Willy T Library & Workload

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Fran Miller

Tour Guide

William T. Young Library (Willy T / the Lib)! My FAVE spot on campus! The library includes a Starbucks on the first floor, which is also THE largest on-campus Starbucks in the nation! You can grab coffee any time and it is a great place to meet up for group projects, too. In addition, the lib has 5 floors including a basement of endless resources and great spaces for getting work done. Since it is so big and open, everything echoes so it is relatively quiet everywhere, but students can still get lots of group work done at group tables on the second and third floor. Willy T has designated quiet studies where students go if they need COMPLETE silence (if a piece of paper falls on the ground it echoes). There are plenty of other study areas, including cubbies, study rooms that you can reserve and even balconies outside. In addition to the library, I talk about the workload of being a biology major as well as how to balance studying and having fun in college!