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Fran Miller

Tour Guide

While the partying culture can sometimes be a difficult or awkward subject to discuss, I think it is important to be honest and give incoming students a view of what it might be like. UK is a dry campus and is not a crazy, wild, insane partying school contrary to what some people may believe. It is mostly medium-sized hang outs and parties with friends rather than extreme raves and other scenes. Greek life parties are all off campus and always an option if you would like to go out. In addition, there are events that I included that happened during the week that I filmed this tour, which include Greek Sing at Memorial Coliseum and midnight pancakes. Greek Sing is a philanthropic (charity), campus-wide event that my sorority hosts where all sororities and fraternities compete with dances while also raising money for our philanthropy (Make-a-Wish Foundation). Midnight pancakes is an event that happens every Friday from 11pm to 2am, hosted by my church (CSF), where anyone can come to the church and have fellowship and unlimited free pancakes and snacks every Friday throughout the year.