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So real quick before I show you my daily routine, I just wanted to kind of give you an overview of what my class is air like. So my Monday, Wednesday classes, they're both the same, and my two state Thursday classes are about the same. I have a total of five classes, so I'm taking fifteen credits this year and this semester. And then I have no classes on Friday because I got my schedule of kind of like perfect. So I just have longer classes on my Monday, Wednesday, Tuesday, Thursday rather than having classes three days a week. So my Monday Wednesday schedule is I have class from eight forty two nine fifty five and that's child and adolescent psychology class Super fun class. I have some video clips of meat, and there's all show those on DH. Then I normally come back to campus and go to the library and do like work before my next class. And then I have a class at one twenty five, and that goes from one twenty five to two forty, and then that's also in Flopsy. And then I go back to this side of campus and I go for my research methods class, and that is a class from three thirty five to four fifty. So you can kind of see that I have a bunch breaks in between. But there's some people that only have five, fifteen minutes late anywhere from five to fifteen minutes in between their classes. But it gives you a chance to, you know, grab food, see friends, talk, good library study, get that kind of stuff done, then my Tuesday, Thursday classes. I have a A M and I have That's my criminology class. It's a really, really interesting and like fun class. If you're interested in, like, crime deviants, that kind of behavior. So I have that from eight to nine fifteen. And then I have this huge break up until six o'clock, where I have my accounting class from six twenty five toe, seven forty. So that's kind of like my day where I either do nothing and it's the most unproductive day. Or I could get a bunch of work done like I am right now to get this done. So it kind of gives me a chance to, you know, catch up with friends if I'm super tired literally. Just relax, sleep whatever the case may be already. So this is the view from flips. Right there. You can see the metro rail and that's where. Like I said, the metro rail comes and goes and it goes in between different places in Miami. You, Khun Goto Brickell, you can go. Leonard. You know, using positive reinforcement techniques. So what you just saw was a lecture based class. So in my psych class, basically the teacher stands up there and she'll lecture for an hour and fifteen minutes because that's how long my classes and people can ask questions. But not many people really do. It's more if you just, like, really don't understand something. But the teachers are super super nice, and they always answer all your questions. Um, so my class sizes around, I would say, like sixty people, but it's really interesting because you only see really your whole class the day of the test because people just don't show up. For whatever reason, I've never personally liked that. Do not go to a class, especially because every class here that you mrs around two hundred dollars for a single class. Imagine if you just like, not feeling good one day and you have three classes like you're literally wasting six hundred dollars so not to scare anyone. But so that was my psychology lecture based class, so I didn't actually get any videos from my math class that normally would have next, because it was a lot for that chapter. So I really needed to pay attention, but my math class size is, I would say around twenty to twenty five people s o a lot smaller, so it really depends like what kind of class? What material you're going over depends your class ratio for, like, student teacher. But for the majority of all my classes, that air lecture based I would say it around like sixty to one hundred and fifty students, depending on the class and like, if it's a prerequisite, a requirement that normally classes will be bigger. So they try to get like a bunch of people. And I'm but then, like your math classes, my criminology class is super small tio. My counting has around thirty people, so it really just depends on the class, the major content you're going through, But I think our our actual student teacher ratio is about one two twenty two. When I was applying, that's what it was. So for every one that teacher, there's twenty two students. That's not bad. But then you also just have to factor in like a big biology lecture might have literally two hundred and twenty kids, and it's a bunch rows back and your math class could have literally ten students, so it just depends really on ratios. So now I'm gonna show you my really, really big research methods. Lecture class. That's next video. Okay, so this is what a big lecture class looks like. Like. I'm showing a potential freshman what classes like so wonderful. How would you describe a lecture class here long? I long for it. For a Not all of them. Not all of them, but this one's required. So it's kind of boring. Yeah, lots of notes, lots of notes. A lot of people. There's like two views that they put no time that pulls down. You leave in the middle of class. So I'm not gonna boreal with anymore class discussion or class lectures, but I'm not in any lab, so I can't really go in and show you any labs. I took a lab last year, but basically what I can tell you about lots of their one credit classes. They normally coincide with either a biology chemistry of physics, something along those lines in the cock science building, and all of those classes are around three hours, so they're super long and tedious, but you only have it once a week. That's kind of nice, but it's also just like a lot of work. You have to either get lab reports done or you're doing experiments and coming up with posters. You have to work in groups and that kind of stuff. You have quizzes where you have to take notes the class before read the textbook. They're very involved, very in depth, but they're super like, helpful and actually help me, like, understand a lot of the things that I was confused on an actual class. So it's kind of like a back up like teaches and tests you in real world environments for everything that you know and don't know. So tell Lab goes. And then, just lastly, like talking about classes. Freshman, you should take anywhere from twelve to eighteen. Eighteen is really like pushing it. That would be six classes, and it's just not recommended because you're coming to a new school. It's super hard to adjust to college, depending on the person. I had a relatively easy time. I really loved coming here. I loved being away from home. No one from my hometown goes here, but two people, so it's you're getting, ah, whole different group of friends. You're getting a whole different group of people. So you'll have your at home high school friends and then your college friends. So that's a really nice differentiation between people. And you can always go home and visit if you are. Even though I'm all the way in Texas, I drove down this year, but I normally just fly back and it's super easy. And honestly, if you get homesick than you know, there's always a call away for your parents. But yeah, so that's how my classes go and kind of my daily schedule. I know it was super long. Thank you for sticking with me, but I hope that answered any questions you had about classes, teachers and that All right, guys. So the first thing that we have over here is the theatre has definitely come over here a couple of times. A senior. I've watched my friend performance. Spring awakening is really cool. I think we have a lot of talented people here on DH, then right next to it, we have the music theater have a couple of friends also in the music program here, my roommates, actually a jazz vocal major. So I think that's a really cool and it's a great place, especially in Miami, because we're a huge, major music scene. There's