called Bolton Dining Commons. Over here, peek at the history of pain we go. History. Well, let's see. Originally constructed in nineteen sixty three, headed inside here we have scanners for going into the dining. Krays are a little gassy. I'm terrible. So over here way. Have so you know patient. This egg rolls on home yet. Get it on over here. We have, like, you know, noodles. My God. My neighbor. Yeah, all these This's my favorite food like sweet chili wait. That's the best a one. So I'm inside the Tates Student center. I got Starbucks in the background because coffee is important, and I just wanted to talk about the different places that we have to go in here we have course, Starbucks way. Have the niche pizza company we have Panda Express bar burritos, chick fillet all in here. And it also has pool tables in case you want to relax in between class. And, of course, more places to sit and eat and study. Just wanted to give a full on and inclusive. Opportunities to sit. So my friend Kylie here has caught me doing a tape panorama. And I just wanted to say hi and ask her to tell everyone about her major and her experience. Okay, So I am a third year neurobiology major. Planning to, um I've loved it here so far. And one of the things I love about you is I'll come in here late in the evening and Justin homework. It's really quiet. So we're about to enter the biggest dining hall, G a Bolton. It is two floors, and I don't mean to alarm anyone, but we've got a lot of choices, and I'm gonna show you all of them. We're in the Bolton dining hall right now, which is very decorative for homecoming. So I want to here Baxter Street Bakery, which is deserts most important meal of the day about some cookies going on here, and they always had some ice cream going on. There seems to be everybody's favorite, a man still on the first floor over at the Bistro. You've got some classics going on, you know, you're regular fried chicken and macaroni things, and then you pan over. We've got the corner market, which has your healthier options. They got game going on today, always for types of potatoes, and then on the other side is basically All right. So if you stairs, you have a world's fair section. Honestly, my favorite here. And then we have Casa down there. We've got same with making station and personally. My favorite part about Bolton is Sunrise Cafe. Because you can get breakfast at any time today. They will make you pancakes. You could make your own waffles. They'll make you an omelette. And then they always have your state breakfast options along with some over here like this gets great. All right, So I've made a way to the omelette line, even though it's four p. M. Because it's Yuji. And you could do that. So I have met Cameron here, and I wanted to ask her what her favorite cafeteria is. So my favorite cafeterias. Why's that? It just has the highest quality. Yeah, yeah, all the other gets tired. So when you can find time to make it out all the way over there I definitely agree. The niche is a beauty to behold, and I think we may be taking a visit there. All right, so I've decided to take a seat in the section that will make you a homemade milkshakes from Bolton. They got an old fashioned design going on here, and I just wanted to talk to you guys about how our meal plan works. So if you're a freshman, you generally have to live on campus, which means you have to have the all access meal plan, which means you have unlimited slights but me as a junior, like the meal plan. So much the comeback for the commuter plan. You can do a five day plan, or you could do a seven day plan, and I have the doc plan with sixty five swipes right now, and clearly So I just got done. I'm dining hall. That's right. Excision called Village Summit. I just like, What's that? Jim arms you much. Tomato. I got lunch. You're the best prize and they only have to get this done. So very my God, you He's thinking of calling Beasley no priest. Every dining taken like any leader of any. So you've ever wanted Branch. Except go. That's what the food looks like. They also so every kind of you Great, great here on station sandwich, Ice grill lines get burgers, grilled chicken. Guard every day Healthy Can today I was. That's right. I mean Deacon Teo. Like the proportions dory. Try and stop their pizza. Can't every day. I meant No, I'm going. What? Beneath? This is probably like. So it's really bright outside. And actually, it's always been study here on campus. Uh, since I've been here, there's only been like two days in this semester that its range, and so that's pretty good, you know, for August. But now I'm about to go eat Bolton Dining Commons, which is the largest dining hall on campus. We actually have about five dining halls on campus, and they're all pretty good. One of them is actually called the NIT, and it's not unlike the main part of campus. But it's it's on the health sciences, so it's on a different part of campus. Huge is fast and add a lot of different campuses in different cities, but they have four on the main campus, which is humongous. So now we're about to enter the front of Bolton. There's a back entrance also, but it's two stories. It fills a lot of people, and they're hiring right now. Nine dollars an hour, four, and they're always into So As I said before, Bolton is pretty massive. Here is the wrecked his life. There's actually a little posters that he's on the wall. It's pretty