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All right, and that's rap. I hope you guys were able to learn a little bit more about the university here in Iowa and to see just how full of life and community that our campus here has and is so welcoming. There's so much to do in so many different things for all of you to get involved in, and there really is a place for everyone here. It's honestly my favorite place to be. I consider this campus in college to be my home now. I don't even go home for brakes anymore because I have so much fun here like it's It's ridiculous, but I just hope you guys learned something from the video and hope that you guys consider coming out of Okay, so this right behind me is our campus recreation, A wellness center. I like to call it the wreck for short. Um, and I come here a lot. Actually, uh, there's so many different things that you can do here. And as a student, it comes apart of your tuition to have a membership. Um, so you khun D'oh workout classes? I like to go to this class called work, and it's kind of like Zuba, except it has more of a hip hop feel to it. So it's a lot of fun. Um, they got basketball courts. There's indoor soccer field track weights, machines, just a bunch of different stuff. Um, there's also a lap pool in there. A diving board. Otto during finals week. I actually have a laminating machine at home. Sorry to laminate my notecards and studying for finals in the hot. No, you don't have to do that. But it's what I do. And it's super cool. So show you what's inside all right? Oh. All right, everyone. So this is my friend Olivia. Don't tell us a little bit about yourself. Um, my name is Olivia. I'm a sophomore and political science major and secondary education interests. And I work in McLean Hall for the university Department of Mathematics. So we're in McLean Hall right now. And how did you get your job here in the Department of Mathematics? University of Iowa, hire Hawke website, where you find job openings on campus, and this one was work study eligible. So I came in and put in an application that I started working here a week after. Yet, so I have to do is go into this website called Hire Hawke, hot guys for hawks. So basically, you go online, electrification forever. You want to work, and it's all done through the website. And then you can get high. Uh, were you working with your major? So I applied to work Carver Hawkeye Arena, where they have all the basketball games. And I work with the Big Ten network branch for their student department. And we helped to run productions of all that the sporting events there. And so cause you don't have to like go off campus and find a job, Phil applications and go for that long process, and they accommodate with your hours pretty well. They don't overwork you. They work with your schedule, too. Very flexible. It's a lot of fun. All right, So right now I'm in Catlett Residence Hall. This is one of the freshmen dorms here on campus is actually the newest one as well. This was just built last year, and this is the first year that residents were living in it. So many guys show you guys around. So here's a hallway of a green section down there. I am in the blue section and then all the way down there, there's an orange section. Here is the room. I'm going to show you. They put name tags of the kids who live in here. So it's a stadium. Olivia and then the resident assistant who's on the floor, made their name tags in tow. Awkward family photos. So that's always fun. So here we go. Bolivian Sadie's room. So you got to bunk beds. He comes with a desk. It comes with a dresser. And then they put a sofa in here and as well as this little cubbyhole thing, a TV. It comes with the sink in a medicine cabinet. Cozy little thing decorated it all cute, as college kids do. And then this is the view. You can see Byrd Residence Hall there across the way. And then over there on the left isthe Stanley Residence Hall. Yeah, so that's kind of what the dorms are like in here. Comes with closet and pay entry as Okay, So another reason why students could pass through the pen across is because they show you everything that's going on on campus on some billboard still like what do you? Harrelson came to campus last week and he visited a bunch of different classes. He went to our radio station, did some interviews, a CZ well, as he did a movie screening that he produced. He wrote it, He directed it and he started it. And we were the first campus and the first public audience anywhere in America to see in this film. So that was pretty cool way. Have a lot of different people who come to campus and talk like, I know two years that Kevin Hart came to campus and he did his comedy show. That was great and amazing. No cool thing is, I was so used to be the capital of Iowa course. Now it's the point. But the Capitol building, which I showed you guys actually has a museum in it that you can walk through for free. Um, it tells you history about Iowa City and stuff like that. It's pretty cool, and coming up here is that amazing view. I was telling you about. Look at this. Right off the steps. You can see the whole campus from here. Great. You can sit on these steps behind me. Capitol Building right there. It's really cool. Okay. I'm a sophomore here at the University of Iowa. Uh, I'm a skater in criminology, Major and a German minor. Uh, can I