like a ton of places to perform, and my roommate just reaches out Tio like a couple of places restaurants, bars, hotels and they're always open to having students come and sing and pay them for their time. True. So, Yeah, This is Philip and Patricia Frost, School of Music. We're passing by one of the hidden gems of you. M It's the music school. A continuation. They have their own library, which I think is pretty cool. So I don't know if you run out of space on finals to study. You can just come over here to the library and they have, like, a ton of equipment for the music students. But there's also an upstairs area that's really nice and a lot a lot of like windows. So you can, you know, look out of the beautiful scenery of Miami. But yeah, I like to hang out here a lot if I'm doing work because there's a lot of empty space. Think outside with umbrellas. All right, everyone. So now we are at the SAC, which is the student activity center. Um, there are a ton of, like, org's and clubs that have space to do work in here. Um, student government works here, so I don't know. They have, uh, also twenty for our study room in there, because our library is usually closes at, like, two in the morning. Um, but it's really nice. We get to still have this study area until whenever it's twenty four hours. Um, but yeah. So over here, we have also star books and we have a fresh fusion, which, as like fresh, nice food. We have a Jamba Juice. And this is all apart from like, the food court. It's just like some extra stuff we have. Uh, I'll show you inside. So this is what the sack looks like inside. You have three floors come up one. But we also have a ball room where we do All right, guys. Hope you enjoyed meeting Abby and Molly. They were super nice. Their room is way more perfect than my remember, Wass, But we're walking in the gym now. It's literally a two minute walk from the dorms, which is awesome. And I'll show you guys inside. Hey, everyone, this is clearing. Doesn't matter before, But she is here to show us around the gym a little bit and you tell us about yourself. Yeah. So I'm a senior here at U. M. I'm a psychology and exercise physiology major. I wanted to physical therapy, and so I've been working here at the gym for four years since I was a freshman. I work in the sales office, so we do things like so membership classes, cooking glasses, things like that. And I also work as a fitness instructor, which is pretty cool. The gym once he worked between different places. So our facility is actually the largest student employee population on campus. So if you're interested in getting a job, you know, just some extra money. It's a great place to work. We have lots of different areas to kind of. See your interest, so perfect. Come to us. Yeah, and it's free for students. But then, like except for certain classes. But also people outside like in Miami will come and buy membership. So s so we have lots of things. We have cooking classes way do CPR massages like tennis classes, dance classes, spend yoga, all your general group exercise. And then we have indoor outdoor basketball courts, tennis courts, racquetball, a full indoor track Awful like Wait, uh, fitness for and everything. And sometimes we do special events for students. And we do things like the week of well being, and sometimes we'll do free chair massages was always a lot happening here. Yeah. Finals week. I remember you said the little sod chairs outside the library way do a lot of things for students during finals. All right, Well, thank you for talking to us and telling us a little bit about the Djinn coming They Also my name is Caitlin, and I am a sophomore at the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida I am a psychology major, a entrepreneurship miner and a criminology minor. And I'm gonna take you around my school today. I am dressed in a few different outfits because I've been taking videos on a few different days. But I have a super excited for you to learn about my college and hopefully come here and I'll see welcome to move in a way, just flew here. Well, you just got, like, an hour ago. It's 12. 30 and we flew here from New York and we're in idea apartment, but it's so nice, so quick. Everything is the door when you walk in. This is what it looks like you, like, enter into the living room and then over here, there's one room it technically have done. But we're like using it as a bedroom. That's one of the rooms and has this little lake these doors with their calls. But you can, like, put a curtain on them to make it more private. When you come back to the living room, there's this little like shelf. It's already a part of it. And then here we have closet number one, which is, actually like, bigger than it seems. Yeah, it's like a pretty nice sized closet. Um, and you think like a Peter? Yeah, on it's nice and air conditioning here. So this is the living room. Sorry, the dining room. Uh, here. Then we go to the kitchen on It's nice. Little kitchen, little oven here, lots of cover. It's tight, but it's like good enough. This is the fridge. Freeze! More cupboards. Man. That bathroom. It's bathroom. My small little bathroom l across America. Medicine cabinet. Let's go. We're gonna need to get some light. Something in here? This is tell a rack, and then you have bath show. She's great. And then this is the bedroom. Nice species. And then we have a closet here, just like a built in. Um, just like that. It's nice, Like light colored wood. And here, So it's great. I'm probably gonna get, like, a clothing rack as well. Okay. Waiter, we gotta go do some work. Hey, kids. What? My crab Sergeant at number one. Here we are. Let's see. Oh, so much stuff. It's actually this full. Oh, you said in your video the other one. Exactly. Amy trying to tackle. You know, I always carry it. Number two story facility. We actually have to storage units. So we're working on empty one of them out. Okay, so we're in the apartment for the night. This is a night here, and this is the diamond full of stuff. We've run all the walls members getting helped bring in the bigger furniture course set up night mattress. So, yeah, we're just gonna try to clean and maybe put some things away. Study in the mornings. Hey, guys. Welcome Was moving waiting uncle to help us with big furniture. But what happened last night? I didn't go to sleep. It's like or thes air 100 boxes. I need to unpack. This is other staff. The kitchen is looking. It's on, like cleaning supplies. Success? Uh, what else we'd like washed all the dishes last night. So I hear you've got some dishes. And then here we got some eggs. Insta stencils, theatre. Like the ones that I have for the last year. So suntan in new set like full utensils. This is just what I had for my dorm last year. This will really thing that we're still deciding on order. This is like our pantries have some stuff in here. This is our lenders. You want my mom's in this woman's mind? I got a birthday present from stay Ira on. I'm like more stuff under stuff. Got some knives. A lot of this of this apartment is from references to me who was her apartment and give me it all herself. Because she's such Stop I love you. Wait. Just got the dining room. Is this'll chair in this little TV's? Clean it on my way. All right, So more things were being brought in line so I can pack. My desk was, like, set upon me, make a and I felt my books here. And then I have some, like, important binders with, like, Ikea stuff there. And Oh, these are the words that we won at a conference. What is really cool after Jesus. Uh, but it was attacking all this stuff under my desk. This is some extra makeup struck that, like my pallets. Um, I'm not gonna leave us like this. I need to get a pencil holder, put some stuff in and trigger out, like maybe another organizer to do under here or something like that. Um, yeah. This is what's going on so far in here. Um, one thinking other. He's not those shares. Just these air. The jurors