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Fran Miller

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At Kentucky, there are endless activities and clubs that you can join because of how diverse our student body is and how big it is! Being at such a large school can be worrisome and intimidating to some, but the more activities you are involved in and the more connected you are to other people, the smaller the campus becomes. I would highly recommend participating in greek life in either a fraternity or sorority because of the amazing connections you make and relationships you build that will last a lifetime, as well as participating in service projects and philanthropies. If you choose not to be in greek life, it does not set you apart or aside from the rest of campus. At UK, there are lots of people that I know that are thriving without being in greek life and instead building community and friendships in other activities, so being in greek life or not isn't a deciding factor in relation to if you will have friends/fun or not. In addition to greek life, Dance Blue is a dance marathon that raises money for our local children's hospital where tons of activities and clubs at UK all participate in for the betterment of our hospitals and care to sick kids (what could be more fulfilling and fun?!). It is a life changing experience, and even if you don't dance on a team, it is an amazing event to see and watch how they are changing kids' lives one at a time.