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Thinking about University of Missouri-Columbia and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting University of Missouri-Columbia in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet University of Missouri-Columbia’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to University of Missouri-Columbia, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the University of Missouri-Columbia experience. These University of Missouri-Columbia video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Hey, guys, it's ran a welcome back to my channel. If you aren't already subscribed, make sure scroll right top alone. Hit that subscribe button as well. Turn on my post indications So you could be known. Find every single time I have a new video, because who wouldn't want to be while you're down there? Also make sure to check out my instagram. As always, it is going to break down below. This is my feet. It's really really minus. Yeah, check it out. Almost that subscribe obviously followed. Not subscribe, but you can subscribe to a great new balls. That's pretty cool today. I want to be doing a another college video, and it is going to be an ultimate packing list for college slash for your dorm. I was in a dorm this past year, and I made a video last year where I said all the things that you should bring when you're living in a dorm. And, yeah, some of those things were good, but some of them I never used. So I want to be the ultimate packing list again today, but actually things that you need so I don't want to list off like everything because I don't wanna bore everybody coming was still down below, so I'm just gonna, like, go through and give you, like, the main things that you need for a week, each section of your life. So, uh, let's do it. So for your clothes, I want to give you a tip for packing when you're packing. I would recommend I'm looking at how far away you live from your school. Are you going to be going back over Thanksgiving break? Are you going to going back next weekend? Are you going to be going back a couple of weeks? Um, and kind of figure out the time frame of when you're going to be going back home. So when can you grab more clothes that make sense? I would bring to college with you the least amount of things as possible because most of the time you're not gonna end up using them. So what you're gonna wear the class is athletic shorts, leggings and T shirts. That's what early it's, um, swept hands like some sweatshirts, maybe very casual athletic wear. That's what you're gonna be wearing crosses. You're not gonna be like dressing up. Nobody has time for that, Especially not a T M's. Everyone dresses that way. There's nobody that's like walking around Cute. If they are, they're eating weird stares. Please. People are confused as to when they woke up this morning that they look as they dio. People just roll out of bed. You could wear hats. That's the great thing about college. Don't care what you wear on your head. You could have your hood up. Nobody cares. Okay, You can wear whatever he wants. College. Most people are gonna wear athletic and just like casual clothes. So you don't need to bring Look your fanciest dresses in your cue. Disclose. You could definitely bring some cute going out outfits and stuff like that, but I want to buy. I'm actually going out stuff because you're probably just going to wear the same stuff that you did at home. You're just gonna continue to wear it in college, so don't go out and buy a bunch of new like bar close. That's what I did. Didn't even end up like wearing half of them. So yeah, I would have them also say to bring like your summer and transitioning into fall pieces. You don't need to bring your entire wardrobe from the summer fall winter spring like you're going to go back home between now and winter break. And so at that some point, you know, if you go back over Thanksgiving break, you can grab some jackets and sweaters and switched out for your tank tops in your shorts. But you're not gonna be wearing those anymore. So that's why I would recommend Don't bring, like, you're down Whether jacket No, leave that at home. Also, Um, now you are responsible for your own laundry. Whether you live in an apartment or a dorm, you do need to do Andre. I recommend it so that you smell nice impression clean. And you can, uh, get those boys ladies. Yeah, um, or voice. Um, maybe you look clean yourself up where it once in a while. Do you? Your mom doesn't have to, Like, do your laundry for you at college, because I thank you. Um, yeah, I would recommend, you know, buying some detergent type ponds are great, because that's just like in all of one, that you could just go in there. I'd like to turn it because at least my clothes selling like soft smelling soft feeling soft and smelling good. I also recommend dryer sheets because a lot of times putting your stuff in the dryer those drives were just like static. You'll of balls of heat. It also recommend bringing a tied to go stick school. You never know when you might need it. If you spill something on yourself or your friend, I don't know how many times have you used to tide stick on one of my friends and not even myself. So, yeah, bring a tide stick for your friends because, who