for my bed. This is a shelf. And then these are, um, some drawers. This is all reference. Any stuff, So she's like a red. I'm going. There's lots of red, but I'm not gonna attempt to put this up and I've moved on. But I think I told you guys I was listening to Cats, right? Tell you what I was listening to. You was goingto armchair expert and he was like, my favorite podcasts. I really, really enjoy it. It's a back shepherd who are things like, I think he was really good at being like a podcast host. I just love questions. You asked. I think it's, like, so interesting or house. So you have a game warden or movie warn dress your listeners. If our cast is doing really poorly, I'm gonna have to auction just friends. Wardrobe so soon can keep his wife. I think we'll get a lot of money like your dress. Just friends date. My bedroom is what brought in, and I cleaned everything cleaned. All the jurors put them into the bed. But the bed frame ones were just waiting for the mattress, which they want to get in Hell, that put this up said that, um, I moved the mirror from here to here, may move it back. I'm looking at it like here now to see what we think way because it doesn't like, fully fit here. So maybe The bathroom's, like my favorite part now. So this is the bathroom. We have this pink roses we have before we have a shower curtain from target. Just so you How's he sold the whole taxes. And then we got this little thing today. So we put all of our stuff on to its like champions. Exciting, huh? No. Tulip Bush. I got this thing paper. So everything's looking. Not this little thing told her tooth brushes. Everything else is like, but it's okay. I only have two boxes left to unpack. That's great. Here. So they're back so far. Were exciting. Wait. Oh, yes, she was. Okay. It's gonna put her on here, all right? And All right. Hi, everyone. Welcome back to my channel. I'm here with a new video. Here I am on Monday, my first day of school. Very traditional. First day of school outfit. I feel bring some ripped jeans. They're from Urban Outfitters Who got them for, like, $10 on sale. Like, two years ago. I cut myself, Um, and I'm wearing this top that I got from March rag, but belt, I believe, is from Rahm Way. And I'm wearing my air Force base. And here we're on Tuesday, already so fast. My little crop top is from forever 21. And my hands are from wrong way, I believe is Well, the belt is from a random thirst. Or in New York l train vintage, um, communion necklace from Brandy Melville. My hearing's air, Also from Brennan Willful and a former Air Force ones. Yet again, we are kicking. Yeah, on way. Love it. That she's here's kill it. Okay, here we are on Wednesday. So we're going for a little athlete. Look here. Um, my top is from Brandy Melville. Red shoes top. The pants are for mom. Way back. You really love. Use their super comfortable and they look pretty cute and so well. And I'm wearing my Air Force ones like every other day of my life. Fun. Oh, there you are. Hello. Close up action. Simple necklace from Brandy Melville. Simple tan lines from the sun. You thought it was just a red and white stripes, but there's something in there. What a guest. Who would guess? It's wax on up. Watch legs. Tiffany bracelet flags. Here we are while we're studying. Who? That's my face. She's okay. She's And here we are at Thursday, bringing it home. No, no, no, no. Yes. This is my little cheerleader outfit. Top is from Brandy Melville. It seems a red one, Justin. And the skirt is from Rob line and love the skirt. It's super cute and makes me feel like a cheerleader. What? You don't get another life? I would have been. That's a story for another day here. The Air Force one's coming back again. Who will get this little stain on my finger now? Catch that. Did you get that? Look, it's me. Make you a little You're into radio and end off week, right? And get this comfort cute will work here got this top from my grandmother because she's way worse than me. I don't know where. Trunk. I feel like a term like anthropology. Probably free people. One of those brand is on the road. You are one feeling frisky today. Morning dog tag necklace that I died when I was in the military. Super personalized. Thank you. Thank you. Okay. All right, guys, like you guys enjoyed watching this video. If he did, he should. I like coming down low and subscribe. You're gonna see more college videos, sticker rounds. I'll be back with the video next week. Hey, guys, Welcome to the log. So, um, I'm doing log missus to you because I have a posting videos. I wanna start posting more. I'm opening up. I just got some, like, a package from for anyone. This wasn't it. I think I'm going to do a hall. They're huge. I'm obsessed already. Oh, my God. When we got the bigger the hoop, the bigger the I really don't have time to leave. Um, and I have to take all of my vitamins, so I'm taking you. So these are both, like, the vitamins that I take every day. So I'm gonna start out with this hair and nails dissolvable. I like, I always say, I'm gonna leave it there in time. Like today. I was like, I'm gonna leave at 957 Amazing. They're better than I expected. I got them. Even though they're gold, because I'm just like one of them for so long Like star shaped earrings. Um, I think I saw when you two were wearing them. Like a while back was like scarlet Rose Turner. Fun fact. We're actually in the same fraternity that I am currently pledging. I remember next week it's all really exciting was long past. Now I'm going nine. A legend. I got four minutes until I really gotta go circles. You understand me? Secretly have the day off. It's only for this time of day, I swear, an hour behind. I'm not important right now. You know, it's 11 a.m. It's It's burning time crunch every single day. My hairs. I just want to freeze. It was more than that, Finally back in the room. So I got myself once a dining hall just to get two slices of toast. Um, because I pay for it and because I want avocado toast. I don't have a toaster in my room. I'm walking through the architecture school. Um, another fun fact. Picture school is the ugliest school on campus. Oldest texted me. There were literally eight minutes. Uh, there's okay. I'm gonna go get a snack, and then I'm going. We're gonna go see Coco. Just go. And I saw It's really good. And then right next to climb the pool. This is the UC, which is the university center. Um, there's a just like another place to sit and study, and they have, like, launchpad, which is to help student business is like lunch up or, like business idea or things like that, which is I think it's really cool. So I should get so this is what you see Looks like inside there's two floors. This is what looks like we have a little while over here with some history. Uh, that's actually she's our old president. She's awesome. So, Sebastian, I this is our mascot and that's because now I've This is the first bird. But recognize when a hurricane is coming And so the first one's toe flock and one of the major signs that something's coming in, you know, we're called the Canes, so that's cool. Coming out of the U. C. Building, this is the W v U M office, and it's a really cool opportunity for any students, not just like music majors. It's like a radio station that we have and you know, you can sign up Tio audition and kind of be like a radio hosts and choose what songs you want to play and like things like that, it's really cool. My roommate actually did it. good morning, friends. So stopping in to make you right, Really? At the house, about to go to spin class on campus. I look crazy and we're like my gym clothes, but also a fanny pack and so many colors going on. But it's fine. It's whatever. It's actually not terrible, but kind of crazy. But he's gotta go left a beautiful day. I'm driving, all right, Just finish spin class. It was hard, but it is, like, really good, you know, is a music video classes they like playing music. Video is like such a mix of cardio