Important academic buildings part 2

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Virtual Tours by Students


Fran Miller

Tour Guide

(Part 2) The first building I introduce is the Gatton College of Business Building which is where the majority of business or economics majors will hold classes and meetings. Some engineering majors will have classes or meetings here as well, and in the middle of the building there is a very open (almost library-like) space where any student can walk in and use the tables. Students can also reserve high-tech, state of the art study rooms at any time. Many information meetings are also held in this building for different clubs. The second building I introduce is POT (Patterson Office Tower) which is where almost all professors have their own, personalized offices where students can attend "office hours" for one-on-one interactions for any needs they may have. This building also has classrooms for smaller, higher level classes, such as the spanish class I am currently in which is conversation based and relatively small (14 students). It is right next to the student center, and is easily viewed from any point on campus as a good reference point (and you can even see it from downtown when driving).