knows, maybe they will spill stuff all over themselves. You'll have to be there, Mom. Another thing is indoor was a lot of people if you have kind of like a walk in closet, not like necessarily, but you have like a closet. But there's not a door on it than what a lot of people started doing, as they will bring the curtain rods with curtains and just hang that in like the doorway. Basically, there's just not a door there, but it's like a normal closet. So are we will do that so you can like be as messy as you want in your closet area, but no one will see. You can just move the curtain over. It's like it doesn't exist at all. It's really great. So I did that. I would say that was helpful and made the room seem a little less cluttered in a little more cozy. And I'm a big thing that you're gonna want to bring is a mattress topper or like some kind of foam mattress pad type thing. Because most likely, um, you're obviously ping on basically box springs. So unless you go to some like prestigious school, that gives you guys sleep number beds, you probably don't want something a little more. Come here so you can get them for pretty inexpensive. They have a lot of good deals right now. I'll just found one a target for like, 20 bucks, and it works great. It's just a nice little piece of foam. You slap it on over the top without make sure your twin extra large are extra long sheets. They're just gonna fit on your bed a little bit easier, especially if you get a mattress pad or something. I had normal twin cheese. I had just like had that they used and they were a little tight again, all they still worked. But I would just recommend getting twin extra long, and your life will be that much easier. So with, like, a bathroom necessities, you're gonna need it. Very Two important things. One is a shower caddy. You don't wantto be bringing him like all your stuff and like armfuls and then like putting it all over the shower. Now, that's gross. Disgusting. A waste of time. Just get a shower County that critics I'm saving the part about Wal Mart target like pretty much anywhere. They have ones that are mesh, and then they also have Once they're plastered, I recommend match ones because you can, like, hang them on stuff easier than you can plastic ones. I had a positive one. It worked fine because there was like, shelves and stuff. But if you don't think that your school is gonna have, like shells to put your stuff a match, one is gonna be your best backs. You just hanging on the shower. Handel. I think you just pull yourself in there along with that. The number one thing that you're going to need to bring to college his shower shoes literally just go told. Maybe they have their like, full fops that are like two bucks. Pick up a nice pair of Blackfoot flops and those convey your shower shoes. Uh, I threw mine away at the end of the year because I was like, he's discussing, and then we won't see them again in my life. But always, always, always wear shoes of some sort into the bathroom at all times. Don't go in there barefoot. That's gross. You don't know what's going on in there, especially in the showers. Just wear shower, flip flop shoes and you'll be great. Don't let go by like shower shoes that they sell. Probably back me on for $12 like literally just by footballs from old Navy flops. Also, since you're probably going to be living alone for the first time, I recommend having some kind of first aid kit. I'm just looking at home one with like Tylenol ibuprofen, like some band AIDS medication like cough syrup. Stop all sorts of stuff, and I just like threw that all into a bucket and put that in my room so it's kind of like your own first aid kit as well is like medicine. Who also, since you're living on your own for the first time, you're probably going to need some cleaning supplies. I would at least recommend picking up just like one of those cute little like dust in Broome Little combos. Just like a little one is perfect for just cleaning up around your room. You don't need to buy like a vacuum were like a Swiffer duster. Anything like crazy fancy. You know, they have those you can rent out. They did. At least I'm a zoo that you could just like rent a vacuum and vacuum. I mean, your room is probably going to be not carpet. It will probably be hard wood, but if it's not, I mean, you could totally by local mini Vac game if you want to do something with that. But we had a dust pan, and indiscriminate worked us far outside a lot to Clark's wife. Sometimes I would clean floors with those a CZ Well, it's just like around the room. I recommend having cleaning supplies as well as glass. You're never getting glass cleaner, but we had a mirror, a route that was just like super gross. So I recommend getting glass cleaner that would just really help your life as foreign decorations and storage. Obviously, you could do kind of whatever you want. I recommend getting some kind of like organizer. That's kind of what I did, depending on how much furniture comes in your room. I probably didn't really need that overnight, sir. It was like, Nice. I put my books and stuff in there, but I also have, like, a ton of storage that they like Hot, already originally gave to us, like for it to get to us. So if your school doesn't give you a lot of furniture, I like this little six