came on and I was ready to go. Yeah, we're gonna go. I think there's a market up today, so let me get outside evils. Could they have the best off that equals the markets? Can't miss it. Hopefully, they're there. It's not you. It's such a thing way. And it's delicious as usual. Like, what else would you expect out here? You know, I know a lot of me eating lunch now. Oh, right. Friends. Now it's like, three o'clock. It's to keep something buck. So you guys gonna read a shower? Just like angel close to do anything I know. I know you big quit is Saturday, but it's like the Saturday before class. Like getting all the relaxation before go to class work. So I've got made Marino and I also have that drink could I have been obsessed with? It's a shot of outside every digger, Um, some lemon. It's like this little corner of eliminates and there's, like, that squeeze in here and then water and all that, but yeah, I'm gonna enjoy this and catch up on Riverdale to see what episode I last watched. All right? I had just finished setting up my week. Actually, Mabel a General Franks, we, um just so like, I can be ready. Put everything down that I need. Thio, I really only had, like, one thing so far. I am trying to post the video on one. Say this one that you're currently watching. I'm so much like remind myself that that's gonna happen. And then I have a meeting on Thursday. But other than that, I just like a class and work. Um, find a quote with this box. It's on my favorites Red, but like, whatever it's like, these boxes were to do list and then there's reminders for, like, meetings. And so and that little like calendar to sergeant to the dates in case I need Thio. And then workouts give up liking to track my workouts. Um, thank you. See, it did here also did on this week. This is probably my favorite spread, but I've done and yeah, I really didn't have much. Philip this week's That's free, Blake, But yeah, I'm catching up on Riverdale. It's going pretty well, to be honest, my moment, Laundry. Thank God for her. Put that away. But I will do that in a bit. And yeah, I think I met Judy. Feels productive. Trip may work on my resume, and you do that, but I don't know, and from feeling like we'll see, we'll see. All right. Hi again, guys. I actually thought that the last time I talked to you is gonna be like it for the night. Kind of, um, because I was really tired. I'm still pretty tired, but hayes, I don't look presentable, but I'm going out to the world. So that's that. Anyways, uh, I'm currently working on my resume were about to leave to go to Marshalls, and then my mom wants, like tacos. We're gonna do that. Well, Marshall could have this really nice water, but what we wanted and I'm excited about it because the new water bottle means lots of drinking water for you guys. So just here, where you may resume, and we're gonna go to Marshall, See if that water bottle which I'm humps about usual things that get me really excited new water bottles and stuff like that. And then, yeah, I'm probably gonna call it a night after we get back. I'm pretty excited, like honestly, good guys, this is the water bottle. Got by away. It's just this, um, Nathan one. I had one of these. I worries at home in New York, but this one's like, matte black. It's beautiful. So in the end of the long tonight, because I'm just gonna go to bed. So leaving Hey, guys. So I look about that. I got a pretty good morning. I just worked on himself in the organization that I lead. Sent out some e mails. Um, look, on our calendar, my class schedule. So I'm all prepared for tomorrow. Um, and I needed to do this for today, but I know everything. Get sons like beauty for the leak. We're excited about going solo, but I am excited. I feel good what we get early this morning. So I'm gonna go work out and get on this to do list. I can end of the day just, like, sort of chilling in front of I actually just hooking up. Oh, my God. It's beautiful. Look, you are tissues, like three tables to do this. It seems like proportions eyes, and then a baby bell pepper and some spinach. I'm not a little like Himalayan pink Saul and some black peppercorns. I love these burns. I can say enough good things about it. Here's my bread. I don't know why the toaster has been burning the bride poster, but that's a story for another day. I made breakfast. I have a good workout. So I'm gonna go get my Invisalign eat breakfast, and then, uh, likely nothing already. Okay, later, such over Neil. But I'm feeling for a salmon burger on Brad some avocado on spinach. But I also made a little bowl of open open up. Just frankly, just used like a water main. We'll see how it goes. Yeah, so way are headed to get some dinner and then has to grocery sources pick some things up to a week. I have been sleeping since I talked to a chicken apple, which was not intended, but I went to sleep a little later outside my deal. So I'm sure, obviously, as early as I can tonight taking melatonin knockout being from a mom to finish it. The public's video that won Today's doing so well, which is I kind of like crazy for me. Um, and I'm like heading towards 1000. So it's it's pretty exciting if you have Nora Neat. Please subscribe. Guys, literally nearly out of thousands of drivers were just so exciting. And I can't even talk about that. This isn't too bad. Tell me comments below. All right, you guys love the nicest comments on my last video to like, you look so pretty and so gorgeous. Not like pretty, you know, like like a decent human being in that video. So when you can see this one, you were like, Oh, nice video. It's exactly the same. Look, uh, it's fine because tomorrow, um, weaken, my life starts and I'll be going to school, and I'll actually be making myself look presentable because I like to, like, look you for class because, honestly, I'm not looking cute for classes. Like what Melican kid would like to go out on the weekends Like that's the only time I'm gonna look, you don't know. That's just that's just not enough for me. And also, that just seems like, I don't know seems questionable. It was like, What am I looking nice for her? I feel like in the day to day I look nice there that are, like, feel good during the day so that I'm active in my classes and like, a wake. And just so I feel like convent like walking through the world. So, yeah, if I was just, like, getting cute getting pretty like g o out on like, you know, I just I feel like I built on a fake. So that's the deal on that. All right, we're back. Um, my mom's coming. Richard's absolutely no you here at this salad, which is the California chicken salad from Pingeot Factory for you frequent Miami. I don't They have other locations on their states. They might You could look it up. They're really good, though. This is like such a good salad usually has Gorgonzola, Gorgonzola cheese on it. But I just took that off because I'm not eating very all right, guys. So I am ending off the night with three huge strawberries and this square of dark chocolate. I know it's like a weird little thing, but it's like the perfect amount of, like, sweet tender midnight with I'm watching some logs. And honestly, I think I may end of the blob here. I know it hasn't been the most interesting how athletic, But I'm probably just gonna edit this video for the rest of the night. So that it guys beating George Washington's video If he did, be sure to give it a like calm down below and subscribe from our content. Tomorrow I'm gonna start my own life. We couldn't leave. We could look, what will be up on this again. So stay tuned for that. So it is Monday morning, and I am awake and happy to be alive and ready to go to my first class of the day. Well, actually, I'm gonna go get some breakfast. The diagonal that I'm gonna get my first class of the day actually wearing no makeup. So it's the first day I have done that on campus, which is crazy. It's second semester, but I've never gone to class it up. Make it so I know that's insane, but I'm trying to get used to my face. Don't make so I look pretty cute. I drink some water and a shot of opposite of vinegar, so yeah, we're ready to go for the day, so let's go. Yeah, I'm at work. He has I'm back in my dorm room talk. I said dinner as well, even though it's only five o'clock. Uh, but I'm gonna do some work. So for us the day, um, first the night until around like, seven. Dirty and that'll just relax. So yeah. Hey, guys, getting morning. So it's Tuesday morning and I've actually really been like up in about J. Even though it's 10. 