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Thinking about Iowa State University and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Iowa State University in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Iowa State University’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Iowa State University, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Iowa State University experience. These Iowa State University video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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That's why they're here. I'm serious. See. Chrissy. You have any wise words? Words. Another cool place on campus, so you should definitely be checking out is Central Campus. Central campus is the big part in between everything. It was actually designed by the same firm that designed Central Park in New York City. Uh, kind of. One of the main features of this area is the Campania, which is right behind me. This massive clock tower things kind of center of everything. There's a cool. There's a few cool traditions that involve it. There's a lady that goes up to the very top every Friday and plays songs upon request. So, like whatever you got, if you want to play crazy music, go for it. There's also this is a great place that people come throughout the day to play Frisbee. Right now, it's kind of later in the day, and it's getting colder is there's not many people out. But yeah, if you want to just kind of hammock, take a break. Just kind of chill. This is the spot. The engineering row area is over that way, and the business center and agricultural buildings are that way. So it's the main part of campus is a center and a ton of people just kind of This is finally it just one of the courts. I have something. I will go. So here is the desert section. They a whole bunch of stuff. Always have tons of cookies. They have kind of like your main meal section over here. Everything for the day is listed on the screen, so you can see the menus ahead of time, a whole bunch of plates. There's always the pizza bar with a ton of pizzas. There was freshly made here's where you go, put the food so that they can complete it to get rid of it. Here's where the drinks are. So fountain drink struggle now have a big area for seeding. Walk through on your skin, your card to get in and there's a salad bar. And, yeah, this is fairly windows. Guys. This is helping policy right now. There is going on down there. A city wear basketball games are also where you go on stage for me to do it. This is a part of Iris State. Look at the career fair is this place No talk So the part of campus that I'm on right now here at Iowa State is called Engineering Row. All the main engineering buildings are on this street. Iowa State is a pretty big spread out campus, and because of that, if you have a class alway across campus, that might be hard to get between there. Enough time. Jury row has the agricultural engineering building, aerospace computer. Pretty much every engineering building here on campus. Ah, if you're coming to Iowa State, you're more than likely an engineer. And the cool thing is that if you do have classes back to back, it's really easy to get between them because everything is really close by. This building is just right across from there. The computer building is right over there. They're building this brand new study space, which is going to be really cool. I'm excited for it. This is the aerospace building, and there's a whole big row of buildings just on the street that are all pretty much us for engineers. And the buildings here are nicer part of campus. Uh, so, yeah, that's engineering, Ro So right now you need Dr Community Center, which is the largest of the difference. Of course, I can't miss their campus slip in a few different neighborhoods. This is Dr Fredericks. Move for on a bill with a large or also h. These different neighborhoods have different food For two sources with them. This was the biggest that's really crowded. There's a ton of people. This is lunch right now. Look around. Here is pizza. All the food courts are mostly the same. They have pasta. You can get your fish, is there? Big open spaces of seating. There is a Mexican field. They have sandwiches ready to make. There is kind of the main meal section they have breakfast on. There is. You need over here, which is a law. Me so if that's it idea restriction, they do comedy. They also have different sections for drinks on upstairs. Seating is also available at key times. So, Yeah, right now we're in a software engineer. We're learning about Java, and this is a pretty big class big lecture. Professor Steve will be up there in a minute. S. So how do you like this class? I enjoy together. I enjoyed a lot. Talk a lot. Do you think it's hard or like, what do you think? Like the course work is Well, it's hard to say I came in knowing zero coding at all. So this is definitely a difficult What's your major commuter signs, Your science and how are you doing? How do you feel about this class? It's good. It's gotten interesting, Professor. Just it's a problem for me. Is already pretty much took this class in high school. Odd socks. So I I know all of the stuff we're learning because I took a couple of classes in, uh, high school about programming and like about Java and also it. It's not the most difficult class for me. I can definitely see it being hard for somebody with no programming background. Do you like the class structure? Yeah, yeah, ay dio It's nice heaven, like the homeworks and nice having the labs to get an idea of what we're doing, and then the homework says more of a Yeah, flushed out version of the labs and all. And yeah, what do you do in lives? So the labs are just wait there, making sure that you know, like how certain parts of job workplace and making sure that you can turn in your homework stand all that sort of stuff kind of going over the class, going over stop that we've learned in class Past wing can just kind of letting you play around with it during So now I'm gonna give you a tour of a typical freshman dorm here. Uh, my dorm is up there. This is Fryer Lee home, which is one of the closest ones to campus. There is also a food court in the building. Let's go check out the room. Okay, so now we're inside and I'm going to show you guys around. Okay, so here's the dorm. This is my side. Here's my roommate side. We gotta get a desk, get this thing, which is a great way