year organizer's from like they have a mat Kia. They have them target warmer, lots of different places, just a little box. Organizer's Another great organization thing is the roller cards for Michio. What people have those a room right next to the mini fridge and there microwave and they just put down there. I put like snacks like food drinks, like whatever. I would just stuff all that in there. If you're going to be living in a room like mine that was hard work, but we gotta run, which is super nice. I don't know what we would've done without a rug, because it would have been very, very cold in the wintertime. So get, like a rug or something. The layout for it's a little bit warmer when you walk around in the winter, and it's just nice. When you have friends over they can, like, lay on it. Stop. So, yeah, Another thing that is great is command strips. Most of the time, most schools want what you have like but nails or tacks or anything, so command strips are great. Leave them on their afterwards. You could take like the command thing off of it, but the strips just leave them, like on your wall. Don't touch them or do anything with them. I think it'll be Gucci and you'll be fine. Usually that means people will take the command ship soft. You don't like the paint off? I absolutely, maybe Ruth paying off, but they didn't charge me for it, so it's fine also sent you to be on your own and possibly might be getting a job. I recommend bringing blank checks with ur times they need that Or some kind of like a bank statement. If it'd be applying for a job as well as your Social Security card in some kind of insurance card, those air super important things to always have with you. But especially if you're gonna be applying for a job or if you just kind of getting any sort of GM that you need those items, you may want to have them with you. If you don't have a Social Security number memorized might want to do that because you're definitely gonna need it. Even applying for jobs, you just need it for stuff. Summarize it at least the last four digits because it's time to adult, ladies and gentlemen, and that's about it that I can think that is like super important things I don't want you guys to like. Not by. I will have the principal list right down below where just have everything On that list is the same one from last year and a little bit for some things that you don't really need but are probably helpful. Yeah, that is going to be the complete ultimate list of things you need to bring with you to college. I hope you guys enjoy this view and find it somewhat helpful if you didn't make sure to give it a thumbs up and request more videos for me right down below and I'll talk to you guys in the next video by us. eyes. It's bringing. Welcome back to my channel. If you're not already subscribed, make sure you scroll down a hit that subscribe button right down below. And while you're down there, turn on my post certification so you could be notified every single time I uploaded a new video. And while you're down there, you might as well check out my instagram. As always, it's like down below. This is my feet. It's really nice. Make sure you check it out. All right, so today I'm going to be doing a video that I remember searching for so much last year and watching so many of them. So I thought that I would kind of do my experience of it. And that is going to be at my experience of rush week for authority. Yes, I did Russia story it last year, and I remember sitting in your shoes, You watching this with you right now? Last year. I assume you're watching this video because you want to Russia's authority and I was scared. I was really scared. I had no idea what to expect. Aaron's um, yeah, I went into it. I would like to say that I am not a story, but we will get to that. But I did still go through the whole recruitment week process. I go to your resume. So it's a big SEC school. We have 15 sororities. It's a whole, like weeklong like Sunday to Sunday process. So it's a lot, um, be just taking you like, day to day what happened every single day, kind of my experience. So sorority recruitment started on Sunday, and that was also the day that everybody moved into the dorms. I wouldn't say that, like, started that day, but we had, like, check in that day. And so that day after we were all moved into our dorm takes Erica buys and we're going just get her. But we all went and checked in, and they gave us our four T shirts and just like a bunch of like information stuff, we met our pike eyes and every school has like different names. But at a zoo we have pike eyes, so basically your pi pies are going to be like your counselors. I think every group had three, if not for maybe depending on how big groups are, and I would just like to say that Pike eyes are kind of with the most amazing people ever in the entire world. They're all in sororities, but for this week, they are detached from the sororities. You have no idea what's already there in, um and they just help you and guide you throughout the week. Energis. As unbiased as they possibly can be in helping me through this process. And that's just like, really awesome. And I love that. So, yeah, they were awesome. Sweet, sweet girls. I love them all so much. Yeah, that's what someday consisted of. And then