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Hey, guys, it's a saturday in athens, and that means the bulldog you're playing. So tell gating is really huge here. You j has a very, very good football team. Last year we were sec champions and we went to the national championship game. Wants to get alabama. But this year everyone has faith that we're going back. And so far we've been undefeated this season. And today we're playing tennessee university of tennessee. So i'ma show you a little bit of the tele gated community here. This is right outside, right outside my door, guys. A party. Great. But it's george the entire Hey, guys. So I will say, as a continuation to the tour, um, that I've actually knew my roommate before I got here. I'm so we realized one day that we both wanted to go to Georgia after applying, and so we decided to room together. But there's actually, for those who don't know they were searching for, you know, they're roommate. There's a program called Dog, the doghouse that usually uses for housing. So that way it's almost like a tinder profile. You give your age, you know, you're like your interest, your major and things that you like in a dorm, the temperature you like for your room, the time you want to study which study environments or best for you, so on and so forth as faras, all of your living environment. And so it's a little intimidating. Before my roommate and I decided to room together, we went on the search, you know, to see. Maybe if there's someone else who we wanted to meet, you know, Tio room together and it was really intimidating to go on there, and people will list their social media and you'd try to reach out to them and contact them. Some people don't reply, and some people are kind of eager, and then you talk to them and you're like, Oh, this isn't really you know, my idea of a roommate. So roommate finding can be very, very, very crazy if you don't know who you're looking for. But my best advice to that is to stay true to yourself. If you're a messy person, don't say that you're needed on the rooming assignment on those types of things state who you are rather than who you'd like to be. So don't say I like my stuff mostly need almost pristine, if you know that after week to your room gets messy. Me, um, and also as faras dorm necessities I would just go for For me, I'm a very no matter simplistic person. I go with what I need to live with so I don't have a food time. I don't have a TV and don't have a fridge. Those air things fridge at the dining hall. I don't eat out a lot because that's a waste of money and you're paying two thousand dollars for a mil plan. So you want to make sure you get your money's worth, so I don't need a fridge. And as far as TV goes, it wasn't worth the sacrifice to me to get one. I use my iPad for Netflix or a laptop out for memos. He or a foot on that something If you want a house guest. Yeah, you bring that. You know, if you wanna have a lot of company, I'm kind of introverted. I keep to myself. Actually, I don't. I just know when I'm at my dorm, it's usually just me, me and my roommate. Of course, when he's there, but for me, I wouldn't try to do anything all fancy. There are some people who would love you not to decorate their room. But for me, most of what's here is what came here for Georgia. I brought my clothes, my books, the necessities that I needed from home. And I say, necessities, You know, my toiletries, my deodorant, SMI, you know, toothbrush and things like that. And whatever else you would like to bring, there's nothing extra that you necessarily need to bring unless you want to decorate things or you want that homey feeling. So you bring a rug in my dorm have carpet. Some of the other freshman high risers don't. So they do bring drugs and sometimes in a community bathroom setting you need well, you would like to bring a kind of carrier where you can hold all of your shampoos and your soap and you're washed towel and things like that. So it all depends on what you're staying as far as your dorm necessities for that. But for me, I'm here very simplistic life. Although I have way too much stuff, but I brought everything that I use at home every day, and I just kind of transported here with me. I'm going to take you guys on a quick tour of the biggest dining, the dining hall common. So this is where. You have this fancy eye scanner? Some of the other one UTA house for me, right? Kennesaw State when we have won. So for huge dining homes, they all have, like, five different. I think Colin is the biggest one on the best part about orientation is they give you a meal ticket to get to go dining halls and get a meal for free. Right? A little more of the seating So they wouldn't let me toward Cresswell. All because you Jae is very strict on film. This is wrestle behind me. It's another freshman dorm on that is from the see if one of these places will let me go inside. Well, wrestle Hall is much cooler, So one of their art AIDS was going to give me a quick tour, But it's cool. Dorm looks like over here. What tough? Space ring. Really? Yeah. Done. This way. We've got our elevator lobby, um, so tight access. All ten floors of Russell, but no. You have a lounge space over here as well. A warming kitchen, every single for war, basically, Mom. And then just depending on the floor is wet, warming up or a study lounge different. On the third floor gun has the same we got through here. This is gonna be the longer the multipurpose room. All right. We have all our launcher machines, dryers, Washington and then to the left is a common thing out space. And then on the right, we have our has two stoves to microwaves, as always, to sings a nice machine in the fridge. And then this is the NPR with study space. That's what conference room and two smaller study arms. There are also TVs Mountain that you can control. This was all freshmen. But then this one was renovated last year. All brand new energy. The lights will turn on and off. No, all the time your fixtures. Like that way finally found it. No. All right, So my final piece of advice, we look forward to college and enjoy it while you're here, especially if you go to G ET because there's only a certain period of time where you can jump in the fountain and not like completely insane. So I hope to see you here and go, Doc. So just to step off you. Jia's North