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Walk by Sanford Stadium and Tate Plaza! Class change run! | Campus Tour 2019

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This University of Georgia Campus Tour was taken at Sanford Stadium.


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Meredith Van De Velde
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Come with Meredith as she speedwalks across campus during a class change and gives you a peek at Sanford Stadium and the Tate Plaza! Sanford Stadium was under construction during this tour, but take a look at the streetview to get a better picture of the beautiful stadium! The fact that the stadium is right in the middle of campus means that it really becomes a landmark for passers-by, so every day brings back game day memories. Go dawgs! Also, Tate Plaza, located conveniently across from Sanford Stadium, is a hub for clubs (and food!) on campus. It's just sort of an open area with a stage where students can hang out, table for their clubs, meet people, or wait for the bus. Because it's conveniently located right in between the Miller Learning Center and the Tate Student Center, it gets a lot of foot traffic.