Brighton early. We all woke up on Monday morning and we started the adventure. I feel like most of time we either have to be there from like, 7 to 8 o'clock. Like somewhere in that time zone. We would meet at Jesse Auditorium was just a big auditorium on campus, and they would just, like talk to us for, like, a couple of minutes with 15 or so minutes and just, like, talk about everything. Obviously, they talked a lot more in that first day because no one has any idea what's about to happen. Um, and that time you could kind of meet other girls that are in your group because you always met outside and then all it went in together and they just talk to us about what to expect and then your pie. Kaiser, like, yo, this is scheduled for today. Every elite group has a different schedule. You have, like, breaks, like usually fall for that first, like the 1st 2 rounds, it was like a 15 to 20 minute break that you had to get like, water and, like, chill out in between houses. Not every single house. Obviously, everyone has a different schedule. Eso actually for ours. Our 1st 1 we didn't have a house, so we just got to chill. And then I remember the first house that we went to was Tri Delt. And they all want to step outside alphabetical like, all ready to go right next to you like they're sidewalk liquor out on the street And the Ph a. People were all like in golf guards out there like stations over Greektown and owl. At the same time, they honked their horns and everyone busted open their doors. Everyone does door chance, and they are scary. Okay, The first time that you hear them? You're like, what is going on? We were at charred L and try no. Is uses very low voices. Now, truly do. And I was like, Wow, I'm gonna die. So yeah, that was our first house of a little bit scary. Basically it for the 1st 2 rounds. They are open house around, and basically, what that means is that you just go in and you just talked to a bunch of different girls. It's kind of hard to explain. Just find something to experience. Basically, just walk in. A girl picks you up you go. You sit down and you just start talking to We're usually about like, What's your major? What's your name would normally living in? What's it like back home? What? Your hobby. Stuff like that. You'll talk to that girl for a little bit. Then another girl will come and she will start talking to you. Another girl will even That's just kind of how it goes like the entire week. You'll talk to several different girls. You won't just talked like one person the entire time. Yeah, that's just kind of what happened. Um, I had some bringing conversations for the next two days. Literally. The days were, like just the same for the first Monday. Tuesday? Yeah, that's what the 1st 2 days were. They were pretty easy. You just talk to people. I felt super good afterwards. Some the houses. I was like, All right, I really buy me with these girls out with these girls and some of the house. And I was like, I don't know if those were like my people are not, but obviously you don't know you're in there for maybe, like, 15 minutes at the most. I think that round is so Yeah, it's pretty sweet and short every single day. The time that you spend at that house gets longer. And then every night to kind of like end offer night, we would get back together with our group, like our Pichai group, we call them, and we just, like, went to usually a concert like somewhere. And we would all just chill in there and they were just in case anything like funny happened to you guys like you guys have any questions and we were just all, like, basically boned a super funny. Usually people have very from the stories, especially like by the end of the week, because everyone's just like going crazy. At the end of a Tuesday at the end of the open house round you Pref, I believe it was like 10 sororities, maybe was eight. I don't know. It was I mean, you were downsizing a lot. So basically, when you press, it just means that you list off your top sororities that you would like to be a part of. Let's say that I'm pretty sure it was, like, eight or something like that. So I would just list off the authorities that I felt ill most. They weren't like any kind of like specified order within I It was just your top eight on. And then after that you did specify. So I had to specify the other seven like how I felt about them. Honestly, I think that was the hardest preference room because you don't really know you were with them for me 15 minutes and I was about it. So basically you just kind of chosen ones. You have the best connections with maybe ones that you already know people that are in those stories. Yeah, it's definitely the hardest to make. Perhaps that round. So you do that and then you have no idea what the sorority thinks of you. So basically, the next morning, um, you go to the little meeting again. We have those meetings every single morning with everybody, all the P names and the auditorium. And after that, you're pike Eyes would have, like, a slip of paper that showed, like times. And we're supposed to be like, what's roadie? Sorority At that time, and they were just hand it to you. So I got that back. Um, I think I got back like a couple. I definitely got back some that I didn't want. Um, and I got back some that I was super super excited