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Fran Miller

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In high school I was a very stressed out student trying to do everything right to get as many scholarships and acceptances from schools as possible, but what I would tell my senior-year self is that it is okay to enjoy your senior year. Don't focus too much on having the perfect GPA or being involved in every thing possible, simply enjoy your last school year with your friends and make memories that will last a lifetime! It is very strange to think that high school was just last year, but now I enjoy catching up with my friends that go to different universities and seeing how much they love their universities and exchanging stories; it is truly a special time and you should not take senior year and high school for granted. Also, when applying to UK, the two things that will help you the most (as well as applying to other schools) is a good GPA and good test scores. These will not only help you get into the university, but will also help you receive scholarships! Yay free money! Specific to Kentucky, it's important to be completely honest on the short answer essays in the application so that they can get a sense of who you truly are and your interests, as well as why you would like to come to UK. I wish you the best in the application process for all universities, and enjoy your senior year!