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Another important landmark that you should come visit. That's actually right. Next to Potter's Lake is the camp a Neil. Here's Potter's Lake, and then over here is the Campania, which is a bell tower. So a little bit more information about the Campania. There's a set of fifty three bells in there that are played by striking these large levers, and also you can actually go inside the Campania will. You can't go up the bell tower, but here's what it looks like on the inside. The bells in this tar actually chime every fifteen minutes from seven AM to nine PM, also for graduation. Everyone gathers here at the camp a meal, and then they do this whole tradition of walking it down the hill to Memorial Stadium, which is right there, which is our football field. So what I mean by the hill is you can't really see because the trees are in the way. But everyone at graduation, they start up at this hill that's covered by the trees, and then they walk down this exact path to Memorial Stadium, which is right there. Walking down the hill is a K, a tradition that everyone does when they graduates. The fun fact there is this whole myth going on that if you walk down the hill before graduation, that means you won't end up graduating. I don't know. I've never done it before. We are outside of the brand new union as well as the brand new science building. These were built just a few months ago, actually. So they're very new to campus. But this one is the new union we have. And then right next to it here, this is the new science building. So this is the in between of two buildings. So when it's nuts outside, it's a fun little place to come sit in between classes. So this is where they are, um, compared to some other buildings. So there's Murphy Hall right there. What, you showed you guys earlier, which is the theatre school. So what's nice about having two unions now is Let's say you have classes on this side of campus compared to the other union, Which is about, I'd say like a fifteen minute walk is now you have somewhere to come get food, come get coffee. Um, and they hold, uh, more events here and there It's another beautiful day, head into costs, trying to decide if I should take the bus or walk. Um, I'm a very lazy kind of person. When the cops walk, I rather take the bus, but it seems like there's a lot of people up at the bus stop right now. I'm just gonna shoot. One thing that usually advise me about what it is that sometimes you know, you walk and then the bus like Is that behind you? So you came, like, run Like like research. Booth does a lot of research, actually, like top tier for research that's going on with this called to its full what an expansion. So all over there that one of the first booth questions in there. What to actually just built like two years ago, as well as the research beauty. I do have a lot of my classes leap to beauty and Internet also has old library, which is great for just studying. My you're free or printing whatever you want to do, so that's great. That's a plus for all the engineer, but that's all the everything okay, but it's like one of the biggest. So I'm currently sitting at West Co. Right now. Okay, One of the main Claude's here on campus, Wesco is pretty much a place where students come to hang out whenever it's nice outside. And as you can see, some students are sitting on these benches over there, and over there, there's more additional places to hang out that's under the shade. Wesco is pretty much the central location here on campus, and a lot of clubs and student organizations table out here sometimes and give out free food free prizes and do a couple of games on right behind me. Clubs and student organizations will usually table in that area, but sometimes they Khun Table pretty much wherever is in this area. So if you want to be at the heart of campus, definitely come out to Wesco. So I'm outside of Watson Library right now, and it is one of two libraries that we have here on campus, and I'm gonna show you guys around a little bit. So this is the first four that you walk into when you goto Watson, It's called technically, the third floor. But this is my favorite part about Watson. This is, uh, stacks, and this is also on third form and take it back here and during finals week. I liked to come here a lot, hide back in here and get work done. It's a really cool head in place, like with these desks. See, they're pretty fun. And then this is the fourth floor of Watson. So it's a pretty big open area you can see. So that was Watson Library. So the way I think of it is like Watson is the library you go to when you really have to focus and sit down and get a lot of work done in and shoots is more of the type of library that you can go to with your friends, So I'm currently sitting at West Co. Right now. Okay, One of the main Claude's here on campus, Wesco is pretty much a place where students come to hang out whenever it's nice outside. And as you can see, some students are sitting on these benches over there, and over there, there's more additional places to hang out that's under the shade. Wesco is pretty much the central location here on campus, and a lot of clubs and student organizations table out here sometimes and give out free food free prizes and do a couple of games on right behind me. Clubs and student organizations will usually table in that area, but sometimes they Khun Table pretty much