slow. Now I get to sit down too. See? Right? There's It's a little. So here's the real rundown. Bolton is a huge dining hall, I have said many times, so when I came to visit campus, it was usually where Ada sounds like My gosh, she is amazing, but to me, it's the best place to eat in the latter part of the day. Or as you really just want breakfast. As I say, at any time of the day, the bar's open. There's grids, waffles, no general breakfast foods all day. But I typically come here during dinner hours because they have a really nice fried foods and Southern cuisine, and it reminds me of sending you home. But the lunch hour is crazy, like at the eleven and twelve. While people are trying to get to their classes, a lot of people are about to go to classes. Bolting is packed. The lines very long on the way is about five minutes, depending on the line to go to. So that's why choose salad. But it's not my favorite place. I only choose it because it's closest to my class. My next last campus. But yeah, so bolted to me is a late night kind of and action. We have five dining halls. As I said before, one of them is only open eleven to you. So four on main campus Stelling, twenty four hours. I'm in, also snowing. But Bolton is open the seven days of the week. It's the only one open on Saturday and Sunday and North Campus from seven to nine. So usually about seven p. M. I come here and it's very mellow because everyone's off campus and it's pretty chill and I just sit here and I have something here's just a little bit of today. I have to take it, okay? No. And you You gave me on vegan food today. Right. We're here at smelling Diamond. Wow, we're here. It's telling dying here over in time. Done. Stairs, actually. And as you can see, there's people here, Mr. Thank you. Twenty four hours Connected. As you can see, Stelling is rather the column, but it's like an old school filled the lighting's kind of dim. But here some option salad, and it's pretty nice. The staff here is very friendly, Chris. And then there's another little nineteen back in this where I know they come from breakfasts on late night. Okay, so personally, I like Tio in the nice son. Sunlit area smelling is kind of my go to is right by my dorm, and that is Eazy convenience. It's open twenty four hours Monday through Friday, so I can come here at eleven when I'm studying and I don't want to go all the way. There's nothing else opened at eleven, but that's cool today. They're actually serving into a lot of, and it's my is really good. I've actually never had an enchilada into light onto a lot of sorry my addiction is bad before I got here on my Loki like super Happy when they have them. I'm snowed me is my favorite because it's most consistent. I have a right, very like, kind of basic taste, so very classic country type, but, you know, the fruits, fruits and pizza. And so it's just more my style. The thing with you is that, you know, it's dining. Hall could have its own different type of thing. Joe Frank TV is kind of held like really tangy, weird types of food over Thorpe has O house. Dieting has kind of like the Mexican line Really good burritos and quesadillas bolted. This kind of it's kind of another classic E field, but it's really huge. That is not his home. Yes, Nelly. And then you have the niche riches like kind of nice ambiance. But I don't know. I've only been there once because it's so far off campus. But, yeah, this is smelling. People come here at night to celebrate, and this is just a nice vibe. And the staff here is so friendly. Does a woman, miss Sandra who? Who? Anytime someone signs in with the eye scanners, she welcomes them as if they were her own. And it's this really nice, homey feeling, and she gives you a big hug and she's like, you know, he tells you to have a nice day and that's really nice, you know, especially when you're having bad days. Something is my favorite. Pretty darn cool. If you ask me now, I'm going This is Katie. We have stopped intake to grab some Starbucks. And she was on my Germany study abroad with me for journalism. And she just kind of like walking, talking proof that you can study everything here. So, Katie, tell us about your study. Uh, hi. Some stadium on entertainment and media studies and German double major with a certificate and new media. And basically, I study entertainment. And I also studied German. So it's just Eugene is a lot of really great program, So you can just pick and choose what you want to do and just don't feel limited by one major two majors or how they intersect because you really This is definitely one of my favorite places to eat. Bubble Cafe So little downstairs restaurant. Just got some good food Spring. And my bubble tea. Yeah, me so good. I've been over here. We have here in this corner is the market at bye. Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh. I know this person in line. Where are we now? Shit. It didn't work. Where we now Starbucks? I love starved. Everything. So, man, I'm taking us two next door, old house. But I have to walk all the way down Brumby Hill. That's where I live. Three. So I own apples over here. Two own house so that we can another one of the dorms. This is Freshman Dorm more. A lot of people of house. Especially because House has its own dining. On what? More food? I love you. Shit. I think I can scare myself. We're coming. Let's do this together. Here we are, you know. You know, skills getting hard.