Campus is downtown Athens. Behind me is the classic center. It holds an ice skating rink. It always holds career fairs, formals a lot of events. And then the rest of downtown is a central part of U G a life. So we're going to take a look at it. So as you can see, downtown is filled with plenty shot in restaurants. Marjorie and I actually went to retire way to get our game day outfit and, wow, she's wearing it right now, looking good, looking good. And we're about to go to one of the many Bulldog stores to get me sicker. Just like market. Downtown is always a center of activity, but right now, since it is homecoming weekend, it's game day. It is super talk, but it's way Always go Teo and you see the grill over there, and I usually take a stroll through North Campus. You can see our beautiful art if you look straight that way, Actually meeting at the Grill after be offering last year. Okay, so it's Margaret and I were on our way to dinner. We came across Georgia. This is one of the staples of downtown Athens. They host musicians from basically every genre, definitely a few concerts there myself, and they're always fantastic. They have a rooftop seating area. It's a great place to go and enjoy your friends. But it's also a great place to bring Mom or Dad to come into town. So we're about to grab a seat in one of our favorite restaurants in downtown Aziz. I know that everyone's favorite restaurant, but mine because it is obviously a great place to watch the game. And I feel like all the food is fantastic. Other There's definitely probably Cem more well known culture downtown Sleep on it, Jim. That engine. I pray that this is a basketball gym big. So I'm gonna walk the track for a bit. That's class here. I have a of the but for again. And they just renovated the track, so it's all brand new. Price of this Hayes and ran, it is huge. This is the big weight room. Here's the They're always playing really loud rap music. They have almost all the same equipment. It's a little smaller, a little more private. Not as intimidating. Not as loud still. This is one of the big personal training studios. They offer private sessions here. Men, This is cycling room. I decided to take a cycling class over the summer. She's not smart because they're too our classes. It's actually a lot harder than I expected. But it was stuff phone and with P can have a free group fitness class. They also offered free classes for the first week, first or second week of school. So you could try any of the dancer bodywork outclasses group fitness classes for free. Is it another one of those personal training? This one is more geared towards athlete. The special of sports. So this isn't really good for you. Three? Yes. Huge back. Huge you are. Nobody in there, but there's usually people taking up almost every way. So behind me is a second basketball court, and I'm guessing these it mostly for volleyball. The net set up in here, but there is nobody using it right now. Behind me and the Rach Law are four racquetball courts. They're being used. They talk about a long time, not good at it. This lawn area is right by the bookstore, and it's an awesome shades to study at. Archived library has some really cool art exhibits. Check out. And the last school is one of the night building on campus with their courtyards and really for lounge. This is a typical law classroom. School of Law has its own library right next door, and it is a huge building with lots of room to study in its own private connected in it. I am a ended Terry marketing major, so I have to brag for a little bit about how nice this building is. It's still under construction, but everything on the inside it's just very updated and new, especially compared to that, so that my accounting class lecture. Hard to give you guys an idea. Awful lecture all night. Here is a quick look at some of the laboratory. Really nice computers and equipment. And then I'm going to show you the observatory. They have an open house that night. You have to look through it at night, not burn your eyes. But you can get a really clear view of all the planets and the stars. How does this work? Yeah, control. This is the pool. It does not look very nice right now because it is trained. Hi, my name is Way Smith. I'm a junior finance major here at the University of Georgia. One of my favorite things in Athens is the University of Georgia Westley Foundation. It meets on Wednesday nights. It is providing me with an incredible group of friends. My community that just comes around me and supports me loves me like I've never been loved before. It's really has taught me a lot about who I am and who I'm supposed to be, and I'm just very thankful that I get to meet with them every single week. You're such an incredible the campus green is a huge lawn on the north side of campus right before you get to downtown, softened by the main library and its space to study anything up campus monument. And people say that it is a curse if you walk through it before you graduate. So do not do that. I hope you guys enjoyed following me around my campus and I hope I got you interested in coming to you. G eight is a great school, great academic. They are sitting outside the Grady College of Journalism, which is actually where I'm about to go in about five minutes for my first class, and it's kind of cool that you Jia is a huge campus with a lot of buildings. But once you get into your major, it ends up pretty condensed, like I have five classes and three of them are in this building right here. So it's pretty cool. And I wanted to ask Birdie, Actually, Ah, what is your favorite part about Eugenia and being a great E major? Um, I really like the community that Grady like has created. Like Kinsey said, Yuji is huge on DH. When you're just getting here, it's kind of overwhelming. But once you get into a major, um, you do kind of like start to create like a family. But I definitely think that Grady doesn't really good job kind of mingling us and making us feel like we're welcome here whenever we need to be just like in a room or need like a study space, or even just to talk to the adviser and like I love Grady because the dean is like, always walking around on, You could just always go up and talk to him and ask him questions. And it's just really relaxed here. Really? Well, there you have it from the Grady girls. I need