University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Dining & Food

Campus coming at you live from Green Street? Um, this is where most things are popping. We're all everything happens here Every everything is where dreams come true but bars, restaurants, good food, good time Laughter, laughter, laughter For the moment, you know, I could really ask for, you know, like shot out Green Street. So because I live off campus, I cook my own breakfast every day. So this is what a typical breakfast looks like. For me. It's well rounded, pretty cheap and healthy. So have my eggs, toast, turkey, bacon and some fruit. So you get all the fats, proteins and carbs Okay, so definitely one of my favorite places in the most convenient places to eat on campus is the Union Food Court. They just have everything, and it's right in the center of campus. We got some Wendy's blaze pizza, which is a favor. It's make your own pizza. And then we got car bombs over and over here we have Einstein's and we got to Dover. So, yeah, definitely one of my favorite places to eat, just a quick and easy, but it's a little bit