35 after middle class. Really? Look now or in five minutes. I'll probably leave pretty soon for class. As you can. Maybe tell I'm a little tired. Um, I had a meeting with my scholarship advisor this morning. 9 30 Told me about until, like, this morning. So I was winning and waking up, like, earlier anyways, but I, like, hacked a week up. Do that meeting. Um, I was really planning on making. I was, like, just like a laser around here. But, um, I want that meeting that I got breakfast, the dining hall, and then I came by here. I've just been sitting here watching YouTube videos and passing 30 minutes, and I have to get on with my day, huh? Yeah. Gives alarm to leave. All right. Hey, guys. So I'm back. I'm about to head to the decay office to drop off my gifts, and then I'm gonna get myself some dinner. Even What's 3 p.m. I just This is the time I finish class, and I haven't eaten anything since breakfast sat like 9 30 So Wow, that's a long time ago. I've gone that long without eating. I'm not even that hungry. Honestly, but I'm gonna go get a salad from this place. I'll show you guys, um I'm gonna go drop off my gaps. Where? I'm sure you have a gift before I leave. This is the first day. We only do two days of gifts because, like, obviously, we're professional fraternity. So it's like, not that d just got her this. I got her this little e less lip balm. And then I got her this Yes, to calming paper mask. And then I'm gonna put some more candy in here because I didn't put any candy for the first day. But she said that the only thing she said she liked was got me. Very. So I got her, like, two full bags of, like, terrible gummy bears floored the second day. But I think gonna grab something from the store before I give this in. And then for my other little I got him. This'll lost water bottle. He said he liked chocolate, so I just don't want a bunch of different chocolates. I remove this mask. It's like a charcoal face mask. I really love these sheet masks, so I think they'll enjoy it. Um, because effort, who doesn't love a sheet mask? They're just so nice. So I'm just gonna give these two in. Like I said, I'm gonna get some eye candy for Kim. And then I'm gonna go get some dinner if I'm still hungry, like later on, before it closes and grab something. But this is what's happening right now. And yes, let's go. I mean, back to my room. I showed you buy salad, which is pretty much done. I love this salad because I put a pita like underneath. It's like, Wouldn't you dumped the salad? You still have it off smoothly from Jumbo Jim's fridge. I wasn't ready for it yet, but I got this mango gold. Most movie. I've literally I think I have tried other things from there. But like that is the thing that I ordered. Every time I go there, sometimes I'll get the P B one. And like without the way protein his way protein owes Gary in it. It's good. It's kind of like juice since I left it still to move. You like that? Yeah. So I'm just gonna sit here and watch me two videos and then, um how do life things leader? I just woke up from a really long nap publisher when I don't sleep. But it's now 7 50 I'm probably gonna check some melatonin to go to bed tonight, but so I'm gonna go get take out from the dining hall. C. Was anything interesting down there? Um and then I'll come back and I have a homework assignment to do. Um, I have to do I just want a homework assignment. I can't think of anything else. Oh, hi. You're gonna memorize my lines for Thursday. Also, do that, or I start writing to do so. Come back to do those two things. But right now I'm going to the dining hall. I'm so tired. I will come with me. Like I what kind of bread you see. I don't know why they look ready. Super weird. Yeah. I'm gonna go down there and there's something good in shorts. Hello. It's so disrespectful. I'm face timing. He's through. I tried a bunch of different websites and I have to stay. And for best just by straight from the website, you can do other get ready because some Canada blondes are coming. Don't you hear how great they are? Private? Like make the notification spell. Look atyou. Someone should watch it, Will you two? Yeah. Shout yourselves out, Ugo. Actually, Just kidding, antagonist of all of the integration on an alcoholic. But I do go to a women's college, which is the same thing. Oh, my God. What can I say? Something nice. You see? There we go. Hello. So what? Everyone just said. So we just bought tickets to go to Canada. We're going for my birthday. Oh, my God. We're taking it. I'm taking a birthday trip. That's so weird. Oh, my God. That is I never write, but thank you. Oh, Hey, guys. Good morning. I just I've been, like, up and down all morning. Well, not really, like on top of my head, but no, I mean, like a week and not. But right now I need to go get ready for class. I'm packing now because I'm leaving tomorrow to go on a retreat for Kay. Are you trying to be a part of, um, so having a retreat this weekend when currently packing duffel bag. I should bring, like, a blow up mattress like that's what's up. So much chasing this back. That's fine. I will make do uh, who's doing that right now? Stuff basically parked. I got on my clothes. I'm on lian Any one pair of shoes because it's not like you think while we're doing, um, let's bring some, like, toiletry. So, yeah, that's basically just in my best rooms booked tickets to go to Canada. And I'm so excited. We like we like, we need to take a summer trip. And then we decided that we want todo um, like, we have never liked taking a trip together. We've never liked, made some stuff, work like that, obviously have countless, like sleepovers and leave done other things together. But this is so exciting. Um, says I love them to death. I've taken trips with them, like separately. I'm so excited to go just, like hanging out with him and here and, like, explore places. Not none of us have been there. Uh, so it should be pretty cool. Okay. I can't believe this stuff, this stuff in here, but yeah, guys, that's basically what I tell you how to get ready and have breakfast and get on with life. But I'll try to keep up with you guys today. Obviously I am headed to for the day. Yeah. What? Hey, guys. So update on the love I packed work tomorrow looking told you were leaving. I don't to Morrison, bring that bag. Clothes I'm wearing on top and then bringing this backpack, I think, Um, but this is the March issue of distraction, which is the U M's like magazine. It's like a word with you, but you're really messing. Magazine looks really cool. Um, this is the cover photo. Uh, one of the D. Hey, pledges actually took this one. It's amazing, but you girl happens to be in this addition. Um, here. So that's me one picture, and this is the other picture. Um, So, look, yeah, I'm in the magazine. My roommate took this picture. Um, I'm a Ben. Guess you're wondering. Um, but my roommate took this picture because she wrote this article. Well, actually, the truth is sort of Oh, no, she designed this article. So she wrote the one, right? Um, yeah. You can actually see this online if you're interested in, like, checking it out, um, through, like, issue. I s u U I think, um, yeah. Just look up like attraction. Daisy. I'm currently watching game of thrones because I'm a mess. Um, I love game of thrones. Thieves. I need to remember these gifts. I have to end up, like bringing them surgery actually gonna pack right now. Oh, also like it once you guys