wherever is in this area. So if you want to be at the heart of campus, definitely come out to Wesco. So right now we are on West Go beach and this beach is pretty popular because a lot of students, I come out here and there's a lot of our campaigns a lot of just after it is made for like different students, and their bodies are what now? People sell. Some of their are here different people come here and talk to us just like a lot of open space and lost to congregate here right now is like five o'Clock. So classes have ended. Usually have all my classes during the day or I'm working. But there's a lot of students that, like sit out here doing like in between classes or what? Just like the central place of jihad, deliver where you have The important thing you would have to like. You have to be here this one because this union has this cute little mascot in front the union. So you don't forget. Usually there's a lot of orientations that there goes in here. It's just a mall type loading. There's a lot of things going on here, places which I love show you, but there's a lot a lot of things in here. Fish. It's dinner. We also care more time, purpose, building. Just he has for six floors. You come walking on the fourth four. So I just got dumb accost My second class actually got cancer. Um, so I don't have anything to do, Teo. Three PM, which is when I have officers, and then I have a night class at six. P. M. I don't know. I've been in that class today, but I do have a night class, uh, six p. M. And then I should which ends our nine. And I'll be done for the entirety. So right now I'm going to go grab lunch and then I will, I don't know, we'll see probably do some homework or something, but it's just really awkward. My class never gets cancelled. Not really sure what to do it myself right now, but I'm going to go eat light, and then I'll figure out what to do One of the most important academic buildings here on campus is futile. Call. Here's what the entire building looks like. It's really big, actually had my business statistics in this hall, and it was a five hundred seat lecture hall. I'm honestly not used to being around five hundred people, so it was a little bit intimidating at first, but I managed to pass the class, and I've enjoyed my experience in a five hundred seat lecture hall. So yeah, let's go on in. Okay. Here's what beauty call looks like in once you first walked in, you can go ahead and go straight, Teo. The map that's right in front. And then this is where it will direct you to where all the lecture halls are. One important thing is to know about beauty is Auditorium one ten and one thirty. Both of them are five hundred seat lecture halls and then auditorium one twenty holds about thousand seats. This map will definitely direct you to your classes so you won't feel as intimidated. And two, they're right over there and to the left over there. It's pretty much just an open lobby area for students to sit on the ground, do their homework piers what this area looks like. One of the things that I noticed about you to call, at least in the five hundred C auditorium that I was in is the tables are so tiny to the point where's Maya's Pharrell notebook can't even fit properly on the table. So that's just one important thing you should note. But other than that, it's a pretty nice, Guys. So I'm here with Matthew, and I'll be doing a quick interview with him about his case. You experience so ready. I am ready to do it. Okay. So first question, introduce yourself and explain why you chose you. Hello, Matthew Ferrari. I'm a senior. And you and the reason I chose to you wass Aussie. I didn't put much thought into it. Really? Uh, I went to Johnson County committee. Call it my first year and my most. Yeah, my most, uh, most reasonable thing after that was going to you. And I love the campus. I love the community of Lawrence on here. I am. Okay. Second question. Describe the student body at your school. I think it's very lively and progressive. It's awesome to see a very diverse culture. You see, people from all different parts of the world, she sorority attorney live. I'll see those people who don't fit intothe great environment. Third question. What's your major? And described the academic climate. So my majors communications else have a moderate leadership and a certificate in entrepreneurship. But the climate for communication is that it's awesome because almost lost our discussion base. So I feel that a lot more participation in the classes. And overall, it's a very lovely environment. And the last question. What's your favorite and least favorite part of you? Favorite part? You, uh, just definitely just the energy here. It's it's very uplifting and very I'm gonna go out there and have fun. My least favorite part is actually probably the rec center. I feel little enough time and money into the rec center, and I feel very important part of the steering body because working out and living a healthy lifestyle One most important thing to live, to have a good college experience. And I feel more money and time should be insurrection but also my personal trainer from a lot of bias. But that is my answer. Okay, And that is the interview it. Thank you so much for watching and stay tuned for the next couple videos. Have an amazing day. Okay, so, um, for Kansas, the weather is very, very state wife, like we have twelve different seasons because you know how you just have like, spring