to go to class. All right, so right now I am in my new media class. It's a small, like, lab based environment, and we're working on building websites. Mine is game of thrones, themed, and this is Jessica. She's building a nice Kim Kardashians themed website, so we're getting a good view of it here. That looks beautiful. So, Jessica, I wanted to ask you what your favorite and least favorite parts about. U G a R. My favorite part is that there is so many people like you can meet a new person every single day. And my least favorite part is that there are so many people because sometimes it gets a little overwhelming and it's hard to like Find their place at Ajay. But if you work hard and join clubs and have fun, then you can find as many friends as you okay, and you appreciate the small class environment, Or would you prefer to be in a big lecture hall this is tough because I actually both for different situation, so large size at eight a. M. Very great, because it's easy to like you can listen if you want, you can not listen if you want, but the small class sizes do you have to be focus in at all times because obviously the teacher's gonna see you. But once again, that's what I love about you is that it's so big, staking kind of cheese and get like the best of both worlds. All right, so I felt like I really couldn't give a proper tour of the Grady College of Journalism without taking a look inside of the new source room. So this is a class, but it also doubles as a riel live production. So here is Casey are journalism superstar, and she's gonna tell us a little bit about what they do here in New Source. So new source is the calf stone class for the journalism program or one of them. No one. So we come in every day in the morning and we produce the story all day, and then we have a live newscast at five p. M. But you can watch on Facebook live shameless plug. But there's also a cruise side to things who makes all of this happened All these fancy buttons out many moons ago. I was a crewmember, so this is a little unfamiliar to me. But they make this show happen. So nothing at that. The class puts together. Content wise, we'll get a chance to be seen if it wasn't for the people in here. So people get to run cameras. Prompter direct the show if you're in the class. I was a producer, so I got to make the show look the way I wanted it to. You chose the content that I wanted. Teo put on air and you get to go live like it's an actual newsroom setting, and you're not gonna find that anywhere else. I just wanted to pan over to this because it's very cool and it's what Casey Hey, prospective students. My name's Savannah Martin. I'm a sophomore here, E. J. And I'm going to show you my school through my eyes. First, I'm going to show you guys some of my favorite spots to study around campus. This is the Founders Memorial Garden area, and there's some past that go back through the woods. Many classes. Sometimes I'll stop Trio. This is Yoo Jae First, I take University Village and I get to ride to it is free for anyone and everyone in Athens. It's a way to get around campus with are having a fair report, parking, but it can get very busy, I concede. Probably ran twelve weeks apart. This was the only view I could get out of the stadium. They're doing lots of construction all around, and then I went to being me chapel. Now this is rung to celebrate. You know, any kind of victories and Athens and anyone can go up and bring it someone. Actually, I have been here for a year in graduate school at Grady, and what I like about Athens is rich music, culture and all the vinyl shops. No now I'm going to work. You guys center. It's one of the most popular spots to study your own campus because it has so many different study rooms and places to hang out. And it is open twenty four seven is one of the on ly billions on campus open all night long and then we will walk, imitate students. Money story. Carter Sultan in the career center Wait twice a semester. Wait. Also host here. Maybe we help with interviewing tips with getting students ready Resumes giving them the opportunity feels that way. Yeah. The career fair on August fifteenth is UTA is biggest networking event, where you can talk to all different types of huge corporations. Give them your resume. Asked about internships, just general questions you have for those companies, and just get your name out there. The Tates Student Center has lots of options for food. They have a little marketplace here and of our burritos. They also have a pain to express a Chick fil A and Pizza place in the Bulldog Cafe. Yeah, the center. So I think it's like it's under twenty five cents her looking where you're going to get take center. Good start. I was going to get coffee, but the lines long for me. Course, I ended up getting it anyways to stay awake for minutes class. There's lots of things going on with you. Jay starts far like I love talking about their organizations and trying to get members. Hey, my name's integrates Robinson, a junior at the University of Georgia, join the Georgia rowing team because I got attacked with Flyers campus and I stayed with it. And I loved it because it's my family on campus that teaches you how to work hard, get to learn a new sport, stay in shape, make friends and it's everything about college. We're marriage. Where? Reproductive justice organization, all of us. I'm fighting for bodily autonomy for all feminist, and you love everybody. Now I'm gonna walk you guys. PJ bookstore. Very busy right now. Medical students textbooks are located on the second floor and all of the apparel and right very far back with all different kinds of clothing and hats and express stories the future. I am now going to walk. Your main library is my favorite building on campus and the place ison the most time. Because there are so many different floors to study on, they all have a different feel to them, every floor, pretty quiet, so there's not too many distractions. They all just have a different look and feel to them. And now my favorite floor. This floor is very quiet when you first walk in. There are rows and rows and rows. It is actually quiet place I have ever been in and you can get lost. Look around for a while, then. This is the study room. It's tucked behind in this little corner, but very bright, colorful. You can write on the White board study.