to kind of store some extra stuff. You need to put it right here or up by your bed. These air lofted beds. This is a double. So there are two people staying in one room. Tell Arax, get a closet. So you do get quite a bit space Could keep stuff on top. You'd get a garbage can on DH. Yeah, Everyone needs a laundry hamper. They are infinitely useful because the laundry room is all the way in the basement. And yeah, that is what a freshman dorm room looks like. Most people have these style. There is a new dorm. Along the way over there all the way over there that just got Bill. It's a little bit nicer, but it's also farther away s O. When I was looking for a dorm, I wanted to be as close as possible to all my classes, and that's it for the dorm tour. Hi. So now it's time for some questions. I asked the hole which people are in campus? What they thought. The now here is my opinions. So how big is Iowa's Day, I was saying, is about thirty four thousand students, So it's on the bigger side of colleges. It's ranked the best public college in the state of Iowa for the value. It's a pretty good college. It is pretty crowded. Sometimes ninety senators definitely get filled with people, and the sidewalks are pretty congested. But, uh, only a peak times. Otherwise, it's it's pretty, pretty nice. There's a ton of people in this kind of resource is. And, yeah, it's definitely a big college on student body. Here is great, too. Everyone is really social. Everyone. If you want to be, there's lots of people that are in their rooms all the time. Playing video games on the school accommodates that as well. I'm I'd recommend a kind of meeting everyone. Everyone's been really friendly classes or great. Everyone kind of really works together. It helps everyone succeed. It's been fun. The academic culture here is great. It's a very I focused on helping everyone succeed. There's tons of resources for everyone from supplemental instruction to small group tutoring. Everyone that comes here has to take a one o one class in there. Major. What that's going to do is it's going to show you different resources, such as the academic success center and different places on campus that you can go to get help for anything that you need. So some defining features of Iowa State are the camp in hell for sure. Central campus is kind of where everyone just goes and hangs out where people go on play Frisbee, where I've always kind of meats and hangs out all the moral unions. Great, too. There's just a whole bunch of different spots on campus. That kind of people flock to you. Such is like engineering area, the business area, that cultural area. Oh yeah, there's different hubs, and it's kind of spread out the colleges pretty big. So these different spots are where people kind of congregate and kind of hang out the most and S o Greek life. Iowa State is definitely a part of the college here. I'm not personally the fraternity. I have a few friends that are. They like it. But if you aren't, it's no big deal. Some of the best clubs on campus I'm pretty biased sources. But so the sole company I'm part of, that it's a Christian club. If you want to call it that to Christian ministry. Here in the Midwest, there are a few different schools of University of Iowa, Iowa State, You and I. You have Evan, Minnesota in Kansas and pretty sure Pennsylvania, they're kind of all over. It's a great place to kind of get a few friends if you are Christian, that believe the same way that you do. And on Thursday nights they have a big worship meeting, which is awesome. I'm also in photography club, which has been fun. We're actually going today. Teo speaking in up North. Uh, it's not the one in Colorado, the one here in the Midwest, but, yeah, should be fun clubs. They're great. I would say there's this big event called Club Best. Wherever you all the clubs, all eight hundred fifty student organizations kind of get together, and you can kind of scope them out and see what you want Hi. I am Jonathan, and this is my roommate, Tanner. And I'm going to ask him a few questions about what he thinks about his experience of Iowa State right now. So question number one. What is your favorite thing about Iowa State so far? Oh, oh, I really like about Iowa State that the tea is really nice. Professors there really were really willing to help you. The school pride is very good. I like that. Cool. And so what's your favorite thing about sleep words violate? What's your favorite thing about staying in this storm? Oh, well, air conditioning. And also like I do like that, I'm with a community of engineers that kind of get where I'm coming from. And I also really like the dungeons. And finally, that's the best and having a having friendly Windows five floors. Benita, you can't really beat. So three questions there are you said something about your major. What's your major electrical engineering? Cool. And what is finally, Dungeons? Finally, Dungeons. Basically, there's two basically study areas. I'm basically there's one white by Friday. The windows. It's really big and really bright and cool. That's when you should study studying but I study there. But then there's another one that's basically you go through a hallway with, with all basically all the offices. You have dining offices, you even have the of issue. Lt's a radio show. Don't come in that hallway. We could go all the way down the hallway. Then there's another study here with so like a big window. It isn't air conditioned. But since it's getting into the fortune cool and you get your friendly windows. Or what is that? Friendly windows is a dining set, so you use like dining dollars. Kind of what's usually on the menu. They have, like, really big begin off begin center compared to the other dining halls. The selection isn't that big, but the food is great. Who and one piece of advice you give to someone that is something that staying in a dorm at I was staying, huh? Invest in your plush Oh, evidence. I personally really loved my roommate, but the people, the people next to us, a kind of really noisy, the light of the music of later times. So your plugs are really great and since I like it dark at night, also have blind fools other than gnats over. Just kind of getting kind of find your rhythm. Sometimes when you're like studying late at night can be hard to get up in the morning. So do things to help you. Kind of. He's into your morning routine. Good. Well, awesome. Thank you, Your Honor.