have you talk about some academics here? University? Yeah. All of the professors are always really great here. They always will help you out with whatever you need. Even the ones on like that for your lectures. If you go to their office hours, I'll help you out. And all the TV is in really great. And if you have any questions, always answer them for you. And there's always someone around to help you out if you need it. All right. And you don't talk about discussions, maybe. Yeah. Um, so for the bigger lectures and even release some of the medium and apply smaller ones, they have discussion sections, Which is like, So you all have a lecture together, but then you, like, break off into smaller discussion sections. Probably only twenty people give or take a kn. I'm talking about what you want to lecture and clarify things if you have any questions. And, you know, you'll study for tests on help each other out with that and papers and stuff, and then who teaches these discussion section the teeth a's teaching assistants All right, so I just got out of class. I'm walking downtown. Someone show you a little bit of it, Uh, downtown. I pass it every day after class before class. When I go to class, it's cool. We got mural's shops that way, way got restaurant case. It's a lot of fun. Uh, stop here sometime to get some breakfast. There's usually comedy clubs down here to university. Some comedians. There's bars. They view a thing in the summer called the Iowa City Block Party, which is a lot of fun. They put a volleyball court actually, right down that street. It's a lot of fun. And the cool thing about downtown is it's so close to campus as well. You can kind of see it's like Gold dome thing right there. That's the Capitol building that's campus so close. Hey, guys. So I'm here with my friend Dan right now, and he's gonna talk to you guys a little bit about more of the academic culture here. Iowa. You want to go ahead and introduce yourself? Sure. My name's Dan Fleming. And I am a software here in Iowa. I'm a chemical engineering major with an intent to double in biochemistry. And the result was Iowa is probably just because it's I mean, I think it's a great school, but you see, I'm also from Iowa, so it's a great deal to say in state tuition and pretty close to home. But not too close is the right distance. And I just, you know, kinda fell off campus and culture they wanted. So what's your favorite part campus If you were part of campus, probably Penna Crest. It's just, like, picturesque. You know, just really nice looking for a place to stay. You know, if you just walk downtown, it's right there. You can see it. So Yeah, right. Uh, what's your least, Mark? At least here, I don't know if I have a least fair part about university. I mean something. So you don't think it's like, two big, but I like the size of it. But it is like so big sometimes that it just like so people would think it's like overwhelming, like there's too many people. It's hard to meet new people because it's like, well, like Dan and I are very different majors. But I still see him all over campus all the time, just like so. You run into people, you know, all the time. Yeah, it's smaller than it seems. And then he tells a little bit about like the academics, like the engineering department and find out how classes there classes are. They're a little bit disorganized engineering department, but for the most part, the run pretty well and everyone in the engineering department Super smart. I mean, for me, but for the most part, good students. A lot of them are just really driven, really focused on their academics and stuff like that. So it's a good active in climate. And didn't they just add on? Yeah, did just add on a whole new annex to the engineering department, which is really, really nice and, like the whole university in general, has a lot of new projects all the time. Like any music going. You are building and stuff like that. So in terms of length facilities, it's a really good place. Thank you very much. All right. Hi. Sliming Caliph residents hold dining hall right now and it's really cool in here. Everything is serve buffet style and it's different menu every night. And they also have found machines. You can choose different drinks that night. Well, and I chose eat a popcorn chicken. All right high. So I'm with my friend Alexey Bolden. We just got out of her soul for the ten minute play festival here at the University of Iowa. And I just wanted to have her talk to you guys about our student body here. Some of the functions that they run. Yeah. So student government is a obviously an organization run by students. So there's the president, vice president, their senators on this. They are kind of a voice for the student body. So whatever the students, I would like a CIA can't this student government kind of like is involved in making sure that can happen so that students have quite a bit of a saying what? The student government, that's that's the goal is to have a relationship between the students and the student government so that we were able to change things for the better on campus. And a lot of the times people who aren't shouldn't government go to the capital and lobby on behalf of students on education and make sure that we have enough rights to make sure that I think, you know, Smooth University could make them, if that makes sense.