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So right now I'm walking down Route one, which is Main Road that runs all the way through the town of College Park, and you pretty much have to drive on it to get on or off campus. So it's a pretty busy road all the time. It also has a lot popular food places. For example, you could target back there not a food place, but very convenient. We have a bagel place. We have placed pizza both good off. Um I just saw my friend. Basically, there's all these food places in a row. This's pretty far from North campus. But there is a bus that could take you here. I'm their subway. There's Shanghai Cafe. There is clucks tres What is this? Another pizza place? There's the red boat, so money, food places. So for me, personally, I have a chef in my house that cooks lunch and dinner and but not on the weekends. So on the weekends, I come out here Goto bagel place. It's not as good as a New Jersey bagel, but it's pretty. It's good enough. Um, and then if you go a little further up, we have to pull play. Noodles and company were getting Akaba soon. Everyone's really excited about that. They're Starbuck Stone and doughnuts. So this is really just one main strip. Um, it's basically the only place you need to come if you want it, eat food off campus and not in the dining hall. So mostly on Ly Freshman and some sophomores have a dining plan. So for everyone else, we come to Route one and chow down behind me. You could see there's Jason's Deli, the new QA Va Chipotle a Starbucks, etcetera. And here's a nice Maryland shuttle right behind me. Something about how the freshmen on North Campus bus down to Route one to come eat food hangout. Go to the bars. There's a Nando's so, so many options. There's Applebee's. There's a faux place. Yeah, many different Asian restaurants. Everything you could possibly want is on this one strip. There's just always a lot of people around. This road is also very trafficking. I wouldn't recommend driving on it. We also have this new restaurant, as of last year called Milk Boy Art House. It's really nice there's. It has like a garage door kind of thing that opens and all the tables and stuff her in here. So when it's open and the door's open, you're sitting at your table and you're just looking outside. So it's really pretty and nice. A cute, little nicer place rather than the mostly fast So we're at the dining hall, and, um, we're gonna ask you guys some questions about where you're from, What your major is. All right, go. Hi, I'm Layla. I am a freshman International system student, and I'm a lot here. Do you like it here? I love it here. Best you'll ever buy. Well, there's just so many opportunities to learn and grow here any amazing new people. I mean, e I made so many new friends. So pick because everyone's so friendly here. So, Jason, your thoughts. I'm Jason. I'm a psych major passion. What's your guarantees? Every page is what you love. Maryland. I'm just really inclusive. Maybe on DH. It's a good school, so I know. Nice Andrew. Hi, I'm Andrew, a freshman government and politics major from Seoul, New Jersey Nice to meet you, Lila. Maryland. It's like a home away from home for me, especially being out of state. It's just really great. The community building, especially through seven. Kiss the living and learning program on part of All right, nice. Any parting words? Anybody love you? Hey. Now at the dining hall to have this life and in your hand and the secret futuristic things. Everything, any of all these different options. So you have. Then you have cereals and milks. You got all your salad fixings over here. All the difference strings. What do you get for dinner tonight? My favorite. Wait, Here we go. Are you all So right now we're at Stan. Union is basically right across the street. It's probably one of the best places to be on campus is recommended by most students. Has restaurants as a gaming zoning boys from downstairs has book Centre. Convenience Store has a capital, one bank. Anything actually. So basically, this building is set for any activity that you won't perform in this one. Most students come to participate in all different types of activities. They hold all the types of events here. I remember they had a dancing activity here. Meet my friends, came here one night and they had one of those dances. One of those dance session is going on room's over here. You just you just praising Just tap dancer stole. It's probably one of the best Okay. So now at the stamp student union and my friend who was working here is going to tell us all about it. So that's that We, of course, have the food court. So there's Donald's shoes. Fillets. Tomorrow there's a coop downstairs that has tons of healthy and nutritious food. If that's what you're feeling in Terps on, there's also a bowling alley. There's tons of TVs where you can watch pretty much any game imaginable. And then there's also billiards. If you're into that, and then if you're student group needs to have any kind of events. You want to have a formal dance or you just want to be together on their meeting rooms in Sam. Um and then, of course, called Theatre, holds all kinds of events. She has movies in there. There's all kinds of things to do with that.