are commenting that you, like, just got accepted to Miami to you like that. So what? Fighting please? Like Hamadan below, If you have been accepted. So actually, like recently, if you're deciding to come next year, that's so exciting for me to like, See? And you guys are saying that you're, like, so thankful about it, like making videos about you. Um and that makes me feel so happy. Honestly, Because like, I'm making a lot of these videos because I know when I applied. Like there really aren't many Miami like lifestyle YouTubers There's now like one other guy who's in my grade. His name is Danny. I think it's channels like it's Danny or something. Um, but you should definitely check out his video because he does a lot of videos on lm um like a life and culture and all stuff about school with getting in Well, that's jazz. So I don't maybe making you guys more videos? Um, please let me know. Downbelow. Like what? You'd like to see what you feel like you're missing. Um, but you haven't found, like, a mantra, Nada, Like through the school website. And like through, like, just stuff you want to know that, like, kind of only students can let you know, because I really don't help you guys out. I know what I was applying to school when I decided to come to you. It was like, around this time last year. I knew that I was coming to you, And I was so excited. And I wanted to, like, watch every single video like, no read every single thing up on it, so they know what to expect. Um, knock it because it's really exciting them to college for the first time. Hello, Lovelies. So good morning. It is currently Friday morning. Oh, my God. I can't believe it's right already. Actually, this week was going by slowly, but now all of a sudden, Friday and I'm getting ready to head out to work. I'm literally about to go out the door work. I'm just getting that back together, So Yeah, guys. All right, I will check in with you later for some groundwork. And then we're gonna shoot something for a new video coming out. And then, um, I don't work a bit more until 1 30 or one money till lunch head off. So yeah. Oh, I'm trying to be updated. I have so much stuff. Look at all these bags. I have. So I originally just had these two bags, right? So, like a duffel bag in a backpack? Not too bad, cause this duffel bag, like, has my bloat mattress in it and, like, sheets in the towel. So, like, I don't think that's too bad. It's pretty. I don't think that's too bad. It's not that big of a duffel bag that I have this, um, backpack which, like when a trio came campus that gave these up for free. I haven't used yet, so decide I'd use it. And then I have this bag, which is because we need to bring her gifts for a little's. And I have twins this semester. So I have both of their like second day gifts, which are pretty big in that bag. And then I put my d K sweatshirt there, so I have it easy on hand. Um, yeah. So I'm just gonna make sure I have everything out here shooting for you. Um, admissions. Thank you for watching to the bench. Fine. You excited? Yeah. I'm not gonna hurt her arm saying, Yeah, not running my shoulders. They're gonna Cheers. Hey, so I just realized I friend, I don't want one. Get amazing time, but I'm just here doing some work. I'm so exhausted because we did so and I think I wanna get next week. So because during this video, let me know like I'm not blow and subscribe for more content. So at Miami, we don't really have quads like a normal college campus. But if you were to consider this, we have to, you know, kind of quads. So the green outside the library, I would consider Quad because everyone just just kind of hanging out there. That's how you walk from one side. The campus, the other has all these big trees, you know, there's the U statue, like in my other video you can see. And then over to the right is the Iron Aero Bull, which is something on campus where basically, if you are an influential person, you get inducted into the iron arrows. And it's a really big honor. It's the highest honor on campus, actually, um, and then right there is the Ustad from behind it, Like I've explained before is the rock. But today we had actually had an event that was, you know, for Adidas will not today, a few days ago. But it was for Adidas, and it was our efforts. You hate week. So it was a big pop up, so that would be considered one of our quads. Also where the farmers market is. That's kind of just what was going on there, and then this was what I would consider other quad right over by where that found tennis. And that's where a bunch of the athletes actually hang out in between classes. But that's a really good place for you to study. It's gorgeous. You can look it around, you know, the scenery. So that was what I would consider other quad to be. And then this is just the breezeway and the breezeway. Like I said before, it's somewhere you can sign up for a bunch of things. So I would consider this kind of like a quad because it's right outside the campus store and, you know, everyone's there. Everyone's buzzing. Everyone's, you know, talking. And then just last night I wanted to throw. We have so much wildlife on this campus, and so this is just one of the many birds that goes We're sitting here at the farmer's market. This is MacKenzie. She'll introduce herself in a second. This is Robin. They're both my roommates. We met on our freshman year floor. Okay, so, Robin, tell me about yourself. Your major. What? Here you are. Hi. I'm Robert Shapiro, a broadcast journalism major with minors, entrepreneurship, motion pictures, years, motion pictures and marketing, the most senior. Unfortunately. And currently we're at the Wednesday Farmers market, which is like my favorite time of the freaking year because who doesn't love farmers markets? I just had a evil, which is amazing. And yeah, I love you. Okay. What's your favorite thing about you? That's a really hard question. The great thing about the University of Miami is that, like, not only do you have a campus field, but we're also located in the city of Miami, which is one the most cultural cities that I've ever been in. You have. You don't South Beach at your disposal, Uh, wind would, which is like a bohemian art district at your disposal rifle at your disposal. So you have all these different things that you could do on top of having an amazing campus field where We have incredible school spirit and going to basketball games, football games, whatever is always like awesome. So yeah. Where's your hometown from? I'm from Vermont. Really? Legitimately so. And I really want to get out So for important destinations on campus, I kind of just want to show you around, so right here is that's the stage, and you can also study over here. And that's the hurricane food court. This is all over by the Shillelagh Center and the lake. So those air both really big papa destinations for people. And then, as you can see behind those of the freshmen dorms all standing up, that's actually where Drake performed. If anyone has seen that video, so that was super hyped tohave there last year and then just the Shillelagh center, like I've mentioned previously, has places where you can study but also his convention centers, where, you know, big gatherings and meetings and stuff happened. This place is really popping all the time because people study outside of Starbucks in the job, a juice and all the food things. And they also sit on the stairs, which is one of my favorite places to study over by the lake. The lake is actually a key landmark on campus, and it has so much history where the homecoming you know, the boat burns and stuff like that. That's actually a freshman tour happening, right there and then this is like Osceola, so actually is a lot of history. Sometimes there's gators and manatees, so don't get in. But it's super pretty when it's not so gloomy out. This is the breezeway. So this, if you backtrack just a little bit, the breezeway is a place where you can, you