somewhere when terror fall, whatever. But like it's April right now, and it just snowed like last night and the supposed to be spring. So the weather is like nasty. But he was, like, really warm. Also over the weekend on Friday, today's Sunday and it's like freezing. It's like twenty degrees outside against me, my leather jacket. But that's pretty much what Kansas is like. You can't really tell the weather, so even if it's summer, everyone so has like a thick jacket on. So you just have to be careful here and you don't even know because it could get really, really hot really fast. So that is one maybe disadvantage of this state as a whole. Just because you can never really be too prepared for the weather. She was to check your phone just to make sure you're safe. I always have a jacket, a rain jacket. Also have a number because you could just bring over. So that's the one disadvantage. But it's also just interesting We like annoying. Sometimes this is your summer, not or it's burnt. It's not that I think our summers here like really, really, really hot, but not it gets like, really cool. So that's like one plus side of it. So just stay indoors a lot there. They got a night for summer? No, but the rest of the year, you you can't really tell. I mean winter is winter. There's no sign polite. You're spring to fall. It's just kind of like wait, be fluctuates a lot. So there's that her supper are our weather. It's not. It's not typical. That's what the first year it's not. One of the best things about being a student at the business school and working at the rec center is that my commute to school and even to work is barely anything at all. So right in front of me is Capital Federal Hall, a k a. The business school, and then to they're right over there is the rec center. So from the business school to the rec center, it's about a three minute walk, which makes me so happy because I don't have to walk that far. And the parking lot that I am in right now is called Lot ninety. It's honestly one of the most best and biggest parking lots on campus. There's always a place to park, and I just If you see that, do you see how wide and been in the area is now? This parking lot does get pretty packed around ten to eleven, but as long as you buy your parking permit on time, Building, and that's really important. Building on campus is Frasier Hall. Those two, you actually have flags on them. I know the flags are today, but you can usually see those flags from the highway. If you're driving to Lawrence, you see those slags and because our Lord's campus is on a hill, so but really, that's one of the first during a house built on campus, so pretty historic. The flags should be up there. I know what's going on over there, trying to change the color something, but you can see for a pretty far distance if you're on the highway coming in. So I'm going Teo and shoots the other library that we have here on K use campus. And like I said, in the last video, I think of and shoots more as like, uh, the library. You go to you when you're going with a group of friends and you're going to you like a group project. It's more, I'd say, like the social library, uh, rather than like sit down and get work done. I mean, I know some people go here, try and get a lot of work done. But at least for me, I tip of you go here like with a big group of friends when I come. One thing that I think is really cool about it and shoots is they have a writing and editing center. So if you ever have a project or a paper that you want edited or looked over, they have workers here who will look at that for you. So this is the main level of and shoots. And then over here to the right. This's the coffee shop. The library also has the study rooms that you can reserve if you're doing a project. So in shoots has printing, and they also have computers that you can work on. And this is another part of the main floor that I really like. This is the second floor of and shoots I took really like to study down here when I come, There's a lot of big group spots to say I like to sit in these chairs because they're so comfy to study in. And then also, um, there's the's Harry top tables up here that I like to study it to when I'm with a group of friends. So that was in shoots library during finals week. My friends and I were pretty much here every day, uh, studying, but it was so pretty fun. I mean, because we were all together also. One thing I forgot to mention about and shoots is that they have research help there, too. So if you're doing a research project, they have employees there who can help you find what you're looking for. When you're visiting the K U campus, one of the landmarks that I'd say you have to come visit is Potter's Lake, which is what we're looking at right now. Potter's Lake was actually constructed in nineteen eleven as a way to provide fire protection for the campus. But usually a lot of students will be hanging out around a potter's lake by this time. But since it's raining right now, obviously no one's out. Usually, sometimes the painting classes will go out here and do paintings as well. It's a really nice place. So this building right here is another big, very, very big library, a lot, people studying as well. It's called a Watson, My roots, the biggest library on campus so far. It's really, really, really huge, and it's more like reserve. So I can't be recorded inside, have it. But it's really, really huge. It's massive. It's