about because I really, really love those houses. So I remember that I was a little bit sad about some of them. But I was also like, okay. And it's not meant to be. They always say, Trust the process. I'm gonna talk about that a little bit later to you after the whole thing, because that's a little odd. Correct. So then basically after guard slip of paper, you just have to run to your House because usually the first round started, like right after that. So philanthropy round is for two days. It is Wednesday and Thursday, and they just talk about their philanthropy and what they like to give money to her with the charity is or what they're passionate about in their house. Every house has something different. So they think this was a really great round, because something with I was really interested in was philanthropy and was giving back. And so it was kind of excited to see if any of the houses had something that I personally like, clicked Web so that at the end of philanthropy round on Thursday nights, we once again Kreft This was a pretty small pref. I'm pretty sure it was. I want to say like four stories that I don't know. It was a pretty big cut again. And so, basically, once again you craft your top four will say it's not for I feel like it was top for, and then you're going to rank with the rest of them. After that and all those four days off the P and open house, we wore T shirts that the PCE had provided for us that we like, bought like when we registered and everything. And so that was super nice, because you don't really have to worry about what to wear. You just had to wear like something on the bottom and some shoes off world overall, which is super cute. I didn't go like super trendy. I wasn't super. Do you like clothes? I was never meant, like wearing clothes that are your style. Don't wear what everyone else is wearing. And by that I mean that literally puts her shorts and Tory Burch handles literally. Every single girl looked like that, and I feel like that super boring and personally, I don't know. That's just, like, not exciting. If you look like everybody else, like, really show your style, it's gonna seem doubt. You're gonna stand out more. And then Friday is sisterhood round and on sister around. It was actually like, I think one of my favorite days because we actually got to see the houses they give us House tour is really quick, and then we just kind of got to like, talk to the girls, and they really just explained why they love their sorority and why they chose like their sorority and they would show us like cute little videos. And the girls were talking to us. They would talk more about, like the friendships that they had made the organizations that they have found through a sorority sisters in just how Greek Life has really changed my life. So then, on Friday night, we prepped our top two, which is like super crazy. So there were two sororities that I really, really liked. And there were two sororities that I did not like it all. I had, like, four stories at that point, so I was really excited going into next day because I loved both of the sororities I had visited that Kreft They're like, amazing. I had such great connections and those houses, so I was really excited. So then Saturday morning we went Thio are Odditorium meeting again and afterwards are pack eyes were like you went up. Here's your schedules. So we go our schedules again That day that day is preference around. Those events were 50 minutes long, so they were, I mean, considerably longer, So it was definitely a more emotional event in that day. It was just supposed to be a really big day where you just like, seriously got to know the sororities. You know, what happened that day is supposed to be on the hush hush. Just supposed to be something that you feel like you're part of the service. I got myself a paper back in the morning and I look at it and I'm instantly crushed because the two sororities I had just felt love with didn't profit back. And so I was stuck with these other two stories that, I mean, they were good sororities, but I just didn't see myself in them movies. It's already is like a big deal. It's a lot of money. It's a big thing. And if I'm not, like, passionate about where I'm at and what House of Men didn't like, what's the point? You know? So I went thio two events that they had of these houses, and I was just, like, literally crying with the entire time, and not because, like, I was so excited to be there and just like, so emotional, I was just like, emotional. I was like, I wasted like so much money going through all this. I didn't even get a house and I want to know what my family was Greek like. I was the first person I had tried it. So I just felt like so defeated and just like, seriously, like, this is so stupid. I'm so upset about it. And I was crying the entire day and texting my mom, my friends on being like this is, like, the worst day ever, Like, I don't know what I'm supposed to dio. And so then my pie Kyle, I found her again after I had went to these two minutes and we just, like, sat down and talked And I just explained everything to her house feeling I was like, I think that in a job and she's like, You know what? Like if you're not gonna be happy in the sororities, that's probably the best. You know, I think