Accounting Graduate Certificates

 •Accounting Data Analytics: Learn how to synthesize and communicate data-intensive information, findings, and conclusions – and develop the job-ready skills to solve accounting and business challenges.

•Accounting Foundations: Learn the principles, concepts, and methods used to record and report financial transactions for business entities.  Accounting Foundations is a program to consider for those with less than intermediate-level accounting experience.  

•CPA Pathways: Build the technical knowledge and skills in financial accounting, taxation, and accounting data analytics that will help you prepare for the CPA exam.  CPA Pathways Graduate Certificate is most relevant to learners with a strong background in accounting and who have likely earned an undergraduate degree in Accounting. 

•Taxation: Learn the U.S. federal tax system, state and local income taxes, and the tax treatment and policies involved in doing business internationally.

Intro 00:00
Accounting Foundations 03:25
Taxation 05:01
Accounting Data Analytics 06:13
CPA Pathways 07:48
Outro 09:19