it's really, really, really big. And a lot of people studying the Stax is our just call it. You just have like a row of books and people go in there sometimes just sleep off our find some kind of book, you know, limited edition kind of books. So it's huge. I'm going to see if I can, like, show you guys a little bit of what is inside see what it looks like for like a second. Involvement in leadership user just offices that kind of help with, like student organizations on campus, that's all fourth floor going down. Places. So this is where you have it's called the marketplace into your left. You have penned experience and over there have big, like, sitting area that I'll show you a bit compass. Get your books after hours or else close. Usually you can get your books. There's also many kind of store together. Geo here on their way to jail. You could get books here. You can pick up like your books here. I can't orders here. You can also I usually come here and a male stuff out just because it's more convenient. So just call you. Be a store in there closed. But the soul out of K you here and there was also ponds for students here. Get stuffed. They just added Rick life into the bookstore. More convenient is also affordable. Come here. So this is called the JR delivered along here. There's like all these classes usually like your first second year. You have all your classes down here, so that beauty right there is called strong Call. There's a lot of offices were like College of Liberal Arts and advising Legal services. This right here is beauty call just a lot of general classes, apology or mass, whatever on that's West go. And that's also really common duties for a lot of the English and literature classes. Yes, a math classes there, some business classes there along this whole over is a ton of different building. A lot of classes do go on here. So I would say that you versus Kansas is more rural, but we just call like a college town, because, um, without the university Loris, there's not really that much to do in Lawrence. So it's kind of like a college town. And for me, that was a big change car for all the way from ninety year and I live in leg loss is just like a lot. A lot of a lot of people, you know, kind of like a New York City type of thing. And coming here is just like a low, smaller. There's not as much like going on every time, which is good because you know, you're in college and sometimes you just need to, like, focus on school and be just more involved with, like the college community and not so much outside. And Kay, you does a really good job without. There's so much doing campus, so much opportunities to do so. Sometimes it doesn't ever really feel like I'm going to a small school. Just more feels like, Oh yeah, like I'm doing. There's always inform Tio. Come over is busy, even if, like horses, who holds my busy also another great day is that the city, Kansas City is about forty five minutes away. So if you actually want until I go out and explore the city, you could. There is decent transportation here, so it's very convenient if you wanted to go to the city and just, like, chill like child, something different. So I do like that about our Lawrence. It was a big shock, not go. I first just kind of pissed, but you kind of just get used to it. You start making friends, you start getting involved and it's just awesome. One of my favorite spots to study on campus is one of the study rooms here inside the business school, and here is what the outside of the study room looks like. One important thing to note when about to enter the study rooms is to check this screen right here. If it says that there are no events scheduled, that means the study room is free for you to use. And here's what the inside looks like. It's a nice little compact study room with again, a really great view of the outside. And, yeah, here's what it looks like. So right here we have Snow Hall. This is like the math department. This is their whole. Usually you have all your math class is here. There really spread out. But like a majority of the math classes are here, just like I have engineering building. This is like the math buildings, like math majors or math minors. You spend almost all of you. Katie here is here is where they have most of the math classes. They do have them in other classes that I showed you before, like beauty over there and West go over there. They do have them there as well. But this is just like a math building. It's there's not much in there. Besides, like offices and classes. That's a really important booting for, especially for the math. Math majors. This is a really cute kay you can't smuggle. That was a gift, of course, from nineteen sixty two. So this just kind of gives you an idea. Just how big Kay's campuses. So because he's campus is so big, I thought I would drive on Jayhawk Boulevard, which is the main Street that most of the buildings on campus are on, and I thought I would just show you guys a little bit of Jayhawk Boulevard. So to the left, there's Campania, which I will show you guys later as well and then weigh. Just have some of our main school buildings on the street to the right is west. Go. That's a very popular building where a lot of classes are held. This is strong hall, where classes as well as offices. So you aren't allowed to drive on J book Jayhawk Boulevard during the school day. Um, but you can after five p. M. And then you can always