know, sign up for a bunch of events. So that's kind of the, you know, before we walk past all that. But that's out takes, and that's open twenty four seven. You could get a season stuff, and then another important landmark is tthe EU statue. You know, you know it's all about the U, and then also behind that you statue is what we consider the rock. So it's technically where panel, actually, like sororities, usedto reveal. But last year when I did it, we actually move that to the business school. But the Rock is a really important landmark because they're a bunch of events that take place and, you know, everyone's walking as you can see through this. So it's a big thing on campus where you can see your friends and they sell a bunch of food there. So as you can see that pop up. So this first building that's in front of you that you're saying is duly and for me this is where only to my classes are my criminology and my accounting, but these were the smaller class. Sizes are, so your class will be anywhere from twenty to thirty students, and it's located on the opposite side of the campus from the freshman dorms. This's the chalet las centre, and there's a lot of things inside of this shillelagh center. But really, you know, it's key attributes. Ed's right next to the lake. A lot of people will sit outside study. One of my favorite places is right on those steps where you see those people. I love just sitting there watching the sunset doing schoolwork. Really, whatever has to be, I have there's a Starbucks in their pajama juice. There's also three levels will go up and study. Um, and then at the very, very end is the rat. Over there is the freshmen dorms and its Hecht and Stanford. Within those they have two towers each. There are also two other dorms, but I don't have access. Nor can I get to those based on my schedule. So I'm just going to show you Hecht in Stanford, and then this is the rat. As I said before, um, and another video show you a campus tour of the actual dorms. So you will be able to see that this's the library. I know I've already gone into depth about the library, but I kind of just wanted to show the process of getting in. So you have your king card thatyou get issue right when you know, you get to school your freshmen and you just take that and swipe it, and it gives you access to the library. Thiss helps, you know, just for security reasons, people should be using it that aren't paying for it and that don't go to school there. And then, lastly, this is just Flip C, which is also an important place on campus. For me, Flip C is where I have my psychology classes, and right now I'm just showing you the view from it. You can see the football practice field football practice facility and also the soccer field on DH. Then I'm kind of just going through the parking lot, but that's not very fun. And then this right here is just the pool, a bunch of freshmen, you know, chill here. We have won our own apartment, but it's really nice to tangential between classes, all right, so just to explain my three important buildings. So I know in the first video, I showed you kind of the flip, see buildings with my class schedule. But that building is really important to me because that's where all my major classes are. So all the ones that have to do with psychology, all my classes that literally, you know, go around my major. That's where I do him also the library because that's where I spend all my time. So that's a really important building to me. And then also duly because that's where my mind her classes are. It's really cool to be able to go around campus at different buildings and have classes in different places because you're not always stationary. You're not always going in the same place. You see people in between classes, you know, walk into their classes. You walk into their classes. You know, all that fun stuff. You can walk your friends to class on DH, then just last me. Lastly, I can't take a video of it since we did get kicked off campus. But my sorority pin olynyk building is also really important. Building to me or it wass Andi So so we have no sort of houses on campus. Eso there are kind of it looks like kind of an apartment complex is just two stories, but it's just all these little rooms where clubs, all the off campus fraternities and all of the authorities. That's where they meet. That's where they have the chapter. That's where you'll go through recruitment if your girl in the spring that's a really important building to you, because I had a lot of time and devotion into, you know, going there at least three times a week. It's also really good to study there because they have gliders and also, lastly, just the pool. That's just kind of a fun building. I would say just because there's so many freshmen that do go there in between classes or on their Fridays if they don't have classes after a certain time. My myself have a pool in my apartment building, so I don't go there personally anymore. But when I was a freshman, it was really nice, you know? Just wanted to lay out in the sun. It is Miami, so take it manage of it. You can also watch the hot diving team. They have abs. So go there if you want abs and that's about it. So those are my buildings and So next I want to talk about is the library. So on average I spend around four to six hours a week in the library. But then on weeks where I have like a bunch of tests like last week, I had five test in a week, which I don't even know how I did that honestly, but just the way I study in all that kind of stuff, I probably spent around twenty hours, two twenties, six hours, like at least in a library like there every night there in between classes, just studying repetition, take notes, reading textbooks. It sucks. But then, on the off weeks where you just have homework and that kind of stuff I spent around for hours in library, so just to explain a little bit, this is the first for the library. And there, as you can see, there's some computers there in books, but most of it's just desk space. A lot of people talk. Tutoring gets done down there. Oh, explain the first floor to second floor difference. Libra. First floor is like very chilly projects in my talk, and no one really cares. Second floor is like grinding life on school is like second floor is almost pitch quiet, and there's just desks for people to study. So the last thing in the library that I want to talk about is tutoring. So all your tutoring is downstairs and it's all free, which is great. That's a really big help because, you know college is expensive. You can't afford to have a private tutor always. So all your classes mats, like a bunch of them, have free to during in the library. Also, the only other private library that I didn't show you was something called the Stacks, and that is the third floor and up. You actually access it through the second floor, unlike the Quiet zone. But you go in the elevator and you go up, and as you progressively get higher and higher, those who were really all the books are. So if you actually need a research something or find a source, something like that, it's all in the stocks. But as you go floor by floor, it get it's quieter and quieter. So final seasons, a bunch of people and there it kind of looks like a jail cell. But when I say it's pitch silent like you don't hear anything but a pin drop. That's how quiet it is, So it's really nice area We're at the breezeway. There's not too much going on right now because it's early in the morning. But clubs will come and table and, you know, just show off what they're about or like, what events are going on. So it's always nice to come by here and be informed on what's happening. And they always have, like, banners. I don't know if you can see up there like that's fun day. It's going to be going on soon. I'm gonna take you into the bookstore now, like I promised. But this is like our emblem, Magus. And if you step on it, they say that you won't graduate. So don't