that you should always give it a chance. But obviously, if you don't think it's gonna work like don't do it. So I went ahead and I went and I dropped from sorority recruitment and it was the day before the day. The next day was the day I did not experience today. But I do know the day. I did actually end up going. I just like wasn't part of it. I wanted to see what it's all about. Basically, for the big day Atmos do. Everyone goes to Paro Field, which is our football field and really Pi Pi group winds up like on one of the like 50 45 like the dash lines. And so everybody wanted up on those and then everyone gets their big card. They hold up on their back. Then they like sound. There were little Warren things. Also, all the stories are like wind up all around the outside with like usually take their seniors and are holding like their letters and a super excited. They were holding it. They sound the thing that opening them, and it's just like mass chaos of girls running everywhere. If I can find a video, that was my experience, The rush week. Do I regret not joining us already? Not at all. No hate on Greek like I think that it's a great organization. It is great for lots of people, but I found some great friends outside of Greek life, and I found some great friends on her in Greek life, so it's a good mix of both of them. I definitely think that there are pros and cons. If you want more information about actually being a sorority, maybe watch a different video. Um, it's also just a really big financial burning. Um, especially if it was like new houses, one of the houses of the brand new last year. And so girls living in house would have to pick 15,000 year, which is just like that. So much money, and just like not something that I was about to shell out, was gonna talk about the trusting, the process, they say, trusting the process a lot. And I agree with that toe like a certain extent. There is also what happens, you know, behind the scenes in the houses when they're prepping that you don't know about. You know, nobody really knows exactly what goes on, but it is beneficial if you have friends that are in the authorities. If you have obviously relatives that are in the sorority most the time, you're pretty much guaranteed. And if you have people that aren't exactly or like you're usually guaranteed to get, those people have no fuss way and who gets in and who doesn't get in even if they won't, like, say, like, Oh, no, we don't do that. They totally d'oh. Which is frustrating because I didn't know anybody home going in. But yeah, it all turned out for the best. Hopefully, what I said made sense and help you guys out in some way. If you have so many questions, feel free leaves in Downbelow or DEA me, I can probably into them or find someone who can answer them for you. I hope he hasn't. It's video. And if you guys want more videos that are college, like go ahead and calm down below. And like this video, if you liked it and I will talk to you guys in the next video Bye, Hey, guys, today I'm doing a dorm to wear for you all. I'm currently inside of my dorm. As we can see, um has been a pretty requested a video. If you were wondering, I go to the University of Missouri. So that's where my dorm is. If you were wondering, this is what a general dorm looks like here. Um, so let's get started. So this is just the door outside of our inside of my dorm and then we just go over here. This is my roommate closet. I just give you guys a quick little overview. A room? That's my roommate side. That's my side. And yeah, this is our room just starting over here. This is just my roommate's closet. We have this big fooling mirrors. We could see our outfits in it before you go. This is my remains. A little area, I think. It's so cute. We both have matching cure eggs. Roommate girls, CEO. Then this is my closet. I'll show you guys inside. I just have, like cleaning supplies and laundry stuff up top. And then I have all my clothes. I need to be hung up my shoes have more shoes on monument in the back. I just have, like, stuff whenever I go home or travel ready like that. So my closets pretty spacious, and they're pretty thankful for that. Miss college dorms are not like that. That's because it we just both public little curtains in front of it so that it because it was dirty, it didn't look dirty. And then this is our little kitchen area. Super Q. We come out of this, like, beachy thing going on with, like wondering a pumpkin. So are you here? I have my curate. I just made some apple cider. I'm so excited to drink some of that's I have these little signs I showed in my what I got for my dorm video. Then I just have a small warns. Kitchen staff down here on a pretty self explanatory have nothing on the bottom because I'm going home next weekend. Some journaling eat all the food that I have so get more. And when I go home, this is from society six, I believe. Then we have this little cart. This car is from my Kia. Um, they want two different colors. I just got this color so this is my little like food area. I guess I just have, like, oatmeal a little random peanut butter on top. I have all this stuff for my carried down here straws cups and then down here. I just have my snacks. I have, like with early nothing right now. So, yeah, that's what's down there. This