drive on Jayhawk pulled over on the weekends. And then coming up. This is Frasier Hall, where we have classes held and it's one of the most iconic buildings at K U and it's got two flags on top. Welcome to Island in a field house so Island Feel houses an indoor arena that is home of the Kansas Jayhawks, men's and women's basketball teams. And for those who don't know, Jayhawks are our school's fast cut. I really, really want to emphasize with you guys that K U is huge basketball. If you are K student and have never been to a K you basketball game than what are you doing, What are you doing? So is the more Fox about Allen Fieldhouse Are that thirty seven and see Double A tournament games have been hosted here. Also, a couple of NB A exhibition games have been hosted here. Also, this was named the loudest college basketball arena in the country by ESPN magazine. So if this doesn't indicate to you guys how important basketball is to K you life that I honestly don't know what it was. Welcome to the inside of Helen Field House. This is the James May Smith court. That is absolutely breathtaking. Look at how huge this court is. Oh, my God. Also right outside the basketball court is the rally house store. So if you need any K you apparel definitely come here. This is what the campus looks like when it's raining K U has an undergraduate population of about twenty eight thousand, so it would be considered a big university. As for how it impacts me in my college experience, honestly, I'm a little bit intimidated to be around such a lot of people. Like what I said in my beauty hall tour. I said I'm not used to being around five hundred people, which I'm still not, But I'm glad I went through that experience. It will be intimidating to go to a big university, for sure, but I believe that as long as you joined, student clubs and organizations definitely get a job here on campus because that automatically gives you friends more joint. Greek line tried to involve yourself as much as you can on campus, and the campus will actually become smaller and smaller and smaller. The more that I have involved myself more than I realized that pretty much everyone knows Welcome to answer its library. The great thing about and shits is there are four different floors you can choose from. Each of the floors offer something different. So whether you're more of a group study or or an individual study, er and shits will definitely be the place for you. So the great thing about and shits is that there are so many windows in here, so there's always a nice ray of sunshine whenever you go and study. And to the right. Over there, there's like chairs and tables. Where you Khun study? And then to the left is the roastery, which is one of the coffee shops here on campus. And then moving down to this area. It's one of the wider spaces you Khun Study is where a lot of people do, like group study sessions conceive right now. One of my favorite spots to study is this area behind me because it's kind of secluded. But then there's also still people because on the type of person who likes to study in a secluded area but also likes hearing people move around. If that makes sense over here, there's also computers that you can use. The writing center is also located on the third floor. So if you need help with writing essays, rough drafts, reports, I definitely would recommend to visit the writing center also, another thing to know is there a group study spaces here in and shits. There are group study room's located on the second, third and fourth floors. You can either walk into the study rooms or if you really want to, you can reserve a study room in advance. Another favorite spot to study of my knot and shit is right here, right outside From the street right here. There's a lot of the Greek life houses. Um, I'm not a part of life, but you have all the group like houses along this tree. Free move for attorneys, especially for the doubt. I think there is a male for attorney, but you do have a lot of, um, Greek life houses along Welcome to the Kansas Union, which is one of the main plots here on campus. It's pretty much where all the Hubble happens, and it serves as Katie's community center. One of the distinct things about the union is this Jayhawk that sits out right in front. It's pretty much where a lot of students prospecting students and current students take pictures with the street, huh? Withdrawn. Here's what the union looks like once you first walk in okay to the left. Over there is the Hawk shop, which is one of the convenience stores here on campus, and then over here is a place for Syrians to hang out and study that. Also over here is the Rose Tree, which is one of the coffee shops here. There's also the K You info desk over there, Which, pretty much if you have any questions regarding the union where to go, consult that Kay you info desk. A wide variety of events take part in the Kansas ian, whether it's transfer freshman student orientation and some clubs and activities will have their meetings in here. There are also a lot of places to hang out and study. As I showed you guys earlier, there's a place to study and hang out over there. Also up on the fifth floor, there's a place called the market, which is one additional place you could be here on count. This one cool thing about the union is if you go up to the fifth floor, you get a nice view of the Spencer Museum, which is right there and then the football field.