stop on that. No, thank you. You can touch the use statue to, like, get rid of that superstition. So this is the bookstore. You know, just campus gear. Uh, we're very school spirited, like we love the Canes. Like the U favorite thing ever. Like going football games. So much fun. We have, like our student section. And actually, like being a student here. You don't have to pay for your tickets. You don't have to sign up. I have to do is show your cane card which is like your student, I d. And you get to go into the games for free. So it's really cool. Yeah. So here's like hall the One of the most beautiful spots on campus. It's our Lake way, have a fountain. And every time you walk up from the freshman dorms that tall building over there is the freshmen dorms, you get to walk by this beautiful lake. Beautiful sunshine Miami. Um, so another favorite spot of mine right next to the lake. We have the rats Keller, which we called the rat. And it's kind of like, uh, restaurant bar. So if you're twenty one, they do serve, um, beer and I think cider. But everyone comes and sits on these gliders. It's awesome to hang out with friends. I was here yesterday. They have trivia Tuesday and they holds a ton of other events, and inside they have I'll show you they have a big screen and we've had, like, comedians, come pretty sure Outcast came like last year. I didn't make it two then, because the line was so long. But, um, it's a really cool place So, yeah, just flipping over the cameras so that we can talk. So we'll talk to you guys. I want to show you guys campus, but I'm gonna get a little bit closer to where? A paltry czar with, um, the imaginary hammocks that we have during finals week. Yeah, that would be like on all these trees, these countries, they put a ton of hammocks. It's super nice. I love it. I mean, usually they're all like taken because everyone wants to hang out in the hammocks, but it's super nice. I mean, you can just sit by the fountain tenor share hammock with a friend. Yeah, in this building way have the cost furred cinema. I probably won't be able to take you guys inside, but there's this huge screen and there's also like a stage. So really, they have performances or like movies, They're my remains was a film major. She changed. But, you know, she had a lot of classes there and just got to watch movies and comment on them. And they have, like, three movies here. You can come watch, too. So we watched coming by your name the other day, Um, two days ago, really great movie, but super nice that we get to, like have all these Resource is too just, you know, like have three movies, three games like, you know, I love it. It's a great and actually also at the cost Bird. I don't know if anyone's ever heard of the Rocky Horror Picture show, but my roommate and I performed in it, and it was like one of my favorite college experience is like the best time ever. I met a ton of new friends like that. I didn't know I wouldn't trade that experience for the world. And so, yeah, the cost bird. We also have like a ton of artwork everywhere. Like our campus is so cool, like everyone should come here. Why don't you want to come to Miami? It's So now I'm just kind of talk about a night out with my friends and what we normally dio. It really depends on what social events are going on with fraternities and sororities for me. I was in Delta Gamma at the University of Miami. I rushed my freshman year. It's a spring rush, eh? So it's really nice because freshmen don't have to worry about anything but grades and kind of just like getting your friends and making new connections. But there was no stress of immediately getting in a sorority and having to deal with all the new member stuff. And you know, it's crazy how much you actually have to put into a sorority or fraternity for it to work. So for me, I rushed my spring semester and I came in just a week earlier before anyone else. And so I brush Delta gamma. We got kicked out for hazing, and I was not haze. Nor do I know any of my friends over haze. But it is what it is. And so, really shorties and fraternities pair up. It could be a closed events that means on ly members of that fraternity or short you're allowed to be there or it's an open event. So that means freshman. Anyone can go there. But I will say for guys, it's really hard unless you have connections within the fraternity to get invited before you rush in the spring. But that's more than just a liability thing. They don't know who you are. They don't want you just aimlessly drinking or any of that. We are a wet campus, so that's really nice because we couldn't drink on campus once you're twenty one. But do not use a fake I d literally get outta school in its federal fence. So do not try and threat but a night out. We normally go, Teo. Like I said, before we go to Brickell, they're a bunch of cool bars that, you know a fraternity will run out. And then either it's by only kind of thing, where it's you on a date, like if my boyfriend invited me to an event that is just I mean, my day. And then the rest of the fraternity with their dates on DH, you take school buses with your super super fun. There's also just on a night out. If me and my friends are going out. Freshman a lot of the time. Good. The grove. That's ten minutes from campus. There's a few bars there again. I'm not going to say Use your fake I D or a drink because you should not drink under Adri is your fake I D. But do what you must with that information. There's also bodega, which is harder to get into again. I'm not going to say any other information besides that on DH. Then me and my friends have gone to story and live and those kinds of things with promoters, and that's really fun because you get tables and you get to see these amazing DJs my freshman semester, I'll never forget this. It was a super big game day. We went to story with the promoter and getting pipe like responds at a table that was worth ten thousand dollars. Yes, like tables here, so expensive for DJs. We got to sit there for free, and we watched TV Aoki for five hours and then it was the craziest show ever. My friend cried, and then we from there. We went to game day three hours later and died because it was just so exhausting. But just the amount of things you can honestly doing go out. If you're not someone that likes to go out, it's no big deal. There's so many people that just like to chill, stay home. I do that a lot now that I'm a year older. But I also just, you know, pick and choose what I like to go Teo. Academics mean more than anything, so really, you know, focus on your academics. But then the times where you can go out there's so many things to do like you All right, so I'll probably show you the dorm is a little bit later. I don't live there. I'll have a friend show around to you, but live. It's great. Like I live safe. A five minute walk from school. There's a ton of off campus housing like available to students. I'll show you around my house to at some point. But a great thing about being I'm in Greek life. One of the great things. We don't have a house, but we have a suite. So if I and just want to break in between classes, Teo, snap for an hour. Then I got to go into the suite and just taken up on the sofa. Here are some of the things everyone puts up, like a little decoration. A little, you know, photo thing. It's two floors. So we have I think we have eight, you know, sororities. And I don't know how many fraternities, but this is my sorority Alfa Delta Pi. We have picture thing and I'LL take you inside. Okay, well, there's no one here because it's so early. But this is what my sweet looks like. We have this big table for you to study. And come on, then we have three sofas. Two, three. We just have, like, decorations. Pictures are composite. Um, we have Sometimes we watch, like, movies will make events like, you know, Netflix and chill. Um, So I will watch our stuff here. More tables. Right now, people are like selling things, and