little thing is great. I definitely want something that I could use again, like an apartment or in my house one day. So excited about that when we have our microwave area microwave fridge. Then I have a window here. Then this is my little area. I have like my shower caddy. If you guys want what? To my shower caddy, let me know. All right. Laundry basket. Sort of. The same supercool from Walmart showed in that other videos, while the dorm video link that down below has like the three sorters, that's really quote dealing whites medium Stark's rates that is just all set them taking home whenever I go home. And then I have just these little drawers here. School's great cause. They have, like they give us tons of furniture's That's nice, but here I just have that stuff. It's like bras, underwear, socks. I have shorts and this store and jeans. And then down here is my T shirt door, which is very, very full right now. Um, yeah. And then I had my towel sitting right here. Then I have my bags on the end of my bed, and then this is like, my area of the room. I guess you could say pretty nice. I really like it. We can have, like, this white, blue grey silver Teeley thing going on here. Yeah, like, it's pretty similar to my room at home. So it's kind of why I like that makes a little bit more homey here. So these little drawers are safe from target. I will try to meet these down below. I'm sure you could find them. I just have, like, bathroom stuff up there because I just grab that whenever I go. Um, And this Ben, I have usually leggings, but going to do my laundry X there. Oh, come on. I just have my books and stuff right there. I'm here. I have all of my hats. I love hats, Love that can wear him now at college. And then down here I just have, like, extra sheets and stuff. Uh, I have some business Portfolio's down here. Come here. I just have a bunch of, like, random, like my random Ben. And then this is my bed. This is from target. This is from PB Teen. Um, that is from TJ Maxx and Marshalls. I believe this pillow is a little pillow like cover that iss from hobby lobby the pillows back there just from, like, Target and the Nice from target. And then we have this appear. Um, I made all three of those I made that little collage me that and make that sound repping Casey all the way from CO moh. And then I have this whole area. We both have, like, cork boards, so her just a little bit cuter the mind. But mind Yeah, my mom made that up top. Super cute, really easy. Just made it with, like, a ribbon. And I have this little like picture thing I can actually turn on lights up who I like. Never had that honor. No idea. So this lights up. I think it's super cute. Just have pictures on there. Um, I have a little letter from my grandma just like Jesus stuff on there. And then I made that pretty proud of that. I just have my water bottle. I have my laptop stickers from Red Bubble my phone and then we have another one of these A little like George had a stole things. So in this top one, I just have, like, everything. I don't know, just you could see it. Lots of stuff on. And there was that one has more like toiletries. I have this. It just has, like, a bunch of band aids, icy hot medicine, all that fun stuff. I have some travel bags back there straight, and I are calling iron than some hair stuff. And then my bottom drawer, This is just, like more like extra toiletries at my bag. Whenever I go home, Yeah, you could basically see pretty pretty exciting, I would say. Then my trash can, obviously. And then we have my desk here, which I don't really use it for. School stuff I can if I want to. I just pulled this little guy out, like all of these have these little things on them, so I want to use those I can, but that's nice. So if I want to, like, set my hopped up on there and how my homework down here? I can do that by just studying here. Usually I try not to get distracted. Um, I have this little mirror that is from Kirkland's Tamil Tiger ears. And I have, like, my whole makeup collection. If you guys want, like, a in depth makeup collection, I could do that. I just kind of show you what's in there. Yeah. So that's where makeup that I brought with me All this fun stuff, my little jewelry tray, a makeup mirror? Yeah. Yeah. And I have my backpack just hanging back here Pretty exciting. Yeah, that is my little, like, desk side area human. Um, and this is my roommates. I don't see too much of it because I know she probably doesn't want all of this all over the Internet. Yeah, this is her side. It's super cute. I love her like I don't really Now it's like this, like rustic e wouldn't kind of theme. It's so cute. I love it. She got that signed to put a room. So thankful. So we're kind of we're kind of with that with pumpkins. We're kind of in like a fall spirit will definitely be more decked out for Christmas. So this is her side. Most of her stuff is probably from my TV max or target, if you're wondering. Yeah. So Spree King. Cute. All right, I'm gonna give you guys one last overview of the room. Yeah, so that is going to be the video for today. I hope you guys enjoyed it. This is super requested video. Make sure to request more college fees and below. Sorry that I look like a homeless right now, but because of the video and I'll talk to you, Max, video my eyes.